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Reviewed: 04/28/01 | Updated: 10/22/01

Maybe Arnold should attack this...

It seems like about 90% of the movie-based games (and even game-based movies) really suck. This one is no special case. It does indeed suck, in my opinion. I remember that I got a membership with a certain video store for two games that I really wanted to play: Mega Man 2 (very much worth joining) and this one (almost makes me sigh and wish I had those $2 and about an hour and a half back).

''You're one ugly &$#^#$*@#$!$!''- Arnold
I'm not even going to try to spell his last name. Anyway, this game is supposed to follow the same story as the movie, only without progression. In other words, you have the same basic idea of the movie that somehow applied to various levels of shooting things like scorpions and such. Basically, you play as Dutch (Arnold!), a commando who was sent on a mission down in South America. Some strange beast has also arrived in the jungles that slaughters its victims and steals their skulls. Dutch now aimlessly wanders through many boring and long levels to find this thing and kill it.

Each Level is Full of Action... Sleeping Due to Boredom is an Action, Right?
Ugh! In this game, you run through redundant levels shooting up enemies to try to get to the end and fight a boss (which is Predator every time). When you finally get to Predator, you basically shoot him a bunch of times and he ''dies.'' Strangely, he's back again at the end of the next level. This continues until you fight Predator for the final time, assuming you either haven't fallen asleep or turned the game off.

Game Elements
The controls are rather stiff as I remember. That was one thing that made the game fairly challenging. Then again, just trying to stay awake is challenging enough. The graphics and sounds are nothing special, either. Really basic 8-bit graphics and lame music and sound effects. The game is very pointless and redundant. There really isn't much of a variation in each level. You're either running through the jungle or you're running through a cave. At the end of each level, you fight Predator again until it's all over. In short, this game is just crap. Like usual, though, I'm going to try to avoid telling you to completely avoid this (as I try to do with every game) because chances are, someone out there will like this (hey, if someone can gave Heroes of the Lance a 10, why not?).

Final Word
Yet another movie license turned into a bad game. It seems that developers can almost never make a good movie-licensed game. Sure, there is the occasional few that slip through the cracks and unfortunately get ignored because of the bad reputation movie licenses have gotten. My theory to all this is that the reason movie games do so bad is that the developer relies almost solely on the popularity of the movie/TV show to sell the game. Play Home Alone 2 on Gameboy. It seems to me like THQ didn't care whether or not I was having fun while playing that game and I most certainly did not. They don't really seem to try to emphasize good or even original gameplay. Not even the Nightmare on Elm Street game really enticed me that much. Rarely do we find the occasional Hook (arcade version), Willow (both NES and arcade), or even... Well, I can't seem to think of any right now. I've come to the conclusion that movie licenses are just another marketing ploy used to make a quick buck for both the developers and the company that created the movie. Sure, even the good ones are ploys, but at least they're ploys that don't make me feel like I was the one getting screwed over for forfeiting my money to play a game. When I rented Willow for NES, I enjoyed it a lot. When I rented Predator, I felt as though I'd had my time and money snatched right from me while someone just laughed in my face. It seems like movie licenses have died down since the NES era and only seem to appear, for the most part, on Gameboy systems. Let's just hope that there can and will be future licenses that won't be sold on the basis of the ''lazy developing+movie title = quick dollar'' equation.

Graphics: Nothing special 6/10
Sounds: See above 6/10
Controls: Stiff and hard to handle 4/10
Plot/Storyline: Bah! Just watch the movie! 1/10
Gameplay: Slow, boring, repetitive... Need I go on? 1/10
All Together: 1/10

*It's out of my life for good

*Stiff controls
*Stale gameplay
*Very boring

Well, this is an action game. I guess you have to be a major DIE HARD Predator fan to really enjoy this game.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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