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Reviewed: 11/18/01 | Updated: 11/18/01

A side scrolling epic? I think not.

Well, after years of not playing, I took the time to track down a used copy of Predator for my NES, and it wasn't as bad I I thought. Though it could have been much, MUCH beter, it also could have been a lot worse. Though not an epic side scroller, it is still a fun side-scroller. Though when it boils down to it, this game was just made to juice off of the fans of the movie like myself. Now time to get this review started.


Not bad, not bad at all. Some very nice work shows itself in the Predator spaceship at the start of the game and the Predator doesn't look too bad either! The characters in this game look well enough, and for an 8-bit system the Predator and his ship look great. Though there are some things that could have been better, such as Dutch's character. And why the heck is Dutch in pink!? Oh well, that is another question for another time. All in all, nice graphics for this game.


The audio in this game, though limited, does add to this game. Nice music tracks mixed with pretty decent sound effects makes the audio above average, still nothing to write home to Mom about.


Normal side-scrolling gameplay for everything other than BIG MODE, makes the gameplay nothing special and easy to pick up. A few options of weapon also add to the game, but the limited amount of weapons can be a pest at times.

The lack of a save feature does take away from this game, but the option of unlimited continues is beter than nothing.

Replay Value: There is no replay value to this game at all once you finish the game. Nothing to make you want to play the game again. Might be worth playing again in a few years, and that is a big maybe.

Final Thought:

This game is for fans of side-scrollers and the motion picture, so if you aren't a fan of either, you might want to stay away and just play Contra if you want to bust into the side-scrolling sci-fi game genre, and stay far away from this game 'til you are well versed in games like this one.

Not worth buying unless you want it for your collection, if you have a friend who has this cart gathering dust you might want to get it from them. All in all not as bad as some movie-to-game NES games ::Cough::Cough:: Jaws ::Cough::Cough::, but nothing special.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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