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Guide and Walkthrough by doommaster1994

Updated: 02/03/2021

Version 1.6
FAQ/Walkthrough By Doommaster1994
Questions/Comments? E-mail me at doommaster1994 at yahoo.com

            PPPP   OOO   OOO  L     
            P   P O   O O   O L     
            PPPP  O   O O   O L    
            P     O   O O   O L     
            P      OOO   OOO  LLLLL

                   OOO  FFFFF
                  O   O F
                  O   O FFF
                  O   O F                         /\
                   OOO  F                         ||
RRRR    A   DDDD  IIIII   A   N   N  CCC  EEEEE   ||
R   R  A A  D   D   I    A A  NN  N C   C E       ||
RRRR  AAAAA D   D   I   AAAAA N N N C     EEE   __||__
R  R  A   A D   D   I   A   A N  NN C   C E     |____|
R   R A   A DDDD  IIIII A   A N   N  CCC  EEEEE   ||
0. Introduction
1. Storyline
2. Creating A Party
 a. Already-Generated Characters
 b. My Characters
3. Creating A Character
4. NPCs That May Join Your Party
5. Enemies
6. Copyright
7. Places in New Phlan
8. People of New Phlan
9. Computer and NES Version Differences
10. Walkthrough
a. New Phlan
b. The Slums
c. Sokal Keep, Thorn Island
d. Mendor's Library
e. Kuto's Well
f. Podol Plaza
g. Kovel Mansion
h. Temple of Bane
i. Textile House
j. Wilderness Missions
 1. Nomad Camp
 2. Kobold's Cave
 3. Valhingen Graveyard
 4. Yarash's Pyramid
 5. East Marsh
 6. Buccaneer Base
 7. Zhentil Keep
k. Stojanow Gate
l. Valjevo Castle
m. Tyranthraxus' Place
11. Game Ending
12. Optional
13. Errors In the Game
14. FAQ
15. Comments and Responses
16. Cheats
17. Contacting Me
18. Glitches/Easter Eggs
19. Credits/Special Thanks
20. Other
21. Tavern Rumors
22. Updates

0. Introduction
This is a strategy guide/walkthrough for my favorite game of all time. It was
also the first game I ever played, which may be why it's my favorite. The game
is both a first person and third person RPG (if you can call the Area option
that.) I normally hate RPGs. Can't stand them. But this one somehow got me
hooked. Maybe it was the beautiful graphics, or the amazing music, or the fun
factor. Either way, it's my favorite game, and I'll take it to the grave with
This was the first ever Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. It was released on
many home computers including the Commodore 64/Amiga, MS-DOS, Macintosh, and
PC-9801. Unfortunately, the game only saw one home console port, and that was
(obviously) the NES. Fortunately, it's (in my opinion) the best.

Before starting this walkthrough, I'm going to assume you've already read the
manual and are familiar with the menus, options, etc. You may say, "But I don't
own the manual, I'm playing on an emulator/I only own the cart and/or box."
You can find a manual scan on NintendoAge or Digital Press' website. I'm not
going to post links here due to spam, but you can type it in Google and I'm
sure you'll find something.

If you still have trouble playing through this game, I have a full walkthrough
on YouTube you can watch. It consists of over 40 segments though, each around
10 minutes long, so make sure you've got time to kill. If you're still having
problems, please do not hesitate to contact me. My e-mail can be found at the
top of this strategy guide, or you can send me a PM through GameFAQs. Please
note that while I'm on GameFAQs frequently, it does not notify me whenever I
get PMs, so message at your own risk.

1. Storyline
The city of New Phlan is in ruins, as an evil spirit named Tyranthraxus has
posessed the body of a bronze dragon and has plans to claim the entire Moonsea
region. It's up to your party to defeat Tyranthraxus and restore New Phlan to
it's original state. Along the way, you'll have side quests such as finding the
source of the contaminated water in the wilderness and stopping it, or helping
people or monsters so they don't join Tyranthraxus.

The game also has large replay value, as most of the missions have several ways
to complete them. For example; there are missions where you can complete the
objective and get out, or you can stay and fight until all the enemies have
been vanquished. Also, if you have (a) mage(s) in your party, then they can
learn different spells each time you play through the game.

 2. Creating A Party
After pressing Start on the title screen, you will be brought to the main
menu. Here, you have a few options and their suboptions:
Character - Character creation options.
 View - Look at a character you made and their stats.
 Make - Create a character.
 Erase - Erase a character you have created.
Order - Select the characters that will join your party. It also allows you to
        order the ranking of who will stand in the front in combat, and who
        stands in the back. You can only choose up to five characters.
        You can change this later during the game, in case you change your
Begin adventure - Only available after you have added all your characters to
                  the party. This will begin the game.
Environ. - Short for environment. These are the basic game options.
           This menu can also be accessed in-game.
 Game speed - Mainly the text speed. 0 will cause all the text to appear at
              once during the game's dialogue. Press A to decrease speed, and
              B to increase speed.
 Music - Turn the in-game music on and off.
 Sound - Turn the sound effects on and off. Turning the sound effects off
         causes a minor glitch, but won't affect the game itself. See the
         bugs section for more details.
 Quick - This will enable/disable a screen before each fight that shows a
         lightning strike with the text "A Battle Begins". I think it also
         allows the text to show up more promptly on the screen.

 a. Already-Generated Characters
 If you have been confused with what characters to make, the game
 has some characters already made for you to use. They are:
 Gwydion   Human   Fighter     Lawful Evil   Male
 Felgar    Human   Cleric      Lawful Good   Male
 Goldleaf  Human   Magic-User  Neutral Good  Male

 The Famicom version (Japanese NES) has different names for the pre-generated

 USA Name - Japanese Name
  Gwydion - Rampart
   Felgar - Ganglion
 Goldleaf - Aspect

 However, the game's manual gives you a party suggestion:
 Dwarf Fighter
 Human Magic-User
 Human Cleric
 Half-elf Magic-User/Cleric
 Elf Fighter/Magic-User/Thief

 It also tells you what weapons to buy for them:
 Banded Mail   Banded Mail  Leather Armor  Darts
 Long Sword    Flail        Long Sword     Staff
 Shield        Shield       Short Bow

 Here is an experience table (taken from the manual). For those of you not
 familiar with AD&D, everytime you win a battle, experience points
 (or XP for short) are divided among all your party members.
 Once your characters have enough experience points, they can go to the city's
 Training Hall and level up their character to get more HP, learn new spells,
 and even lower their armor class (AC). Note that each training session costs
 1000 GP which seems like a lot, but later on in the game you'll have more than
 enough. Also, each time one of your characters is trained, they get a
 different amount of HP upgraded. For example, you could train your fighter and
 he'll go from having 10 HP to having 15 HP, but if you reset the game and
 train him again, he could possibly get 18 HP instead of 15. It's always
 different. Be careful because rapid resetting on an NES console could erase
 your progress so do it at your own risk.

 If you're using an emulator, you can just create a save state. Make sure you
 walk around a bit before you re-train your character or the amount they get
 will be the same.

 (Mind you, I'm not the best ASCII artist so this may look a little sloppy.
  Also this is my first time ever doing something like this.)

           Level  Experience     Hit Points  Spells Per Level
                                             1      2   3
Cleric     1      0-1,500        1-8         1      -   -    |
           2      1,501-3,000    +1-8        2      -   -    |
           3      3,001-6,000    +1-8        2      1   -    |
           4      6,001-13,000   +1-8        2      2   -    |
           5      13,001-27,500  +1-8        3      3   1    |
           6      27,501+        +1-8        3      3   2    |
Cleric     9-12                              -      -   -    |
Wisdom     13                                +1     -   -    |
Bonus      14                                +2     -   -    |
           15                                +3     +1  -    |
           16                                +4     +2  -    |
           17+                               +5     +2  +1   |
Note: Bonus spells are only available when the cleric is     |
entitled to spells of that level. For example, a 5th-level   |
cleric with a Wisdom of 18 can memorize the following spells:|
           Level  Can Memorize                               |
# Spells   1      5                                          |
Per Level  2      5                                          |
           3      2                                          |

            Level  Experience     Hit Points  Spells Per Level
                                              1      2   3
Magic-     1      0-2,500        1-41        1      -   -    |
User       2      2,501-5,000    +1-4        2      -   -    |
           3      5,001-10,000   +1-4        2      1   -    |
           4      10,001-22,500  +1-4        3      2   -    |
           5      22,501-40,000  +1-4        4      2   1    |
           6      40,001-60,000  +1-4        4      2   2    |
           7      60,001-90,000  +1-4        4      3   2    |
           8      90,001+        +1-4        4      3   3    |
Fighter    1      0-2,000        1-10                        |
           2      2,001-4,000    +1-10                       |
           3      4,001-8,000    +1-10                       |
           4      8,001-18,000   +1-10                       |
           5      18,001-35,000  +1-10                       |
           6      35,001-70,000  +1-10                       |
           7      70,001-125,000 +1-10                       |
           8      125,001+       +1-10                       |
Thief      1      0-1,250        1-6                         |
           2      1,251-2,500    +1-6                        |
           3      2,501-5,000    +1-6                        |
           4      5,001-10,000   +1-6                        |
           5      10,001-20,000  +1-6                        |
           6      20,001-42,500  +1-6                        |
           7      42,501-70,000  +1-6                        |
           8      70,001-110,000 +1-6                        |
           9      110,001+       +1-6                        |

Note that Fighter/Magic-User characters can only go up to
levels 6 for both classes.

You can have up to five of your own characters and 1 NPC
total. If you want to use my party, here they are...

 b. My Characters
 Here is my party that you can use for the best results when using this guide:
 NAME           RACE            CLASS           ALIGNMENT       GENDER
 Nicholas (Me)  Half-Elf        Fighter/Mage    Chaotic Evil    Male
 Goldleaf       Half-Elf        Fighter/Mage    Chaotic Evil    Female
 Thief          Human           Thief           Chaotic Evil    Male

 I also use the pre-generated character Gwydion and Felgar, so here's my

 This is the inventory I buy my characters (the pre-made characters already
 have weapons which is one reason why I choose them.)
 Nicholas/Goldleaf - Long Sword, Shield
 (They also get bows, but there are a couple magical Short Bows you will find
  in the Slums, so don't bother buying bows at the store.)
 Thief - Just a short sword. A sling can prove useful as well.

 Also, it should be noted that this game breaks an AD&D rule: Thieves can wield
 long swords, so you may use that to your advantage when you play this game.

3. Creating A Character
At the main menu, after you select Character -> Make, you can select from 21
different possible class, race, and gender combinations. Unfortunately, unlike
the computer versions, you cannot choose certain classes
(Fi/Cl/MU for example.) Additionally, you cannot customize your character's
portrait, as well as their battle icon. I assume they either ran out of time or
space. Here are the combinations:

CLASS           RACE            GENDER
Fighter         Human           Male
Fighter         Human           Female
Fighter         Dwarf           Male
Cleric          Human           Male
Cleric          Human           Female
Magic-User      Human           Male
Magic-User      Human           Female
Magic-User      Elf             Male
Magic-User      Elf             Female
Thief           Human           Male
Thief           Human           Female
Thief           Gnome           Male
Thief           Halfling        Male
Fi/MU           Half-Elf        Male
Fi/MU           Half-Elf        Female
MU/Cl           Half-Elf        Male
MU/Cl           Half-Elf        Female
Fi/MU/Th        Elf             Male
Fi/MU/Th        Elf             Female
Fi/Cl           Half-Elf        Male
MU/Th           Elf             Male

Here are the meanings of the abbreviations:
Fi - Fighter
Cl - Cleric
MU - Magic-User (also known as a Mage)
Th - Thief

When you are finished creating your party, but are not comfortable with the
lineup, simply choose the Order option. The topmost character is at the front
of the ranks during battle, the bottommost character is in the back during
battle, and vice versa.

4. NPCs That May Join Your Party
If you're not familiar with RPG games, NPC stands for Non-Player Character, in
which the computer player controls the character. While they have some
advantages to help your party, there are some things that may make you think
twice about helping them; One thing is that after a battle, the NPC can take
and hide their share. You may assume, "Okay, I can just trade any weapons they
have in their inventory.", but no. They will refuse to give up anything in
their inventory. However, there IS a way to get their items. Look in the
glitches/easter eggs section to find out. Fortunately, this only applies to
the NPCs in the training hall.

With that said, the good news is any NPCs you find *outside* of the Training
Hall do *not* take and hide their share during combat, so make sure you recruit
them. The only disadvantage is that any battles won that they were alive in,
the experience points will be shared with them as well.

Names in parantheses are the character's in-game name, as there's not enough
space to fit the whole name in.

Update (12/17/2011): Added locations.


Skullcrusher (Crusher) - Male - Human
Level 4 Fighter
Location: Textile House
Skullcrusher was Councilor Cadorna's servant, but when he went to take on the
evil forces in the textile house to reclaim Cadorna's family treasure, he was
captured and locked up.

Magician - Male - Human
Level 6 Magic-User
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
He is found in the graveyard. This NPC is an NES exclusive, as he is not in
the other ports. He will beg you to help him rid the evil forces of the
graveyard. Pretty funny how he's about to cast a powerful spell while in combat
but then just suddenly stops the spell... Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing...

Princess Fatima (Fatima) - Female - Human
Level 4 Fighter
Location: Kobold Cave
Fatima is the princess of the nomads. She came to the kobold cave to defeat
the evil kobold king, but unfortunately was captured in her attempt. She will
give you the chance to join forces with her in taking out the kobold king's
army. Unfortunately, she will not leave the cave with you.

Madman - Male - Human
Level 1 Fighter
Location: Mendor's Library
The most useless NPC character in the game (and possibly the realms). He is a
mentally insane guy who you'll find in Mendor's Library. You can take him to
the temple in New Phlan near the dock if you want.

Dirten - Male - Human
Level 5 Cleric
Location: New Phlan
The bishop Braccio's servant. He will aid you to help reclaim the shrine across
the river.

Genheeris (Genheris) - Male - Human
Level 7 Mage
Location: Tyranthraxus' Lair
Genheeris is Tyranthraxus' servant, and is the only mage in the game to be
past full-level. Fortunately, you can get him to fight on your side.

Here are the NPCs from the training hall. Remember, these characters can hide
their shares after winning a battle. If you use my party, you shouldn't need
to hire these guys. I'm pretty sure these are all of them, but if I missed
any, then please shoot me an e-mail.

Acolyte - Male - Human
Level 1 Cleric

Curate - Male - Human
Level 4 Cleric

Evoker - Male - Human
Level 2 Magic-User

Hero - Male - Human
Level 4 Fighter

Robber - Male - Human
Level 4 Thief

Theurgist (Theurg) - Female - Human
Level 4 Magic User

Warrior - Male - Human
Level 2 Fighter

As you can probably tell, these NPCs are really only good for use in the first
parts of the game, and are pretty useless after that.

5. Enemies
Here are descriptions of the game's long list of enemies. Some of these come
straight from the instruction manual, but others aren't in the manual, in
which the enemy will be listed NIM (Not In Manual). I will also give my own
descriptions of the enemies.
You'll also see a Rarity scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being extremely common to
5 being extremely rare (possibly only being fought once in the game.)
You'll also see their location so if you want to fight them for the XP,
you'll know where to go. I've also listed their HP and AC just so you get an
idea on how difficult the enemies are. Remember, the lower their AC, the
lesser chance an enemy has of being hit...

AIDES (NIM): These are weak fighters, but can usually be armed with bows,
so they can attack long-range without having to get near you.
HP: 18
AC: 5
Location: New Phlan, Wilderness, Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 3/5

AL-HYAM DAZID (NIM): Al-Hyam Dazid is a mage that you will fight if you battle
the commandant of Zhentil Keep. In the NES version, he is credited as a
6th Level MU, although he is later mentioned by Genheeris.
HP: 22
Location: Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 5/5

ANKHEGS: Burrowing monster usually found in forests and farming areas. It
resembles a legged worm armed with wicked mandibles and sharply hooked limbs.
(They can do additional damage to your party by spitting acid on them. In the
 southwestern region of the wilderness, there's a spot where a couple of them
 ambush your party.
 The computer versions had an Ankheg cave you had to clear out, but it was
 removed in the NES version.)
HP: 40
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

BANDIT (NIM): These are easy enemies, and basically the evil equivalents to
Merchants since they come in large numbers accompanied by a Sub-Captain.
Unlike the merchants, they don't have any projectile weapons. They leave
lbehind a few thousand experience points when you beat them. They also usually
leave behind a few valuable items.
I even once got a wand, hammer and scroll. Too bad my inventory was full!
HP: 6
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 2/5

BASILISK: A giant eight-legged lizard. Once of the most dangerous creatures in
the realms because their gaze can turn characters to stone!
(There is only one of these in the game and it's a good thing. Pretty much a
 monster version of a medusa, which there's also only one of in this game.)
HP: 31
Location: Mendor's Library
Rarity: 5/5

BUCCANEER (NIM): These are basically pirates. They're extremely weak and leave
behind a generous reward.
HP: 4
Location: Wilderness, Buccaneer Base
Rarity: 3/5

BUGBEAR: Hideous giant-sized goblin who stands over seven feet in height.
Bugbears look clumsy but are strong, quick fighters with great stealth.
(You won't find many of these guys in the game, but they are around. Without
 an experienced party, these guys can take you down. Try to use
 long-range attacks and spells.]
HP: 16
AC: 5
Location: Slums, Stojanow Gate
Rarity: 3/5

CAPTAIN (NIM): The captain is the leader of the Bucaneer Base. He will
offer to sell you the boy for 35000 GP. He is a very strong fighter, in fact,
he is stronger than Tyranhthraxus himself. He has more HP than Ty, and he has
a bunch of assistance.
HP: 110
Location: Bucaneer Base
Rarity: 5/5

CENTAUR: These good creatures are half men and half horse. They are capable
fighters and can be valuable allies.
(That's just wrong because they don't ever help you in the game. If you parley
 with them, you can avoid a battle since they are good.)
HP: 20
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

CLERICS (NIM): Clerics are basically magic users that heal other party
members. Consider them the medical staff!
1st Level: 8
2nd Level: 8
5th Level: 29
7th Level: 42
Location: New Phlan, Training Hall, Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 3/5

COMMANDANT (NIM): The Commandant runs Zhentil Keep. He is not a friendly
guy so I would highly suggest not battling him unless it's for the experience
points and your characters are highly trained. Plus, he's got 20 more HP than
HP: 100
Location: Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 5/5

CORPORAL (NIM): These guys are pretty much the 'police' of Phlan. They are easy
to kill and they are not much of a challenge. They look like Aides.
HP: 13
Location: New Phlan
Rarity: 4/5

DIANE (NIM): I assume these are Fighter/Clerics since they share the same
character portrait as the Male Fighter/Cleric from the character generation.
They are only found in the secret section of the Pyramid in the wilderness.
HP: 21 (or 20?)
AC: 9
Location: Yarash's Pyramid (Red Section Part 2)
Rarity: 5/5

DIOGENES (NIM): A good silver dragon that lives in a cave in the northwestern
region of the wilderness. You cannot hurt him, but he can hurt you.
HP: None
AC: None
Location: Diogenes' Cave
Rarity: 5/5

DISPLACER BEASTS: Six-legged puma-like creature with two ebony tentacles
growing from behind its shoulders. This beast has the magical ability to
displace its image about three feet from it's actual body, making it an
especially tricky opponent.
(One of the harder enemies because of their HP, damage ratio, and low AC.
 Use paralysis spells such as Stink Cloud.)
HP: 30
AC: 2
Location: Wilderness, Yarash's Pyramid (Red Section Part 1)
Rarity: 3/5

DRIDER: A strange mix with the torso, arms and head of a drow elf, and the
lower body of a spider. This horror is the wicked counterpart of a centaur.
(A little story about Driders; They were originallly elves who took a test
 from their goddess. If they passed the test, they would become Drow elves.
 If they failed, they were doomed to being turned into a drider. Their name
 comes from the combination: Drow + Spider = Drider.)
 In combat, sometimes they can paralyze a character with their arrows or
 fire arrows even if your party is next to them.)
HP: 36
AC: 2
Location: Wilderness, Yarash's Pyramid (Red Section Part 1)
Rarity: 3/5

EFREET: A large, powerful genie from the elemental plane of fire. They are
very arrogant and will only serve a powerful master.
(Samir Awohl is the efreet's name in Pool of Radiance. You can use him to
 help kill the vampire.)
HP: 55
Location: Kobold Cave
Rarity: 5/5

ENVOY (NIM): The kobold king's 'agents'. They're not to be taken lightly, and
can easily take your party out if you let your guard down. Paralysis spells
work good against them.
HP: 45
AC: 2
Location: Kobold Cave
Rarity: 5/5

ETTIN: These creatures look like giant two-headed orcs. They have great
strength and usually wield two spiked clubs that inflict terrible damage in
(There are only four of them in this game. Stink Cloud works great against
HP: 50
AC: 3
Location: Stojanow Gate
Rarity: 5/5

FIGHTERS (NIM): Fighters are basically warriors with no magical knowledge.
3rd Level: 18
4th Level: 30
5th Level: 39
6th Level: 45  AC: 2
7th Level: 62
7th Level (Dwarf): 50
8th Level: 87
Location: New Phlan, Stojanow Gate, Valjevo Castle, Wilderness,
Yarash's Pyramid (Red Section Part 1), Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 3/5

FIRE GIANT: These wicked giants have flaming red hair and are immune to all
fire attacks. They usually attack with giant two-handed swords.
(A tougher variant of the hill giant. By the time you get to them, you should
 have the Haste and Stink Cloud spells which you can use to your advantage.)
HP: 59
AC: 3
Location: Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 4/5

GIANT FROG : These are giant carnivorous frogs. They are fast, dangerous
predators that may be poisonous.
(The game itself calls them poisonous frogs, even though they cannot poison
 your party. They are the easiest enemy in the game. No, really, they are.)
HP: 4
AC: 8
Location: Sokal Keep, Textile House
Rarity: 3/5

GIANT LIZARD: These are the giant cousins of the common lizard.
(You won't run across many of them.)
HP: 16
Location: Kuto's Well, Wilderness, Lizardmen's Castle
Rarity: 3/5

GIANT MANTIS: These are the giant version of the common mantis. These
creatures are fast, strong, and have tough natural armor.
(They don't do much damage but take a while to kill because of their large
 amount of hit points.)
HP: 55
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 4/5

GIANT SNAKE: These are giant poisonous snakes.
(I'd say the giant snake is without a shadow of a doubt one of the hardest
 enemies in the game since any successful hit, no matter how strong your
 party is, will most likely poison and kill the hit party member.)
HP: 25
AC: 5
Location: Wilderness, Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 3/5

GHOUL: These are vile undead whose touch may paralyze a man in combat. They
feed on slain bodies and attack all living creatures on sight.
(As far as I know, they aren't much different from zombies, besides the fact
 that they can paralyze you. Have your clerics turn undead to try scaring
 them away.)
HP: 10
Location: Textile House, Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 3/5

GNOLL: These creatures are hyena-headed humanoids who stand over seven feet
(Don't let their size fool you, Gnolls are one of the easiest enemies in the
HP: 10
Location: Slums, Kuto's Well, Wilderness, Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 2/5

GOBLIN: These are small humanoids common in the Realms.
HP (Guard): 4  (Leader): 7
Location: Slums, Podol Plaza
Rarity: 3/5

GUARD (NIM): Definitely the weakest human enemies in the game. However,
they carry long bows and come in huge numbers. The good news is your
fighters can sweep them if they are leveled up enough.
HP: 4
Location: Wilderness, Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 4/5

HASSAD (NIM): The leader of the nomad tribe.
HP: 45
Location: Nomad Camp
Rarity: 5/5

HILL GIANT: These are one of the smaller, more stupid giants, but they are
still tough opponents. They usually carry large clubs.
(Ah, I remember this enemy literally giving me nightmares as a kid.
 Is it just me, or does their character portrait look like Layne Staley?
 Also, in the computer versions, they can also throw rocks at your party.)
HP: 41
AC: 4
Location: Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 3/5

HIPPOGRIFF: These magnificent creatures have the forelimbs and head of an
eagle and the body and hind legs of a horse.
(I've always wondered why they're called hippogriffs when they have no
 resemblance of a hippo. Obviously, they're also known as Griffins.)
HP: 18
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

HOBGOBLIN: These are human-sized, intelligent relatives of the goblin.
(A little harder to hit than Orcs. Other than that, they're pretty easy.)
HP: 6  (Grishnak): 24
Location: Podol Plaza, Slums, Textile House
Rarity: 3/5

KOBOLD: These are small, cowardly humanoids who delight in pain and torture.
(Most likely the first enemy you'll encounter in the game. Along with the
 frogs, they are the easiest enemies in the game and possibly the realms.)
HP (Regular): 3  (Leader): 4
AC (Regular): 8
Location: Slums, Kuto's Well, Mendor's Library, Podol Plaza, Wilderness
Kobold Cave, Yarash's Pyramid (Red Section Part 1)
Rarity: 1/5

LIZARDMAN: These are lizard-like humanoids. They are omnivorous but they have
a particular fancy for humans.
(One of the harder enemies, as they are hard to hit and can hit a character
 multiple times in one attack.)
Location: Kuto's Well, Wilderness, Lizardmen's Castle
HP: (Lizardman): 11  (Mutant Lizardman): 18
AC: (Lizardman): 4   (Mutant Lizardman): 3
Location: Kuto's Well, Wilderness, Yarash's Pyramid, East Marsh
Rarity: 3/5

MACE (NIM): Mace is an orc cleric who controls the shrine across the river.
HP: 25
Location: Shrine of Bane
Rarity: 5/5

MAGIC-USERS (NIM): Magic-Users are also known as MUs or Mages. If
you've played D&D before, you should know that they are able to cast spells.
The only bad side to having them in your party is that they have very low
HP, thus making them easy to get killed.
3rd Level: 9
5th Level: 20
6th Level: 23  AC: 7
Rarity: 4/5

MEDUSA: Hideous women-creatures with coiling masses of snakes for hair. They
can turn a person to stone with their gaze.
(There's only one in the entire game and is only slightly harder than the
 basilisk in Mendor's Library.)
HP: 30
Location: Tyranthraxus' Lair
Rarity: 5/5

MERCHANT (NIM): These are traders. They are sometimes armed with bows and
arrows, but if you parley, you can avoid attacks with them since they are good.
They are usually accompanied by a Sub-Captain who can only attack close-range.
HP: 6

MINOTAUR: A huge creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man.
These creatures stand over eight feet tall, and are dangerous foes.
(One of the harder enemies because they can bang up your party quite good.)
HP: 33
AC: 6
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

MUMMY: These are powerful undead with great strength. The mere sight of one
has been known to paralyze a character in combat. The touch of the mummy
causes a strange rotting disease.
(Another enemy you fight only once, and fortunately, it's optional.)
HP: 33
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 5/5

NOMAD (NIM): They are travelers that move from one place to another. In this
game, they are fighting against the kobold army, and it is your job to not
only help them with that, but also make sure they don't join Tyranthraxus.
HP: 6
Location: Wilderness, Nomad Camp
Rarity: 3/5

NORRIS THE GRAY (NIM): Norris runs Kuto's Well. When you beat him, the well is
yours (and Phlan's).
HP: 25
Location: Kuto's Well
Rarity: 5/5

NYMPH: These are extremely beautiful creatures that appear as ever-young
females. They usually inhabit wild lakes in streams.
(Note: These aren't actually in the game.)
Location: N/A
Rarity: N/A

OGRE: These are large, foul-tempered, ugly humanoids. They are strong
(You will mainly run into them at the beginning of the game. Near the end of
 the game, there's none to be found besides at Podol Plaza.)
HP: (Ogre): 21  (Ogre Leader): 32
Location: Slums, Podol Plaza, Sokol Keep
Rarity: 3/5

OHLO (NIM): Ohlo is a wizard who lives in the Slums. He asks you to get a
potion in the rope guild that he is not able to get for some reason. You
can start a fight with him but be warned, it's not easy.
HP: 9
Location: Slums
Rarity: 5/5

ORC: These are vicious, pig-faced humanoids.
(Probably the hardest enemy at the beginning of the game because of their
 low armor class.)
HP: (Orc): 5  (Leader): 8
AC: (Orc): 6  (Leader): 5
Location: Slums, Podol Plaza
Rarity: 2/5

PHASE SPIDER: A giant spider with the magical ability to "phase out" after it
attacks. This power, combined with its venomous attack, makes it a great
(Note: These are EXTREMELY rare to find. I've only found them 2 or 3 times
 out of the millions of times I've played this game. I recently found them
 again and got 9840 XP and 1200 Gold. I also got leather armor, a halberd,
 shield and scroll.)
HP: 35
Location: Wilderness (Northeastern region)
Rarity: 4/5

QUICKLING: These are small, fast-moving creatures. Because of their great
speed they are invisible when they move.
(While quicklings can put up quite a challenge, the treasure that they leave
 behind makes the battle worth it. If you're looking to fight one of them, go
 into the northwestern region of the wilderness. They're hard to come across
 but you will eventually find them. At the time of me writing this part, I
 actually found them in the south western region. When I won the battle, I got
 7969 XP, 1656 Gold, 18 Gems, a necklace and a potion.]
HP: 7
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 4/5

SHAMAN (NIM) - The magic user of the nomads. You don't have to fight him
unless you decide to go against the nomads. If you help them, you'll get
his wand. He has the same character portrait as Magician.
HP: 20
Location: Nomad Camp
Rarity: 5/5

SKELETON: These are the least of the undead. Skeletons are usually controlled
by some wicked force.
(Tough enemies, not because of their strength, but they're low armor class.)
HP: (Skeleton): 5  (Giant Skeleton): 24
Location: Sokal Keep, Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 2/5

SPECTRE: These are one of the most powerful of the undead. Their touch can
drain the life out of character.
(Note: Don't you mean "A character"?)
(A little tip: Try to avoid battles with these guys if you are able. They can
 drain experience levels and if the character is level 1, they will be
 literally killed.)
HP: 38  AC: 2
Location: Mendor's Library, Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 4/5

STIRGE: These are small, blood-sucking birds.
(Easy enemies, but annoying to fight because they come in large numbers.)
HP: 5
AC: 8
Location: Wilderness, Yarash's Pyramid
Rarity: 2/5

SUB-CAPTAIN (NIM): Sub-captains are purple-colored soldiers that lead both
bandits and merchants.
HP: 18
Location: Wilderness, Zhentil Keep
Rarity: 3/5

THIEF (NIM): Thiefs are found in various places in the game, but have also
taken over Kovel Mansion.
1st Level Thief = 4     AC: 4
7th Level Thief = 28    AC: 4
(Note: In the computer version there are 6th Level Thieves instead of 7th
Location: Tavern, Kovel Mansion

THRI-KREEN: Also called Mantis Warriors, this creature resembles a large
praying mantis. They possess tough natural armor, cunning, and great agility.
(Thri-Kreen can also paralyze your characters, so be cautious when you fight
HP: 33
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

TIGER: These are noble beasts who are both strong and silent. Though their
normal prey are animals, they have been known to become "man-eaters."
(They can be found around the northwestern region of the wilderness. They
 can also 'scratch' an enemy, which can cause some additional damage.)
HP: 38
Location: Wilderness
Rarity: 3/5

TROLL: Ravenous horrors found in almost all climates and locales. They attack
with their dirty, clawed hands and must be slain quickly because they
regenerate hit points.
(I'd say this is by far the toughest enemy in the game since they can possibly
 defeat a party member in one hit. If you have Stink Cloud, Fireball, and/or
 Haste, use them all. If you can avoid battles with trolls, definitely take
 the opportunity. The worst part is after defeating a troll, they regenerate
 health, and after they get enough, they will revive.)
HP: 36
Location: Slums, Wilderness, Kobold Cave, Valjevo Castle
Rarity: 4/5

TYRANTHRAXUS (NIM): Also known as "The Boss", Tyranthraxus plans to take over
Phlan and the Moonsea region. In Pool of Radiance, he takes the form of a
bronze dragon, but there is also a human version of him which is fake.
HP (Fake): 40  (Real): 80
Location: Valjevo Castle, Tyranthraxus' Lair
Rarity: 5/5

VAMPIRE: These are one of the most dreaded undead in the Realms. They can
drain life levels, are strong fighters and are sometimes powerful to magic
HP: (First Encounter): 43  (Second Encounter with Sanctified Coffin): 15
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 5/5

WARDOG: These are large, strong dogs, trained for battle. Orcs, goblins and
other humanoids are known to use them.
(Note: Like the Nymph, these enemies aren't in the game. Maybe they were
 originally intended to, likely in Sokal Keep, as they were mentioned in the
 Adventurers Journal that they were to be sent there.)
Location: N/A
Rarity: N/A

WIGHT: Nightmarish undead creatures that attack with vicious claws and are
immune to all except silver or magical weapons.
(Note: They also drain levels when they hit you. If you are level 1 and are
 hit, you will be killed.)
HP: 23
Location: Textile House, Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 4/5

WILD BOAR(IV): These creatures are the wild relatives of the pig.
(Besides the trolls, the wild boars are the only enemies in the game who can
 revive themselves. However, unlike the trolls which only revive after 36
 turns, the boars revive immediately. However, they're still easy to take down
 after they get up again. If you damage them enough the second time, they'll
 die after a few turns.)
HP: 18
Location: Wilderness, Kobold Cave
Rarity: 3/5

WOLF: Large canine meat-eaters, found in nearly all parts of the Realms.
(Note: You only fight these once. That is when you are battling the first
 encounter with the Vampire.)
HP: 18
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 5/5

WRAITH: A powerful undead spirit that absorbs characters' life energy. These
creatures steal levels from characters. The stolen levels can be regained by
earning new experience, or have a Restoration spell cast at a shrine.
(Note: You fight the wraith once in the graveyard and it's an optional fight.)
HP: 24
AC: 4
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 5/5

WYVERN: These creatures are distant relatives of dragons. They attack by
biting and using the poisonous sting in their tail.
(Note: You will HAVE to fight one of these in the Kobold Cave at the
beginning and trust me, it is NOT fun.)
HP: 42
Location: Wilderness, Kobold Cave
Rarity: 4/5

YARASH (NIM): A mad scientist who runs the pyramid in the wilderness. He is
also responsible for the contamination of the Stojanow "Barren" River.
Location: Yarash's Pyramid
HP: 27
AC: 4
Rarity: 5/5

ZOMBIE: Magically animated bodies controlled by a wicked force. Zombies
always fight back until destroyed or turned.
[The easiest undead enemy in the game because of their low HP and
high AC. There is also the Juju Zombie who can be found in the southern
region of the graveyard. He's just a stronger version of a zombie.]
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
HP (Zombie): 10  HP (Juju Zombie): 24
                 AC (Juju Zombie): 6
Location: Valhingen Graveyard
Rarity: 1/5

(If there are any monsters or enemies that I have missed please let me know!)

6. Copyright
This FAQ/Walkthrough is © Copyright Doommaster1994. If you would like to
publish this guide on your site, please contact me first before posting. If
you send me an e-mail, chances are I'll give you permission. The only website
allowed to use this guide without my permission is GameFAQs, since this is
where I uploaded it.

If you decide to go ahead and upload my guide to your site without my consent,
that is a violation of copyright and you will be severly punished.

With that said, let's move on...

7. Places in New Phlan
There are lots of places in Phlan:
PASSENGER DOCK - This is where the game begins. You can go here to go to Sokal
                 Keep on Thorn Island, and after that take boat to different
                 regions of the wilderness.
TAVERNS/BARS - Here, you can listen to gossip. They removed the option to
               gamble due to Nintendo's censorship policy, though that doesn't
               explain the large amount of casino games that were released on
               the NES.
               If you choose to listen to gossip, sometimes, you will either
               get caught in a brawl, get robbed, or feel someone groping you.
               All of the gossip is listed below near the end of this guide.
ARMS/ARMOR SHOP - This is where you want to go to get weapons. You can also
                  sell items/weapons, get them identified, and more. You can
                  also do this in the other shops.
SILVER SHOP - This is where you buy more expensive, yet stronger weapons.
              Most of the weapons sold here can hit undead enemies, as they
              are only vulnerable to magic/silver weapons.
SHOP - Useless place, there is nothing here that you really need.
INN - This is where you rest and save your game. 5 Gold Pieces to rest.
      This place is also ultimately useless because you can sleep in other
      areas for free.
SHRINES - There are 3 shrines in Phlan: Tempus, Tyr, and Sune. You can go here
          if you need to cure someone's poison, revive a dead party member,
          etc. The problem is that it's highly expensive, so you'll have to be
          The three temples can be found in the northwest, southwest, and
          northeast corners of New Phlan.
TRAINING HALL - This is where you can hire some NPCs or Duel, or train
                to a higher level. You can also save your game there.
                This place is located in the upper middle of New Phlan.
CITY HALL - The most important place in the game. This is where you get
            commissions and rewards.
CITY PARK - There is nothing here.
STOJANOW RIVER - Now called the "Dirty Barren River" because of its
                 contamination. But you will take care of that later on in the
THE SLUMS - Old Phlan. This is the real Phlan but it has been overrun by
            monsters. It's your job to reclaim it.

8. People of New Phlan
CITY COUNCIL - The woman who gives you the commissions in the
               City Hall.
CITY GUARDS - Basically, the police of Phlan. You don't want
              to fight them...
COUNCILOR CADORNA - The main councilor of New Phlan. Looks like a big hairy
TEMPLE CLERICS - There are two women and one man clerk at the shrines.
INN CLERK - An old woman. Not much to say.
SHOPKEEPER - This guy is useless. I don't know why they put his shop in this
JEWELER - The same woman who runs the inn. Or, at least, it's the same
          character portrait.
ARMORER - The guy who runs the arms and armor shops. There is one that is open
          all day.

9. Computer and NES Version Differences
This game is a console port of the computer game, so obviously, there are
going to be both minor and drastic changes to the game in just about every
aspect. Also, while the original computer games were developed in North
America or Europe, the NES version was developed in Japan. Here is a
'comprehensive' list of all of the differences (that I'm aware of, anyway.)

1. In the NES version, your only currency is Gold and Gems, but in the
computer versions, you get Electrum, Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum,
Gems and Jewelry. Also, in the NES version, you're allowed to carry
as much Gold as you please, while in the computer version, you're
limited as to how much money each one of your characters can carry,
which is represented by their Encumbrance which can be seen if you
view the character. Also, in the computer versions, each character
carries their own amount of gold, while in the NES version, it's
carried by everybody.
(Also, I lied, the max amount of gold in the NES version is 65535. The reason
 for this is hard to explain, but I'll answer it in the Q&A section.)

2. This is an upside to the NES version; In the NES version, you have
infinite darts and arrows (and maybe some other missile objects I
don't know about) while in the PC version, you must constantly go to
the stores and buy ammunition. Usually you will find arrows from
battles from enemies that use them. I know that throwing daggers and javelins
will make them gone forever.

3. In the computer versions, items (usually worth no value) are
dropped by the enemies while in the NES version, it's a little
more rare to find dropped items after battle (and the items are worth
quite a bit of gold).

4. Some doors in the computer versions are locked, forcing you to
either cast a Knock spell or to pick or bash open the door. This is
very annoying because near the beginning of the game where you have
to go to Mendor's Library, the door REQUIRES a Knock spell to open
it. Same thing goes with the temple in Podol Plaza. In the NES version, even
though it gives you the option at the training hall to obtain the knock spell,
there are no locked doors in the game (or at least, none that require a knock
spell), so the knock spell is ultimately useless in the NES version.

5. In the computer versions, all the text and dialogue is all on
one screen, while in the NES version, the game has to scroll down
to view text and dialogue. It probably was a good idea though
since if they made the text take up more of the screen, the 
first-person perspective would have to be smaller, making the
graphics look worse.

6. In the NES version, you're strictly limited to how many kinds
of characters you can create (For example, you can't create a
Fighter/Magic-User/Cleric) and you can't customize how their
character portrait or how their icon looks in combat while you
could in the computer versions, but the NES version also had
a bigger variety of character portraits to choose from. It's
just too bad they are assigned to a certain alignment, race, etc.

7. Some of the NES version's maps have been slightly altered,
Plus there are some places where the Area map will work in the
computer versions where it won't in the NES version.

8. A minor difference; some of the NPCs' names are shortened while in your
party. For example, Princess Fatima is simply Fatima, Skullcrusher is just
Crusher, and Theurgist is Theurg.

9. Here's an important one, since disks could be copied and there
weren't any files to protect it, the developers of the computer versions
made Copy Protection, where at the beginning of the game, you must use
a 'Translation Wheel' and enter the word that the game asks you for.
You match up an Elvish and Dwarvish letter/number. Also, in the game, a lot
of parts of the game will tell you that you write something down as Journal
Entry (insert number here). This was another part of copy protection, and the
journal entries can be found in the 'Adventurers Journal' that came with the
game. Since the NES version was cartridge based and developed using private
tools, the NES didn't have to worry about copy protection, so you'll see the
so-called 'Journal Entries' can be seen in the game itself, rather than
going into the manual to read them. You also don't have to translate anything
in the NES version, while in the computer versions, you would have to
translate dwarvish and elvish letters/numbers to get through some of the game,
again, another form of copy protection.

10. The NES version has in-game music for just about every part of the game.
Everywhere you go, there is a theme for it, whether it's reused or a new
song, whereas in the computer versions, there were usually either no songs
at all or just a title song. Though I believe the Amiga version had some
in-game music. Also, the more obscure PC-98 version used the NES version's
music, though I believe they butchered it, despite being played on better
sound hardware.

11. The resting mechanism in the NES version is different in the computer
versions. When you rest in the NES version, it will ask you if you want
to sleep for 24 hours, or until morning (5 AM). Each 24 hours regains one
hit point while I believe the computer versions regenerate your characters'
hit points by the hour. This can be very tedious, especially later in the
game when your characters have a lot of HP. On emulators, it's not so bad
since you can use the throttle option, but I am talking about the real deal
here. Real NES whether it be the front loader or the top loader. It can
get very painful. You can have your clerics cast "Cure Light Wounds", but
then you have to choose the spell X amount of times and then rest for them
to memorize the spell. In the computer versions, you can also choose exactly
how long your party rests.

12. In Mendor's Library, in the NES version, while you can go inside the
garden room, you can't actually move around in there, where in the
computer versions, you can. There is no real point, really, all I remember
the garden doing in the computer version was draining my characters' hit

13. In the wilderness in the computer versions, you'll find randomly placed
caves which aren't in the NES version, and there is a place called
'The Grove' which also isn't in the NES version. It is said these aren't in
the NES version because you can't have 'Search' on in the NES version while
in the wilderness, but that is simply not true. By being at a dungeon or
town (wherever the first person view/area map is used), you can turn on
Search mode and it will be on when you are in the wilderness. This is
something I came across by accident, but it works. For some reason when you
are in the wilderness in the NES version, you can't select Look or Search.
I never understood why that is, but oh well, that's just how they made it.
Even then, you still can't find these places.

14. The NES version is 'censored'. What I mean by that is, some of the
spells have been renamed, like Bless in the computer is Empower in the NES
version. Nintendo of America didn't approve of religious symbols or
uncensored stuff in their games, so the developers had to remove it. Also,
in the taverns in New Phlan, the computer versions ask if you want to
gamble, which was removed in the NES version. I don't understand how that
would make sense though, as there was a slough of casino games released for
the NES way before this game was released.
The Japanese version (Famicom version) is uncensored, as Nintendo of Japan
didn't really have a censorship policy. Different strokes different folks.

15. This is a weird difference, the NES version's box art is the same as
the computer versions', but uses blue instead of gold, but the Famicom
version (Japanese NES if you didn't know) uses gold on the box art. The
Famicom version's box was made to look just like the original computer
version's, hence why a lot of the games in the series are said to use the
"Gold Box Engine".

16. In the NES version, you are allowed 5 controllable characters and 1
NPC character. In the computer versions, you were allowed a bigger party, but
the battles are much tougher as well.

17. When you beat the NES version, you are given what I can safely assume are
the longest passwords in a video game, Character Sheets, in which you can use
your character in another game. Unfortunately, the game's sequel Curse of the
Azure Bonds was never made for consoles, rendering the character sheets
In the computer versions, CotAB would come with a transfer utility program.

18. Probably one of the most important ones, and this game's biggest flaw;
In the computer versions, you are given saves A-J (10 game saves), but in
the NES version, you only get ONE! So... make sure you save in the right
place at the right time.

19. In the NES version, after you complete the game, there's no way of
provoking the guards. In the computer versions, the only way to provoke the
guards after beating the game was to get in a fight at the tavern. In the
NES version, whenever you try to Listen To Gossip, you only get this;
* Who on Earth knocked down The Boss?

20. Unlike the computer versions, there are no cheats in the NES version,
which means you'll have to play it honestly. There's not even any GameGenie
codes. The only way to cheat is to use an emulator with a hex editor such as

21. When Tyranthraxus asks you to join him, in the NES version, it's a Yes or
No answer. If you say Yes, you get the bad ending. However, in the computer
versions, you get to select which individual party members get to join
Tyranthraxus. Any of your party members that say yes will be turned into
bots and attack your party in battle.

22. One of the AD&D rules is that thieves cannot use long swords. However,
    either not enough attention to detail was paid, or the developers just
    decided to let thieves be able to wield long swords in the NES version.

23. I mentioned this earlier, but I'll go into more detail. In the pyramid,
    you have to enter a password before going into the pipe room. If you
    entered the password incorrectly, an unseen creature kills your party.
    The elf skeleton in Sokal Keep's scroll has a few words you need to
    translate. When you encounter the skeletons, you have to enter the right
    word of they'll fight you.
    Again, these were added for copy protection purposes and were removed in
    the NES version.

24. This one is between the USA/Japanese version:
    Sometimes your characters talk in some situations in the Japanese version
    where in the USA version, the game itself tells you what's going on.

10. Walkthrough

 If you want to find out how to beat this game immediately, check the cheats

Now it's time for the walkthrough. With everything above in mind, let's get
this party started!

Once you've created your characters and are back at the main menu, select
Order and choose which party members you want in your party. Note that the
party members you select will be in that order once you start the game. For
example, if you select Goldleaf first, he'll be the first member in the party
and will be in the front during combat. You can change the order of your party
later if you wish.

Just a few things before we start:
1.) I will assume you've read the manual and have a thorough understanding of
    how the game's menus work. I'll explain everything else. If you don't
    have the manual (and you probably don't), you can go to NintendoAge to
    find it there.
2.) At any time possible, you will have the Area map activated. There are
    some parts of the game, however, which disable the Area feature. In this
    case, I will tell you specifically where to go.
3.) Experience points will be referred to as 'XP'.
4.) At times, I will bring up the Adventurers Journal (or AJ). This was a book
    that came with the computer versions. The computer versions had 'Journal
    Entries' that you would refer to in the Adventurers Journal for copy
    protection purposes. However, the NES game has the journal entries in the
    game. However, the journal entries in the computer versions give more
    information for the game's story.

a. New Phlan
Once you start the game, you'll arrive at New Phlan via boat. A man will walk
up to you. This is Rolf, New Phlan's guide. He will take your party on a tour
to a few places. He'll first show you the Shrine of Tyr. He'll mention the
other two shrines of Phlan (Sune and Tempus) and that the bishop Braccio
resides in Tyr. You'll then turn around to see the dock you just came from.
Rolf will say that at this time, ships can only go to Sokal Keep and they want
to do something about it. He'll then take you in front of the Training Hall,
in which you can level up, fight a duel, or even hire other adventurers. Then
Rolf will take you to the most important building in Phlan, the City Hall.
"This is the City Hall. The City Council Clerk will give you commissions."
This message will appear EVERY time you are in front of one of the three
entrances of the City Hall, so get used to it. Lastly, Rolf will take you in
front of the Slums, which is where the first battles of the game will take
place. He will then leave your party to fend for themselves.

Before we start our adventure, you might want to take a look at the main menu.
This can be accessed by pressing the A button. Here are the options and what
they do:

 View - Look at a character's stats.
 Order - Change the ordering of the party. As stated above, this will change
         who is in the front and back ranks from top to bottom respectively.
  24 hours - Every 24 hours the party rests, they gain a hit point.
  Morning - Rests until 5:00. Useful if you want to go somewhere in New Phlan
            that is closed at night.
  Cast - A secondary way of casting spells.
  Memo - Memorize spells to use in combat. You must rest a few hours before
         they're fully memorized.
  Scrb - Scribe a scroll into a mage's spellbook. The scroll to be scribed must
         be identified at one of the shops in New Phlan in order to use it.
  Drop - If a mage has a spell memorized that you don't want, this option will
         remove it from their memorized spells. The game will ask you to
         confirm dropping the spell.
  Disp - Displays spells a party member has.
 Remove - Removes a party member from the party.
 Save - Allows you to save the game. You can only save one game. The game will
        ask you to confirm whether or not you'd like to save the game. It will
        then ask if you'd like to continue. If you say no, the game will ask
        you what most battery-backup NES games tell you; that before turning
        off the NES, hold the RESET button on the main unit before turning it
        off. *Apparently* this avoids some kind of voltage spike or something.
 Environ. - I won't cover this part because I already covered it earlier in the
            guide. Sorry.
 Leave - Returns to the game. Can also be activated with the B button.
Cast - Let's any cleric or mage in the party cast spells.
Equip - Arm a party member with their inventory. This is useful when you obtain
        new weapons and armor and want to use them in the next battle before it
Use item
 Use - Use an item in a party member's inventory.
 Trade - Give one party member's item to another.
 Drop - Drop the item. Note that you cannot get it back if you drop it.
Look - Search the space you are currently on for any hidden items, doors, etc.
Search - This has the same effect as Look, except it automatically 'Looks' for
         you every step you take. This also advances the clock by 10 minutes.
         While it can be advantageous by not having you tediously select the
         'Look' option every space you're on, it can also be dangerous, as it
         increases the probability of running into enemies in areas that they
         are present.
Area - Turns on the Area map. Note that if you flee during an encounter, you
       will lose your Area map until you leave and return to that area.
       Also, there are some areas in the game that disable the Area map.

Throughout this game, I will expect you to use the Area map. This can be
accessed by pressing the A button and selecting Area. This is a more efficient
way of navigating through places. However, some places later in the game don't
allow you to use this function, in which case I will give you directions.
The first place you'll want to go to is the City Hall (it's in the middle of
New Phlan. The area map shows two 2x2 rooms next to each other vertically.)
If you stayed where Rolf left you, all you have to do is keep going east to
get there. You'll know if you're there when the game stops to tell you that
you're in front of the city hall.
At your entry, you are told by the game that there's a corridor going south,
and there is a door at the end being watched by guards. Take one more step
and your party will open the east door to find the council clerk with the
guards watching you. Enter the east door. The council clerk will first check
whether you are due a reward. Before telling you the obvious in that your
party hasn't done anything yet, she will give you the following missions:
A. Recover the Slums (Old Phlan)
B. Recover Sokal Keep on Thorn Island
C. Find any books about the history of Phlan (in Mendor's Library)

Like most RPG games, before you start fighting monsters, you're going to want
to buy some weapons and armor for your party. If you selected Gwydion and
Felgar from the menu, they already have weapons and armor. For Nicholas and
Goldleaf (if you used my characters), they will need a long sword, shield, and
a bow. DO NOT buy them a bow yet, because there are two free ones you'll find
in the Slums. Not only that, but the bows found in the Slums will be worth
more as well as more powerful. There aren't just regular armor shops, but also
silver shops which sell better (but much more expensive) weapons. On the Area
map, there is a 3x1 room at the bottom which is a 24-hour weapons shop (the
rest of the shops close at 19:00 and open again at 5:00.
If you're having trouble getting there, take these directions upon where Rolf
left you (in front of the entrance to the Slums):
East 3, South 10, East 6 and enter the door on your left.

Now that we're ready, we'll enter...

b. The Slums
MISSION - Kill the leaders and recover Old Phlan.
REWARD FOR CLEARING - Council reward, free resting place.
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 500 Experience Points and 500 Gold.
MONSTERS - Bugbear, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Kobold Leader, Gnoll, Goblin,
Goblin Leader, Ohlo, Ogre, Shopkeep

This will probably save me some e-mails, but it turns out that if you complete
one of the following battles, you can rest in wherever the battles took place
for free, rather than having to go back to New Phlan and pay to sleep at the
inn. Your sleep won't be interrupted by monsters in these rooms.

Again, to get to the Slums, go west of New Phlan. You'll be noted how the city
guards watch as you as you make your entrance into the Slums. Too bad they
won't come and help you. Then again, you won't really need their help here.
When you first enter, the game states how large creatures run
underneath your feet and how you can hear an alarm sound far
away. You will encounter monsters at random times, so
you never know whether you will run into monsters or not.
If you encounter them, you can choose to Wait and usually the monsters
will run away unless the game says one of two things; that they're
angry or you've been surprised by them. Talking with them will
sometimes have them warn you to never come back again, or they'll make
you pay them in order to let you go.
There are inns in New Phlan which you can pay 5 gold pieces to rest at, but
there is no point in doing so, as any battles you clear here, you can rest in
the rooms you battled in without being interrupted. Otherwise, if you attempt
to sleep in an unsafe area, you will encounter monsters. The monsters you run
into here are extremely easy and require very little to no strategy to defeat,
save for one enemy, but we'll get to that when we get to it.

Go into the 2x4 room in the northeast corner and next to it should be
a 3x2 room. Walk into it and orcs are arguing over some papers...

Orc Battle 1
MONSTERS - Orc, Orc Leader
This battle is a fairly easy one. If your mages have memorized
"Sleep" then cast it on them to make the job easier. Since the orcs have a low
armor class (I will now refer to it as AC) they are harder to hit with
Collect the treasure that they leave. Now you can rest here without
interruption. Also, while you're resting, as you may have guessed,
it's a good idea to re-memorize your Sleep spells. Since you have beaten the
orcs, you can rest in this room uninterrupted.

Another thing to note, is that you may have to rest your party members. A good
way to do this is to have your clerics memorize Cure Light Wounds and cast it
on your harmed party members. You can also press A to access the menu, and
go to Encamp -> Rest -> 24 hours (The Morning option is to rest until all the
stores in New Phlan are open.)

Now there is a 2x2 room just west of the room you are in right now.
In order to get to it, you must enter from the south side.
There is a Goblin Leader teaching younger goblins to fight.
When you are seen, the teacher says that their opponents have
arrived. They're about to get schooled.
Let's give them a crash course in butt-kicking. Sorry for the bad puns.

Goblin Battle 1
MONSTERS - Goblin, Goblin Leader
This is an easier battle. Just keep hitting them and you
should win. Walk up the orange/brown colored goblin so he can't shoot
darts at you. If you want, you can cast sleep on the goblins, but that would
make the battle too easy. Besides, you can rest here after you win, and you

Exit the room and follow the corridor west into a 2x3 room. Now
move south once and then go west into the next room. The game will
tell you that the room's dirty and smelly. Go north into the next
room and the game says that an animal once lived here. Remember how I said
earlier that we would find two small bows? This is small bow number 1. Small
bow number two will be coming up shortly. Press the A button to access the
menu, select the Look option and you'll find a leather bag. Open it to get
950 XP, 100 Gold and 2 Gems. You'll also get the first short bow.
For short bow number 2, if you're not there already, go to the area map. You
will see in the top-left corner of the dungeon is a 1x1 room. Enter it from
the east side and you'll pass through to find a secret treasure room!
You'll get 2700 XP, 350 Gold and 8 Gems. You'll get the second short bow.
There is a battle just south of this room, but we'll get to it later.
Go back to the room which is dirty and smells (2x2 room). West of the room are
two rooms next to eacher other (a 1x1 room on the bottom and a 2x1
room on top). If you enter the bottom room, you'll meet a gypsy who
will read your fortune for a Gold Piece. All she'll tell you is that
there's a labyrinth and monsters, and that these monsters are undefeatable.

As an update, I found out there's two other fortunes she'll tell, depending on
how far you are in the game: One is the same labyrinth/monsters story, but
later in the game, she says your party has the power to stop them.
The other is where she tells you to follow the Silver dragon and destroy the
Bronze dragon. I was only made aware of the other two fortunes looking through
the game's text. I thought it was unused text until I went to her after I beat
the game.
Interesting, right?! After she is done telling your party's
fortune, she'll get tired and ask you to leave. If you kill
her, you'll get 4 XP and 4 Gold. The game will tell you that you feel you made
a 'grave error'. I don't think this really affects anything down the road, or
at least, I haven't noticed. (The Japanese version says that
you will be punished.)

UPDATE 1/23/2021: According to the Clue Book for the computer versions, killing
the gypsy angers the monsters and causes the random encounters to not only be
more frequent, but tougher, too. I haven't tested this on the NES version yet,

Really, there's no need to go in this room. Instead, go inside the room just
above this one to find some orcs.
The orcs will tell you that you have just stepped on their property and they
will demand you to leave. Attack them.

Orc Battle 2
Here there's four orcs and a leader. Just have your mages put them to
I got 1468 XP and 14 Gold. I also got three long swords, a flail, and
chain mail.

Now, go back to where the secret treasure room is (the northwest corner). Just
south of this room is another room where you will see hobgoblins. They will
shout, "Thieves!" when they see you, and then the battle starts...

Hobgoblin Battle
Here, there are four hobgoblins. They're kind of hard to hit because
of their low armor class (which I'll refer to from now on as AC).
Put them to sleep and finish them off.
I got 144 XP, 16 Gold from this.

After this, the game will tell you that you found the hobgoblins' treasure
which got me 300 XP and 100 Gold. I also got leather armor and a potion.

Now go to the 2x2 room just west of where you fought the goblins. You can enter
this room from the west side. You'll interrupt kobolds who are trying to eat.

Kobold Battle
Before I walk you through this part, I'll call the green kobolds
'regulars' from now on and the leaders...well, leaders.
Anyway, there's five regulars and a leader. The leader can shoot
arrows at you, so be careful. If you have archers, have them
attack the leader. If an enemy is standing next to your archer(s),
they won't be able to shoot arrows.
I got 1262 XP and 6 Gold from this battle. I also got bracers, which
you should give to one of your fighters. Bracers will lower your AC,
making you harder to hit.

Now it's time for our battles to be a bit harder...
In the lower-western region of the Slums is a 3x3 room connected to
a 1x2 room south of it. The 3x3 room is a monster meeting place where
you'll hear different rumors.
Go into the 1x2 room, in which you'll be confronted by the monster

Monster Guard Battle
Here, there's five regular goblins, a leader, and a new opponent; an
ogre. Ogres can do hefty damage, so kill this one first.
Then focus on the goblins and the leader. If you're lucky, the goblins
will end up surrendering.
I got 293 XP and 11 Gold.

Now, select Search from the options. Go north and then go east into
the room. The game will tell you there's absolutely nothing in this
room, and then right after it says that you find a hidden treasure. This
will yield 1810 XP, 1000 Gold and 2 Gems. I also got a shield and a

Now, make sure you turn the Search mode off right after, since the
Search mode increases your risk of running into random encounters.

Now, there should be a 1x3 room just west of the monster meeting place
(the 3x3 room). Enter it from the south and the game says a monster
blocks your path. A monster? Just one? Must be a typo...

Semi-Boss Battle
This battle is similar to the previous one, except a little bit more
difficult; there's five regular orcs, two leaders and an ogre. Take
out the ogre first. Your magic-users should be able to put all the
orcs to sleep.

I got 388 XP and 30 Gold.

BOSS - Monster Leaders
Here, there's an ogre, a gnoll and a hobgoblin. All of which are
Kill the monsters in this order:
Ogre, Hobgoblin and Gnoll.
Don't worry about the gnoll because of his size, he's a laugh.
(Literally, they're hyenas).
I got 586 XP and 25 Gold.

Even though we killed the bosses, we're not done with the Slums just
yet. But before we get to the final battle, let's run a little oddjob.
In the lower west region of the slums is a 3x2 room. Enter it from the
east side to meet Ohlo. When you enter his room, he will ask what your
business is. You can choose to leave, talk, or attack. Here are the results
of each choice:
1.) Leave
    Your party leaves the room.
2.) Talk
 (After picking speaker.)
 a.) Haughty/Abusive
     See choice 3.
 b.) Sly
     Ohlo won't like the way you talk to him and will demand you to leave.
  1.) Leave = See choice 1
  2.) Stay/Attack = See choice 3
 c.) Nice/Meek
     Ohlo will ask you to get a potion for him.
3.) Attack
    Ohlo says he will teach you a lesson and a battle will start. The battle
    consists of 2 ogres, 7 hobgoblins (2 leaders), and Ohlo.

Parley Nice with him and he will explain that there is a potion he needs, but
is unable to get it. He tells you the potion is in a shop in the Rope Guild.
The Rope Guild is the lower 1/3 of the Slums, and can be accessed south of the
3x3 room (the monster meeting place) and the seemingly empty room.
After you enter, the game will 'Engrishly' (if you will) tell you that
everyone's who's entered this place "ever" come back. The shop is in the
northeast section of the rope guild. I will give you directions. Why, you may
ask? Well, there are a few parts of the game which disable the Area map. This
is the first section. Go the following the directions upon the game disabling
the Area map. (It will reactivate after you leave the Rope Guild):

N = North, S = South, E = East, W = West:
S2, E2, N2, E1, S2, E1, N2, E2, N1, E2, S1 and go into the door to
your left.
Your party will be in a shop. The shopkeeper will step out and apologize for
the inconvenience that he's closed. Here are the choices:
1.) Leave
    Your party leaves the room.
2.) Talk
    Your first party member will mention Ohlo's name to the shopkeeper. He
    will then go to the back of his shop and retrieve a package. He will ask
    you to give it to Ohlo.
3.) Attack
    The shopkeeper will run to the back of his shop with a cry. Then you will
    be ambushed by four ogres.

Choose to Talk to the shopkeeper. If you return to the store, the shopkeeper
will tell you he's closed.

After that, take these directions to get out of the guild:
N1, W2, S1, W2, S2, W1, N2, W1, S2, W2, and then head north out of
the guild. We'll be coming back here later, but for now, take the
package back to Ohlo.

Before you go into Ohlo's room, it is very important to save your game first.
If he doesn't give you a certain item (I'll explain shortly), then you have to
reset the game and try again. The item is not required to beat the game,
however, it will help greatly for the next battle here.
When you enter his room again, he'll ask you for the potion. You can
either give it to him, refuse, or demand for a better reward.
If you refuse/demand or if you picked a fight with him earlier, you'll
be lead to a pretty tough battle with five hobgoblins, two hobgoblin
leaders, two ogres and Ohlo. Choose to give the package/potion to him.
Ohlo drinks the potion and turns younger. He will then give you a reward.

The reward is always different, but make sure he gives you a necklace.
It is a necessity to beat the final part of this section. Otherwise, the
game is borderline unbeatable.
After this, you'll leave the room, and when you come back, he'll just
tell you he doesn't have time for you and the game will automatically
make you leave. If you want to know what his character portrait looks
like, go to the Glitches/Easter Eggs section of this guide.

The reason why I had you do this oddjob is because that necklace is really
gonna help in the next battle, which also happens to be the last. Go back to
the entrance of the rope guild and follow these directions after the game
disables the Area map:
W4, S2, W1, S1, W1, and head north into the room.

You'll find monsters playing with flour sacks. One of the monsters will break
his and he'll get upset and ask what he'll use now. Another monster will point
to your party and tell him that he can use your party.

ACTUAL Final Battle
Oh, boy. This one's not gonna be fun. You have four kobolds (simple
enough), but there are also two trolls. Trolls have 36 HP, and do
massive damage. Not only that, but if you kill them and take too long,
they can regenerate and come back to life!
UPDATE 1/24/2021: I found out a troll cannot regenerate as long as a party
member is standing on a square the troll died at.
First, cast a sleep spell on the kobolds to use as a barrier so the
trolls can't get to you. Then, use the necklace you got from Ohlo.
Or, alternatively, you can have your fighters hack and slash at the
trolls, but be warned, the trolls can put your characters out in one
hit. Make sure you use the long swords you got throughout the slums
for heavier damage against the trolls.

I got 1962 XP and 4 Gold. I also got two scrolls.

Congratulations! You've beaten the Slums (Old Phlan) and may now rest
here for free instead of going to the inn. Go back to New Phlan and
meet up with the council clerk at city hall to claim your reward.

b. Sokal Keep (Thorn Island)
MISSION - Find Ferran Martinez's spirit and tell him
the truth.
REWARD - Reward from Council, Go to
wilderness by boat.
COUNCIL REWARD - 5000 XP, 1250 GP, 15 Gems
MONSTERS - Zombie, Skeleton, Poisonous Frogs,
           Ogre, Orc, Scorpion

Now, before you attempt this mission, it is
important to have trained as many characters as
you can. If you can't afford it, try selling your old weapons, as well as
potions and scrolls you may have found throughout the Slums, as well as any
valuable weapons that you aren't going to use.

When you're ready to head to Sokal Keep, go to
the docks from the beginning of the game. The
boatman (Rolf?) will tell you that the ships can
only go to Sokal Keep. Head to the end of the dock
to catch a boat...

When you get there, move forward and the game will tell you that moss is
growing and you can barely hear footsteps inside the keep. Now, before you
go through those doors, go to the northwest corner of the room to find a
dead elf body. Here are the choices:

1.) Leave
    Your party leave the skeleton alone.
2.) Search
    Look through the skeleton's belongings. You will find a scroll with
    Elvish words inscribed on it. You can use these words to avoid battles
    with the skeletal patrols inside the keep. The skeletons are actually
    supposed to be good, as they were the soldiers who died trying to defend
    the place from evil.
3.) Attack
    You will shatter the skeleton to pieces. If you do this, you will only be
    able to read one of the Elvish words. However, I tried this and I didn't
    have any problems.
4.) Talk
    This option's completely useless, I'm not even sure why it's in the game.
    The game will just tell you the elf has been dead for a long time.

Try going into the room in the northeast. On the way, you'll encounter
skeletons. If you want to fight them, you'll be put up against 6 skeletons
and zombies. Instead, choose to Parley. You'll read all the words from the
scroll you found and the skeletons will leave you alone. From then on, the
game will give you the choise to fight them or give the password when you
encounter them.

As I said before, look for a door in the northeast region. The room looks
like a 'T' piece from Tetris. Go in it, and you're greeted by the sounds
of frogs croaking. Take literally a couple steps more and the croaking
gets louder. You can actually try to talk to the frogs, in which the game
will respond telling you the obvious fact that the frogs have no idea what
you're saying...
(In the computer versions, it will say, "CROAK!")

Poisonous Frog Battle
There is no other strategy than to just slash at the frogs. They're quite
possibly the easiest enemy in the game, and what's more; they cannot poison
you, despite what their name says. Any damage they *do* give your party is
very small.
I got 156 XP from this. Goes to show how easy they are.

After the fight, don't leave the room just yet. Go to the northeast corner of
the room. You'll find a hammer +1 with 250 XP.

Now go to the next room and go to the northeastern corner of the room. There's
an illusionary wall here. If you go to the northwest corner, you'll find
items that haven't been ruined within all the years they've been left there,
and you can take them if you'd like.

Now go to the 3x3 room. From there, keep on going west into the next 3x3
room. The game will tell you that it was a barracks but now it's trashed
beyond belief. Take a couple more steps and you'll hear spirits crying.
You can't attack them; they just fade away moaning.
Instead, choose to advance, and then choose Parley. Your party will try
the words from the scroll and then the spirits will tell you why they're
so upset. They were the original defenders of the keep who died trying to
protect it. Then one will point to the floor and tell you to read the diary
hidden under it.
The diary reads:

 Monsters attacked us
 again. They knew how to
 fight better than kobolds
 or goblins.

 I think they have a strong
 leader, they are too good.
 We can't beat them in this

 Ferran Martinez has
 prepared terrible spells.

 Now we have no other
 choice but to defend

I'll post the text from the Adventurer's Journal from the computer versions,
as it gives a more detailed account as to what's happened. This is Entry 3.

 An old leather-bound book written with a small, firm hand.
 'The hordes came again last night. Their coordination was frightening. Under
the cover of darkness, goblins and kobolds pushed bundles of sticks to within
bow range. These bundles formed a wall that protected the small ones from our
archers. Once the wall was erected orc archers took up safe positions there
and began pelting the caslte walls with arrows.
 'We tried shooting flaming arrows at the wall of sticks to set it afire.
Monsters are normally afraid of fire. But these monsters showed no fear. They
simply scooped dirt on the flames to put them out. Before all the fires were
out they had resumed firing at us. Surely, some unnatural force must have been
at work to weld these quarlsome beasts into an organized fighting force.
 'I do not know if we can combat the monsters onslaught much longer. We lost
12 more men last night. The monsters seem to have an unlimited number of
reinforcements. The Last Priest of Tyr, Ferran Martinez, says he has a way to
protect the keep, but he says that it's so terrible that it may only be used
as a last resort. Unless we receive reinforcements shortly, Ferran Martinez is
our only hope.'

The game then asks if you would like to take the gems found in the diary.
Go ahead and take them. You'll get 1250 XP and 5 Gems.

Now go back into the room segregating the two 3x3 rooms. Walk south and
suddenly, monsters crash through the nearby door!

BOSS - Ogre and Orcs
Here you have 7 regular orcs, 3 orc leaders, four hobgoblins and two ogres.
Go after the ogres first, then the hobgoblins, then the orc leaders and
lastly the orcs. One rhinestone from the necklace you got from Ohlo should
send those monsters @$$3$ packing!
I got 818 XP and 63 Gold.

After the battle you find a note on one of the Ogre's.

The ogre had a note:
  Gather your men at the
  City Port.

  Then go to Sokal Keep and
  slay the humans if they

  If you do well you will
  be rewarded.
                    The Boss

The Adventurer's Journal is more detailed, Entry 57:

 A ratty piece of parchment with large writing on one side.
 "Our spies in the city inform us that a party of invaders will travel to
Sokal Keep to free it. To combat these invaders, assemble a force of no less
than three squads. Travel by boat from the small docks at the west of town to
Thorn Island. Move undetected to Sokal Keep. Find the adventurers in or around
Sokal Keep. Kill them before they can return to the city council with
information about the true situation at the keep. Return with the invader's
heads as proof of completion of your mission. Upon completion you will be
rewarded with food, treasure, and many slaves."
 The Boss

Now go south into the next room and the game will say you're in a small
room that is the remains of a shrine. You will "see" (or read) that you see
two dried-up contorted-faced dead orcs on the ground. The game says that the
main section of the shrine is in the south part of the room. Go all the way
south to encounter the ghost of Ferran Martinez. Here are your options:

1.) Attack
    Starts battle with Ferran Martinez. Same thing as a spectre.
2.) Wait
    Ferran is waiting for you to talk.
3.) Flee
    Leave the room.
4.) Advance
    They really should have replaced this option with 'Parley', as this option
    does just that. Ferran will introduce himself and will ask what happened
    to Phlan.

A.) Tell truth
    Ferran will tell you some history.
    The ones responsible for Phlan's destruction gained power from the Pool of
    Radiance. Tyranthraxus, Edranka, and Torath were the leaders of the
    attacks. Mendor the Wise had collected many records about all of them, but
    then his library was overrun with the books stolen.
    Ferran then proceeds to give you a couple hints, including the location of
    the hidden room inside the armory, and the passwords to avoid confrontation
    with the skeletal armies.
    Finally, Martinez says because Phlan is back, he can now rest peacefully.
    He will slowly fade away. What a nice guy!
B.) Remains destroyed
    Here you will tell him that all of Phlan was obliterated. He will call you
    liars and will disappear with a cry.
C.) Leave without answering
    Same thing as 'Flee'.

Choose Advance -> Tell truth
Congrats! You've officially beaten Sokal Keep! Now head back to Phlan for
your reward. Not only will you be rewarded by the council, but you'll also be
able to take boats out to the wilderness! It will cost 5GP to take a boat.

(Note: There is another battle you can do here, but I'll list it in the
 Optional section since it's not mandatory.)

d. Mendor's Library
MISSION - Collect important books in the library.
REWARD - Reward from council
COUNCIL REWARD - 400 XP and Gold per book (each book adds 50 GP more)
MONSTERS - Basilisk, Kobold, Mendor's Spectre

I would get your strongest party members (if not all) to be at least level 2
or 3 at this point. If they're not, grind until you can get there. This will
be your most difficult venture yet!

Mendor's Library can be located just south of Kuto's Well (which is west
of the Slums).
Enter the 3x3 northern room. The game will tell you that there are some
art decorations and you feel safe here. Note that you should save your game
before continuing with this mission, and you shouldn't save again until you
defeat Mendor. Or, you can kill the upcoming enemy and save, but don't look
for any books before saving.

Let's cut to the chase; there are four 1x1 rooms in the northern region of
the library. Here is where you'll find the books. In order to take the
books, simply choose the 'Look' option. Start by going in the northwest
room. The game will tell you that the section of the library is labeled
'Philosophy'. After that, you'll see a basilisk. Sometimes it doesn't see
you and other times, it will and it hisses at you. Either way, you're
going to have to fight it in order to beat the mission.

Basilisk Battle
Basilisks, as you may know can turn your party to stone.
If you bought a mirror from the shop, you could be
lucky. The mirrors protect you from turning to stone.
The basilisk has quite big HP. Sleep won't work on it.
You probably won't have Stink Cloud either by this point, but if you do,
use it on the basilisk to weaken it or even hold it.
I got 3368 XP from this.

(After playing through this game again to update this guide,
after I beat the basilisk I got a scroll, a cloak (which are always
worth a LOT) and two potions.)

After you defeat the basilisk, keep using the "Look"
option to look for books you need. Do it for ALL the
sections until you can't find anymore. I usually select the Look option in
each section 10-20 times before leaving.
You should find some books with interesting information. In the computer
versions, after reading the books, the game will ask if you want to take them.
In the NES version, this was removed, so that whenever you find the books, you
automatically take them. Here are a few interesting books:

Here's some from the History section:
 You find a thick military
 history book.
 Some parts of it seem to be

 There was a general named
 He rode before his armies,
 cloaked in flame.

 He was a cruel man who
 crushed kingdoms and
 slew the fallen

 But Tyranthraxus himself
 was finally consumed by
 the very fire that
 surrounded him

 and then his spirit
 roamed free.

 Baron Schodt imprisoned
 Tyranthraxus in a bottle
 and sank it in
 Lake Longreach.

 And thus was Tyranthraxus'
 army destroyed...

Another book:
 You find a book written
 about the history of the
 Northern lands.

 It seems to be fairy tales
 written to please the kings.
 But one tale does
 interest you:

 There is a desolate place
 in the far North, where no
 man ventures.

 But once a year, the
 nomadic tribe in the area
 travels  there. They say
 there is a shining spring.

On to the Philosophy section:

 You find a passage of
 interest in Urgand's
 'Description of Darkness:'

 Maram of the Great Spear,
 Haask the Voice of Hargut,

 Tyranthraxus the Flamed
 One, Borem of the Boiling
 Mud Sea, Camnod the

 Such were the ones that
   served Bane
   the Great Wicked King...

 You find a scroll with
 a discourse on magical

 Most of it is very boring,
 but one part interests you:
   Springs or Pools hold
   great magical power.

 A good example is the Pool
 of Radiance.

 If you step into the water
 and meditate, you will
 gain magical power.

 Places of magical power
 are not always fixed to
 one physical location.

 Power often shifts from
 plane to plane, following
 the line of least

 These paths can shift and
 move the location of
 magical places.

 Some beings can wield such
 tremendous power as to
 move locations

 If the supernatural force
 is removed it will snap
 back to its original

You'll know if you got all of the books if the council clerk in New Phlan
stops mentioning for your party to find the books. Another way to confirm you
got all the books is to search each section 10 times, and all 10 times, the
game will tell you that your party didn't find anything. When you are done, you
must prepare to face the boss.

When you think you have collected all the books, try to leave the library.
Mendor will appear in the form of a spectre. He says that he will sacrifice
himself to protect these books, not realizing his death. One of your party
members will tell him that he's already died, and the battle starts.
(In the computer versions, he knows he's already dead, so it makes you wonder
 why they changed that little fact in the NES version.)

BOSS - Mendor's Ghost
The only way to hit Mendor and all the other spectres in the game is if you
use a wand or magic weapon agsinst him. Normal weapons will not work.
Spells such as Magic Missile will help, but may do minimal damage at this point
in the game.
Wands will ALWAYS hit him. Plus, they're long
range so you have some distance between you and the ghost.
It is highly important to get some distance from Mendor if you can. If he
hits your party members, he will drain one or more levels from them. If the
player is already level 1, they will be slain.
If you somehow have either a paralysis wand or stink cloud, that will work
against Mendor.
After beating him, all I got was 2030 XP.

Before we leave, let's do some optional stuff here. If you need to rest, you
can do so uninterrupted in this entire area.
You will see some 2x1 rooms in the southern region. Go inside them and use the
'Look' option to find some treasure. Each one will give you 100 XP and Gold.
There is also a 2x3 room under one of the 2x1 rooms. The game says the
furniture is rotten to the core, and that there are human bones on the
floor. Then you'll find a bottle. You'll get 240 XP and three potions.
The huge room in the southwest is just a garden. Don't go in there, as
there is no point. If you try, you will get burned by the garden. In the
computer versions you can walk around in it, but you end up getting damaged.
If I remember right, one of your party members could even drown in it.

Go to where the southern 2x1 room is and try to go in the southeast room.
You'll find a madman here. You can take him with you if you want, but all
he is is just an annoyance. When you get to Phlan, he'll randomly start
picking fights. You can take him to the temple near the dock and they'll
take care of him. Here are your options:

1.) Attack
 Starts the battle. He has 7HP and is very easy to kill. I only got 18 XP and
 1 GP for dispatching him.
2.) Wait
 The game tells you the man is reluctant and fearful, as well as insane. The
 game then gives you the option to take him with you. If you say no, see
 choice 5. If you decide to take him with you, he says,
 His men are in the town.
 And he will come too!
 The game explains that he doesn't want to join you, but will give you the
 option to force him into your party.
3.) Flee
4.) Talk
 Depending on what you choose, he will shout the following quotes:
 A.) Haughty/Meek
  He is not a himan!
  Not a human at all, I tell
 B.) Sly
  The big one! The wicked
  one! He is in the
  Castle of Flowers!
 C.) Nice/Abusive
  He is wrapped in fire, and
  so cruel!
5.) Ignore
 The Mad Man backs off slowly and then runs away when he is out of reach of
 a sword.

If you choose to take the Mad Man with you, be careful when you're in New
Phlan, as he will randomly attack passersby, which gets you in trouble with
the City Watch. If you take him to the temple near the dock, they will take
care of him.

Moving on, go into the southeastern room. The game will say that it looks
to have been a study.
Upon entering, go east and then south and then choose the Look option.
You'll find treasure among the junk which will give you 5000 XP. You'll
also get a manual of bodily health which is worth a whopping 25000 Gold.
The game just calls it a manual. According to an e-mail I received, it will
raise a character's constitution by 1 (unless it's already at 18). However,
the book takes 30 days to take effect.

Above this room is a 3x3 room. Go into it to find five kobolds sitting at
a table. One will shout not to kill them. Choose to parley and they'll
raise their hands. Choose to parley again and one will tell you that they
will tell you some valuable information. They'll tell you that the boss of
the Textile House is in a secret room. Then, they'll run away. If you are
trying to get every little piece of XP that you can, you can kill them but
other than that, there's no reason to kill them.
Well, that about does it for the library. Go back to Phlan for your
reward. If the council clerk still mentions to get books at the library,
then you didn't get all of them and will have to come back. At least you don't
have to fight Mendor again.

e. Kuto's Well
MISSION - Find and kill Norris the Gray
REWARD - Reward from Council, free resting place.
COUNCIL REWARD - 1250 XP and Gold (x2 if you beat Norris)
MONSTERS - Orc, Ogre, Norris, Lizardman, Gnoll, Kobold,
Giant Lizard, Goblin

Even though the council doesn't commission it to you, you
will get a reward for completing it. Kuto's well is
west of the Slums. Remember, since you completed the Slums,
you can rest there for FREE before you go to Kuto's Well.
There are two ways to get to Kuto's Well; one is by taking a boat north
and getting to the other side of the contaminated water in the wilderness.
The other (recommended) way is to just go to The Slums and go west of there.
The area just west of The Slums is Kuto's Well. In the area map, the well is
the 3x3 tiled square. Go into the middle square to where the well is.
Kobolds will have been waiting for you this whole time. I wonder how long
they were waiting for you there?

Alternatively, you can go in the rectangular-shaped room east of the well to
trigger these battles.

Kobold Killing Spree
There's six leaders and two regulars in both rounds.
I got 120 XP and 8 Gold from both rounds.

After this, more kobolds will climb out of the well and attack. Just rinse and

Now climb down the well and go forward. A kobold will shoot an arrow at
your party. If you need to rest, go back one step to where the well
entrance is and rest there. If you try to rest anywhere else, you'll be
ambushed by Norris the Gray.
To get to Norris, follow these directions from where the kobold shot your
party at:
S1, E2, N3, E1, and then go north to encounter Norris the Gray.
He'll tell you that you were wise in finding his hideout and will then
demand that you surrender. Choose to attack.

(If you surrender, many of your belongings and money are stolen.)

Norris the Gray and His Guards
Here, you've got an ogre, five goblins and Norris.
First, focus on the Ogres. Then kill
Norris. Cast a Sleep or Hold Person
spell whenever possible on the goblins.
Norris obviously can do some damage to you and your party.
But with any luck, you will complete the fight. Since
Norris has good AC, use your fighters to take care of him.
If you have archers, you can shoot the ogres with arrows and make quick work
of them.
Winning this battle got me 2190 XP, and 10 Gold. I also
got a sword and bracers.

After you beat him, your party will search Norris' body
only to find a letter from Tyranthraxus to Norris:

 Go to the port city with
 your men and follow the
 ogres there.

 There is a great reward
 for you in this.
                  The Boss

 Norris wrote his reply on
 the other side of
 the letter:

 How dare you order me to
 follow ogres?
 I'll accept your offer,
 if you allow me to lead.
            Norris the Gray

Adventurers Journal Entry 50 is more detailed:

 An official looking notice
 "Assmeble a group of at least 30 of your followers. Meet up with a hobgoblin
assault force at the small docks to the west of town. You and your group will
be under the command of the hobgoblin leader. Follow his orders. Upon
completion of the mission you will be rewarded with food, treasure, and many
 The Boss
 Scribbled on the back of these orders is Norris the Gray's unsent reply to
The Boss
 "I will never follow the orders of a hobgoblin. I don't go on missions until
I know exactly what we're supposed to do. And I don't go on missions for an
unknown amount of 'food, treasure, and slaves'. I do go on missions where I
am in command; where I know exactly what the target is; and where I know
exactly how much I'll get paid. Don't send me another order until you can meet
my terms."
 Norris the Gray

The game will then let you know you have dispatched all the bandits, and that
a reward waits for you in Phlan. The game will also tell you that you may now
rest here uninterrupted.

Even though we just cleared the main mission of Kuto's Well,
we're not quite done here yet. Go into the northeast corner
and select Look from the options to find Norris' treasure.
I got 5900 XP, 300 Gold and 20 gems. I also got more bracers.

(Note: The Adventurers Journal contains an entry in which it is said in the
 southeast corner of the well, there is a secret passage where there is much
 treasure. I couldn't find it, however. But, there *is* Norris's treasure in
 the northeast corner, which is in the exact opposite direction, so maybe
 that is what it was referring to.)

Now you can leave the well itself, as there is nothing else to do here.
However, there is something else you can do here but it's not
required and won't make the game any easier or harder for you. In the room
parallel to this, there is a 2x2 room. If you walk around in it for a while
you will come across a bunch of limping ill kobolds. They will try to sneak
away from you. If you try to talk to them, the leader will ask you not to
hurt them, as they are wounded and exhausted, and that their king sent them
as scouts, they are not fighters. He will also mention hearing about the
Pool of Radiance around here. The king wanted them to find it but so far,
they haven't been able to. The kobold will again ask you to let them go, as
all they want to do is return home. If you select Question they'll start
begging for you to let them go. If you still decide to attack them, the game
will put you up against three regular kobolds, no leaders. If you let them
go, they will leave. Before they disappear from the distance, one will turn
around and wave to you, thanking your party for setting them free.
(When I battled the kobolds on the Famicom version, there were 12 of them
 instead of 3, but I also had the game completed as well.)

(Note: If you wish to clear out Kuto's Well 100%, that means no
 enemies will ever be encountered here again, simply run into
 enemies and keep killing them until you stop encountering them.
 I believe it's around 10-25 random encounters to get them to
 stop coming. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it until you've
 beaten the game unless you're really desperate for the XP.)

There is another battle you can do here, but I will list it in the Optional
section. It is located south of the well.

f. Podol Plaza
MISSION - Find out what kind of weapon is being sold at the auction.
REWARD - Reward from council
COUNCIL REWARD - 1250 XP and Gold
MONSTERS - Ogre, Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bucaneer (4th Lvl Fighter)

Now the council commissions the party to go to
Podol Plaza to see an auction. Podol
Plaza can be found west of Kuto's Well.
When you enter you have 3 choices on how
to get in:
1.) Enter boldly
2.) Disguise yourselves as monsters
3.) Go forward stealthily
Choose to disguise yourself as monsters. The game will love to scare you here.
For example, you will encounter monsters in the plaza and the game will say
something along the lines of "The monsters see you..." and after pressing a
button the game will either say something along the lines of
"They attack you!" or "They leave laughing", etc.
Also, you can hear the monsters' rumors.
They will mention a man barely touching a pool and melting from it, or that
the orcs were pushed out of their castle by the giants.
If they ask who you are, just parley haughty and they will run away.

The auction is on the left side of the 1x3 room, which is in the middle of
the plaza. You will encounter an Ogre auctioneer.
He will be holding a certain kind of
staff (IE A Wand of Fear, Illumination, or a Rod of Rulership that lets you
make an army!) Don't select anything except Watch
or else you'll start a fight and lose the misison.
That's literally all you've got to do. Easiest
mission in the game and possibly in video game
history. But don't worry, the game's gonna make up
for this mission's easy difficulty later on. >;)

If you try to bid on it, you won't end up getting
the item, as the price climbs to 5000 GP. You can pursue the ogre or the man
who won the item, but the man (Garwin) can't be found and the ogre doesn't
have anything on his person. If you choose to leave, you will fail the
mission, but won't get scolded when you return to New Phlan. You will simply
get your next mission.
Sometimes when you bid on it, the monsters will look at
your party. Sometimes they will notice your disguises and
other times they don't.

If you want to do another optional
mission in this place, go into the bar
aka The Pit. It is on the west and is a
2x3 room. When you enter, you will
accidentaly knock the door into a drunk buccaneer aka
a 4th level fighter. Of course, he doesn't take kindly
to people knocking doors into him and says that one of
you will pay for the insult. You'll have three choices:
Fight a duel, offer him a bribe (1/10 of your gold),
attack with the goblins on your side, escape.
I personally choose a duel or attack with the goblins.

Whatever you do, when you're in the tavern, DO NOT choose to
Drink, if you do, you will fall unconscious, wake up only to
find all your gold and gems are gone. If you try to leave,
a hobgoblin will insult you. Just ignore him and leave. It's
not worth getting into a brawl over. Unless that is, you want
to beat the game 100%, then go ahead and fight them.

Buccaneer Battle
This fight will be kind of hard, because
you will be dealing with a 4th Level Fighter.
You'll also be fighting a ton of orcs, but with
the goblins on your side, you should get the job
done a little easier. Use Sleep and Stink Cloud
spells to knock the enemies down.

For beating the bucaneer in a duel, I got 2382 XP and 2 Gold.
He also dropped a Long Sword, Chain Mail and Banded Mail.

After the fight, the game will say the bar is
a shattered ruin. Now go back to Phlan for your

There is also a shrine in the southwest corner.
The priestess says you may stay there as long
as you wish. (In the computer versions, you
have to cast a Knock spell to get in.)
There are two ways to get back to Phlan,
if you decided not to clear out Kuto's Well 100%
and you want to avoid fights, you can go west out
of Podol Plaza and end up in the wilderness. Then
go south west to the boat, it will take you back
to New Phlan. Of course, you also risk getting
into battles with the wildlife, which are debatebly harder.
Also, this is the last time I'll tell you in this
walkthrough, try and train your characters after
each mission is complete. If you can't afford it,
try selling some of your treasure that you got
along the way.

UPDATE 2020-01-18: According to the Clue Book released for the computer
versions, it takes 10 random encounters here to stop the random encounters in
Podol Plaza. I haven't tested this yet.

g. Kovel Mansion
MISSION - Defeat all the thieves and recover the mansion.
REWARD - Reward from Council
COUNCIL REWARD - 1150 XP, 400 Gold, 3 gems.
MONSTERS - 1st Level Thief, 4th Level Thief

Note: Before starting this mission, I would highly suggest you go to
Braccio's shrine and let his servant Dirten join your party. Both, the shrine
Braccio wants you to recover and Kovel Mansion are right next to each other.
However, you want to do Kovel Mansion first, as recovering the shrine will
have Dirten leave your party.

(There is quite a bit of treasure in this place. I'll list the locations in
 the optional section.)

Your party is now ordered to go to Kovel
Mansion, which has been overrun by thieves.
To get to the mansion, all you need to do is
take a boat north. The game will then give you
options on where you want to go. Choose 'The north part of Phlan'.
Just as a warning, you cannot rest here or
else some thieves will ambush you. You'll
lose gold and I think you'll even lose some
items in your inventory. Not good at all.
When you first enter, keep going straight.
On the Area Map if you see a hallway in the     (The hallway looks like this:)
southeast corner, go into it and encounter      OOOO
a 4th level thief. He will try to attempt          O
to kill one of your party members
with a knife. Sometimes he will succeed,
but most of the time, you catch him.
The game will tell you other thieves are
trying to sneak away and you'll have the
option to attack the thief or not. Don't
bother unless you need every trickle of
XP you can get.
Now go into the first room on the right
and see some thieves beating up an older
thief. One of the thieves will ask what
you're doing here and attack you.

Thief Battle
This battle is easy, just kill all the 1st
level thieves and win. No magic is needed
here. The thieves here have only 4 HP and
are easy to hit. At this point in the game,
they should be no match for your party.
Winning this battle got me 150 XP and 50 Gold.

After the battle, you will try to help the thief, but he will say that it's
too late for him. Before his death, he will give you a note, indicating that
Tyranthraxus may be a dragon. It also says that you will need a secret code
word to pass the castle gate.

Now exit the hallway and enter the 2x3 room at the
south of this place. Now the thieves will ambush you.
Time for the meat and potatoes of this mission!

BOSS - Thief Army Battle
In this battle, there's five 5th Level Thieves
and fifteen 1st Level Fighters
Cast Sleep on them to hold them. Or use
Hold Person if you have a cleric in your party.
After a while, the thieves will start running
away, so if you have archers, use your bows and
arrows to finish them off. In the combat field,
there's no way to escape the battle, so you'll
have no choice but to defeat the remaining
thieves. But don't worry, they won't even try
attacking your party.
From this battle, I got 2500 XP and 45 Gold.

After the battle walk forward to find a piece of paper on the ground.
It says that when Tyranthraxus conquers Phlan, they must kill all important
people of the town except for Cadorna. Hmm, that's strange...

You can search around the mansion more for
treasure if you'd like. Note that to find some of these treasures, the Search
mode must be on.

In the bottom southeast-most corner of Kovel Mansion, you will find some
tapestries, with two of them being fine. You'll get two Fine Tapestries and a
Splinted Mail as well as 875 XP.
In the room just north of that, a glass bottle will fall and break, releasing
yellow poisonous gas. Your party should only take minor damage, but if a party
member is unconscious, they will probably die. In the same room in the north-
east corner, you'll find three wooden cabinets, presented with the choice to
search one of three cabinets. If you fail to disarm the traps, a spike from
the back of the room will hit your party with minor damage. Sometimes you will
not even get a chance. If you attempt to open the same cabinet again, choose
to break the cabinets. Funny thing is if you attempt to open the same cabinet
again, you'll get some Engrish (cabinets is locked).
I'll describe what's behind each cabinet:
Cabinet 1:
You find documents, which reveals the thieves were spying on certain people
in Phlan.
Cabinet 2:
15 sacks of gold coins. (43 XP and GP)
Cabinet 3:
18 sacks of gold coins. (1800 XP and GP)

Nearby is a 3x2 room. If you look in the northwest corner, you'll find the
thieves' booty (Haha, they said booty!). You'll get 1552 XP. You'll also get
a short sword, leather armor, a silver mirror and silver scarab, two daggers,
and a potion. It's up to you what you want to keep, but I believe the silver
scarab literally serves no other purpose than to get you money back in New
Phlan, as well as the tapestries.

Now we'll make our way to the southwestern region of Kovel Mansion. On your
way there, you'll come across a trap (a swinging ceiling sword). You may have
the option to avoid or disarm it.

(Note: There's still work to do here. I'll work on it in the future.)

When you are done exploring the mansion, head back to New Phlan for your
reward. Or, while you're still in the area, we can kill two birds with one
stone by taking on...

h. Temple of Bane
MISSION - Recover the Temple
REWARD - Hidden Temple Treasures
MONSTERS - Goblin, Orc, Mace, Ogre

(This first part is for if you returned to New Phlan after completing Kovel
To find Braccio, go to the temple near the dock (the shrine of Tyr). It has
two sections and looks like this on the area map:
   O <- Go here

If you try to enter this place and you haven't been commissioned to go here, a
priest will tell you that Braccio is busy and can't see anyone right now. If
you try to force through, you will attract the city watch.

When you enter, he'll introduce you to his worker, Dirten. Dirten will then
introduce himself and tell you that Orcs took over the shrine across the
river and begs for your assistance. Accept him into your party. If you
don't, you can come back later and he will ask if you have changed your
mind. You can also go in this room now (Not that it matters).
To get to the shrine, take a boat north. Then after you get to the
wilderness, choose to Leave. Then go east and then south. After you take
a step south, the game will give you some different directions.
Choose to take the South Gate.
When you get there, all you need to do is head west. There are some things
to do in this current area, but they're optional, so keep going west until
you get to a new area. Now you should see a huge room that takes up most
of the map. Enter it from the west. You'll meet a blind orc who will want
to search you. If you let him search you, he'll draw back and yell
something along the lines of 'Nonbelievers! Slay them!'
This is because you don't have a Leather Symbol of Bane. You can get one
from the random encounters around here. Fighting some orcs got me 65 XP
and 4 Gold. However, you don't *have* to get the Bane symbol.

If you want the Leather Symbol of Bane, go to the first part that you arrived
at. There will be a random encounter that says there is a patrol of four orcs,
all of which have black handprints on them.

If you fight the ones at the temple entrance, there's 7 regulars and 1
leader. There is no real need for a walkthrough here because at this point in
the game, orcs can be easily dispatched, but in case you *do* need some help,
simply have your mages cast a Sleep spell or two.
Fighting the orcs at the temple entrance gave me 166 XP and 17 Gold. Whether
or not you get the Leather Symbol of Bane is up to you. Now you may enter the

Now it's time for the boss battle. If you have Cure Light Wounds on hand, make
sure your cleric(s) heal your party with that spell, because attempting to
rest here will result in orcs attacking you.

There's two different ways to trigger the boss battle; you can either attempt
to leave the shrine, or if you go to the back of the shrine, you'll see a
podium. One of your party members will mention that it's making them feel ill.
Then you have the choice of either destroying the podium or leaving it alone.
If you decide to destroy the podium, Mace and his minions will crash into the
shrine and attack you. Whether or not you destroy the podium is up to you. I
personally destroy it though.

BOSS: Mace and His Minions
There's 14 orcs, two bugbears and Mace.
My tip to you here is to use any paralysis spells like sleep,
stink cloud and hold person. Go after the bugbears first, then take care
of Mace and the orcs. If you can, cast a sleep spell on the orcs. It'll
make your life easier. You will want your strongest fighters to take on Mace.
If you have any mages or other fighters, use darts, bows, and other ranged
weapons to take down the bugbears.
I got 1139 XP and 16 Gold. And how convenient, I got a 'mace', too. (Haha)

After the battle, the game will tell you as you destroy the podium,
you feel the sickness go away.
Dirten will thank you for your assistance and say that in return,
you can have the secret treasures in the shrine. He says he will
stay behind, but I have never ran into him here ever since I
completed the mission. You will also be able to sleep here without

If Dirten has either been killed or unconscious, you will hear Braccio's
voice and Dirten will come back to life.

If you decided you didn't want Dirten and went without him, he will approach
the party and thank you for helping him recover the temple.

Be forewarned, the council clerk will *not* give you any reward for this, and
instead says any treasure you find in the shrine is yours.
To find the treasures, just turn on Search mode and look everywhere in the
shrine (mainly the corners). You can now sleep here uninterrupted.

(Also, besides the treasure in the shrine, there's no other secrets in this

i. Textile House
MISSION - Save Skullcrusher and get Cadorna's family treasure.
REWARD - Reward from council, Cadorna's family treasure.
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 5000 XP and 20 gems.
NPC ENCOUNTERS - Skullcrusher (Crusher in gameplay)
MONSTERS - Poisonous Frog, Ghoul, Wight, Grishnak (Goblin Boss), Scorpion,
Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin Leader, Skeleton

If you haven't done so already, talk to Councilor Cadorna before heading
here. He will tell you his family treasure is in the textile house. He
will warn you that his servant Skullcrusher never returned.
The Textile House can be located south of Podol Plaza. You'll know you're in
the right area because the walls are a baby blue color.

Note that a thief is recommended (but not required) for this mission. If you
don't have a thief, you can hire one at the training hall, or even create a
character there, that way, the NPC doesn't take and hide treasure after battle.

Sometimes while walking around the textile house, you'll find notes on
the ground. Here's an example;
 The number of undead in
 Valhingen Graveyard
 is increasing. The Boss
 is very angry.

 He ordered me to
 the Graveyard to find
 the cause. I think there's
 a Vampire or

 some other monster.

 I'll make a preliminary
 investigation with my men.

Your party won't be able to rest here, so your best bet is to go north back
to Podol Plaza and go to the Il-Mater temple I mentioned earlier. If you
don't remember, that's okay, it's the one in the southwest corner of Podol
(If by chance you are reading this while playing through the computer versions
 which is *not* recommended, you will need to cast a Knock spell to enter.)

This next part is optional, and requires a thief to do it. When you collect
Cadorna's family treasure, you have the option of opening the treasure.
However, if you do this, you will break the seal. When you bring it back to
Cadorna, he says he'll never forgive you. However, there is a thief here named
Restal, who can forge the seal, as long as you split what's in the box 50/50.
Whether or not you want to do it is totally up to you, as well as breaking
the forge on Cadorna's box. As far as I know, it doesn't affect anything in
the game besides Cadorna hating you. You can still complete the game just fine
if you break the seal, though.

When you get here, look for a 1x1 room around the northwest region on the
west side of the map. Go there, and the game will note that there is a hole
and 'Thieves Only' is written on the walls. Have one of your thieves go down
it to meet Restal. Do *not* send anyone but a thief down the hole. If you
attempt to do so, the party member will fall down the hole and die. When you
meet Restal, he'll offer to forge the seal on Cadorna's family treasure
if you agree to split it 50/50 with him. Accept his offer. He'll blindfold
your party and lead you through a passage which takes you to the soutwestern
region. Head west for the semi-boss battle.

If you say no to Restal, he'll laugh and tell you that maybe he will see you
again. Your party is then sent back up the hole.

(Read this part either if you don't have a thief in your party or you don't
 want Restal's help.)
Look for a 2x2 room in the southwest. If Restal took you, just head
to the left. Since there is another 4x4 looking room with it (1x2 rooms
combined), look for the 2x2 room beneath that one. If you're still having
trouble finding this place, look here on the area map:

O     | <- Go here
O     O
O     O
O  O  O
O     O

Enter the room. When you do, the game will state that it is the
sanctuary of some dark force. Then one of your characters will imply that they
feel sick. Then an old hobgoblin named Grishnak will see
you and she'll get mad that you interrupted her ceremony.

Grishnak Battle
Here, you have 8 regular hobgoblins, 2 leaders and Grishnak.
Grishnak won't be easy to kill, as she has some goblins by her side. Have your
fighters and mages (magic-users) hit the hobgoblins. Have your fighters then go
up to Grishnak and slice her up. Be lucky you're not playing the computer
versions, because in those ports, she's got cleric spells.
Winning this battle got me 1060 XP and 40 Gold.
(Another occasion I got 1120 XP. I also got two scrolls and a potion.)
Grishnak should also drop a scroll, potion, and a brass key. This key will be
used in a few minutes, so make sure you take it.

Now it's time to rescue Cadorna's servant (which is why we need the key.)
Cadorna's servant isn't required to beat the game, but he's a great help.
Go south into one of the 1x1 rooms. The game mentions there are crude black
handprints on the walls. Go south again to encounter the same battle as
the previous one, but without Grishnak.
I got 360 XP and 40 Gold.

The game says there is graffiti on the walls. Now go south again to enter a
small, dark room. You'll find Cadorna's servant in chains.

There is a piece of paper next to him...
It mentions that giants and trolls are immigrating into Valjevo Castle, and
that ettins and bugbears patrol the gate into the castle and that it is
rumored that smugglers sneak things through the gate to Tyranthraxus.

Choose to save him by using the brass key. As far as I know, the other options
have no effect, and the key is the only way to save him.

He will tell you the whereabouts
of the leader. I'll give you the directions. Follow them starting
where the entrance to Grishnak's room is:
E4, S2, E1, S1, then E2. Skullcrusher will say that the eastern wall is an
illusion, and the chief is there.

If you still can't get to the place, look for a room on the area map that
looks like an upside-down T piece from tetris:

OO-OOOOOOOO <- Enter from here
O      >  O <- Illusionary wall to battle
O    O      O

BOSS: Leader Battle
In this battle you will face 8 hobgoblins, 2 hobgoblin leaders and an ogre.
To win this battle, just have your magic users cast sleep on all the
hobgoblins, kill them, then finish off the ogre. At this point in the game, the
ogre shouldn't be able to slain you, so if he defeats one of your characters,
they should be Unconscious or Hurt. Bandage them if they are Hurt to keep them
from being Slain, when then character's HP is -10, they die (slain) and they
lose a point every turn.
Winning this battle got me 560 XP and 45 Gold. No gems here.

Now you will get this text:
"You find an iron box,
 across the lock is
 the seal of the family
 of Cadorna."

And then it will warn you that if you open the box, it will damage the seal
beyond repair. You can do one of the three things:
1.) Open it
 When you get to New Phlan and give the treasure to Cadorna, he'll get mad and
 say he'll never forgive you for it.
 (In the Japanese version, he calls you "Nekobaba" (cat poop), a term used for
  somebody who embezzles money.)
2.) Take it unopened
 You get your reward from the city council.

If you chose choice 2:
3.) Take the box to Restal at his guild.
 After taking the box unopened, go back to see Restal. He'll offer to forge
 seal on the treasure, promising nobody will notice, as long as he gets half
 of the treasure. If you refuse, he'll simply laugh and send your party back
 to the top of the hole.

If you choose number 1 with Skullcrusher in your party, he will warn you not
to open it, that it's the property of Cadorna. If you still open it, you will
get 17000 XP, 2000 GP and 60 Gems.

I personally chose choice number 3 and took the box to Restal for half the
treasure. Doing that will get you 8500 XP, 1000 Gold and 30 gems. Wow, that's
a lot!

Congratulations! You've beaten the textile house (kind of). If you want to
really beat it, keep fighting random encounters until no more enemies are
encountered. When you get back to Phlan, the city guards will take Cadorna's
treasure from you and say they will 'definitely' give this to Concilor
Cadorna. When you go near the City Hall, Skullcrusher will tell you that he
must go to Cadorna and will leave your party. If you want to keep Skullcrusher
in your party, make sure he's unconscious so he can't leave your party when
you get to city hall.

j. Wilderness missions
Before we start any missions here, let's analyze what's there:
First, we have a nomad camp, then we have a pyramid around it, then we've got
a kobold cave, a dragon's den, a castle to the east, Zhentil Keep to the west,
and a bucaneer base. You will only be able to see the pyramid and the dragon's
den, as the rest of the locations are hidden which you'll have to locate 
yourself. Note that some of these locations you won't be able to find at all
because you weren't commissioned by the council clerk to go there.
If you go to Zhentil Keep before you are commissioned to go there, guards will
approach and warn you to leave.

While you'll mainly encounter wild animals in the wilderness, there are many
humans and humanoids you'll find, too. If the game says the monsters haven't
seen you, you can either choose to wait or flee and you'll escape the
encounter. For the humans/humanoids, you can parley abusive with most of them
and they will leave you alone. If the enemy you encounter is good (such as
centaurs and merchants), just choosing parley will have you greet each other.

Now this is where things get weird. If you parley abusive (the only way to
avoid battles with humanoids here) such as kobolds and lizardmen on the east
side of the wilderness, they'll attack you anyway. If you parley abusive on
the west side of the wilderness, they'll leave you alone. Also, when your
party is entirely fully leveled, parleying rudely to humanoid enemies will
cause them to run away. *Or* maybe this happens *after* you beat the game.

Also, these are in no particular order, although I do strongly urge you to do
the Kobold Cave before you go to Valhingen Graveyard. I'm mainly doing this
from easiest to hardest. Normally I'd do the opposite, but you'll need to
level up if you want to stand a chance at beating the later parts of the game.

There are two ways to get to the wilderness. You can either board a boat in
New Phlan to the north, east or west. You can also go through the slums, then
west to Kuto's well, west again to Podol Plaza, and west once more to reach
the wilderness.

Another thing to mention; in the computer versions, there were various caves
throughout the wilderness you could go to, such as one in the northeast to
save a duchess, as well as an Ankheg cave in the southwest region. I'm sure
they intended to put the Ankheg cave in there because there is one spot where
whenever you walk, the game tells you two of them lunge and attack you. The
Adventurers Journal also supports my theory about this cave being intended for
the NES version.

1. Nomad Camp
MISSION - Help the nomads kill the incoming kobold army and to keep them from
          joining Tyranthraxus.
REWARD - Reward from Hassad and Reward from council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 4000 XP and 16 gems
MONSTERS - Nomad, Hassad, 4th Level Fighter, Shaman, Kobolds

Getting to the Nomad Camp is easy. Go to the docks and take a boat North.
When you get to the wilderness, all you need to do is keep going up (north).
After going past the trees, the game will tell you that your party finds a
recently deserted camp. Go up one more time and you will find the camp.
(If you weren't commissioned to go here, you will not be able to locate the

Enter it. Now you'll either trip a wire after a step or two which will trigger
an alarm or guards will locate you. The game will tell you that children come
out of the tents but their mothers quickly bring them back in. Then you're told
that the nomads wait for your next move. Select Advance and then Parley. The
Nomad leader Hassad will appear and welcome you. He will tell you that he is
holding a feast tonight and asks if you'll join him. If you refuse, he'll order
you to leave. You can choose not to leave at this point, but then he'll attack
you. Just accept his offer (besides, why pass on free food?). After you accept,
the music will go back to normal. He'll then take your party to a large tent
to take part of their various happenings which go on for the rest of the day.
Hassad will then talk about some stuff during dinnertime, like Yarash's Pyramid
in the southwest, the castle at the eastern marsh, and that Zhentil Keep isn't
perfect either.
Hassad will beg you to stay and help them fight. Before you can accept or
refuse, he will tell you that you'll have a night's rest to think about it.
You are then brought to a tent to temporarily rest. You can't leave the room.
If you try, Samir (a nomad) will tell you that you were given the wrong room,
and that he will escort you to the right one. You can kill him, but then
someone will hear his death cry, and they will alert the other nomads.

Choose to rest. Hassad
will wake your party up in the morning and ask what your decision is, to
stay and help them or leave. Choose to help them, as the reward you get for
your assistance to the nomads will be well worth it. If you refuse (at any
point in this mission), Hassad will order you to leave right now. If you say
no, then you'll end up getting into a fight with them. Just be nice, please.
(Maybe I'll cover this battle in the optional battles section later on.)

If you try to leave the camp, Hassad will find you and say you broke your
promise. You'll then be given a choice to stay, leave the camp, or escape. If
you try to leave, the nomads will attack you. You can also run away, but if you
come back, then the nomads will attack you when you enter.

Hassad will tell you the kobolds are on their way to the camp. Rest and then at
about 23:00 you will be awoken from the sounds of battle. The kobolds have

If you'd like to battle the enemies close quarters, then before 23:00, exit
your tent (you won't be stopped this time) and go to a wall.

If your party runs away during battle, the nomads and the kobolds will team
up against you. However, if you're still able to beat the waves, the game
still counts it as beating the mission.

Kobold Battle 1/3
Here there are 15 kobolds; 12 regulars and 3 leaders.
Fortunately, you've got four nomads to accompany you.
I got 176 XP and 16 Gold. Another time, I got 159 XP and 15 Gold.

Kobold Battle 2/3
Exactly the same as the first battle.
Once again, I got 176 XP and 16 Gold. Also got 159/15 another occasion.

Now for the last battle Hassad will ask you to fight one
last battle with him. If you refuse, he'll end up winning
the battle (though one soldier ends up getting killed).
He'll then get mad and you won't get your reward and you've
failed the mission. All you'll get is 500 XP and Gold.
Just accept. Besides, this next battle will be really fun,
I promise...

Kobold Battle 3/3
The calvary has arrived!
Now Hassad and the elite nomads will join in the battle with
bows and arrows. But now there will be more kobolds too.
Specifically; 10 regulars and 5 leaders.
The elite nomads on your side certainly make this battle
easy, but fun.
I got 175 XP and 15 Gold this time.

Hassad will then give you the promised reward.
More specifically, 8900 XP and 5000 Gold.
If that's not enough, you also get a two-handed sword
and Shaman's wand. The wand alone makes all those previous
battles here worth it.
Hassad will then ask you to leave, as they will hold funerals for the fallen
soldiers. For some reason, you're not allowed to attend the funerals.

If Hassad died, Shaman will take his place and give you the promised treasure.
He has the same character potrait as the cleric from the shrine of Tyr.

2. Kobolds Cave
MISSION - Kill the kobold king, Find the efreet (optional).
REWARD - Reward from council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 6250 XP and 25 gems.
NPC ENCOUNTERS - Princess Fatima (can't leave Kobold cave)
MONSTERS - Kobold, Boar, Troll, Envoy, Wyvern

Before you take on this mission, make sure your party is fully rested,
equipped, and has all their spells memorized, because you won't be sleeping in
this place! Also, I would suggest doing this when your party is nearly fully

In the northwest section of the wilderness is a cave. Inside of it is the good
silver dragon, Diogenes. He will advise your party to go to the kobold cave
and retrieve the efreet, as it will help you against the monster of the
graveyard. However, after you get the efreet and return, Diogenes is nowhere
to be found. Weird, right? Anyway, let's start this mission!

Go to the docks and take a boat east. Now just keep going up north following a
stream. At the end of the stream is a big mountain with a couple small
mountains next to it.
Here are the directions in case you're still stuck:
Up 14 times, left 1. Now the game says a bunch of screaming kobolds attack you!

Kobold Killing Spree
Here there are 18 kobolds; 15 regulars and 3 leaders. You know the drill; kill
the leaders first, then the regulars after. These guys should be a laugh by
I got 536 XP and 18 Gold from this. Surprisingly, I also got a Long Bow!
Fair enough...

If any of your party members got hit, have your clerics cast Cure Light Wounds
on them until they are completely healed. If you need to rest to memorize
spells here, now would be a good time to do it, as resting only a few hours to
obtain spells, you're less likely to run into enemies here.

After the battle, move down (into the completely brown square) and you will
see a huge amount of kobolds entering a small cave masked by some shrubbery,
and that there's a large cave next to it. Enter the large cave. Now follow the
corridor by simply hugging the left wall. You'll see a doorway. Try to enter it
and the game will tell you that there are a bunch of rocks here. Choose to Go
forward and you'll be noted that you just woke up a monster. More specifically,
a Wyvern. Alternatively, you can go the other way (North) and the game will say
the Wyvern climbs down from the nest and attacks you. Either way, you have no
choice but to eliminate the Wyvern before progressing any further.

Wyvern Warfare
(Note: According to the Adventurers Jounral, the Wyvern's name is Bersheera,
 and is the kobold king's pet. It usually feeds on merchants.)
If you haven't read through my monster guide, a wyvern is a type of dragon that
can poison your party. That only happens with almost each time he hits you.
Make sure your strongest are first so they can rid the wyvern easily. Stink
Cloud can paralyze the wyvern, so if your magic users have that by now, try
that. If you do use Stink Cloud, make sure you rememorize it. Sometimes you
can rest here. If you can't rest here, the best thing to do is to use a
tedious strategy; leave the cave, have your cleric memorize Cure Light Wounds
and cast it on the party members. Out in the wilderness, you are less likely
to run into enemies, but it can still happen. Also have your magic-users
memorize any spells they'll need.
I got 1345 XP for dispatching the wyvern.

After that, go into the wyvern's nest to find some treasure, which yields:
3710 XP and 7 gems. You'll also get three scrolls, a long sword, chain mail,
and a hammer. (The treasure seems to be different each time.)
Now go into the dead end and find a one-legged kobold. He will beg for
water. If you threaten him, he just draws back further into the crack. If you
slay him, you...well...slay him...
Be nice and give him the water. Where the water came from, I have no idea...
Anyway, he will then climb out of the crack. Then he says that the king didn't
like him so he threw him into the wyvern's nest, and that he's lucky only to
have lost one leg. Then, he will ask if you met the guard, and to be careful of
the traps around here. The game notes that he's done talking and is about to
walk away. You can let him go or kill him. Doesn't matter which option you
choose. I chose the former though. (This is Journal Entry 20 in the Adventurers

Now go back through the rock passage from earlier. Go forward and you'll find a
kobold sleeping here. You can pass by him, wake him up, or kill him.
I always choose to wake him. If you pass/kill him, turn the search mode on to
avoid traps. Then again, most likely, you won't be able to avoid the traps.
Just wake the kobold up.

The kobold will ask if you're the envoys Tyranthraxus sent and if you want him
to take you to the king. If you pick No, he'll tell you to leave him alone and
he'll go back to sleep. If you kill him, he'll ask what you're doing with your
swords and tell you not to joke. Then, he'll laugh, and he'll still laugh even
during his last breaths. Weird!
Pick Yes and follow him. Along the way, he'll knock on the walls and proceed to
guide your party. He'll then tell the king he's got company. The king will
respond with a simple "Take them!". The kobold will then lead you a little bit
more and go back to sleep.
Now, this is where the hardest part of the mission is, but before we start, why
not look for help? Turn left and go west a couple steps. The game then says you
hear kobolds and humans' voices. Go south two steps, then head west until you
get to a wall. Turn right facing north and you'll see a door. Follow the
corridor. The game says you hear a blur of voices which sounds like a kobold
patrol, but you notice something unusual; there is a woman there in barbaric
clothes. She will release the body of a kobold she just killed. She will then
notice your party...

 The woman:
   I'm Fatima, the daughter
   of the chief of my tribe.

   I came here to destroy the
   kobolds for my tribe.

   Unfortunately I was
   captured, but I just
   slew the guard and was
   preparing to escape.

   I see you too came to
   destroy the kobolds.
   Shall we fight together?

The Adventurers Journal gives more backstory:

 Told in a proud, haughty voice.
 "I am a princess of a tribe of nomads to the northwest. My father is an old
fool. He wanted me to marry King Al Rasid, to cement an alliance. I had more
important things to do, than to be tied down to an aging monarch. When I
marry, it shall be to someone who has the same taste of adventure and the same
skill with a sword.
 "Well, Father was insistent and his subjects supported him, so I left to seek
my fortune. Kobolds had been raiding our tents upon occasion, so I headed this
way. If I could end the threat, then I'd have more leverage with my tribe.
However, two nights ago, I was ambushed by these worms -- knocked out and
bound up. I finally got myself untied a little while ago and was working my
way our of these caves, when you showed up."

Choose to Cooperate with her. Definitely not the best fighter in the game, but
you should take any help you can for the upcoming battles. Also a reminder
that unlike NPCs hired from the Training Hall in New Phlan, all other NPCs
don't take and hide their share when a battle is won, but the experience,
however, will be split among any surviving party members.

There is a map you can find in the cave as well, but the game says it's poorly
done and you can't decipher it, but are able to find that it shows that a
monster is at the end of a small passage here. Good thing we already took care
of it! Opposite of where you find the map is a pond. Don't go near it or one of
your characters will fall into it. They won't die, but they will warn that they
may have lost something while in the water.
That's about all there is around here. If you try resting, kobolds will throw
rocks at you, but you don't get to attack them back. Now are you ready? You
better be, because this is where the going gets tough and the tough gets going.
From where you encountered Fatima, turn right (East) and keep going that way.
On the way, you'll see a note on the wall that says next, the kobolds will
attack the nomads' camp in the northwest. Again, keep going forward.
When you exit the next door, you will see a bunch of kobolds, and the king
sitting on his throne. An envoy to the left and right accompany the king.
One of the envoys orders to kill your party, that Tyranthraxus would love it.
The king agrees and the battle starts.

(Note: I'll also list the Japanese version's battles since they're tougher. My
 only tip to you is to use your fireball necklace if you still have one. You
 should, as I haven't told you it's a necessity until now.)

Wave 1
In this battle, there are 6 regular kobolds, 2 leaders and a troll. That's 9
enemies in case you couldn't do the math.
Go after the troll and try not to give him a chance to attack. Then go after
the leaders and then the regulars for the kobolds. If you still have the
fireball necklace from Ohlo, use it once or twice. Save some of its attacks
for the upcoming battles.
Be careful though, a troll regenerates its health when it's dead. If it gains
enough, it will come back, so make sure you dispatch the kobolds quickly.
If you're lucky, the kobolds will surrender.

NOTE: If *any* of your party needs healing, *now* is the time to have your
clerics heal them, as you will not be able to rest after the battle, as the
game will go into the next battle before you get a chance. *However*, you
*may* want to save some of your healing spells for the third wave of enemies
you have to fight.

I got 901 XP and 8 Gold here.

(In the Japanese version, it's much harder; there's 10 regular kobolds, 2
 leaders, and not one, not two, but THREE trolls!
 I got 2500 XP and 12 Gold with one of the trolls escaping. I also got a

Once the battle is over, the Kobold King will order his subjects to fire rocks
at you via ballistas. Your party will receive moderate to severe damage from
the rocks. Before you can do anything else, the next wave starts...

Wave 2
Now they've spiced up the difficulty a little bit (though that's to be
expected), now there's 4 regular kobolds, two leaders, a troll and a wild boar.
Here's how you should do this; First - Troll, Second - Boar, and Third - 
Kobolds. Remember, the trolls can regenerate themselves, so swiftly kill the
other enemies. If you have a fireball necklace, now would be the time to pluck
a couple rhinestones off it and attack your enemies with them. Also, any Stink
Cloud spells you might have can potentially paralyze the trolls. If you don't
want to take additional damage, have one of your mages use Sleep on the
kobolds so they can't attack you.
When there's around four kobolds left, they should surrender.
I got 1040 XP and 6 Gold. Not worth it...

(In the Japanese version, there's 7 regular kobolds, 3 leaders, three trolls
 and two wild boars. Use the same strategy.
 I got 2867 XP and 10 Gold.)

After this intense battle, the envoys will coldly smile and one of them will
say, "I'll show you how a warrior fights!"

(With some extensive hacking, I was able to find out that the envoys'
 character portrait is the same as the Diane from the pyramid. Weird since
 the game calls them humans, but their portrait is clearly an elf.)

Wave 3
Finally, the last wave. Here you are pitted against four kobolds, two envoys,
one wild boar and one... you guessed it! -- troll! If you have ANY paralysis
spells left, use them. The troll is *trapped* behind the envoys. If you have
a fireball necklace still, use it on the troll, but make sure you keep any
with a necklace behind the party so the troll doesn't attack them.
For the envoys, have your clerics use Hold Person. While it has a low success
rate against the envoys, it can (and eventually *will*) work. Freeze the
kobolds so the troll can't get to your party.

I won 2806 XP and 14 Gold for this battle. I also got two 2H swords which I
assume are what the envoys used, but their combat sprite shows them holding
one sword in one hand and a shield in the other.
Another time, I got 3006 XP and 14 Gold. I got the 2-handed swords again,
but also got a Long Sword.

(In the Japanese version, there are 8 regular kobolds, the two envoys, four
 wild boars and thankfully only one troll.
 I got 3313 XP and 18 Gold. I also got the envoys' 2H Swords.)

After the fierce battle, one of your party members will notice the king is
Before you rest, DO NOT rest for 24 hours/Morning to heal your party, as your
slumber will be interrupted. Instead, try to have your cleric(s) memorize
Cure Light Wounds, cast it on your party members, and rinse and repeat until
the party is FULLY healed. Have your mage(s) memorize any spells like Sleep
and Stink Cloud.
Now, go north into the alcove which is an illusionary wall. Go through it and
follow the corridor. It will lead you to...

Bodyguard Brawl
You thought you got rid of all the kobold king's forces, but there's one last
battle which you must face.
This will be an extremely tough battle because of the damage you have taken
and the amount of enemies in the battle. You are up against 10 kobolds,
3 kobold leaders, and 2 trolls. Do the math to find out you are up
against 15 enemies. Again, kill the troll first and the kobolds last. If you
have good AC, then it should be hard for the kobolds to hit you, even the
leaders. A good strategy here is to let the kobolds come to you and block the
trolls from attacking you. While doing this, attack the leaders and then attack
the troll. If there are other kobolds that can come up and block the path, then
go ahead and kill a kobold.

I got 1767 XP and 13 Gold. And yes, this is the last battle in the game that
requires the party to fight trolls, though there will be other opportunities
later in case you're masochistic enough to want to fight more of them.

You'll see a doorway in the distance. Go through it. You'll find that the
kobold king died via the spike pit. Ouch! Upon going through the
doorway, go N1, E2 and face south towards the wall. Select the Look option and
you'll find a bottle through a crack in the wall. Pull out the bottle and you
will accidentally pull the cork off the bottle. You'll see smoke which forms
into a "human", or rather, an efreet. This is Samir Ahwahl. Samir will ask if
you are vampires. If you say yes and attack him, he'll only yield 2726 XP.
Tell him that you're not vampires. He'll tell you to only call him if there's
a vampire present.

You will get 3950 XP for finding him. Have one of your party members take
the bottle. There's also a long sword you can have.

From where you met Samir Ahwahl, go E1 and S1 to find the kobolds' treasure.
You'll get 3545 XP, 500 Gold and 10 Gems. You'll get three rotting tapestries,
a silver mirror, three scrolls and a necklace. Take as much as you can and make
sure you take the necklace. At this point in the game, you may (or may not)
have figured out all necklaces in the game are in fact fireball necklaces, and
prove to be very useful. Even if one or more of your mage(s) has leveled up
enough to memorize Fireball, it's still a good idea to take the necklace.
(Note: If you're like me and don't have enough inventory space, go back to
       Phlan. Don't worry, you can come back here later.)

Now, you are done with the kobold cave. Maybe you can make it so no more
enemies can be encountered but I have not tested this. Now, try and find
your way out of the cave. You will most likely run into kobolds that offer
to take you to some treasure. If you do, accept, or they will knock on the wall
and rocks will fall on your party and possibly kill one or more of your party
members. You will either have to take the treasure or leave it. It's your call
but if you choose to take it, you can just sell the tapestries to the shops.

If you go the way the kobold used to guide your party, a net will fall from the
ceiling and entrap your party. Then 1 leader and 9 regular kobolds will ambush
you in your struggle to escape the net. Beating it should give you 98 XP and
10 Gold. If the search mode is on, your party might notice the trap, but you
must have a skilled thief in your party to disarm the trap.

Now get ready to take one last kick in the butt before you leave; walk forward
and some spikes will shoot out of the wall at your party. It will only slightly
damage them, but if a party member's unconscious, it can kill them. If one or
more of your party members are unconscious, have your clerics use a Cure Light
Wounds spell on them (if you still have one). Again, it is possible for your
thief to disarm the trap, but it can still hit your party.
Now just go through the doorway, head right and follow the corridor out of
here, hoping you don't run into anymore kobolds on the way. (There will be
random encounters with them.)
When you try to leave the cave, Fatima will tell you she has to go and that she
will always remember you. If she didn't make it, the nomads will be here
instead to claim her body.
Congratulations! You've beaten the kobold cave, one of the
hardest parts of the game (if not THE hardest). Once you exit, you'll see the
cave now has a spot on the map in the wilderness. Like the Lizardmen's castle,
you can come back here anytime you want.
Once you get to the city hall, the clerk will say that the fall of the kobold
army will be a major loss for Tyranthraxus. That's releiving to know!

3. Valhingen Graveyard
MISSION - Destroy the undead and eliminate the Vampire
REWARD - Reward from Council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 35000 XP, 140 Gems (For killing Vampire)
MONSTERS - Zombie, Giant Skeleton, Ghoul, Skeleton, Vampire, Wight, Wraith,
Wolf, Magician, Juju Zombie, Mummy

I don't know how to 'activate' it or when it's supposed to happen, but
sometimes, the council clerk offers you a special weapon for this mission. (A
2H Sword and a scroll with two cleric's Restoration spells and 420 XP). For
those of you who aren't familiar with the restoration spell, it will restore
experience levels for any characters who have been hit by an undead creature
that drains XP levels. You'll get more of these scrolls in the graveyard.
Also, if you clear out certain parts of the graveyard, you'll be awarded with
325 XP, 75 Gold and a gem. I also got 9265 XP, 15 Gold and 37 Gems for
destroying a lot of undead. This usually occurs when you defeat the spectres
in the towers. However, these are optional and you don't need to kill any of
the spectres in order to proceed through the graveyard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your party is equipped with magical weapons, as only
magical weapons can harm some of the undead. By this point in the game, you
should have already picked up some.

To get to the graveyard, simply go to the passenger dock and board a boat to
the north. Choose to go north. Then when you get to the wilderness, one of the
chocies is the graveyard. Choose that.
If you need to rest, simply leave the graveyard and go back to Kovel Mansion
(North part of Phlan on the wilderness select screen.) Since you took care of
the thieves, you can now rest there uninterrupted. There are no safe zones in
the graveyard until you beat the Graveyard Menace.

At your entry, a bolt of lightning will strike before the game lets you
continue, to let you know this place takes no prisoners. Also, if you have the
Efreeti from the kobold cave, he will help you take on the "Graveyard Menace"
as the computer versions call him.

First off, let's talk about some of the enemies. The spectres, wights, wraith
and the vampire will drain one or more experience levels with any successful
hits. Sure, you can use the restoration scrolls you find in the graveyard, but
I find it easier to just reset the game. I've reset my physical copy of it
hundreds of times on my NES and it's still got the game save to this day. Also,
watch out for the ghouls, who can paralyze your party members in combat. You
may have come across them in the Textile House. Also, in rare instances in the
computer versions, mummies can appear in combat, who in turn can paralyze your
party with fear, as well as disease them with a successful hit. Fortunately,
they don't appear to be in random encounters in the NES version.

Another tough thing in this part is avoiding battles with the undead. If you
encounter the undead, there's usually no way to avoid a battle. Sometimes if
your party just sees the undead, choosing to 'wait' will make the undead go
away. As far as I know, that's the ONLY way to avoid a fight. If you sneak up
on the undead without being noticed, if you choose to wait, the undead will
see you, thus starting a fight. Sometimes, the undead can sneak up on your
party silently. ("A figure stole up on you without making any sound!" Why
didn't they make the word figure plural? There's more than one!) 

We're going to start off with something optional because it will yield lots of
treasure, as well as the fact that the upcoming battles don't contain level-
draining enemies. Also, if you beat the final boss in the graveyard without
finishing some of the optional battles and claiming their treasure, there is
no way to go back and get it, lest you restore from a previous save.

First, follow the passage until you see a door to your right.
The left passage will lead to skeletal hands coming out from the ground
and grabbing one of your party members resulting in a fight with 10 skeletons.
You won't get a worthy reward so skip it. Also, if I remember right, the
battle respawns each time you visit the graveyard.
Attempt to walk inside said door and then skeletons burst out to attack you.

Undead Onslaught
Here, there are 10 skeletons. They're not tough, but they have a low armor
class, meaning they're harder to hit. Plus, you need magical weapons in order
to hit them. (You should have picked them up by now.) If you have Stink Cloud,
then use a couple of those. If you choose your cleric(s)' Turn option, you can
either scare the skeletons so they run away, or if they're strong enough, they
will disappear! Always use this strategy when fighting undead. In other words,
in every battle in the graveyard.

This battle got me just 190 XP.

Now just walk down to the end of the hall and you'll find a giant
skeleton with his 'retainers'. I like how they give the giant skeleton his own
character portrait, as the computer versions just use the generic skeleton
character portrait. He's the only giant skeleton in the entire game.

Giant Skeleton Genocide
Now you will be facing 18 skeletons and the giant skeleton.
My tip to you is to have your clerics Turn which means to turn undead which
will scare the undead sometimes. Now when you come to the Giant Skeleton,
have your fighters come in first. Luckily, the Giant Skeleton can't drain
levels but can hit for lots of damage. 
Just have your fighters hit the Giant Skeleton with everything they got.
Or, if you have Stink Cloud, use it on him, as it can paralyze him. You want
to focus on the Giant Skeleton, as the Skeletons only do minor damage.

You will get 593 XP for it...and that's all. Not worth it since that
giant skeleton can do some heavy damage. 

After that, walk to the end of the corridor/hall and select 'Look'. You
will find a marble box.
Open it for treasure. You will get 9050 XP, 70 Gold and 34 Gems.
You'll also get four/five scrolls of Restoration.

If you want to clear out this place 100%, then go into the southwestern room,
which looks like a 2x2 room over a 1x2 room. The game will tell you it's a
mausoleum with bones around it. Try walking into the door and skeletons will
burst out of the tower to kill you. Deja vu, right?

Skeletons in the Closet
Same strategy as before. Have your cleric turn undead and cast stink cloud on
them. Other than that, pure silver weapons is all you can use to defeat them.
Also, if your magic users have Magic Missile, or any projectile spells like
that can take the skeletons down within a few hits. Also, if you can avoid
using Stink Cloud, I would, that way you don't have to keep leaving the place.
I got only 190 XP from this.

After this, the game says that some toxic gas comes out of the door nearly
impairing your vision, it's so thick you can't even see inside the
mausoleum. When you enter, your throat and eyes will hurt from the gas and
you'll lose a bit of health. Go forward into the next room where the game will
say you find a spectre 'animating' a skeletal warrior. Sometimes the spectre
will see you, other times it won't, and sometimes you can startle it. No
matter what you do, you'll end up fighting the spectre.

Skeleton Spectre
If you have stink cloud (you should by now), cast it on the spectre. Usually,
you can freeze him with it, thus making this an easy battle. If he touches you,
your experience levels will be drained. This is where I just reset the game
and try again, but restoration scrolls work. Also, use wands/magic missiles and
any projectile spells and weapons so you don't have to battle in close
quarters. Make sure your strongest fighters in the front have a low AC, at
least something in the negative range.
I got only 2030 XP from this battle.

Now look on the Area map for a 2x2 room under a Tetris 'T' flipped room (the
room you're looking for is on the bottom, it's kind of in the middle of the
bottom of the map.) It looks like this:
Try to enter and zombies will shuffle down the stairs.

Zombie Horde
Zombies are a little easier than Skeletons since their armor class is higher.
There are 10 zombies. They shouldn't be hard to dispatch, and they cannot
drain experience levels.
All I got was 400 XP from this battle. No gold or gems.

Enter the door and a zombie with 'hard, gray skin' looks at you with 'baleful'
eyes. This is the Juju Zombie. Where they came up with that name I will never
know. I think it was a misspelling of the computer version that says

Juju Battle
This is an easy battle. It took my party just a couple swings to kill the
zombie. This time you're facing him solo. There are no other zombies or
skeletons in this fight. In the computer versions, other zombies accompany the
Juju Zombie, and there are actually more Juju Zombies in those versions as
I got 206 XP from him.

After the battle, the game will say there are various objects scattered around
the room and it will give you the option to pick them up or not. Choose to pick
them up and you'll get 3280 XP. You'll also get a potion, a lightning wand and
two scrolls. Did I say kill? Oh, I meant defeat.
You can't kill what's already dead... at least not easily.

If you choose not to pick up the items, you can come back and get them later,
but make sure if you come back for them, to do it when you haven't defeated
the vampire, or else they won't be there anymore.

Now go to the "Area" map and look for a nearby room which looks like the T
piece from tetris flipped to the right. Go in there and there's nothing, just
one more step and you encounter a stone sarcophagus, which slowly opens up
revealing mummies. Right before the battle starts, one of your characters will
shout "It's a mummy!" Oh really? I thought it was living toilet paper!

(Note: You don't HAVE to do this battle, but it helps with your experience.)

I Don't Want My Mummy!
This battle will be quite tough. You will face quite a few mummies that can
Hold your character and disease your character within one successfull hit.
Sometimes the game will glitch and say your character was paralyzed, but in
reality, they're not affected (or infected in this case).
Again, make sure your best warriors in the front ranks have a low AC and good
magic/silver weapons. You should still either have the magical short bows from
the Slums or something better, so use those ranged weapons for your characters
in the back ranks.

If a mummy hits a party member, their status will change to "Sick". As far as
I know, all this does is not allow them to gain hit points from healing or
resting. However, at this point in the game, your cleric(s) should be able to
memorize Cure Disease, so if any party members were hit, simply leave the
Graveyard and memorize/cast it on the affected party member. According to the
manual, it's a 'strange rotting disease' the mummies inflict on your party.

I got 5656 XP from this battle. Again, no gold or gems.

Here's another optional part where you can fight a wraith, which is the only
one in the game. Up and to the right of where you're currently standing will
show a 2x2 room with a 1x1 room inside it. Go there and the game will tell you
it's a big tower. When you try entering, voices will speak out telling you they
attempted to defeat Tyranthraxus and will warn you to leave or die. After you
select Attack, the game will say wights attack you.

Wights Galore!
You'll be faced with a few wights. The best strategy you can use it to have
your cleric(s) turn undead and pray that the wights (at least most of them)
get scared. If not, then just hack and slash at them and hope they don't
hit you, becuase one successful hit will drain a level and if they drain a
party member who has been drained to level 1 (You should have your party
members way past that level at this point) then they will be Slain. In
other words, they're really dead, and they can only be brought back to life
at the Phlan temples and I believe it costs 55,000 GP to restore them.
Restoration spells are also available at the temples, so if you want to
spend most of your GP to get your characters levels back, then do so.
Otherwise, just reset the game. Or, you can use the various Restoration
scrolls that you picked up along the way.
I got 1965 XP only. Another occasion, I got 2620 with a few wights who ran

After the battle, enter the building, then go inside and follow the path
to the end of the building (in the 1x1 room). In the NES version the text
"There is a coffin with
a spirit hovering above
it moaning:
I am protect this body.
Leave of suffer my wrath."

Luckily, you have the DOS version to correct that:
"In the chamber is a single crypt.
Floating above the crypt is a wraith.
'I am the protector of the paladin. I
guard his remains for all eternity.
Leave or suffer.' "
If you choose to stay...

Feel My Wraith! err... Wrath!
Even though there's just one to fight, the Wraith is NOT, I repeat, NOT an
enemy to be taken lightly, any successful hit will drain life levels.
Fortunately, he's definitely not the most challenging opponent in the game
and can be easily hit by a skilled fighter with magical weapons (If the
council clerk gives you the sword for the so-called 'Graveyard Menace'
then now would definitely be a good time to use it, or any time you're
in the graveyard.) You'll get a pretty nice reward after you defeat him.
The game will tell you that you the body has armor and weapons. Take them.
I got 719 XP from him. You get 1890 XP from the body's inventory and a
hammer, sling, two scrolls and a potion.

I was actually able to scare the wraith by having my cleric turning undead.
I don't know how often that works though.

On the area map, you'll see a section of the map in the middle with a narrow
path. Walk through it. After a step or two, you'll see a man in robes
approaching. If you wait, he'll come closer. Once you get the chance to talk
to him, he will beg your party to spare him, that he is here to stop the
vampire. He'll beg you to let him into your party. If you say no, it starts a
fight. Saying yes will accept him into your party. But wait, why does he
leave your party when you leave the graveyard? Then when in combat, he is
about to cast a spell but then stops the spell? Oh well, I'm sure it's
nothing... right?

If you want to remove him from your party without a fight, go to Encamp and
then Remove him after you accept him into your party.

Whatever you just did, proceed through the passageway. You'll see a
mausoleum to your right, and then wights ambush you!!!

The "Wight" Fight
Oh man, this is one of the (if not THE) toughest battles of the game. Any
successful hit from a wight will drain one or more levels from your party
members, and if they're drained at level 1, they'll be Slain.
You'll be up against 6 wights.
To defeat these guys, have your clerics turn. It doesn't work all the time but
sometimes it will do you justice. Also, some advice is to stay back as far as
you can from the wights and use wands, arrows (if composite bows) and any other
projectile weapons. If you get drained, start over again. Just keep turning
until all the wights (or most of them) are afraid of you and run away.
Your cleric(s) might be at full level by now, which means you have a better
chance at scaring off the wights.

If you let Magician join your party, then you will notice, he is about to cast
a powerful spell, but then cancels it. That's weird...
There are times where he does cast the spells, but it's extremely rare.
This battle gave just 3275 XP, but gave me 1965 XP when a lot of the wights got
Another time, I got 3930 XP after killing all of them.

Now walk into the mausoleum for another spectre battle. When you enter, the
game says there are pieces of glass all over the first floor. Suddenly, you're
thrown into the air and take some damage. Take one more step and you'll find a
spectre developing wights. So THIS is where they're all coming from!
The game says the spectre continues animating the wights, as it doesn't see
your party. Any choice (besides flee) will start the battle.

Wight Spectre
Use the same tactics as you have done with the previous spectres; Have you best
fighters attack him in close-quarters, but make sure their AC is low. Have your
mages cast paralysis and projectile-based spells. Also not a bad idea to use
any wands you may have.
You will get 2030 XP for killing him.

Now go to the Area map to find a room that looks like a cross.
Go inside it. Before you enter, the game will mention a
sign near it that says "A DARK ONE SLEEPS HERE. ENTER NOT!"
Also the game mentions that there is garlic and other stuff that can kill a
vampire. Disregard the warning and enter the building.
Once you step inside the building, take a step forward to the 'intersection'.
There will be a scroll and a coffin. The game will first ask if you would like
to read the scroll. If you do, the scroll will tell you to sanctify the coffin
of the vampire. Next, the game will ask what you'd like to do with the coffin.
Follow the advice of the scroll and Sanctify it. This will greatly weaken the
vampire in an upcoming battle.
It is interesting to note in the computer versions, what's written on the
scroll is completely different, as it tells the story of a group of warriors
who attempted to take on the vampire. Of course, it's one of the many journal
entries from the Adventurers Journal, but I won't list it here, as it serves
no purpose to the game's story.

Again, I will show you another optional fight, but leaves behind some cool
stuff. If you want to skip this, then you can go to the vampire. Anyway,
around the top-left on the area map, you should see 2 1x2 rooms next to each
other. The game will notify you that you're in front of big double doors
which have illustrations of warriors fighting hordes of the undead.
When you try to enter, a spectre will float out from a crack underneath the
double doors.
(In the computer versions, it's two ghosts) so this takes us to...

Super Spectre
He's just like the other spectres you've battled here. You know the drill.
You will get 2030 XP for killing him.

After you finish off the spectre, walk into the building he was guarding and
follow the path to the end and you'll start to hear the encounter music
playing, but don't worry, there's no fights here.
You'll see a grave and then you'll hear a voice telling you to take his legacy.
I'm guessing this is the voice of the spectre you just defeated.
Then, a shadow comes out of his grave and gives you a sword.
You will then get 2630 XP, including some items; Plate Mail, a Long Sword, a
Shield, a ring of Fire Resistance, and four scrolls.
The long sword and plate mail are +2. The scrolls have a couple Restorations.

Note that if you leave the Graveyard and return, the fight with the spectre
respawns. In the computer versions, the ghost tells your party that his
inventory will help you in combatting the evil which has taken over the city.

Are you ready to take on the boss? Here we go!
Now go to the Area map and go to the room in the northeast corner. Enter it
from the middle of the south side. Inside is another room which is accessed
via an illusionary wall on the south-eastern side. If Magician is in your
party, he will exclaim that the vampire is behind the wall. Go through the
illusionary wall.

You will see a tall man with pale skin with red glowing eyes, and when he
reveals his long fangs, you know he is the vampire.
If you have Magician in your party, the vampire will ask him if your party
are new victims. Magician will confirm they are. Your first party member will
then say, "You deceived us! You traitor!"
If you have the Efreeti, Samir Awahl (you should), the cork will then pop off
the Efreeti bottle and Samir will say, "Wicked one! I shall destroy you!"

BOSS: Vampire
If you have Magician in your party, you will still be able to view his hit
points since he's included in your party. Also, in the computer versions, the
vampire has the ability to gaze and turn party members against you.

This battle puts your party up against the vampire and 5 wolves. Fortunately,
the vampire cannot charm your party members, but he *can* drain levels with
all successful hits, and what's worse is your first two party members are put
right next to him. Also, Magician serves as a seventh enemy if he was in your
party. Unfortunately, the Efreeti is all the way in the back, and trying to
get out of the way can cause the vampire to hit/drain your characters, so he
really serves no purpose.

Focus on the vampire, as the wolves, while they can do moderate damage, aren't
much of a threat. Stink Cloud can paralyze the vampire, so try that. Also,
watch out for Magician's fireballs, which can severely damage or even Slain
party members. If you are battling him as well, try Hold Person and Stink Cloud
on him and focus on him second. Worry about the wolves last. Once the vampire
(and his servant) are down, the rest should be cake.

I got 4761 XP from this battle. It's not much, but that's because the game is
about to make up for it almost immediately...

After the battle, the game will tell you the vampire turns into mist and
disappears. He's still alive and you have to finish him off one last time once
and for all, but first, before you leave, select Look from the options and you
will find the vampire's treasure, which is a whopping 16230 XP, 9000 Gold and
12 gems! Not only that, you'll also get a wand, shield, three potions and

Remember the place that we sanctified the vampire's coffin, the cross-shaped
room? Go there and look who it is! It's our old pal, Mr. Vampire!
Eat your heart out Buffy and Simon Belmont, let the Heroes of Phlan show you
what (a) *true* Vampire Slayer(s) look(s) like!
Once again, Samir will come out of the Efreeti bottle before the battle starts.

(Note: The Mr. Vampire line is a reference to Phantom Fighter for the NES,
 which is based on the Japanese movie of the same name. Marionette/FCI worked
 on both games.)

BOSS: Vampire II: The Sequel!
(Note: Before you fight this last battle, make sure you didn't leave behind any
treasure, because it will be gone after you defeat the vampire.)

If you sanctified the coffin from earlier, the vampire will be greatly
weakened and should only take about 3 hits (give or take) to wipe out. He can
still drain levels, but chances are he won't get the chance to attack you
before your party members flush him out. Also, there are no other enemies this
time around besides the vampire himself. If you didn't sanctify the coffin, the
vampire will have the same amount of hit points as the previous battle. Once
he's out of the way, if you want, you can kill the Efreeti for some extra XP.

This time around, you get 3980 XP. Another occasion, I got 4316 XP. Then, I got
7042 for also killing the Efreet. I guess it's a free bonus for those who
really want/need the XP. You'll also get 6 Gold. It's not much but hey, it's at
least something.

After this (if it is daytime) the graveyard will light up. Now there are no
more zombies, ghouls, or anything. You can rest here (but the place still gives
me the creeps due to the music). And you can go in any place of the graveyard
that you want. Since you don't need the Efreeti anymore, go ahead and sell him
at one of the shops in New Phlan, and you'll get 17500 Gold for it. That's
enough for 17 training sessions!
Also, if the council clerk gave you the two-handed sword, you'll get an extra
reward for clearing the graveyard. I think it's different each time but I got
23370 XP, 120 GP and 93 Gems.
Alternatively, you can choose not to go back to New Phlan and proceed to the
next mission since it's nearby, but I personally don't recommend it.

4. Yarash's Pyramid
MISSION - Take out the contamination which floods the Stojanow River.
REWARD - Reward from council, Lizardmen Reward (if you save them).
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 19000 XP, 250 Gold, 75 gems.
MONSTERS - Cleric, Diane, Displacer Beast, Drider, Dwarf Fighter, Human
Fighter, Kobold, Lizardman, Minotaur, Mutant Lizardman, Stirge, Yarash.

(Note: The Clue Book calls this part of the game Sorcerer's Island.
 But I personally find it makes much more sense to call it Yarash's Pyramid,
 since you don't actually get to explore the island itself.)

You know the black and blue water in the wilderness? We're going to make it
blue completely again. First, go to the pyramid in the wilderness. To get to
the pyramid, it's easy; board a boat north. When you get to the wilderness,
there will be a trail of water from the river. Just follow the black/blue
water and it will lead you to the pyramid. If you try to go into the water to
get to the pyramid, the game won't let you. However, go to the patch of land
directly above (north) of the pyramid. The game notifies you how you find a
boat that can get you to the pyramid. Choose to Go to the pyramid.
The game will then notify you how you have located a secret entrance. Choose
Enter pyramid. Now we begin.

As most pyramids (in video games) go, it is strongly suggested you either make
a map, or you look up a strategy guide. Good thing I am here to guide you
through this pyramid's twists and turns! Buckle up, here we go!

You will start at a hallway. You can rest here uninterrupted if you want.
Walk forward (south) and you will see two alcoves. Take the closest one for
now, as we want to stop the contamination first, as well as the man behind it.
Once you step into the alcove, the game says that there are small stones on
the floor, and each time you step, you feel pain. Don't worry, your party will
not take damage here, then you are given the choice on what to do.
Go forward and then you will be teleported to either a blue or red
area. The blue place is where you want to be. The red section is optional and
I will cover it later.

Keep going forward and when you get to the fork in the road, go right (east).
Now keep following the corridors and ignore any secret doors that the game
notifies you of. You will eventually come to dead ends which ask you if you
want to go forward, go back, or throw a small stone.
When it asks you to throw a small stone, Throw one and walk forward.
Repeat the process of following the corridors without taking any secret
You'll know if you're where you need to go when you see a wooden door.
(Note: In the computer versions, for copy protection, it asks you to enter a
certain word before entering. After you enter the word, the game will ask you
if you're sure that's the word. If you say yes, and it's the right word, then
you can proceed into the next room. If you say yes, and it's the wrong word,
it says some beast comes out of a secret door and kills your entire party,
which the Clue Book reveals to be a super mutant lizardman.
But seriously, you should at least get a fighting chance. If you are playing
the computer versions, the the answer is 'Noknok'.) You will find the chamber
which has been spewing all the bad water. Break it. If it says you hear a noise
from the pipes, its your decision whether you run back into the room or not.
it always varries whether the pipes break on the first try or not. If the game
says its surely broken, it's still there and the game lies. If you need to keep
breaking the pipes, do so. If your characters get hurt, just rest, as you will
not be interrupted here.

In front of you is a room, but don't go in here just yet; as this is where
Yarash's office is, and we have one more thing to do really quick before we
face him. In this room is another room next to Yarash's quarters. Enter it
from the south side, and your party will find three chained-up lizardmen that
are pouring black water into tubs. Choose to Advance. After you do this, the
game notifies you that the lizardmen cower in the corner. Choose to Advance
again, then Parley Nice with them and you will free the lizardmen and one of
the lizardmen will speak to you:

   We are the lizardmen
   of the easst marsh.

   Thank you very much for
   your help.
   We'll give you a reward if
   you vissit our casstle.

In Adventurers Journal Entry 35, the Lizardman gives a much more detailed (not
to mention horrific) story as to what has been going on around here:

 Told in halting speech.
 "Thank you for freeing us. Yarash has been experimenting on our people,
changing them in horrible ways. Every night we carry off another lizard man
with his chest burst open or his head mangled. Yarash say he make us like
Sa-Hag-An. He always say that he make us stronger, better hunters. But all he
make us is dead.
 "We were not allowed to speak when Yarash was around. These marks were passed
down to us and remind us of home. They represent the friend word used between
lizard men of different tribes. If you meet lizard men on the outside, this
word may help you."
 The lizardman carefully scratches marks into the dirt. You recognize the
marks as two ruins and a path symbol.

If you attack or parley haughty, sly or abusive, the lizardmen will throw
poisonous water at your party. If any party member is hit with the poisonous
water, they are automatically slain.
Freeing the lizardmen will help you be able to clear the East Marsh mission.
Now, you may enter Yarash's quarters. When you do, Yarash says he is glad to
have new specimens to work on; your party!

BOSS: Yarash and his Mutants
Here, you will be put up against 6 Mutant Lizardmen and Yarash in the back
ranks. You will not be able to attack him, as the Lizardmen block the wall to
him. That's okay though, because you want to focus on the Mutant Lizardmen
first. I find that ranged weapons aren't very helpful against these guys; only
brute strength, so have your fighters hack and slash the Mutants. If you have
mages, you can attempt to put the Mutant Lizardmen to sleep, as well as use a
Stink Cloud or two. These will most likely not paralyze more than one
lizardman, but will at least slow them down.
If you have any clerics, cast Hold Person on Yarash. It's unlikely to work,
but still possible.
When the Mutant Lizardmen have all been dispatched, focus on Yarash. 
He doesn't really cast any spells but he does have a lightning wand which can
inflict some serious damage.
Killing Yarash and his mutant lizardmen earned me 6121 XP and 40 Gold.
Yarash should also drop bracers, a wand, and three potions.

After the battle, head forward (east) to the wall and select the Look option
and you'll get this bit of text:

 When you examine the papers,
 you find a letter and
 an unsent reply:

 Join me.
 If you wish, I'll make you
 a general.
                   The Boss

 To the Boss,
 Valjevo Castle.
 Surely you jest...
 I work alone.

This is actually two Journal Entries in one. The Boss's message is Journal
Entry 33.

 An official looking notice
 "The time has come for you to add your power to the growing legions of my
followers. Come and supplicant yourself to me and I will reward you as an
important officer in my magical forces. You will serve as the advisor to the
cohort of soldiers to be based on Sorcerer's Island. Resist and you shall be
crushed before my almighty power. I expect your positive reply within a week."
 The Boss

Adventurers Journal Entry 49 gives Yarash's much-more-detailed response:

 A letter on clean white paper in a strong hand
 The Boss
 Valjevo Castle, Phlan
 "I categorically reject your demand that I submit my island and my powers to
your control. I am a free man and I will remain free. No petty tyrant can
order about a true mage.
 "If you or your troops make any move toward Sorcerer's Island I shall send an
army of my unstoppable aquatic creations down the Barren River and sink your
precious castle. Until now you have been beneath my notice. If you value your
empire, let us keep it that way."
 Yarash, the Sorcerer

In addition, in the computer versions, there is a third note advertising to
the buccaneers a bounty to bring Yarash a live Sahuagin. However, the NES
version doesn't mention this part at all, but it is Entry 27. In addition,
the computer versions also have a fourth Journal Entry (56) about keeping
search parties away from the Dragonspine Mountains, as there is a dragon there
and the parties shouldn't attract its attention. I can only assume they are
referring to Diongenes. A FIFTH note (Journal Entry 40) explains how there are
many kobolds and hobgoblins in the east, but Yarash trying to breed them
proved unsuccessful.

Now if you step in the northeast corner, you can teleport to the entrance of
the pyramid. Otherwise, you can turn the dial (next to the teleporter) to
different colors (blue, bronze, silver, gold). After you set it to bronze,
silver or gold, go into the teleporter and you'll be teleported to a room.
The game will tell you there's mostly garbage. Select Look and you will find
some treasure. It's mostly random what you find but usually you get 1000 XP or
1150 XP with a long sword, javelin, and either a short or long bow. Set the
dial to other colors to find different treasures. You can come back here if
you want. Set the dial to blue, if you changed the dial. Otherwise, step into
the teleporter to go back to the beginning of the pyramid.

This optional part of the game I will cover here in case you need the XP.
At the entrance, go back to the alcoves. Step in the left one to be teleported
to the red area. Alternatively, go to the right alcove and throw a small stone
and then go forward.

I can't really help you as far as getting around, but I can help you however
with the fights. There are two sections to this place. I'll cover the battles
first (in alphabetical order) and then tell you how to get to the next section
of the pyramid. If you clear out these battles, you can sleep here
uninterrupted. If you need health sooner, go to the southeast section of the
pyramid and you will find a cleric.

When you find the cleric, he'll smile at you and beg for you to help him finish
digging the hole out of the pyramid since he no longer has the strength to do
so. If you wish to attack him, look just below at '2nd Level Cleric'.
Either way, you can finish digging the hole. Once you do, you can exit the
pyramid if you wish. This can be handy if the enemies here have weakened your
party and you require rest.

2nd Level Cleric
No strategy needed here. The cleric is weak and cannot cast spells.
Honestly, it's not worth the effort to kill him.

6th Level Fighters
The game will tell you they are human fighers. Then, the leader of the group
will wave their hand yelling that they're going to be okay. Don't fall for it.
These guys are hard to hit, so what I'd suggest is to have your clerics cast
Hold Person or your mages cast Stink Cloud. Hold Person works more effectively,
though. I was put up against four of these guys.
I got 1684 XP and 4 Gold.

7th Level Dwarf Fighters
Probably the hardest enemies in the pyramid. Dwarf Fighters not only have good
AC, but they have a lot of HP and can do some heavy damage to your characters.
Cast Hold Person and Stink Cloud on these guys. When I used Hold Person on them
I was lucky enough to hold them. All three of them.
I got 1884 XP and 9 Gold for this one.

7th Level Thieves
The game will tell you they are in leather armor.
These guys can do some good damage. Around 8 points to be exact. Hack and slash
through these guys. Your party should be able to dispose of these guys pretty
I got 1365 XP and 18 Gold from this battle.

Displacer Beasts
There are five of these things. While they're not impossible to hit, they can
do some bad damage. Hack and slash through these guys and use Stink Cloud if
you've got it. Like the lizardmen, they can hit you multiple times.
I got only 3575 XP from this battle.

Driders are drow elves that failed the drow godesses test if I remember
correctly. They're one of my favorite enemies in the game because they look
cool. Here, I was put up against two of them. If you are right next to them,
they have the potential to paralyze your character.
I got 3896 XP, 70 Gold, and 6 gems.

You don't need a walkthrough to kill one of the easiest enemies in the game.
There are a total of 20 kobolds; sixteen regular kobolds and four leaders.
At this point in the game, your fighters should be able to 'sweep' the enemies.
(That means they can attack more than one enemy if they are next to more than
one enemy) That should make the battle almost too easy. But the fact that there
are twenty kobolds means it will be just a little more difficult. Use your
archers if you have any. Sleep spells also work wonders.
I got 212 XP and 20 Gold from this battle.

After fighting all the enemies listed above, you should be able to sleep here
without interruption, but we're not exactly done. There's another section of
this place to be cleared.

Near the end of the corridor where you found the cleric are two doors. Go
through the one closest to the end. Turn right and proceed forward (east).
There is an illusionary wall here. Go through it, turn left (north) and go
to the end of the corridor. You will then be teleported to another section.
Here's the next batch of enemies you'll be facing up against...

7th Level Fighters
Just like the battle with the 6th level fighters, except there's only three of
them and they're MUCH tougher. Just use the strategy for the 6th Level
Fighters; use Stink Cloud and Hold Person and pray that they get held. Be
careful though, the fighters will try and hit any of your party members
preparing spells.
I got 1986 XP and 9 Gold.

The game calls them tired elves. (Or emaculated in the computer versions.)
These are the only ones in the game. There's only three of them. Just hack and
slash them. They're not much of a threat.
In the Japanese version, they just call this enemy 'Elf'.
Also, maybe it's pronounced Dee-Ah-Nay?
I got 903 XP and 3 Gold from this.

Exactly the same as last time.

Exactly the same as last time.

Ah, who doesn't know about these bull-headed men? Anyway, these guys are tough.
There's six of them!
They can do pretty tough damage and hit you multiple times, doing a great deal
of damage. In addition, they have 33 hitpoints, so it can take a while to
bring down a minotaur. If you have Stink Cloud spells, now is the time to use
a spell or two. Have your less experienced fighters stay in the back ranks and
fire arrows. However, be careful, because the minotaurs will go after them as
well so they can't shoot arrows.
I got 3984 XP and that's it. No gold or gems here.

Or as I call them...vampire birds. These things are birds which suck blood.
They're not hard, but they're annoying. Just the fact that there's 10 of
them... Hack and slash here. No magic needed here.
I got only 460 XP from this. That should give you a general idea on how
weak they are. Even when they hit you, they don't do much damage, maybe a few
points at the absoulte worst.

If you look around, you'll find a dead man. All of his belongings are gone.
But if you select Look from the options, you'll find a book he wrote:

 Yarash has been breeding
 creatures for increased
 Most of his experiments
 fail and perish young.
 Also, all the fighters,
 thieves, dwarves, and
 elves are Yarash's men.
 Be careful of the
 There are three kinds of
 One has only
 one destination,
 but the others have two or
 four destinations.

Here is Adventurers Journal Entry 26:

 A small bound book.
 "I have charted this maze as closely as I can. My way is blocked by both
stone and mystic death traps. Yarash must have used his magic to escape this
place. I can find no other way out."

 "Yarash has been breeding creatures for increased ferocity. Most of his
experiments fail. Few live long enough to mature. None that mature have yet
bred true. The bodies of his failures are often used as food for his newer
 "I do not know what Yarash intends to do when he completes his hideous
experiments. But I must assume that he will turn his abominations loose on the
world. To these creatures Yarash will be their creator, perhaps even their god!
The idea of Yarash as a god to anyone sickens me. I must find a way to stop

(Note how the Adventurers Journal doesn't mention both the human/humanoids or
 the teleporter.)

Around that place is a teleporter that will take you to a blue section of
the pyramid. Follow the corridor and at the end you'll step on a teleporter
that takes you to a room with lizardmen. If you helped the lizardmen near
Yarash's room, these lizardmen won't attack you unless you attack them. If you
didn't help the lizardmen out or are rude to these ones, they will throw
poisonous water on you, possibly killing one of your characters. Enter the
secret door behind you and follow the corridor until you end up back at
Yarash's room. Then step on the teleporter in his room without messing with the
dial and you'll be back at the entrance to this pyramid.
After exiting the pyramid, you'll notice all the water is blue and the dirt
on the shores are gone. Now you can cross the water to get to the other side
of the wilderness. Not that you couldn't go there before, but now you don't
have to go around the pyramid. Head back to Phlan for your reward.

5. East Marsh
MISSION - Kill Drythfi and stop the lizardmen from joining the Boss' side.
REWARD - Reward from council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 10050 XP, 50 Gold, 40 gems.
MONSTERS - Lizardmen, Drythfi

At this point in the game one of your magic users may be able to reach level
5. If so, you are able to select a level 3 spell. Choose haste. While it makes
your party members older, it's one of the best spells in the game, as you can
attack more than once and do lots of damage. It's an EXTREMELY helpful spell.
If you have another magic-user in your party, have them get Fireball.
Then later in the game when you progress, you should memorize Fireball and
Lightning Bolt. If you can't get these spells at the moment, don't worry,
they're not going to make or break you here. If you want to memorize fireball
or lightning bolt that's fine, too. You can't use magic here, anyway.

In the pyramid, the Lizardmen you freed said they would give you a reward if
you visited their castle in the east. Go to the docks and take a boat east.
Then keep going up from there until you see a bunch of trees bunched up
together. Look around in there (around the middle) and the game will notify you
how you have found a castle. Enter it.
If you still have trouble finding the place, follow these directions after
taking a boat east:
Up 19, right 2.

Upon entry, the game says since there is an anti-magic shell around the castle,
you will not be able to use magic here. Don't worry, this is the only place in
the game where you can't use magic, and you won't need it.
Keep walking foward. The game will tell you that you're in the center of the
keep and that the ceiling and walls are crumbling. Then all of a sudden, an old
lizardman rushes up to you with his hands over his head, panicking.
Here are your options:
 1.) Attack
     You easily kill him, and he looks at your party with 'amazement and
 2.) Wait
     He looks at your party patiently.
 3.) Flee
     Run away.
 4.) Talk

Choose to Talk to the lizardman:

 Old Lizardman:
   You helped my fellowss
   esscape Yarassh the

   I thank you.
   The young lizardman,
   Drythfi, wantss
   to lead uss.

   He iss an envoy from
   If he were our leader, our
   tribe would be desstroyed.

Journal Entry 31:
 Told in quiet, hissing speech.
 "Thank you for saving my children from the Mutilator Yarash. In return I will
aid you in what way I can, though that may not be great.
 "I have lost much of my following to young Drythh who listens to the false
promises of Tyranthraxus... that if he brings troops to invade Phlan, he will
rule the riverbanks.
 "So, Drythh and his followers have been proving themselves in raids upon the
kobold caves to the southwest and the hobgoblin caves to the south.
 "For some time my followers have been disappearing. But, when you freed my
children from the clutches of the evil Yarash my status was increased. Drythh
kept quiet for a long time, but once again the young warriors listen to him
and not to me."

A group of lizardmen will then approach both your party and the lizardman.
Drythfi (called Drythh in the computer versions) will then step forward and
tell the old lizardman it's time for him to step down, and will challenge him
to a duel. Drythfi mentions that the old lizardman can have a representative.
The old lizardman will beg you to help him. Accept his pleas and send your
best fighter to duel Drythfi. (The game will ask you after accepting which
party member will fight.)

(Note: In the DOS version, the lizardman will ask you for a certain word,
 you can get it if you saved the lizardmen in the pyramid in the room next to
 Yarash's. The word is 'Savior'.)

(Note 2: You can still complete the mission if you refuse to help the old
         lizardman. It just means you'll have to fight Drythfi and his men.)

BOSS: Drythfi
In combat, Drythfi looks exactly like a lizardman except is all brown instead
of green. He is pretty much the same as a Mutant Lizardman.
If your character has a bow than things will get even easier, just run away
from Drythfi and equip your bow and arrow and shoot. He will eventually die.
(Also, notice how he is called Dryth in combat. Can you say, "inconsistency"?)
I got only 132 XP. Goes to show how easy this battle is. You can also just
swordfight him if you want. He should go down pretty darn quick.
The evil lizardmen will see Drythfi die and they will be scared off. The old
lizardman will promise you that they won't join Tyranthraxus. He will then
ask you kindly to leave because some of his kind don't like humans.
That's nice...I help the lizardmen only to have them tell me they hate my
kind? Sorry, I can't help the fact that I was born human...or half-elf.
How rude!

Personally, I'm done here, but you may not. If you went to the taverns and
listened to gossip, you have probably heard about a glittering castle that
has a lot of treasure and you can take as much as you want. This is the place.
However, there is only a certain amount of treasure you can take because
there's only a limited amount of treasure. There's around 5 to 10 of them I
believe, and each one yields 1500 XP, 1000 Gold and 2 gems. That's a mighty lot
of experience, gold and gems!
Find one of the few stairways leading under the castle. When underground, look
for pools. That's where the treasures are hidden, but beware, a lizardman
will hit you with a spear. Fortunately, it doesn't do much damage. Then he will
jump back in the water. The game will then present you with either jumping in
the pool of leaving. Choose to jump in. The game will tell you that you jump in
and look for the lizardman but you can barely see him, but you get out before
he can get you. Then go forward and select to jump in again. This time, you'll
get treasure. Oh by the way, did I forget to mention you can rest here as well?

Alternatively, you can choose to attack him. If you choose to do so, the game
will tell you that you catch him before he gets back in the water. He'll then
turn around and attack you... but I didn't know lizardmen could clone

Attack of the Lizardman Clones!
Now there's all of a sudden five lizardmen. Where the other four came from, I
have no idea, but I think it's safe to assume that they can clone themselves!
No real strategy here. Just hack and slash or put them to sleep.
All you'll get is 490 XP. Not worth it especially if it can be avoided (which
it can.) So don't bother unless you're really bothered by missing even the
smallest speck of XP that you can get.

Unlike the Nomad Camp, you can come back here after you leave. I am guessing
it's because the programmers thought in case you wanted to come back for the
treasure. Anyway, go back to Phlan for your reward.

6. Buccaneer Base
MISSION - Save Lord Bivant's heir and return him back to New Phlan.
REWARD - Reward from Council/Lord Bivant.
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - Lord Bivant gives you 3100 XP, a Fine Opal Pendant, and
                      a Silver Dragon figure.
MONSTERS - 5th Level Fighter, Buccaneer, Captain, Sub-Captain.

(NOTE: There are different ways to complete this mission. I'll explain down
below.) This is going to be kind of like the nomad camp. Go to the Phlan docks
and take the west dock. When you get to the wilderness, head west until the
land drops down south. Look around that part and when you get a message saying
that you see some man head into a base, then you are close. Remember in order
to find this place you need to be commissioned by the council to go there.

If you're still having trouble, then take these steps after you get off the
boat: Go left 7 times. Then go down. The game will tell you a merchant with
slaves is going into the base. Go down one more time and you're there. Let the
buccaneer take you into the base (It's your only way in).
Surprisingly, this place has an Area map so you will be able to find
your way around. As soon as you enter, the buccaneers will take you to the
market square where slave traders are making camp for themselves. You can only
rest in this area. Be warned that if you start trouble later, you won't get the
chance to rest...
If you go west around the building you're near (to the left on the map), you'll
meet a man who will offer you a pass to see the captain. Of course, you're
going to have to pay. You can either buy it from him or not. If you don't, the
game says that the man turns the corner and is out of sight, but you can always
come back if you reconsider. How much is he selling the pass for? Well, it
doesn't seem to be a set amount, but more of a fraction of your money. I had
27349 Gold and when I bought the pass, I had 20511 Gold, so that's 6838 Gold I
spent on the pass. So, it appears to be 1/4 of all the gold you have.
That's a little excessive don't you think? If you don't
want to buy the pass, that's okay. I'll tell you what happens if you do.

If you bought the pass, go to the captain's quarters. It's located near you.
On the area map, it looks like this:
 O  O
 O  O
 O  O

When you get to the entrance (northeast corner facing south), a guard will
demand for your pass. Show him the pass and he'll bring you inside. He will
then get the captain. You will ask the captain if he'll sell the boy. The
captain says he'll sell the boy to you for 35000. You can pay this ridiculous
amount if you want, but I don't recommend it. You can also attack him, but it
won't be an easy battle.

If you decided not to buy the pass, read from here:

If you want, you can kill the buccaneers in the guard towers (the 1x1 rooms).
Each guard tower contains four buccaneers. 
Each battle gives you 2060 XP, 4 Gold and 8 gems. After that, you can take on
one of the 2x3 and 3x2 rooms which contain 19 buccaneers and a 5th level
fighter. That battle will give you 10071 XP, 20 Gold and 38 gems.
After that, it leads to the buccaneer battles down below. If you just attack
the guard towers, it won't do anything after the battle... or will it?

If you stick around too long, an alarm will start to ring. One of your party
members will suggest leaving the place as quickly as possible. However, you
can simply leave the buccaneer base and come back and this will disable
triggering this event. The buccaneers will respawn in the guard towers too, so
it's a good way to rack up on XP.

But the main thing you need to do here is look for the boy you've come to
rescue. On the area map, there is a 2x2 room in the middle. Go to that.
Bump into it on any side and you'll see the boy in the pen, among the other
slaves. The encounter music will now play and your first party member will
exclaim that you've found the boy.
After this, a big slave trader approaches and says he's had his eyes on that
boy. He wants the boy because he says he'd make him a lot of money if he were
to sell him to Zhentil Keep. Now you have 3 options:
A.) Hit the slave trader
 You give the slave trader a knock to the head. He'll fall and then call for
 his guards. Then it starts the battle listed below...
B.) Be friendly
 Your first party member will tell the slave trader that he's too good for
 you. The slave trader will retort that you need to bid higher if you want
 the kid. He then challenges you to talk to the Captain, then taunts you
 that if you don't have a pass, you can't see the Captain anyway. Then he'll
 leave you alone.
C.) Say nothing
 You ignore the slave trader and he says to look for other slaves. The slave
 trader then leaves.

I personally choose A because it's some good experience for such easy enemies.

Slave Trader's Bodyguards
An easy battle. There's six buccaneers, and they're some of the easiest
enemies in the game. Right on par with Kobolds.
I got 3090 XP, 6 Gold and 12 gems. A little generous on the XP in my opinion.

By the end of the fight, a crowd will have formed around you. The Captain
will push his way in and tell your party it was an interesting battle, but
he wishes not to see anymore.
The slave trader then apologizes and leaves.

If you did decide to buy the pass, find the captain's quarters (south middle
room on the area map.) A buccaneer will make you show your pass before
entering. The game lets you try and bribe the buccaneer, but he won't accept.
If you choose to attack the buccaneer...

Arrr You Ready For This? (Part 1)
You will be set up against two 4th Level Fighters. I was lucky and got a single
Stink Cloud to paralyze both of them, so try that tactic and then finish them
off. However, use Stink Cloud sparingly if you have it.
I got 464 XP and 4 Gold.

Then, the game will notify you that buccaneers around the base ambush you.

Arrr You Ready For This? (Part 2)
This battle has twelve enemies; eight buccaneers and two 3rd Level Fighters,
two 5th Level Fighters. Try to use Hold Person on the fighters and just slash
through the buccaneers.
I got 4676 XP, 12 Gold and 16 gems.

The game says that now there are more buccaneers from the southern base.

Buccaneer Battle 3
There are 17 enemies here. Eleven buccaneers, two 5th Level Fighters, and four
3rd Level Fighters. Here, I found that the sleep spell will actually work on
the fighters, so use that. Save your Stink Clouds and fireballs and whatnot for
This battle got me 6797 XP, 17 Gold and 22 gems. I also got Leather Armor.

Now it's time for the final fight. The buccaneers are in shock that you took
all of them out. Then, the captain appears, offering you to surrender or die.
Attack. He will say, "No prisoners now, mates!" Time to kick his butt!

BOSS: Captain and His Bodyguards
This battle has twenty enemies, and all of them are the elite guards. Just a 
bunch of 3rd Level and 5th Level Fighters, the Captain and Sub-Captain. Use
all your paralysis spells you have here.
Out of this fight, all you get is 6266 XP and 67 gold. You may also get the
captain's shield. Definitely not worth it.

 I Want The Fast And Easy Way Out!
If the above battles prove too tough for you, then I'll show you the easy way.
On the area map, look for this on the right side of the base. It looks like

O  O X O   O (The X is where you want to be.)
O  O   O   O (The room on the left is 3x2, the one on the right is 3x3.)
O  O   O   O

This is where all of the animals are at. At the X marked above, you can
open the latch to the animal pen. Then the animals will run all around the
base. Now you must hurry. While all of the rooms are vacant in the base
(except the Captain's quarters), the buccaneers will chase after the animals.
It's always a random amount of time before they get all of the animals. If
you fail to get the kid and leave the base in time, buccaneers will find you
and you'll be led to the aforementioned battles.

To get to the slave pen to rescue the slaves, from where you freed the
animals: N1, W4, S3 into the slave pen. Now you have the option to take the
boy or leave. If you leave, a slave will beg you to help them. Take the boy!
By doing this, you also release the rest of the slaves.

Once again, head north toward the exit and get out. Every few (random) steps,
the game will tell you what's going on; whether the animals are still running
around the base and the guards are trying to apprehend them, or if the guards
caught all of the animals. If the game mentions the latter, you will have to
go through the aforementioned fights, as I have previously stated. The reason
being the guards are guarding the entrance ensuring you don't escape. To get
out of the base, simply head toward the south end of the place and the gates
out are right there!

Congratulations! You are done with the buccaneer base and you are another step
closer to saving Phlan!
In return, Lord Bivant will give you a couple treasures. Sell them, as they
don't do anything. The Fine Opal Pendant will be worth a whopping 14250 Gold,
and the Silver Dragon figure will be worth 1250 Gold, so in total, that's
15500GP in treasures!
(Note: Like the Nomad Camp, once you leave this place, you cannot come back.
The wilderness will mark the spot on the map, but you can't walk onto the
building where the base is.)

7. Zhentil Keep
MISSION - Deliver the letter to the Commandant and escape.
REWARD - Reward from council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 8000 XP and 32 gems.
MONSTERS - Commandant, Guard, Aides, Commandant, Dwarf Fighter.

If you are having trouble saying the word "Zhentil" I will tell you how to say
it correctly. Say "Zen-til". Now let's cut to the chase. You will meet
councilor Cadorna again. He will tell you he wants you to deliver a letter to
the Keep. He warns not to open the letter and to strictly give it to the
Zhentil commandant. He warns you that if you do open the letter, you'll be
seized as spies at the keep. Let's remember that note we found in Kovel Mansion
about killing everyone in Phlan except for Cadorna... I still got a hunch
something's not right...
Another thing I don't understand is why can't you go through the east door in
the city hall and instead you can only go in the south room to talk to Cadorna?
They're both the same room! Ah, whatever...
Go to the docks and board a boat west. Zhentil Keep is in the southwest corner
of the wilderness like the Buccaneer Base. If you have trouble getting there,
take these directions after getting off the boat:
Left 14, Down 2. Now the game will tell you armed men on horses approach you.
Go down again and you're there.
The men on horse will get nearer to you and leader will ask if you're the
messengers from Phlan. If you say no, they'll leave and warn you not to come
around here if you don't have any business here.
Choose Yes and you'll be brought into the keep.

When you enter, you will not be able to move, as a Zhentil guard will take you
on a tour. The game will tell you that you see the inside of the wall and
guards are walking their patrol rounds. You will then be escorted inside of the
keep. You are then brought to the Commandant's room. Your party will give him
the message. He will ask you to stay for a meal. He then tells you to look
around until dinner. The guard who escorted you in will then start the tour
of Zhentil Keep. He will first show you the barracks. He says there are over
100 soldiers in them and there are six more barracks like that in the keep.
That means over 700 guards. Doesn't sound like you want to mess with these
guys. The guard will then lead you to the guard towers. The guard tells you the
outside wall could withstand a dragon attack.
He then says the tour is over and will guide you to your room. After he takes
you to your room, he will demand that you do not leave your room. Now wait just
a minute! Didn't the Commandant say we could look around until dinner time?
Something fishy's going on here! You have some alternatives here. The game will
tell you that you can either wait in your room until dinner or walk around.
Let's stay in our room for now. If you decide to leave, right when you leave
your room, one of four guards will demand you to go back into your room.
You can either go back into your room, attack them, or bribe them.
Bribing them is useless, as all you'll get is a message of the guard saying
he can't be bribed. If you decide to attack them, one of the four guards will
raise the alarm and a battle will start...

(Note: If you surrender, it still counts as completing the mission.)

Skip these battles if you are just going to wait.

 En Guard 1
 Treat these guys like kobolds. They're just as weak. Only thing is that they
 have bows and arrows. Your party should be right next to them though. Your
 fighters should also be able to 'sweep' them.
 I got 60 XP and 4 Gold here.

 After the battle, more guards come in and the sergeant demands you to
 surrender. Attack them.

 En Guard 2
 Just like the last battle, but instead of four guards, there's twelve of them.
 This battle got me 180 XP and 12 Gold.

 After the battle, the game says a huge amount of guards run towards you...

 En Guard 3
 This battles similar to the last one, except this time there's sixteen guards
 and four Aides. Try Sleep spells, since they'll work against all of them.
 This time I got 428 XP and 20 Gold.

 After the battle, move two steps. The game will then tell you that guards
 being led by a dwarf attack you.

 En Guard 4
 10 grey/orange Aides and a Dwarf Fighter. The Aides aren't a problem but the
 Dwarf Fighter is hard to hit since he has a very low AC. If you can paralyze
 the dwarf, this fight will be easier.
 I got 3148 XP and 13 GP. Also Gloves, Chain Mail, and a Long Sword. I assume
 this was the Dwarf's inventory.
 If you beat this, red below for the boss fight.

 Here you can skip to the later part of this guide on making your escape...

If you decided to play it safe and stay in your room. Select Encamp from the
options and rest. At around 19:00, the guard that escorted you will take you
back to the commandant's room for dinner.

Talking With The Commandant
I'm making this little section here so you know what the Commandant knows.
There will be baked wild boar and cider. Then the Commandant will ask what you
would like to talk about. You can choose to say nothing, talk about monsters,
magic, or politics. Here's what happens when you select these choices:
 A.) Say Nothing
 The Commandant will tell you silence is good, but he feels lonely without
 conversation. He will then ask you about New Phlan's militia strength.
  1.) No answer
  The Commandant will say you are discreet but not interesting guests. He will
  then leave and you will be brought back to your room.
  2.) Perfect
  He just says, "Oh, it's very good."
  3.) Normal
  He says he hopes Phlan will withstand the attack.
  4.) Poor
  He will smile coldly and wish Phlan luck. That's interesting... Why would he
  smile like that? Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing... right?
 B.) Monsters
 The Commandant will tell you that there was once a powerful monster, that he
 remembers to be a flame clad monster, and that he heard that it has returned.
 he will then ask if Phlan could repulse an attack by it. You can reply with
 nothing, yes, or no.
  1.) No answer.
  The Commandant says you are discreet and asks, "Yes, you can't talk of such
  things with people of a foreign power...can you?" Then he will ask you what
  else you'd like to talk about.
  2.) Sure
  He will just simply say, "Oh, it's very good."
  3.) I'm afraid not
  The Commandant will smile coldly and wish luck to Phlan. There's that evil
  smile again!
 C.) Magic
 The Commandant says he's not too keen on magic. He will ask what magic stories
 you might have heard about...
  1.) About the magic items
  The game says you talk about different kinds of mythical artifacts and items.
  The Commandant will thank you for the stories.
  2.) About pools
  The Commandant says he heard once about the Pool of Radiance and that he
  heard it gives great powers, but at the same time the power is wicked.
 D.) Politics
 The Commandant will ask you if you think Cadorna should be Phlan's mayor...
  1.) No answer.
  The Commandant will apologize for asking a rude question and that he didn't
  mean to 'pry'.
  2.) Yes
  The Commandant says he completely agrees with you.
  3.) No
  He says that in his personal opinion, he thinks Cadorna would be perfect for
  the mayor of Phlan.

After around four conversations, the Commandant says it was a pleasant meal,
but it's getting late and will wish you a good sleep.
Okay, so there are two things weird around here... when you say Phlan's
defenses are poor, he smiles coldly, and he says you can look around before
dinner but the guards won't let you. Something's definitely going on here.
And what's up with him saying Cadorna would make a great mayor in Phlan?
Remember that letter we picked up in Kovel Mansion? The one that said they must
kill everyone EXCEPT for Cadorna? At first, I thought it was just me, but now
we KNOW something's not right. Obviously, the Commandant and Cadorna are in
cohoots with each other, or at least both of them are evil.
When you are brought back to your room, the game will let you choose to either
go to sleep or stay up. Choose to stay up. Guards will attack your party only a
few hours later. I don't know what Cadorna wrote on that letter, but it must
have upset the Zhentil Commandant, or maybe it was a final agreement.

UPDATE (1/18/2021): There is a Journal Entry in the Adventurers Journal that
explains it all, Journal Entry 13, which I don't believe is used in the game.

 A flowery note written on stationery emblazoned with the symbol of the City
Council of New Phlan.
 "With the artifact and agreement in this pouch we have made our final
concessions to your demands. We have given you everything you have asked for.
This should settle our differences and cement our alliance.
 "Now that we have delivered our part of the bargain we will expect you to
uphold your end. Use this protected pouch and our representatives to deliver
your part of the bargain to the city council. Remember to include all of the
magical items we agreed upon.
 "With the buried riches in the reclaimed Phlan, and the might of Zhentil Keep
we will be able to control all of the northern shores of the Moonsea."
 Porphyrys Cadorna
 City Council
 New Phlan

The Clue Book also confirms that Cadorna made an agreement with the Zhentarim,
and has basically just sent your party on a suicide mission, not expecting for
you to make it out alive.

Zhentil Guards 1
This battle will put you up against four Aides. They have bows and arrows so
they can attack long range. Have your fighters slice them and your archers
attack them with their bows and arrows and you should have no problem beating
these guys.
I got 188 XP and 4 Gold from this battle.

After that, more guards arrive before you can do anything.

Zhentil Guards 2
This battle's a little tougher, there's four Aides like last time but now
there's sixteen guards. Fortunately, the guards are one of the easiest enemies
in the game and your fighters should be able to 'sweep' them. Making this
battle ridiculously easy as well.
If the battles goes on long enough, the guards will start surrendering and the
Aides will try and escape.
I got 428 XP and 20 Gold here.

The game notifies you that an alarm starts to ring.
Now you need to escape. Don't think the guards are going to be pushovers like
they have been recently. The battles become progressively difficult until you
finally reach the Commandant and his right hand man Al Hyam Dazid.

 If you think your party can handle these next series of fights without any
 rest, then keep walking around until the game says that the guards spot you.
 If you just want to get out of here, skip these next few battles.

 Also, if you want to go directly to the 8th battle listed below, simply exit
 your room, go out the door in the hall, turn left and go forward. The
 Dwarf-led battle is always there. If you beat that, you will fight the
 Commandant's army right after.

Zhentil Guards 3
Here, there are 9 enemies; 3 corporals and 6 guards. The corporals look exactly
the same as the guards but are just a bit harder to put out because they have a
bit more HP and a little lower armor class level.
I got 231 XP and 9 Gold from this.

If you still haven't given up, keep walking around to get the same message
about the guards finding you.

Zhentil Guards 4
Here, there's 15 enemies; 5 corporals. Just hack and slash and use a couple
paralysis spells.
I got 385 XP and 15 Gold from this one. Not worth it...

Again, walk around and you'll eventually get the same message...

Zhentil Guards 5
Okay, if you're still here, you've got a darn good party...
Now there's 20 enemies; 2 Aides, 6 Corporals, and 12 Guards. Use the same
tactics as before. That's all I can tell you.
For this one, I got 556 experience and 20 Gold. DEFINITELY not worth it!

Rinse and repeat for the next battle...

Zhentil Guards 6
Holy crap, you survived the past 5 waves? I had to use cheats to get by this
next one...
Well here, it's basically the same thing with just some slight differences.
There are still 20 enemies, but this time, there's 3 Aides, and there's still
6 Corporals and 11 guards.
I got 1820 XP and 20 Gold from this battle, though a few of the guards
surrendered. I don't know if that changes anything.
I also got banded mail.

You know the drill after that...

Zhentil Guards 7
Finally, the battle is a little different! This time, there's 10 Aides, but
this time, instead of purple, they're grey and orange. Their armor class seems
to be a little lower though because they're a little harder to hit.
The good thing is that they'll have a little trouble hitting you, too. No
matter, this will be a lengthy battle. My archers and fighter did pretty well
hitting them. Not so much for my cleric.
I got 470 XP and 10 Gold from this battle with three enemies surrendering.
Again, not worth it.

Right after that, the game tells you that guards led by a dwarf attack you.
(This battle can happen any time though.)

Zhentil Guards 8 
Oh, boy. Not gonna be an fun one. This time, there's 10 aides and a dwarf
fighter in the front.
Fortunately, the Aides can be easily beaten by casting a sleep spell.
Unfortunately, the dwarf fighter is one tough cookie because he has 50 HP, an
extremely low armor class and they do some hefty damage.
Fortunately, stink cloud and Hold Person can paralyze him. Just use that and
you should clear it no problem. Make sure you save your spells though for
another battle. The Aides should surrender if you're doing good.
I got 3148 experience points and 13 gold. Not a whole lot. I also got gloves,
chain mail and a long sword.

 Now the game says that an army of men led by the commandant attack you. Get
 ready for the final fight...
 (UPDATE 9/18/2017: After playing through this a second time, it appears this
  battle triggers after you take out the battle with the dwarf fighter.)

 BOSS: Zhentil Commandant and Army
 In this battle, you will be up against 20 enemies; 10 Aides, 8 4th Level
 Fighters, Al-Hyam Dazid, and the Zhentil Commandant. Al-Hyam Dazid is credited
 as a 6th Level MU.
 All I can suggest here is to use all your paralysis spells that you have
 left. You should be able to paralyze any of the enemies, but not all of them.
 The commandant also has a lightning wand, so watch out. If by chance you have
 any beads left on your fireball necklace, now is the time to use them. This
 will be the last battle with several enemies.
 I got 11511 XP and 73 Gold. I also got a whole bunch of items from this:
 A wand, ring, bracers, a potion, shield, plate mail, Jav. (Javelin) and Long
 Another time, I got 11693 XP and 75 Gold.

 After that, the game will tell you that the other guards run away or

If the above battles proved too tough for your party, or you just want to get
out of here, here's what you do upon exiting the room you just battled the
guards from...
Exit the door and go one step forward. Turn left and then go forward four
times, then turn left again and head toward the door. You will be greeted by
some guards.
Alternatively, there is a broken wall on the outer side of the castle and the
game should ask you if you want to get over it to escape. To get to it,
go to the outer walls of the keep.

If you encounter them...

Door Guards
An unbelievably easy battle. 12 Guards. Just slash through them. If you want,
you can even cast sleep, if you still have the spell.
I got 180 XP and 12 Gold from this.

Now go back to Phlan for your reward. The council clerk says they were afraid
you wouldn't return.

k. Stojanow Gate
MISSION - Take out the patrols and regain control of the gate.
REWARD - Reward from council
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - 12500 XP and 50 gems.
MONSTERS - Bugbear, Ettin, Aides, 6th LVL MU

The Council Clerk will tell you that Cadorna ended up betraying New Phlan and
commissions you to kill him as soon as you find him. This won't be until later
in the game since we'll find him in Valjevo Castle. The Council Clerk will also
tell you to visit Lord Urslingen in the south room of the city hall. He will
tell you to go to Stojanow Gate and defeat the guards there. Conveniently
enough, he has my character's portrait.
Stojanow Gate can be located just north of Podol Plaza. If you want to take a
shortcut, just board a boat north, go left a couple spaces in the wilderness,
take the north gate, and you'll be in Podol Plaza.
There are two entrances to Stojanow Gate, but it will not matter which entrance
you take.
When you get there, take a step forward and you'll find a man with a wagon with
various things in it. Ask the man if he will sell the wagon. He says he will
sell it to you for 250 Gold. If you want it for free, just kill him, but
whatever the case, you need that wagon. I'd personally pay the guy. 250 isn't a
lot compared to how much gold you should have by now. When you purchase the
wagon from the man, he will tell you to use it in good health and then he will
warn you about the gate, that the bugbears are mad because they are on guard
duty. He will tell you that it's better to bribe them and not offend them. Keep
going forward and the game tells you how you are at the gate. Step forward,
then go right if you entered through the west entrance or go left if you
entered through the east entrance. A bugbear will then ask you for 15 Gold (If
you don't have the wagon you can't 'trigger' this event). Pay the bugbear. If
you don't and you try to cross to the other side, you will have to fight
bugbears and then after that, guards from the two towers will shoot arrows and
drop boulders on your party. If for some reason you don't have enough gold,
the bugbear will mention you don't have enough money, but will first say,
"Hang it!". I'll mention this later in the guide where I talk about typos.
We will take care of the bugbears later. If you decide you want to take out
the bugbears first...

  Bugbear Brothers
 Just 10 bugbears. Using a fireball (your magic-users should have it by now)
 should greatly weaken them to the point that they surrender.

 As I previously stated, now every step you take here, you are hit by volleys
 of arrows. When you try to enter the doors leading to the other side of the
 gate, a boulder will be dropped on your party. Once you get to the other
 side, both teams of enemies from both towers will confront you and you must
 fight them. When you enter the first door into the other gate, rest your
 characters up. Even though the alarm is ringing, you won't have to worry
 about interruptions.

If you want to do the battles my preferred way, read here: Once you get
to the other side of the gate, you will be able to go to Valjevo Castle
(north of here) but we aren't going to go there just yet.
There will be two guard towers, one to the west and one to the east. Either one
will bring you to the top where you can hear a fighter and magic user
conversing. On the west building, the magic user says he wishes Phlan was
conquered sooner and the fighter agrees because then they will be lords (or
barons in the computer versions).
On the east tower, the fighter says if they aren't careful, they'll be tossed
to the medusa.
After the conversation, if you choose to advance, you can see what the ettins'
character portraits look like. You won't get any other opportunity since you
only fight these guys twice in the game and the second fight they are in a
place where you can't 'Advance'. The game will note that they seem aware of
your party. Then the battle will commence.

(Note: It doesn't matter which guard tower you work on first.)

Envious Ettins
Ettins have a maximum of 50 HP and you will be facing three of them in this
round. Accompanying the ettins are a fighter and 6th level mage.
The Mage can cast some deadly lightning bolts on you too.
Have your clerics cast hold person and other spells on the ettins to stop them.
Ettins can hit you for about 20 HP. Have your mages cast Stink Cloud on the
Ettins whenever possible, and have your Clerics cast Hold Person.
The Aides only has 13 HP and the Mage has 23 HP.
If you killed all but one ettin, the last one should run away or surrender.

If you decided to take out the bugbear patrol first, then both sets of enemies
in the guard towers will 'welcome' you when you enter the other side of the
gate, so you will be up against 2 guards, mages, and 6 ettins.

I got 6837 XP and 3 Gold pieces. I also got a ring.
Another time I got 12487 XP, a ring, and composite long bow.

Speaking of rings, the alarm will start to ring after this battle.
Now rest your characters completely and memorize your spells. Even with the
alarm ringing, your party can sleep here uninterrupted. Now, walk out of
the patrol tower and the guards from the tower will be waiting for you.

(Note: In the computer versions, the guards stay in the other tower.)

This next battle is the same as the last. Use the same tactic and you
shouldn't have any trouble. Now that will be the last time you will ever
battle ettins.
This time I got 9487 XP and 3 Gold. Again, I also got a ring.
(Note: After the second battle I got 10187 XP, 3 Gold with a ring and sling.)

(Note 2: Though you may be done with ettins, you will soon be put up against
 more menacing enemies. But that won't be until the next mission!)

After clearing those battles, the game tells you that you've successfully
defeated the ettin guards, and now you just need to kill the bugbear patrols
and then the place is yours. Again, rest your party and rememorize your spells.
Now, try to go past the gate back to Podol Plaza. The bugbear patrols are
waiting for you here.

(Note: You may run across a giant patrol from Valjevo Castle. If you do,
 the leader will ask you who you work for. Just say The Boss and they'll
 leave you alone.)

Bugbear Battle
I have to say here that I don't know why they call these enemies bugbears, as
they look nothing like a bug or a bear...
This battle will put you up against ten menacing bugbear guards. You can have
your magic users use Stink Cloud (I don't think Sleep will work on them.) Then,
have your fighters hack and slash through them. At this point of the game,
the bugbears shouldn't be too hard nor easy to kill. If your mages were able to
learn Level 3 spells, have them memorize Fireball, Haste, and optionally
Lightning Bolt. Fireball will make quick work of them and make this battle
ridiculously easy.
I got 2000 XP and 10 Gold.

After the battle, the game tells you the guards of New Phlan rush in to secure
the area. You mean this whole time they could have helped me and decided not
to? Wow, some allies they are! And furthermore, why didn't you run across them
when you first got here? I guess there's some questions which will be left
Now Stojanow Gate is yours for the taking and you can rest here peacefully
whenever you want. However, this time, a patrol from Valjevo Castle is here
looking for your party. If you run into them, just tell them you work for The
Boss, and they'll leave you alone. Chances are, your party won't be strong
enough to fight them because of the previous battles. When you go to New Phlan
for your reward and come back, the patrols from Valjevo Castle should never
come back to Stojanow Gate.

Now go back to Phlan for your reward AND your final mission. The clerk said
that because of what you did at Stojanow Gate, Phlan now stands a great chance
against Tyranthraxus' evil forces. Way to go! Before you can leave city hall,
you will meet with Lord High Mayor Ulrich Eberhard (try to say his names a few
times fast). This time, you won't have the freedom to walk to his quarters and
instead, a guard will escort you to him. Ulrich will tell you to go to Valjevo
Castle and end the evil reign of Tyranthraxus. He then gives you words of
confidence (I'm sure that you will save Phlan.)
(In the Japanese version, he says
 "Kimitachinara kanarazuya Phlan nomachi o sukuttekurerudarou." Essentially
 translates to the same thing, "You guys will surely save the town of Phlan.")

l. Valjevo Castle
MISSION - Find and kill Cadorna (OPTIONAL), locate Tyranthraxus' place.
REWARD - Reward from council, game complete
MONSTERS - Cleric, Fighter, Fire Giant, Guard, Giant Snake, Hill Giant, Troll,
Tyranthraxus (Fake)

By the way, if you have trouble pronouncing Valjevo, it's pronounced

Valjevo Castle can be located north of Stojanow Gate.

You may (or may not) have found by this point in the game, using the Area
command, that all the maps are 16x16 grids.
However, the castle is broken up into four 16x16 regions; South West, North
West, North East and South East.
There are many optional battles here but I'll be covering them since you're
going to need all of the XP you can get. Before you can battle Tyranthraxus,
your whole entire party must be at full level in order to stand a fighting
chance. By this point in the game, you should only be one or two levels away
from being full level for all of your party members. The enemies here will
yield a huge amount of experience points, so it shouldn't take too long.

Since the only way into Valjevo Castle is through the southwest side,
we'll start with the...

This is where you will start off. In the south east room here, you will find
women washing clothes. They will beg you not to kill them and offer you the
disguises they made. Accept. You can leave them if you want, but it seems that
some of the times I've done it, the sergeant has found me out and I can only
conclude it's those women who told the sergeant. There are an infinite amount
of sergeants, and they only appear when the alarm is ringing, and there is a
lot of stuff that you can do that can trigger the alarm. You can also tie up
or even kill the women, too. If you kill them, the alarm rings. I guess they
have spells that raise nearby alarms?
I would personally suggest parleying Nice and leaving the women alone.

Regarding the sergeant battles, if you need the XP, it's a good idea to trigger
them. They do stop if you exit the area. (In the computer version, you must
exit Valjevo and Stojanow and go away for a while.)
In the south west corner, there is a 2x2 and 4x2 room. The 2x2 room is a room
full of coal, which one of your party members states is for the blacksmith. In
the 4x2 room, you guessed it. The blacksmith is here. He will be accompanied by
three fire giants. You can talk with the blacksmith if you want. If you parley
Haughty or Abusive, the smith will ask you to just let him get back to work.
(Note: At night, you can take the blacksmiths weapons, as he is not present.)
Sly and Meek makes one of your party members tell him he's skilled at his work
and that he should serve Tyranthraxus. The guard replies that he has worked
for Tyranthraxus for a long time and if you don't know that, you must be
intruders, then a battle starts.
Nice asks him if he's warm in there.
He says yes, but he's used to it. He will then ask you to leave him alone.
Let's get that experience though...

Note that you can come back to this battle
later if you want. As you will be put up with Fire Giants, which are extremely
tough enemies.

The Burly Blacksmith
You're in a bit of a spot here; Three fire giants led by a fourth level
fighter. Just try using Stink Cloud on the fire giants and Hold Person on the
If the battle goes on long enough, the giants will surrender and the blacksmith
will attempt to run away.
I got 26094 XP and 12182 Gold. I also got a bunch of items: Halberd, 2H Sword,
Broad Sword, two hammers and chain mail and a banded mail.
Another time I got 29294 XP.

In the midwest region is a room. There's nothing you need to do in this room,
but it's interesting, since something was censored here.
You will walk in a room to see a lump of meat. The game glitches by having the
next block of text appear while the screen is scrolling up in the game.
Your first party member says you're in a meat storeroom.
However, in the Japanese version, it says this:
"A lump of meat hangs from the ceiling.
 (First Party Member:)
 A meat storage room. Hmm? What's this!?
 The meat hanging here is human flesh!"
The human flesh line wasn't even in the computer versions, so the developers
took liberties here. I assume this human meat is for the fire and hill giants.

Then, in the north west corner is a room. Once you go
inside, the game will tell you that there's a shrine to Bane in the back.
(In the computer versions, it says it used to be a barracks, but has since been
converted into a temple of Bane.)
After that, an acolyte will greet you, and ask you to accept Bane's gift...

1.) Medidate
    The acolyte will ask Bane to bless your party. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean,
    "bestow his gift" upon your party. One of your party members will be
    severely damaged and in pain. After that, the acolyte will say you're
    not true Bane believers.
    The acolyte will pull off beads from his fireball necklace and throw it
    at your party, severely damaging them.
2.) Talk
    The acolyte says the room is a shrine of Bane, and tells you to hurry.
    If you choose to talk again, he will just say there's not much time.
3.) Leave
    Start a battle.
    (Note: In the computer versions, this doesn't work, you will always be
     hit with the acolyte's fireballs.)
4.) Attack
    See choice 1.

 Clerics Galore
 This battle has two 1st Level Clerics and a 5th Level Cleric. No spells are
 needed here, just hack and slash through these guys. If you want to make the
 battle go quicker, I guess you could simply cast Hold Person on them.
 I got 2021 XP and 3 Gold pieces. I also got Plate Mail, a Mace, and of course,
 a fireball Necklace from the main cleric. That necklace makes the fight worth
 it. Also, a wand.
 (Another time, I got 5521 XP with the 3 GP.)

In the back of the shrine are two things;
You will find a box of coins. You can rob the box which gives you 3 gold and
3 experience points. However, if you do this, your party members will be
severely damaged/killed, and the game says that you feel something very dark
and frightening watching you. I believe the game's referring to Bane.
Remember that note we found earlier in the game (Kovel Mansion) that mentions
this very shrine, and that they hunt robbers mercilessly?

There are also two long swords hung up on the wall. You can take them, but
they are cursed. You can sell them to the Phlan armory for 3500 GP.

Besides, you only get 3 XP and Gold.
You may have also read a note earlier in the game that said that if you steal
from this shrine, 'they'll' hunt you mercilessly.

In the middle west of this place is a room where you walk in, a bucket of sand
falls on your party and hill giants attack you. The game then notifies you that
the bucket was a 'crude alarm'. Not sure why, but I always found that 'crude
alarm' bit funny.

Alternatively, if you have the Search mode on before going into this room,
then your party will notice the bucket. However, it doesn't matter, as the
giants will still hear your party and attack you anyway.

 Hill Giant Hell 1
 Here you are put up against six Hill Giants. Make sure your mages have
 fireball and most of all, haste. Haste allows your party to attack multiple
 times and do much more damage. Also use stink cloud. It doesn't work on them
 all the time but you can sometimes get one or even two hill giants paralyzed.
 I got 23352 XP and 12000 Gold. Eh, I'd say it's worth the fight.

Moving on, there are two 1x1 rooms above the Hill Giant room. These are just
bathrooms and should be ignored. But, above those rooms is a 2x2 rooms.
Go inside and you will kick the door in to do so, and two hill giants will
approach you. They will look at you confused. Talk either Haughty or Abusive
and your first party member will ask them about leaving their post.
If you talk any other way or just want to kill them...

 Hill Giant Hell 2
 Just like the first battle, but this time there's two. Pretty much, just
 slash through them while your magic users try and use Stink Cloud on them.
 I got 7784 XP and 4000 Gold. Definitely worth the battle.

If you go into the first room upon entering from the southwest region, search
this room for treasure. You'll get 3700 XP and 200 Gold. I got a potion and
wand also. There are also five hill giants you may wake up.

 Hill Giant Hell 3
 During this battle, I found out by having your cleric cast 'Cause Blind', it
 will cause the giants to run away. There were 3 giants remaining when it
 happened. I got 19660 XP and 10000 Gold. I also got a long sword.

In one of the northwestern rooms, search all over the room and you'll find
treasure; 245 XP and 200 Gold. Not much, but it's free. I also got a potion.

Now, if you try and walk past the top north section onto the north east region,
a guard will ask what you are doing here. For some reason, you can't negotiate
with him. This may have been a glitch, but I don't know. Anyway, either way, he
will raise the alarm. If you try and attack him, he will run near the door and
push a button rapidly and warn you that the patrols are coming. You can attack
him if you want.

 Valjevo Guard
 Just a 5 on 1 battle; your party versus the guard who is a 6th Level Fighter.
 Take all 45 of his HP down and he's done. Or you could just cast Hold Person.
 I got 421 XP from this fight.

After that, the patrol the guard was warning you about approaches you; the
sergeant and his hill giants. The sergeant will ask you what you are doing
here. The game will then make one of your characters talk. Anything other than
Haughty or Abusive will make the sergeant ask you the password. If you haven't
got it yet, your first character will ask 'Hurray for Tyranthraxus?' and the
sergeant will tell you you're wrong and a battle begins. Haughty and Abusive
make him ask you who you are working for. You have the choice between The Boss,
Cadorna, Urslingen, and Diogenes. If you select the Boss, the sergeant will
leave. Any other choice begins in a battle. These are the random battles I had
mentioned earlier, and how your party SHOULD trigger these battles if your
party members aren't at their full levels yet. This is easy experience.

 Sergeant Battle
 This battle will put you up against six hill giants and the sergeant who is
 again a 6th Level Fighter. Again, use Haste and have your mages try and
 paralyze the giants and save the sergeant for later.
 I got 19881 XP and 10001 Gold. Definitely worth it.

After the battle, the alarm will start ringing. This will repeat the
aforementioned scenario. If you need to rest, leave Valjevo Castle.
Fortuantely, if the patrol finds you, you can simply tell them you work for
The Boss and they'll leave temporarily. If you have enough experience, go
back to New Phlan and train your characters.
The guard does respawn, so when you come back to Valjevo through the south
west region, proceed into the south east region and go up into the...


First off, if you try to pass the 2x2 room, there is a guard with four fire
If you run into him, no matter what you do, he will raise the alarm. When you
try to go back to where he is, four fire giants will come out of the building
and attack. Good luck...
(Alternatively, the game will tell you that a nearby door slams shut, and
 that fire giants come out of the building.)

 Ferocious Fire Giants
There's four fire giants here. Fire giants are definitely one of the toughest
enemies in the game, since they are resistant to fire-based spells. Stink
Cloud and haste are your best bets. Also, try to use projectile weapons, and
if you have strong fighters, try to have them up front to combat the fire
giants. Also, if you've found rings of fire protection, it is highly
reccomended said warriors have those rings equipped.

Anyway, let's move on.
Next to it is a giant guard post, in which the game will tell you is a mess!
There are four giants, and one will look at you and ask who you are. If you
try to flee, it will start the battle. Waiting will just make the fire giants
come closer. After their character portrait shows, select parley. Parleying
Sly, Nice, and Meek will result in the giant saying, "Run away quickly little
ones. Or I'll eat you!" After that, anything but attack and flee (which start
the battle) will have the giant say, "You can't get away! Now I'll eat you!"
Now you're up against four fire giants.
On the other hand, speaking Haughty or Abusive will make your character tell
the giants they should know you, along with an insult.
The giant will ask you if you think you're so smart, because they (the giants)
know they are. Then he'll wave a piece of paper at you asking if you can read
it. The paper will give you the password for the maze and the password to avoid
getting your butt kicked by the sergeant. Your party should be able to read it.
(I believe the word in the computer versions is 'Rhodia'. Or at least, that's
 the password into the maze.)

The northeastern 4x2 room has nothing in it, so ignore it. Under it is a 2x2
room which contains an armory. Take the weapons if you want.

In the room south of here (2x4 room), you'll enter a smoke-filled room.
There will be two human cooks and a gnoll picking on a smaller man.
Here are the choices:
 A.) Attack them. [Recommended]
 You attack the gnoll as he tries to escape. Your party surrounds him and kill
 him. The cook (who for some reason doesn't have a character portrait) will
 thank you greatly for saving them. He'll then give you the password into the
 maze. You can also get the password from Cadorna.
 B.) Leave
 The alarm starts going off.
 C.) Talk to the gnoll
 The gnoll will threaten you throw you in the oil if you don't leave. If you
 choose to leave, the alarm won't ring.
 Refusing to leave will have the gnoll ask if you want him to fry you. Then
 he'll grab a pan and smack one of your party members with it. Sometimes it
 doesn't do any damage. After that, you kill him. Probably not a good idea to
 pick a fight with some experienced warriors, huh?
 Then the cook will thank you and give you the password.
There is nothing else in this room, so don't bother searching for anything.

South of this room is a 2x2 room, a small library. Go inside it and you'll be
greeted by this message:
 "You find a report
  indicating that
  the northern nomads are
  ready for a strong leader
  and that the chief of
  the raven clan is allied
  to Tyranthraxus."

The game will ask you if you want to examine the books. You can examine them
if you want, but there's only one thing you'll find in here:
 "You now understand what
  Tyranthraxus has been doing.
  Tyranthraxus was only a
  member of a wicked
  organization originally.

  But he has become very
  powerful and plans to
  conquer not only Phlan but
  the whole Moonsea region."

If you try to examine even more, all you get is:
 "There are countless records.
  Destroying Tyranthraxus will
  be easier than examining
  all of them."

If anyone's interested, here's what the computer versions say. They're a bit
more detailed...:
You find evidence that the red
wizards of Thay are allied to

You are finding a pattern to
Tyranthraxus' activities. At first
Tyranthraxus' followers were an
unsophisticated horde of ill
organized unhumans.

Now they are much more sinister. The
web of corruption he has spread is
incredible in its scope. His ultimate
goal is to conquer all lands south of
the Moonsea.

To find anything more you will have
to spend so much time that you will
need to clear the area first.

Be careful in this room though...
Because this room is not exactly what you'd call safe. There is a scribe who 
you will encounter occasionally. If he sees you, he will bolt out the door and
raise the alarm. Sometimes he doesn't see you and you can bind him or kill him.
If you can, kill him. You can also knock him out if you want, but I think he
may come back later.

Here in the south east corner, you will encounter an officer and two giants who
are reporting to him. The officer will ask what you are doing here. If you talk
Haughty or Abusive, he will ask you who you serve. You know the drill here.
Sly, Nice and Meek will get him to shout "Enemies!" and he'll run out of the
room while the giants go for you. Haughty and Abusive will have him ask you who
you're working for. Anything but The Boss repeats what's above. Selecting The
Boss will make him apologize. Every step you take in that room, the whole
scenario repeats. There is also a time where you can enter and right away,
he'll say "You don't belong in the castle, do you?". In this situation, any
choice starts the fight.

If you wish to fight him...

 Officer Battle
 Here, there are four hill giants and a 6th Level Fighter. Use the same tactic
 as before and you should get rid of these guys with ease.
 I got 16339 XP and 8001 Gold. I also got the officer's chain mail. Another
 time, it was a Long Bow.

 If you Look in the corner of this room, you will find a note on the floor.
 It reads:
 I am clothed in flame.
 Believe not what
 you see...Tyranthraxus

You may also find this interesting note:
 Cadorna is a traitor.
 He was trying to find the
 Pool of Radiance,
 ignoring The Boss.

So I guess Cadorna wasn't only betraying New Phlan, but also betraying the bad
guys too...

First of all, let me start by apologizing, I don't think I ever covered this

In the room in the northeast, there is a room where you can battle four snakes.
They gave me only 1040 XP. There is no secret treasure in the room anyway, so
it's basically pointless. Unless you're a completist and have to beat every
little part of the game, avoid this one. Any hit from the snakes is a high
chance that your character will be poisoned.

There is a 2x2 room under it, but there's absolutely nothing in it, so just
skip that as well. The room under that one ALSO has nothing of value...or does
Search in the northeast corner of the room and you'll find a treasure. You'll
get 440 experience points, 200 Gold and a scroll. Hey, not a lot, but I'll take
it. The room you're currently in should be in the middle east. There should be
two 1x1 rooms next to it. Go in the left and look who it is...it's our old pal,
Cadorna! What's he doing here? I guess the Zhentil Commandant didn't really
like whatever he wrote! Cadorna will beg for you to spare him. Let me go over
the decisions...
 A.) Help
 Cadorna will thank you and give you the password to get into the maze. Then,
 he'll leave. Where to, I don't know. Let's just hope he's really changed his
 evil ways!
 B.) Leave him
 He'll tell you he can give you the password. Select to leave him again and
 he'll tell you how to get through the maze; 'Left.. right... right...' and
 he'll beg you again to spare him.
 Choosing it again will have him threaten your party by raising the alarm.
 Finally, choosing to leave him again will have him scream "Intruders!
 Intruders!" and the alarm will ring.
 C.) Slay him
 He'll tell you he can give you the password. Selecting to kill him again will
 result in the game telling you that one of your party members stabs Cadorna
 and he drops, 'slack in his shackles'.
In the neighboring 1x1 room, you'll see a well, in which the game will warn you
that it's icy water and deep. Choose to dive into the well and send your
strongest party member down to retrieve two Long Swords, along with 850
experience points.

There should be a 2x2 room right across from you. Enter it from
the west. Two hill giants will ask you for the password. I'm only listing
these decisions as well since some of them are rather interesting...

A.) Attack
The alarm will ring and you'll fight the two hill giants.
B.) Wait
The hill giant will demand you give them the password which will lead to D.
C.) Flee
Same as A.
D.) Talk
 1.) Parleying Haughty and Abusive
 The giant will ask who you're working for. Anything but The Boss will result
 in the battle. Choose anything else and they'll say "Wrong... Now I'll eat
 (In the computer versions, they say, "Wrong answer, dinner!")
 2.) Parleying Sly, Nice, and Meek
 The game will give you the option to give the password or evade the question.
 If you don't have the password, your party members says the least they can do
 is try, and says 'Glory to The Boss!'. The giants will then respond like they
 did above and a battle will start.
 Evade the question will result in this dialogue between one of your party
 members and the hill giants:
 "You are very strong...
 How did you get all of
 those muscles?
 What do you eat?"
 In which the giant will respond with scenario A occuring.
 "We eat silly humans...
  like you."
 (You don't get this option in the computer versions.)
The room next door to this one is just a 4x2  room full of cobwebs.
Nothing here. There will be a 2x2 room just west of it. Don't go in here
because the ceiling will crumble and your party will take some minor damage.
There's nothing in here, either.

The room next door to this one, DOES have something. Go to the west half
of the room and choose 'Look' to find another treasure. You'll get 600 XP,
200 Gold, and Banded Mail.
And the southwestern room has absolutely nothing in it, so that pretty much
covers this part of the castle. The room west of *that* room *does* have
something though. Walk in and you'll see that hill giants are trying to sit up
in their beds. You can choose to Flee, but then the alarm will ring. Anything
else will result in the battle starting...

Hill Giant Hell 3
You should know the tactic by now. If you don't, this is the last time I'm
going to tell you; Slice 'n Dice, Stink Cloud, Haste and Fireball.
There are five hill giants. When you're down to one giant left, he should run
away. I got a whopping 19460 XP and 10000 (count them, ten thousand) Gold! More
than worth the effort!
But wait! Don't leave the room just yet... search around the room (southeast
corner of the left 'block' of the room) and the game will tell you that the
party has found a treasure, and will ask you if you want to take it. Say yes,
and you'll be rewarded with 300 XP and 200 Gold. I also got a ring.
Another time I got 450 XP, 200 GP and a shield.

Now it's time to move on to the meat and potatoes of Valjevo Castle; the
Labyrinth. Before you even *think* about going here, make sure all your party
members are fully trained, or else you won't stand a chance against the enemies
To do this, get in fights with the sergeant (by alerting the guards in either
the north west or north east region) He and his hill giants will yield lots of
XP and Gold. Also, you can go to the 'Optional' section of this guide for other
fights which yield the same rewards. After 5-10 battles, go back to New Phlan
and see if your fighter is eligible to be trained. Or even better, look at the
experience chart at the beginning of this guide to save you the trip.
Anyways, onto the labyrinth...

The labyrinth is a huge place and this is what will lead you to Tyranthraxus'
place. The maze is in the center of Valjevo Castle. There are two enterances
with two doors along each other. One enterance is on the East side (which will
lead to Tyranthraxus' Place) and another on the West side (which leads to a
fake Tyranthraxus!). Take the east gate. (You fill be facing it west.)
(Note: Again, I'll cover the next-mentioned optional battles in the optional
section of this guide. Make sure that if you want to do them that you do them
now, because after you finish the game, you can't start the fights anymore.)
When inside the maze, you will have the option to move through the hedges. DO
NOT DO THIS, because if you do, one of your party members will be caught in the
thorns and they'll die.

It has been said that the maze is deadly... nobody can ever find their way...
That's why I'm here to rip those worries out of your head and make this go as
painless as possible. But before I do, let me tell you a story.
It was years ago, and I couldn't figure out where to go in the castle. Then I
got a sixth sense that there had to be some illusionary wall. Well, after a
lot of trial and error, I finally found the illusionary wall while I was
staying in a log cabin (I brought my NES and games).

Also, before you enter the maze, make sure you have the password! I think it's
GHPAC or something, but that doesn't matter because you can't enter it. If you
try to enter the maze without the password, not only will your party be
severely damaged (even killed) by boulders from the top of the castle, but the
maze will be riddled with those deadly poisonous snakes.

At the end of this maze lies the entrance to Tyranthraxus' place. 
Take the left gate door inside and take these directions: F is Forward, L is
left and R is Right:

F(3x), L, F, L, F, R, F, R, F(3x), R, F, L, F, R, F(8x),
R, F(2x), L, F, L, F(3x), R, F, R, F(2x), L, F, R, F(2x), L, F, L,
F(2x), R, F(2x), L, F(9x), R, F(2x), L, F(2x), L, F(5x). You should be
standing in front of hedges from the maze and a door to your left. Enter the

When you enter the room, you'll notice that if you went to the room on the
opposite side, you weren't hugging the wall to the right like you are now.
At your entry, turn right and press forward and you'll pass through an
illusionary wall! I only knew about this after exhausting every possibility
in the castle, I thought that there had to be an illusionary wall somewhere
and I found this completely by accident. Now proceed through this corridor
to Tyranthraxus' Lair.
(The wall east of the illusionary wall is... you guessed it, also illusionary!)

As Billy Mays said, "But wait, there's more!" Well, there is. If you entered
the maze from the east side and took these directions, the game will state
how you spot a man in fine clothing. His character portrait is Skullcrusher's
so I wonder if it's him? Probably not. Anyway, the man claims he is
Tyranthraxus, future conqueror of Phlan. But here's the big catch; this isn't
really Tyranthraxus, it's just a fake, and you can talk him into confessing
that. If you do blow his cover, he'll ask you if he can leave. If you say yes,
there's some treasure in store for you, if you decide to kill him, well, all
you need to do it just hack and slash him, or if you're that worried about your
characters taking damage, simply cast a Stink Cloud spell on him, and hope that
he gets held. He has 40 HP and has a barbecue sauce palette swap of a thief.
Notice how now the alarm rings. What's so bad about the alarm ringing in the
maze? Well, it's full of giant poisonous snakes, and trust me, you don't want
to fight them, as any successful hit results in the hit party member being
poisoned and killed. Now you need to retrace your steps, just reverse the
directions I gave you to find your way out. Anyway, once you take the right way
and go through the illusionary wall, you will be in...

m. Tyranthraxus' Place
MISSION - Defeat Tyranthraxus and save Phlan
REWARD - Reward from council, game complete
REWARD FROM COUNCIL - ????? (Don't want to spoil it...)
NPC ENCOUNTERS - Genheeris (Genheris in party)
MONSTERS - Thief (Lvl 1), Genheeris, Medusa, Fighter (Lvl 8), Tyranthraxus

(Note: If all your characters are not fully trained, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT
enter this place. Instead, kill giant patrols in the Castle to rack up on
some experience points and then train your characters at the training hall in
New Phlan until they are all full level. Also, there are no random encounters
in this place so rest up all you want.)

Well, this is it. When you get here, you will be noted how an illusionary wall
is to your left. There is also a door in front of you. If you go through it,
you will have to confront the medusa. Out of generosity, I decided to make
a guide for the medusa. You can also get to the medusa upstairs. In one of the
rooms, the game will say you found a trap door. If you decide to open it, the
game will tell you how you see a bunch of terrified statues, then one of your
characters will be turned to stone (unless you killed the Medusa already).
Then the game will give you the option to jump down the trap door, or ignore
it and go about your business. If you jump down and the medusa's still in
there, you will fight her.

Menacing Medusa
Since this is the only medusa in the game, why avoid writing a guide about
her? She has 30 hit points. If you know anything about the medusa, it's
that she can turn anyone to stone. In this battle, even with full level
characters, it's not too hard for her to turn one of your party members to
stone. The only advice I can give is to hack and slash her and hope that she
dies instead of you. You can also paralyze her with a Stink Cloud.
I tried hold person since she is a humanoid, but that has no effect on her.

Now on to the second level of Tyranthraxus' Place. You can access this at the
beginning by simply going up the stairs.
If you beat the medusa without her stoning you, good job! Go back to where
you first entered and go through the illusionary wall the game mentions, then
go up the stairs. Now you can either take the left or right passage. Go left
and follow the corridor. At the end there will be two paths to choose; either
the set of stairs going down and a door in front of you. DO NOT go down the
stairs yet. We will do that very soon, but first we need to recruit someone.
Instead, go into the door in front of you and you will find a thief. You can
kill him but he's just a 1st Level Thief and won't leave any good reward. You
can parley with the thief which is what I do. He will tell you to be quiet
since he returned from the north and is exhausted. You'll then hear a voice
call for their messenger. The thief will then get up and walk into the next
room. Later he will return with a document that he packs away. Then you will
hear the voice yell for their messenger...

Again, make sure your party is fully leveled and equipped. After you get
Genheeris, you CANNOT leave this place, or else Genheeris will leave your
party after passing the set of stairs down. Unlike Magician, he will not come
back, as he will attempt (and fail) to beat Tyranthraxus. I would also highly
recommend to save your game, in case you're not strong enough and need to go
back to New Phlan. With that said, proceed into the next room.

You will meet Genheeris. He will ask what news you bring. If you parley, he
will tell you to tell Al-Hyam Dazid to carry out phase two of plan A. Refuse
and he will get a disappointed look on his face. He will also do this if you
parley rudely. He will then ask if Tyranthraxus sent you to kill him, but
before you can answer, he'll ask to join you and if you accept, he'll make you
generals. Accept him into the party.

Again, after Genheeris joins your party, this is it, you can't pass the stairs
going down without him leaving your party permanently. You have no choice now,
go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll be in a large audience hall. Your party
will see not only a huge hole in the ceiling revealing the sky, but also the
legendary Pool of Radiance! In the pool, your party will see a bronze dragon
engulfed in flames. As you may have guessed, this is Tyranthraxus, taking over
the form of the bronze dragon. You may be ready to fight Tyranthraxus, but not
so fast... he will send his goons after you. Prepare for the two toughest
battles in the game...

Tyranthraxus' Guards
This is an extremely tough battle. you will be up against about 12 8th level
fighters. Not only do they have an extremely low armor class and do massive
damage, but they also have 87 HP. The best strategy I found is to paralyze
them by using Hold Person. Also use Lightning Bolt/Fireball spells, wands,
necklaces, etc. This should make the battle MUCH easier.
If you have clerics, this battle will be WAY easier to complete.
Have your cleric(s) cast Hold Person. When they do they should be able to
attempt to paralyze three enemies each spell. Whenever you cast it you are
guaranteed to hit at least one. Your cleric(s) should be able to memorize
five hold person spells. Do the math and that's 15 attempts to paralyze the
guards from each cleric. If you got the paralysis wand from Yarash, you should
be able to use that to your advantage, too. As far as I know, this is the
easiest possible way to finish this battle.

I got 20950 XP and 250 Gold. Then I also got two rings, and three 2H Swords
and Plate Mail, but good luck trying to carry all of that unless you want to
drop your current weapons and armor and try these on for size. Personally,
I haven't tried this yet...

Once you defeat Tyranthraxus' guards, Tyranthraxus will look at your party
with great interest. He will tell your party you have no chance of defeating
him and to surrender yourselves to him so that you may join his army to take
over Phlan.

Here are your choices:
1.) Attack
    Starts the battle listed below.
2.) Join him
    You'll be asked if you're sure of your decision.
    You will be given the choice Yes or No. No starts the battle and Yes...
    'You become
     Tyranthraxus' men.
     You join in the attack
     that destroys Phlan.'
    Then you're rewarded with a Game Over. Sorry.

But you'd be a big dummy to make it all this way just so you can get a Game
Over. Let's kick Ty's butt!

FINAL BOSS: Tyranthraxus (AKA - The Boss)
UPDATE (1/18/2021):
I discovered that the bronze dragon Tyranthraxus possessed was named Srossar.
He was a good dragon that was able to communicate. However, Tyranthraxus had
possessed Srossar by convincing him to bathe in the Pool of Radiance, which
allowed Tyranthraxus to take over Srossar's body.

Tyranthraxus takes up 4 spaces and has 80 HP. He is resistant to pretty much
any spells and wands you use on him. What makes this battle even more tough
is that you just had to put up with 12 hard-to-kill fighters that may have
severly damaged or killed one or more of your party members. That's where
Genheeris comes in. His magic missles can do some damage to Tyranthraxus.
Tyranthraxus will hurt you severely and even worse - he can do... well how do
I put this... Bonus Damage. He can hit you with his fire too, and he can do
it 5-10 times in a single attack, even after he kills a character. Throughout
the game, you may have found rings of fire protection. They won't completely
stop his fire damage, but they do help.

At this point, I'm glad the developers didn't include some stuff from the
computer versions. In the computer versions, Tyranthraxus can paralyze your
party members with fear. Anyway, onto defeating the final boss...

If you have archers, have them run away from him and
use your bow and arrows. Those will do some damage on him. I actually found
this to work pretty effectively. For your fighters, just hack and slash at him
and hope for the best. Don't reset the game if he slains one of your
characters. Once you beat the game, an old friend will help you with that
matter. Also, enjoy the final boss music, because you won't get to hear it
anymore after this fight. It actually reminds me of Birdland by Weather Report.

Beating him got me a whopping 43445 XP, 26775 Gold, and 41 Gems!
I also got a Shield, Ring, Scroll, Plate Mail, and four potions.

If you want to know what happens after this, go to the Game Ending section. I
just don't want to spoil it for anyone reading this.

After the ending, the game tells you that your party returns to Phlan
victorious! The guards will approach you as soon as the credits are over and
tell you that your reward waits with the city council. It's a HUGE reward.
Though since you've beaten the game, it's basically worthless.
Go see the Council Clerk at City Hall.
The council clerk will tell you that if you want, you can kill off the
remaining monsters. This is if you want to beat the game 100%, you can go to
places like Kuto's Well, Podol Plaza, the Textile House and maybe some other
places I'm forgetting. Now your goal is to get them to stop spawning in said
locations. To do that, you have to fight around 10-25 random encounters in that
area. I'm not sure exactly how many random encounters you must fight, but it's
somewhere around that range. It shouldn't be a problem for your party now,
since they should be fully trained.

The council clerk will also ask you if you want to leave what's called a
Character Sheet, and says you can transfer your party members into other games.
Don't bother with this feature, because there are no games that will take these
codes. It's been said that there was going to be an NES version of the game's
sequel, Curse of the Azure Bonds, but it never got either finished or released.

Remember how I mentioned not to fear if one or more of your party members
died? Remember Braccio? He will resurrect any dead party members for free.

If you were planning on taking over Phlan and killing the guards, that will not
be possible, as there's now no possible way to anger the city guards. You can
now rest on the streets without the guards interrupting, you can go into any
rooms in the city hall, and whenever you go into the taverns, all you'll hear
when you choose to listen to gossip is, "Who on earth knocked down the Boss?"
No more brawls will start.

(In the DOS version, you can go into a tavern and get in a fight, and after the
fight, the guards will be alerted so if you select to stay after the fight, you
will be able to fight them, but be careful, if you do, the city won't help you
anymore and since there's no more missions to do, there's no way to get them
back on your side again, at least no way that I'm aware of.)

Anyway, there is absolutely no way to provoke the guards in the NES version

Congratulations on beating Pool of Radiance for the NES, what I consider to be
truly the best RPG game ever made!

11. Game Ending
WARNING: This part is only for anyone who likes spoilers.
This is what the game says when you kill Tyranthraxus.

The dragon is mortally wounded...
As he expires, something rises from the body.

TYRANTHRAXUS: You fools! You can't destroy me, even if you destroy this shell.
I can live by entering into your bodies. I will live forever!

The pool flares and begins to shine brightly!

BANE (Game calls him "Voice"): No Tyranthraxus! You will not dishonor me. You
have failed...

TYRANTHRAXUS: Oh, my lord Bane! How can you call me back now?
Stop, please! I'm not yet...

Tyranthraxus is dragged into the pool by an invisible force.
The pool's water stops glowing as the spirit as the spirit recedes.
Tyranthraxus is destroyed! You return to Phlan victorious.

The game will show the "Cast" (your party members). Then it will show various
portraits from the game:
The elf skeleton from Sokal Keep
Ferran Martinez from Sokal Keep
Gypsy from The Slums
Kuto's Well
Female apparition from Kuto's Well
Mendor's Library
Garden from Mendor's Library
Ogre Auctioneer from Podol Plaza
Cadorna/Skullcrusher in chains
Restal's Guild from Textile House
Skeletal hands from Valhingen Graveyard
Phlan Boat
Wilderness Selection
Nomad Camp
Kobold Cave
Outside Diogenes' Cave
Inside Diogenes' Cave
Yarash's Pyramid
Contaminated water pipes from Yarah's Pyramid
East Marsh castle
Bucaneer base
Lord Bivant heir
Zhentil Keep

(Maybe these portraits are a suggested way of beating the game?)

Congratulations! You have beaten Pool of Radiance! Now go treat yourself to a
cold one or an ice cream, or a milkshake, or whatever you do to celebrate. I
hope you had a fun time reading this guide, and I hoped I helped you!

12. Optional
It may take a while to complete this part, because there's so much optional
stuff to do. But there are some optional battles you can do in the game. Note
that some of these aren't easy so at least make sure you're leveled up before
you take on these quests.

Why don't we start with New Phlan?

New Phlan

Before I start this, I just want to say you're going to want your party
fully trained/leveled up, so I'd recommend doing this part at the end of the

There are many ways to anger your superior officer...or guard...or whatever you
want to call them; Sleeping on the street, getting into fights at taverns,
trying to enter certain doors in the city hall that you're not allowed in, and
trying to break in shops at night.
They'll yell at you and make you feel miserable, and will even take away your
map. Aren't you tired of them pushing you around telling you what to do? Why
aren't they helping your party fight off evil? Enough is enough! You're gonna
finish off these guys once and for all!

(Note: Not sure if anyone's interested, but in the computer versions, they say
 'Due to your vicious attack on those
 who protect us, we refuse you all

 In the NES version, they say
 We cannot help you wicked ones.)

 New Phlan Guards
 (Note: Make sure your party is fully trained before you take on this fight. It
  will NOT be an easy one...)
 Here's the setup: 10 Aides, 4 6th Level Fighters, 4 8th Level Fighters, and
 two mages; Lord Urslingen and Lord High Mayor Ulrich Eberhard (credited as 6th
 Level MU). The only advice I can give here is just use Hold Person, Sleep, and
 any other paralysis spells you may have. Fireball and Lightning Bolt also work
 wonders. If you've got Haste, that's another good spell to use.
 I got 10400 XP and 116 Gold.

 After you have done this, the remaining guards decide to leave you alone.
 Congratulations, you've just angered New Phlan. Now nobody will help you.
 You go into the inns, shops, wherever... they'll tell you that because of what
 you've done, they refuse to serve you.

Anyway, it's not over yet. Go into the southwestern shrine. A scary-looking
priest will tell you that you'll pay for attacking the city guards...
("Cleric: You are the villians who attacked the city guard. You must pay!")

 Revenge of the Clerics
 This battle contains 20 enemies; Three 7th Level Clerics, Seven 5th Level
 Clerics, Three 8th Level Fighters, and Seven 4th Level Fighters.

 The clerics are pretty much cannon fodder. They block your path while the 4th
 level fighters shoot volleys of arrows at you.
 But that's not all... What's worse is that they're full level and can do
 some nasty damage. Also, as you may have guessed, they're extremely tough to
 kill. Hold Person should work wonders though. Fortunately, the clerics are no 
 big deal. But as I said before, they're there to stop you from getting to the
 fighters. Some good news is that Sleep will work on the 4th Level Fighters,
 and you should be able to carry four Level 1 Magic User spells. Don't use any
 paralysis spells on the clerics. You'll need them for the fighters and
 besides, the clerics aren't too much of a threat.

 I got 211670 XP, 100142 Gold and 400 Gems.
 Again, pretty much the whole town hates your guts...except for the training
 hall. After I killed the clerics, I was still able to train there. If I
 remember right, you can come back here in the USA version and fight this
 battle again, but in the Japanese version, you only get to do this battle
 once. Again, I'm just going by memory.


  Ohlo Onslaught
 This (as far as I know) is the only optional battle in the slums. If you
 don't talk to Ohlo the right way, he'll attack you.
 You will be put up against 10 enemies; 5 hobgoblins, 2 hobgoblin leaders,
 2 ogres, and Ohlo.
 I would normally say to wait until you are leveled up to take on this fight,
 but to do that you must have enough gold, and by the time you have enough
 gold, you will have already cleared out the Slums. After you finish all the
 main battles, you will not be able to access this battle.
 I have not been able to finish this battle yet, so I do not know what
 reward you get.

Sokal Keep

 Scorpion Sting
 To get to this battle, simply follow these directions upon going through
 the northern doors at the beginning:
 N1, W2, S1, W2, and then go north. Upon your entry, insects will fall on
 the floor, as they're all over the room; on the floor, walls, ceiling...
 There are three Large Scorpions.
 The scorpions can poison your characters which will instantly kill them
 on the spot. Then you'll have to go to the temples in New Phlan and buy a
 highly expensive Neutralize Poison spell.
 To beat this, have your magic users cast Sleep on the scorpions.
 I only got 195 XP. Not worth it...

Kuto's Well
First off, let's cover the random encounters:

 Kobold Chaos
 Here, there's 13 kobolds. Not sure why such a random number, but whatever...
 There's 10 regulars and 3 leaders.
 I got 141 XP and 13 Gold. It's to be expected...
 I did this battle two times.

 Lazy Lizardmen
 10 lizardmen attempt to defeat your party.
 I only got 980 XP.
 I did this battle three times.

 Nasty Gnolls
 Here there are 10 gnolls. Don't let their size fool you; They're easy
 opponents. Almost as easy as kobolds.
 I got 620 XP and 140 GP.

There's a 2x2 room in the middle north at the top of the area map. Go in there
and bump into the southeast corner. You'll then see some limping kobolds. The
game tells you that they try to sneak away from you. If you select Flee, you'll
run away. If you select Wait, the game tells you that they got away. Attack and
Talk do the same thing; the leader of the kobold pack will beg you not to kill
them, that the king sent them to look for the Pool of Radiance, and that
they're not built for fighting. The leader says so far, they've got nothing. He
will then beg you again to spare their lives. If you still want to kill them,
there's just 12 regulars. All you'll get is 108 XP and 12 Gold.
Choosing to question them will make them start sobbing and beg you even more to
spare them. If you let them go, they'll run away with one turning around and
waving to you, thanking you for letting them go.

Even with that done, we're not 100% done with this place.
There is an optional part that I would like to walk you

Again, this next quest is optional but I personally
recommend it. Go to the middle south part of this place (the room
that's under the well on the area map.) Then try to go forward
and you'll see that lizardmen and giant lizards guard a sealed
door. Let's find out what's behind that door...

Lizardmania Battle
Lizardmen are hard, but not as bad as trolls luckily. Just
cast Sleep on them. The lizards can't really do
any harm.
I got 764 XP and that's it. No gold or gems here. Make sure
you rest your party soon if they took any damage (which they
most likely did.)

After the battle, attempt to go inside the door. It will be nailed shut, but
your party can open it. After doing so, you'll encounter a woman. For some
reason, she doesn't animate like the rest of the monsters/characters do.
She will give you this dialogue:
 I've been awaiting you
 for a long time.

 A wicked one has come out
 from the Pool.

 He is your enemy...
 But you can't recognize
 him at a glance. Beware!

Before your party can do or say anything, she vanishes.
Right where you're standing, you can select the Look option to find hidden
treasure; 2300 XP, Banded Mail, Bracers, and a Quarter Staff.
More specifically: Banded Mail +1, Bracers AC 4, and Quarter Staff +1.

I'm pretty sure the hag is referring to Tyranthraxus, and the fact he
possessed a bronze dragon's body. And yes, the Clue Book refers to the woman
as a hag.

 Mendor's Library

  Kobold Catastrophe
 There is a room you can go in which you will find five kobolds begging you
 not to attack them. If you do, you will be put up against five regular
 kobolds and no leaders.

  Mad Man Mayhem
 You can attack the Mad Man you find. He's just a level 1 fighter with 7 hit
 points, so it should be easy to dispatch him.

 Podol Plaza
  Bane Shrine
 There is only one optional part here, as far as I know. On the east side of
 this place is a 2x2 room on the middle right of the area map. You'll see the
 building used to have an Il-Mater symbol on it, but it has been replaced by
 the mark of Bane. When you enter, you will be greeted by an orc in a robe.
Here are your options:
1.) Attack/Flee
 Starts a battle with the one orc leader.
2. Wait/Parley
 The orc will give you a weird smile and blesses you with Lord Bane. Then he
 will reveal an evil plan; he's hiring forces for the shrine across the river.
 1.) Accept/Refuse
  These choices end up leading to the same thing. If you accept, the orc will
  ask you to return in two hours to meet Mace, a half-orc cleric. If you
  refuse, the orc will still tell you to return in two hours, but this time
  tells you to return if you change your mind. Regardless which option you
  chose, when you come back in two hours, you'll enter the shrine only to be
  greeted by a bunch of monsters. The orc from earlier will point at your party
  and shout, "Slay the heretics!". This will put you up against 8 regular orcs,
  1 leader, and 3 ogres.

 Kovel Mansion
There's not much to do here besides find treasures and attack some of the
thieves. Sometimes in set locations, 7th Level Thieves will attempt to kill
one of your party members, but most of the time, you catch them. You can
either let them go or fight them. Each battle will give you 455 XP and 6 GP.

Note that to find some of these treasures, you'll need the Search mode on.

First, if you go to the northwestern-most room...
(It looks like this:)
 O  O
 O  O
 O  O

Entering this room, your party might get hit by a pendulum. Other times your
party finds it. It seems to be random, even with the Search mode on.
Go to the southwestern section of the room. You'll find very nice looking
inventory. Here are your options:

Take them
Examine them
Leave them
Find traps

Have your cleric memorize/cast a Find traps spell. If you don't have it, leave
Kovel Mansion and memorize the spell and come back. If you try to take them
without disarming the noxious gas trap, thieves will attack you.

  Robbin' Hood
 Here there are 15 enemies; 10 1st Level Thieves and 5 7th Level Thieves in
 the front.
 This got me 4825 XP and 40 Gold. I also got the aforementioned inventory:
 Short sword, hammer, halberd, mace, battle axe, chain mail, shield.

Near this room on the area map, you'll see a room that looks like the one
you're in, but sideways:
 O   O
 O   O

Enter it and walk around a bit to find two thieves. You catch them before they
can do anything, but they'll start to run. You can choose to pursue them. Then
they split up. You can go through the thief that went east, or the other that
went south. Here's the scenarios:

A.) Pursue through the east
 The thief will beg you not to harm him, and that he's a leader. He says he'll
 tell his men not to attack you if you let him go.
 a.) Let him go
  He'll run away and he'll say that he's not really a leader, just a minor
 b.) Slay him
  You just get a battle against a 1st Level Thief. He yields 15 XP and 1 GP.
B.) Pursue through the south
 This will lead you to the boss battle of Kovel Mansion.

In the southeast part of the mansion, there is a room that looks the same as
the aforementioned one. There are 3 cabinets here. At your entry, a glass
bottle will break out with yellow gas. The cabinets are in the northeast
corner. The 3 cabinets will be rigged with traps, so make sure your thief is
at a decent level so he can disarm the traps.

When the game asks how you want to open the cabinets, choose to break the

Cabinet #1 reveals documents about the thieves spying on certain people in
Cabinet #2 reveals 15 sacks of coins; 43 XP and GP.
Cabinet #3 reveals 18 sacks of coins; 1800 XP and GP.

Again, a neighboring 3x2 room near the one you're in has a similar scenario;
a trap springs at your entry (another pendulum). The northwest corner of the
room lies the thieves' secret treasure; 3962 XP, short sword, leather armor,
silver mirror, silver scarab, two daggers and a wand.

There's a 2x1 at the bottom of the area map which warns you not to steal from
the Bane shrine, as they will hunt you. Next to that is a 2x2 room with a
wooden cabinet. Same scenario as before, except this cabinet is rigged with
yellow poisonous spiders.
Also, the cabinet contains 3140 XP, 6 scrolls, scale mail and a shield.
The scale male and shield are +3, so you'll get big money if you sell them.
If you don't have anything as strong, do not get rid of them.
 You'll get 4 MU scrolls and 2 Cleric scrolls.
 The cleric scrolls have:
 Snake Charm, 2x Slow Poison and 3x Neutralize
 The magic-user scrolls have:
 3x Det invisible, 3x Reduce
 Sleep, shield, charm person and 3x fireball

The southeast room of the mansion contains fine tapestries that the thieves
I got 875 XP, 2x Fine Tapestry and Splinted Mail +2.

In the room under the thieves you pursued, there are caskets you can examine.
Each of them only give you experience points and gems. Once again, these are
rigged with traps. If you get hit by a trap, examine the cabinet that hurt you
again and this time the trap will be disabled.

Casket #1: 3000 XP and 12 Gems.
Casket #2: 1750 XP and 7 Gems.
Casket #3: 750 XP and 3 Gems.
Casket #4: 5000 XP and 20 Gems.

 Braccio's Quest

  The Dark Shrine
After you either complete Kovel Mansion, or recover the shrine from Braccio's
Quest, you can go east of the temple to find what the council clerk calls the
Dark Shrine. Like Norris the Gray, you will get a secret reward from the
council clerk for completing this. I say it's secret since she doesn't mention
your party having to do it.

To get here, board a boat north and choose the north part of Phlan when you
get to the wilderness. You'll be back at Kovel Mansion. Now go south of Kovel
Mansion and you will be where you need to.

Go into the middle 2x3 room. You'll be greeted by Orcs that smile
and then attack you, but you'll be getting the last laugh here.
Since this is a simple orc battle against 8 orcs (7 regular, 1 leader)
I will not walk you through this fight. Simply hack and slash. No
magic needed here. If you need to rest, you can go north of here into
Kovel Mansion and rest. Now, once again, there is a 3x2 room above
the current 2x3 block you're currently in on the area map. Go into
the 3x2 room now. You are in the main hall, surrounded by trash and
broken furniture. Select the Look option to find a trapdoor. Opening it will
yield 1320 XP, a scroll, potion, and ring.
More specifically: Ring of protection +1, Potion of Extra Healing,
scroll with 3 cleric spells. The spells are Resist Fire.

Go right and then straight into the next room. The
game will tell you the room is full of bodies which were victims of the orcs.
Select the Look option and you'll find that the bodies have jewels. Taking
them gives you 1500 XP and 6 Gems.

Now go in the room south of the room you are currently in. You will
encounter goblin slaves. They beg you not to harm them. Release them
if you want and they will give you useless information, telling you that
you need the Bane symbol to enter the shrine. We just cleared that out...

Now go back to the main hall. This time, take the left passage. You'll be in
a kitchen that has been destroyed by a fire. Select the Look option once again
and you'll find a skeleton underneath a broken table. The skeleton will have
a necklace as well as 1000 XP and 4 Gems. However, you don't actually get the
(In the Japanese version, your first member will actually mention it.)

Proceed into the next room to find a room full of junk and broken furniture.
Once again, select the Look option at entry to find a painting with 100 XP.
The Fine Tapestry is worth 500 GP.

Finally, proceed to the room south of you. You'll find some orcs led by an
ogre. The ogre will laugh that you fell into his trap.

 Ogre Onslaught
Again, all you need to do here is hack and slash your way through the
orcs and finish off the ogre. At this point in the game, your party
should be seasoned enough that the ogres are no match for them.
What I did was have my fighters on the front line attack the orcs and
my archers attack the ogre since he can't get to you. This proved to be
very effective.
I won 296 XP and 11 Gold from this battle.

After the battle, you'll find a piece of paper on the floor that says
Mace is great and strong, Tyranthraxus is greater and stronger, and
Bane is above all others. Yikes! Now, you should be able to rest here
without any interruptions, though there are still monsters here that
you can kill.

For clearing out the monsters, the council clerk
will give you 1500 XP, 750 Gold and 3 gems. If you want to continue with
clearing the place out, read the rest:

In the south region of the area map, there's a 1x3 room just under the
mansion. Walk into there and there is a group of orcs. More specifically,
there's 8 regulars and 1 leader. I got 182 XP and 18 GP.
Now go into the bottom room of the map and go into the 2x2 room next to it.
You'll find a couple beds. Attempt to search them and you'll get ambushed by
orcs: 7 regulars and 1 leader. This battle got me 166 XP and 17 GP. After you
search the beds, you'll find... absolutely nothing! Except bugs and debris.

Again, in the southern part of the area map are 2 2x2 rooms on top of each
other. The bottom one will have something inscribed on the wall:
SE RET TREASURE IS IN (Secret treasure is in)
THE S R NE (the Shrine)

If it helps any, here's what it says in the Japanese version:
"Shi den niha himi no takara ru.
 ba ryo 3"

This room also has a one-way door if you leave through the southeast corner.
The game may also inform you the room is now a prison cell.

Here I will show you how much of an enemy you will face when you battle them
in the wilderness. There are usually different numbers for each battle but I
will list how many I've found while working on this guide. Also, if they
can't be found anywhere else, I'll write a little walkthrough on how to beat
them. I'm writing the walkthroughs as if you've beaten the game and are fully
leveled for all characters in mind.

Ankheg - 2, 3
These guys can do 'bonus damage' by hitting you with their acid, but it only
takes a few points extra for damage. You don't really need spells to kill
these guys, just a lot of brawn.

Bandit/Merchant - 20 (19 Bandits/Merchants, 1 Sub-Captain)

Buccaneers - 10, 12
Easy like kobolds... I mean, cake!
Killing 10 of them got me 5150 XP.
Killing 12 of them got me 6180 XP, 12 GP, and 24 gems.

Centaur - 5
I wouldn't suggest fighting them. Not because they're tough, but because they
are of good alignment.
Killing 5 of them got me 2684 XP, 24 GP, 8 Gems. Sometimes you can get items
from them as well.

Displacer Beast - 3, 5

Drider - 4

Giant Lizard - 5, 6
Use fireballs.
Killing the set of 5 got me 620 XP.
Killing the set of 6 got me 744 XP.

Giant Mantis - 1
They're not tough per se, but they sure do have a lot of HP! They do some
moderate damage, so swords and arrows are the way to go with this guy.
 Killing him got me 2120 XP.

Giant Snakes - 4
Avoid these guys if you can. If not, a couple fireballs should do the trick.
Killing four of them got me 1040 XP.

Gnoll - 8, 10

Guard - 12
(Note; These are Zhentil guards; not the Phlan guards.)

Hippogriff - 4, 5
 Killing 4 of them got me 1028 XP and 2 gems.

Kobold - 14 (12 Regulars, 2 Leaders), 18 (15 Regulars, 3 Leaders)
Killing the set of 14 got me 142 XP and 14 GP.

Lizardman - 10

Merchant - 20 (19 merchants, 1 sub-captain)

Minotaur - 6

Nomad - 20 (19 nomads, 1 4th Level Fighter)

Phase Spider - 8
Oh, boy! The rarest enemy to find in the wilderness by far. My only advice to
find them is to look in the northern region. Fight them any chance you can.
What's weird about these guys is that sometimes they can disable your
projectile weapons such as arrows and darts. What I mean is, even if the
spider isn't next to your archer, it still won't let you shoot off your bow.
I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it's supposed to happen, though I lean
towards the latter. Though they look big, they don't do much damage whenever
they hit you.
The challenge is hitting them. 90% of the time, you will miss.
Killing them got me 6640 XP.

Quickling - 10, 12
Fighting these little f@ckers remind me of the Austin Powers movies where
Austin is fighting Mini Me. At first, they're just annoying, but it almost
seems they get easier the longer the battle goes. I parleyed Nice with them
and it made them leave, but I would HIGHLY reccomend fighting them. You get
thousands of experience, as well as cool items such as cloaks and scrolls.

Stirge - 10

Tiger - 3, 4
The tiger can do 'bonus damage' by scratching whoever it hits, but it doesn't
do much damage, thankfully. No spells needed here; just close combat should
be enough to finish them off.
Killing 3 got me 1359 XP.

Thri-Kreen - 3, 5
These guys are tough, but I have many more nightmares with them in Eye of the
Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon!
They don't have a ton of HP, but they can paralyze your characters, even at
full level. Use stink cloud and try to paralyze as many as you can. Fireball
is also a good idea.
Killing 3 got me 5562 XP and 9 gems.
Killing 5 got me 9075 XP.

Troll - 3
Attack them all at the same time; don't go after one particular troll. That
way, it will be harder for them to regenerate health after they die.
Killing them got me 2439 XP.

Wild Boar - 4, 5

Wyvern - 1
 1345 XP.

  Diogenes Cave
 Diogenes (pronounced d-oh-gi-knees) is a good silver dragon. His cave can
 be found on the northwest part of the wilderness. You'll see a stream in the
 area with a cave near it. You can't miss it. Really, there is no point in
 going here since there's nothing to do besides speak to Diogenes.
 When you get near the cave, you'll see Diogenes descend into the mountains.
 When you get to the cave, you'll see that Diogenes has landed in front of the
 cave. Choose to Enter. Note that there's really nothing to do here since you
 can't walk around the cave and only talk to Diogenes.

 Once you enter, Diogenes will ask who has entered his cave. Choose Give Name.
 He'll then ask why you have come to see him. From here, the choices are up to
 1.) Advice
  Diogenes will tell you of the efreet you will find in the kobold cave, and
  then your party will leave the cave. Then Diogenes flies back up through the
  hole in the ceiling.
 2.) Challenge
  Diogenes will be offended and will say he's the good dragon, and that the
  evil dragon lies within Phlan.
  1.) Apologize
   Diogenes says your party aren't really fools, then it goes to 1.
  2.) Attack
   Diogenes will start flying in the air and warn your party to leave before
   he destroys you. Then he'll fly through the hole in the ceiling again. The
   game says you can get up there if you climb up the wall...
   1.) Pursue
    You climb into Diogenes main lair, and he's waiting for you. The game
    warns you that he's not a happy camper...
   2.) Leave
    Your party leaves the cave.
    3.) Attack
     Too bad you don't even get a chance to attack him! Diogenes will paralyze
     your party with fear and shoots a fireball at your party. This will kill
     all of your party members, thus, you get a game over.
     I hacked the game so Gwydion has infinite health. The game says by the
     time you've recovered from the fireball attack, Diogenes is gone. Then
     it goes to 4 listed below.
    4.) Retreat
     Your party leaves the cave.
 3.) Offer a gift
  No side quests here. Diogenes will say there's nothing that he wants from
  you. He will say if you want to do anything for him, go to the kobold cave
  and find the efreet bottle.

 Once you have completed the kobold cave and have obtained the efreet bottle,
 you'd think Diogenes would give you some reward. However, when you return,
 the cave will permanently be empty. The game says when you enter the cave,
 you don't find anything of interest and end up leaving. It's too bad, as you
 should have been able to use this place as a resting/save area.

 Kobold Cave
13 kobolds; 3 leaders and 10 normal kobolds.
141 XP
13 Gold

I completed 34 random battles so far. However, the enemies haven't stopped
respawning here.

 Yarash's Pyramid
  Blue Bonanza
 Here I will take you through some of the optional parts of the pyramid which
 take place in the blue section.

 In one of the rooms if you use the look option, 

  Lizard Lament
 Upon teleporting to the second blue section, take these directions;
 N2, go into the east illusionary wall. You will be in a recently-used
 laboratory. If you turn on the Search mode and look around, you'll find a
  Number 213 is making good progress.
  Number 214 expired.
  Failed again.
 You will see another illusionary wall in front of you and to the
 right. Go through it. Then turn right facing south and keep going south to
 find five lizardmen. Choose to Advance. The game says they are wary of you,
 but look as if they won't attack. Advance again. Then parley Sly, Nice or
 Meek. Any other choices will make the lizardmen think you work for Yarash and
 they will attack you.
 If you leave the room and go east until you see the illusionary wall and go
 through it, you will be in a room with some weird tools and a table with
 manacles. You'll also see flasks and bottles on the wall as well as alchemist
 stuff on the tables. However, there is nothing in this room.
 Upon leaving this room, take these directions:
 W6, N4, E3, S2, E6, S1 and enter the illusionary wall to the east. You will
 be in a room with many tubs filled with dirty water which were used to
 contaminate the Stojanow River. Take one step forward to find an insane
 lizardman jump out of one of the tubs, along with two more of his friends!
 Now you're put up with three Mutant Lizardmen.

Valjevo Castle
Here are some optional battles you can get into in the maze:


 The Middle-Aged Man
 To get here, follow these steps after entering the east left door into the
 maze: E3, N1, W1, N2 and go into the door on your left.
 This isn't really a battle per se, but more of an encounter. You'll find a
 middle-aged man near the beginning of the maze. He'll beg you to let him go,
 as he was forced by Tyranthraxus to work for him. No matter what you choose,
 the game won't let you hurt him, as he runs away. The second time you select
 attack, he will again beg for mercy and says he'll give you some important
 information. The note reads:
 'Note: No one can oppose
    All who come before him
    fall in obedience!'
 'The power and charisma
  of Tyranthraxus must
  come from
  the Pool of Radiance.'
  Either way, you'll end up getting 5600 XP. I also got Bracers, a ring, and a
  Well, that about covers it for this section...


 Giant "Gubilee"
 To get here, enter the east right door to the maze and:
 E5, S5, W3, S1, W2, S2, E1, S3, W1, S2, E2, N2, E2, S4, W3, S2, E2, S1, W2
 As soon as you enter this 2x2 room on the west side, the game will tell you
 that three giant guards see you and go to you. Sometimes, they don't see you.
 Parleying Sly, Nice, and Meek will make the guards ask you for the password.
 This time, you actually have to answer, answer between Pool, Phlan, Bane, and
 Valjevo. However, none of these answers are correct. If you chose that one and
 chose an answer, the giant will tell you that you have one more chance. Screw
 that one up (and you will), the giant will laugh and tell you you're wrong
 again. Then he'll tell you to get out of here and the battle will start.
 Haughty or Abusive will make them ask who you work for. You know the answer...
 If you do the latter and pick Cadorna, Urslingen or Diogenes, the giant will
 say, "I don't know that name!" If you choose The Boss, he'll say, "I'm sorry
 sir! We were on duty. We are not lazy." Let's fight for that XP and Gold!
 The only thing I'm going to tell you for this battle is Haste, Fireball,
 Swords, and Stink Cloud.
 I won 11676 XP and 6000 Gold! Woo hoo!


Frogs and Toads Are Different?

There is a 2x4 room here, but you can only access it by entering through the
east side. That is unless you want to push through the thorns and kill one of
your party members, and I don't. Let's do that; enter from the east gates. Now
the room should be just south of where you're standing.
After you enter the room, you'll see four fire giants arguing over whether
frogs and toads are different.
One will turn to you and the argument will continue...:
'Giant: Frogs and toads
 are different.
   they are not the same
  'I'm right,
   aren't I?'
Here are your choices:
A.) Yes
The first giant will say, "See. I was right!"
The second one will say, "What!?! You can not trust those little ones!"
He will then say, "Hurt them!"
Then, the first one will say, "No. Leave 'em alone!"
The giants will then fight one another until one points at your party stating
why THEY'RE fighting when YOUR party started it. Then the battle starts.

B.) No
The other three giants laugh. The first one gets mad and says he'll teach you.
The other giants restrain him and warn you to get out of here.
Leave will do the obvious. Stay here will make the second giant question why
you didn't escape when you had the chance, and he assumes you want to fight

C.) Attack
Starts the battle with your party up against four fire giants.

D.) Flee
Leave the room. This event can still be triggered, however.

Fire Giants are tougher than Hill Giants, as they can do massive damage and
they are resistant to any fire-related spells, though you probably already knew
that. Just have your fighters slash them and your archers shoot arrows.
If you have Haste, that will also help a great deal, as you can do multiple
hits to the giants, and sometimes for big points.
I ended up getting 30816 XP and 16240 Gold with the last two giants
surrendering. Wow...

Of course, I mentioned before the fake Tyranthraxus that you can run into, in
the big 4x4 room in the northwest region.

You'll enter a nice-looking room with a strong-looking man. He will then ask
you what you are doing here in front of the almighty Tyranthraxus, King of
Here's your options:
A.) Attack
    You fight him and the alarm rings, spawning poisonous snakes in the maze.
B.) Wait
    Same as A.
C.) Flee
    Leave the room. The alarm will sound.
D.) Parley
 1.) Haughty/Abusive
 The man will admit he's not really Tyranthraxus and ask if you'll let him go.
 There will be a lot of treasure he'll leave behind if you let him go.
 Attack will go to A.
 2.) Sly
 He will warn you to leave if you don't want to die. If you select Attack,
 he'll say, "Then perish!"
 3.) Nice/Meek
 He'll tell you that being a fake isn't so bad, but the crown's too heavy for
 him. One of your characters will shout in question that he's a double. Then
 the man will reply, "What? Aren't you on our side? Guards! Don't let them go!"
 Imaginary guards...

 If you fight him, cast Hold Person on him. You don't even have to do that
 since he's easy to kill.
 I got 603 XP and 4 Gold.
 If you don't fight him and let him go, you'll get 8200 XP, plus some items;
 Long Sword, Gloves, a ring, a cloack and bracers.



Go into the northeastern room to enter a ruined tower. Then the game addresses
that there are trolls. More specifically, there's eight of them! Yeah...not an
easy battle. Again, use the same tactics that you used against the fire giants,
except this time, make sure you also use fireball and maybe a rhinestone or two
off any fireball necklaces you might have.
I got 6504 XP and once got a dagger.
That's it for the northeastern region.

But I'm not done here. Here's something interesting you can do...
(This works only on an emulator such as FCEUX)

Set address 600 to 03 and 601 to 0F. Now you'll be in the 4x4 block in the
south- western corner. You can go through a couple spaces, including one that
shows a hole. This is actually a glitch, as the hole's supposed to be the Pool
of Radiance, but after you step forward, it disappears! Funny, huh?

13. Errors In the Game
Since the NES version of the game was developed by a Japanese company, you can
expect a few spelling/grammar errors in the game:

Tavern Rumor:
"We need to be careful or it will decl are waron phlan."
Decl are waron phlan - Declare war on Phlan.

Podol Plaza:
This is a naban doned house. Only mice scurry about.
A naban doned - An abandoned

Valhingen Graveyard:
A zombie with hard gray skin glares at you with baleful eyes.
baleful - hateful

Stojanow Gate:
If you start the game with one guy, go to Stojanow Gate, kill the man with
the wagon and try to cross the gate, a bugbear will approach you and demand
15 GP. Select Pay and you will get this text:
Character 1:
  Hang it! I don't have
  enough money!

In the Japanese version it says,
"Shimatta! Okanega tarinai." (Damn it! Not enough money.)
I believe they intended for your character to say Dang it, but this was
either a typo or Nintendo of America found the word Dang offensive.

When you make a character and you are given the list of characters to choose
from, notice how the game says 'Chose the CHARACTER to make.' Oh well, close

Remember, a Japanese company developed the NES port of PoR.
What if you had to port a game in Japanese? Wouldn't be too easy, would it?
I also have a sixth sense that these were things that would've been censored by
Nintendo had there been no grammar issues. Just me though.

14. FAQ
Here are a bunch of questions and answers. A couple of them were sent to me by

Q - Who is "The Boss"?
A - "The Boss" is just an alias for Tyranthraxus.

Q - kcksldnfl sdhflsdhflihsdfhs
A - Umm okay, that I will not reply to. Especially if its in
    another language. I only know English. So please e-mail me
    something in English, rather than a foreign language. Don't worry, I
    can usually understand those who speak little English.

Q - I can't find the nomad camp/buccaneer base. Why can't I find it!?
A - Either because the council hasn't commissioned you to go there or you just
    haven't looked hard enough. I have updated the walkthrough of directions
    on how to get to each one.

Q - The Zhentil Keep guards won't let me inside the keep! Why?
A - Because you haven't been commissioned to go there yet. You should have
    visited the south door in the council clerk's office to talk with Cadorna
    about the mission.

 Q - On the Zhentil Keep mission, can you read the letter that Cadorna gives
     you, even though he tells you not to?
 A - No.

Q - Where do you find Nymphs/Wardogs in this game?
A - I think these are enemies they were originally planning to put into the
    game but never ended up doing it.

Q - How long did it take to make this guide?
A - Honestly, it's been so long that I don't remember. I believe it was a few
    months, but I played through the game also while making this guide (to
    ensure that I was writing things correctly.)

Q - I have suggestions for you. How do I tell them to you?
A - My e-mail is located at the top, since I always check it daily, it should
    work so if you send me an e-mail it should go through. If it doesn't, you
    can check out my other online accounts such as YouTube, Steam, and Skype.
    My username for all of them is Doommaster1994.

(This question was sent to me by a viewer of this guide)
Q - I found an item called Manual of B Health. What does it do?
A - I wasn't sure at first but after researching it, it's a Manual of Bodily
    Health, which is supposed to raise the user of the manual's constitution
    one point. I heard you are supposed to wait 30 days before it takes

Q - Hey! The Bless spell from the computer versions is missing in this game!
A - Some spells have different names than their computer counterparts due to
    Nintendo of America prohibiting any kind of religious references. The
    spell is now called 'Empower'.
    Though that doesn't explain why there's a cross-shaped room in the

Q - I found a really neat item that sells really expensive at the stores in
    Phlan, should I sell them?
A - It depends. If it's a weapon and it proves useful, then no, do not sell
    the weapons, because who knows, it could be very useful against
    Tyranthraxus. If that's the case, see if the same party member has weapons
    of greater value. If so, then it should be okay to sell the aforementioned
    On the other hand, if it's just a piece of Jewelry like a Dragon Figure or
    Fine Tapestries, then sell them, as they serve no purpose or use rather
    than to get money. However, there are a couple items that you will need to
    use only once, twice or only a few times in the game before they're
    useless, such as the brass key in the textile house, you only need it to
    free Skullcrusher (which isn't even necessary and besides, the key won't
    sell for anything so dropping the item's worth just as much). Then, in the
    Kobold cave, there is an Efreeti that you can get and you only need him
    once to be a great help for the Vampire Battle (Though I've had little
    trouble defeating the vampires with my own enemies but he helps a great
    deal and reduces the risk of your party members getting drained.) He'll
    sell for an amount of Gold in the thousands (I forgot exactly how much).

Q - What is it about the NES version in your opinion that puts it
    above all other versions?
A - First off, I couldn't even get past the slums on the computer
    versions. Second, the difficulty in this game is just right. There are
    some hard battles, but a few tries should overcome them. I've heard
    people say they hate this port of the game because 'the characters look
    too Japanese'. Well, it was developed by a Japanese company, what do you
    expect? Also, people say they don't like this one because it's censored.
    Don't blame the developers, blame Nintendo. I've also heard people say the
    NES version was too easy. Well, I say the exact opposite for the computer

Q - Why do you like this game better than all the other RPGs out there?
A - I'm not at liberty to say.

Q - What other consoles was this game released on?
A - Commodore 64 and Amiga, Apple II, Macintosh and MS-DOS. There's also a
    PC-98 version.

Q - Why do you like this game?
A - Mainly, it was because it was the first game I ever played in my
    life. I don't know, whatever it was about it, I got addicted the
    moment I started playing.

Q - Have you ever been fortunate enough to talk to the staff of this
A - I got a hold of four of its staff members; Kunihiko Kagawa (developer),
    Seiji Toda (composer), Yoshiaki Sakaguchi (senior programmer), and
    Hironari Tadokoro (music programmer). They were all very nice people to
    talk to, though unfortunately, Hironari is a very secretive person.

Q - What inspired you to make this guide?
A - After I completed it, I decided I wanted to help people out with
    this game.

Q - Hey! You're that Doommaster1994 guy on YouTube!
A - Yes. It's a small, small world...

(This next question was sent to me by a reader)
Q - When should I train my characters?
A - I have updated this guide with an XP table that tells you how many XP
    points are required to level up a character. Note that training costs
    1000GP. Also, you should level up each time you clear a certain part of
    the game. When you're at Valjevo Castle, try to train your characters
    after every few battles with giants, as they leave huge XP points.

Q - Can I add you on Facebook?
A - Yes, but on one condition; I want you to tell me who you are and why you're
    adding me as a friend. If you don't do this, I will decline your request.
    Also note that I post my personal beliefs on Facebook, so if you think you
    aren't going to like what you see, don't bother.
    Thanks for your understanding.

Q - I just can't follow this guide. Do you have a video version of it?
A - I do! On YouTube is a video walkthrough of this game. Look for
    Doommaster1994 on there and Pool of Radiance Walkthrough. There are a
    total of 46 10-minute videos, so make sure you got a lot of time to
    burn before watching.

Q - Who are you? How old are you? Where do you live?
A - My name's Nick, I live in the USA, and I'm an adult.

Q - May I upload your guide to my website?
A - As previously stated in the Copyright section of this guide, you must get
    my written consent first.

 Q - Are there any sites that you prohibit to use your guides?
 A - At this moment, the only one I can think of is Cheat Code Central, also
     known as CCC, as they have plagiarized guides and uploaded them on their
     sites without permission from the original authors.

Q - Who really developed this game? Pony Canyon or Marionette?
A - For a while, I thought Pony Canyon was the developer... until I got in
    touch with one of the game's programmers (Yoshiaki Sakaguchi) who told me
    Marionette really developed the NES port of Pool of Radiance. The game even
    though I think they're referring to the original computer ports.

Q - Why isn't Marionette's name on the game then?
A - I think it was due to some sort of contract, and SSI wanted to take credit
    for developing the NES version. Many early game developers did this back
    then including WestOne and Atlus.

Q - Why does this game look/sound like Dr. Chaos and Phantom Fighter?
A - Marionette developed all three of those.

Q - Which other versions of Pool of Radiance do you own?
A - I own physical copies of the MS-DOS and Macintosh version.
    I have two copies of the NES version; My dad's copy and one CIB.
    I also have a CIB copy of the Famicom version.

Q - What's the difference between the computer ports?
A - I have made a list of differences between the NES and computer versions.
    Other than that, just graphic, sound, and text differences.

Q - Even the #1 game of all time to you MUST have some problems. What are they?
A - What? Problems? Heheh, I don't know what you're talking about!
    ...Okay fine...as much as I hate to admit it, there are SOME things that I
    could've lived without in this game.
    For starters, they screwed up the resting system. In the computer versions,
    your characters gained 1 HP each hour they rested. In the NES version, you
    have to rest 24 HOURS before your characters gain a hit point. This is
    very, VERY time consuming, especially later in the game when your
    characters have a huge amount of HP. I also would have liked to customize
    my character portrait and battle icon like in the computer versions.
    Can I go now? Thank you.

Q - Is there any replay value?
A - Yes, much. There are different ways you can do stuff in the game so you can
    do stuff differently each time you play. For example, while in the
    buccaneer base, you can either take the kid and get out of dodge, or, you
    can kill off all the buccaneers. In Zhentil Keep, you can try and escape
    or keep battling until you get to the commandant.

Q - I can't beat this part! I think my party is too weak!
A - If that's the case move on to the next part. You can always come back to a
    part later. If you haven't already, train your characters. Paralysis spells
    also work well. If you're still not having any luck, shoot me an e-mail
    and I'll help you as best I can.

Q - One of my characters was defeated in combat and the game says they were
   'Slain'. What does this mean?
A - That means the character has literally died and cannot wake up. The only
    way to revive a 'slain' party member is to go to the temples in Phlan or
    the one in Podol Plaza and buy the raise dead spell for 55000 Gold.
    I know one of the D&D rules is that elves that have been killed can't be
    revived. If you're half-elf, you should be able to be revived.
    I haven't tried reviving an elf in this game yet, but I do know this port
    of the game defies a few AD&D rules, such as thieves not being allowed to
    wield long swords.

Q - What do I do if an enemy has drained a level from my characters?
A - I just reset the game and that usually works. Otherwise, there are some
    Restoration scrolls you can get in the game (mainly in the graveyard)
    which will restore any drained experience points.

Q - Are there any differences between the Famicom and NES version? If so, will
    you be making a walkthrough for those too?
A - From what I can remember, the kobold cave battles were a little harder.

Q - Where can I download this game?
A - Please do not ask me where to download this game. It is against GameFAQs'
    policy that I answer such a question, plus, you can find it very easily
    on your own.

Q - I can't hit (enemy name here). What do I do?
A - Some enemies (especially later in the game) require magical weapons in
    order to be hit. You should get these items while in your quest for fame
    and fortune. There's also a silver shop in New Phlan, but the items are

Q - Which emulator do you use for NES games?
A - I used to use VirtuaNES, but then I took an arrow to the...
    Okay, I'm sorry...
    Anyway, I use FCEUX (2.2.2) now. *Much* better...

Q - Which enemies do you think are the easiest/hardest in the game?
A - For the easiest enemies, I'm going to have to go with the frogs.
    For the hardest enemies, I'm stuck between the trolls, or the fire giants.

Q - Where can I listen to the game's music?
A - Download the NSF file and get an NSF player.

Q - Will you cover the other versions of the game?
A - No.

Q - Any other RPGs you can recommend?
A - No.

Q - Have you heard of/played Final Fantasy?
A - Wasn't that a racing game for the NES or something?

Q - I hear you keep bringing up this thing called Famicom. What is it?
A - The Famicom is essentially the Japanese version of the NES, except it's
    much better. It had a better library of games and some of the games
    contained expansion sound that would enhance the console's sound quality.
    Unfortunately, Pool of Radiance (or any of the other AD&D games) did not
    use any of them.

Q - Can I have your copy of the NES/Famicom version?
A - I will take it to the grave with me! Please do not take it out of my grave
    though. I would be really angry and would haunt you for life.

Q - Will you add an item guide?
A - I am planning on doing it soon. The only problem is, I haven't used a whole
    lot of items/weapons in the game besides long swords, bows, and shields, so
    a lot of the items' descriptions would be left out.
    If you'd like to contribute the descriptions of some of these items, then
    I'll be more than happy to give you credit for it.

Q - What about a spell guide?
A - Same deal, I haven't used them all. However, I think the manual lists all
    the spells. As I said in the beginning, I assume you've read the game's
    instruction booklet first before reading this guide.

Q - Speaking of spells, which spells should I choose while being trained at the
A - The most helpful ones are Stink Cloud (L2), Fireball/Lightning Bolt, and
    Haste (L3).

Q - I'm having trouble resting (here). Is there a way I can rest here
A - Some areas of the game will let you fight off enough random encounters
    and then no monsters will spawn there, making the area a safe place to
    rest. Some of these areas include Kuto's Well, Podol Plaza, and the
    Textile House. Also, if you beat all of the main battles in a certain
    area, it will stop the enemies from spawning. This applies to areas such
    as Valjevo Castle, Valhingen Graveyard, and Yarash's Pyramid.

Q - Is there an infinite amount of monsters in the wilderness?
A - I'm not sure but I would think so. It would be too bad if there wasn't
    because I like battling the enemies at full level.

Q - Come on! Tell me what your reward is for killing Tyranthraxus please?!
A - Well, I posted a video of the game's ending...
    I got 31575 XP, 10455 GP and 67 Gems. I also got 6 potions and 2 broad
    swords, but my inventory was so full I couldn't take any of them.
    That's just for beating Tyranthraxus.
    The council clerk rewards you with 51250 XP and 205 Gems.

Q - Can you use the Pool of Radiance after you've beaten the game?
A - I don't think so. I heard if you meditate in it, it's supposed to give you
    power, but I had my cleric cast the spell while I was in the pool and
    nothing seemed to happen. Maybe there's a way to properly use it. It also
    may have had an effect on my party without the game telling me.

Q - Was the NES version of this game released in Europe?
A - No. However, the game works in PAL emulation. The problem is, as far as I
    know, the toploader NES (without the regional lockout chip) was not
    released in Europe. The normal NES has a lockout chip and therefore can't
    be played on a European NES. I heard you can mod the NES and remove the
    lockout chip from it though.

Q - How much is this game worth?
A - It seems to go about $20 for a loose cart and around $40 for a CIB copy.

Q - Are there any cheats for this game?
A - Not the NES version.

(Answers about the gypsy's fortune-tellings. SPOILER ALERT!)
Q - I can see ropes, a labyrinth and monsters. Monsters are in both places.
    You can't defeat them./This is a time when your power can destroy the
A - The gypsy is referring to the rope guild in The Slums where you must
    defeat the boss which is a troll accompanied by some kobolds. She always
    starts out by saying you can't defeat them, but I don't know how or when
    she says you CAN defeat them. Maybe you have to clear the rest of the

Q - I can see two dragons... One is in the north mountain... The other is in
    the old castle... Follow the Silver and destroy the Copper...
A - The gypsy is referring to Diogenes, the good silver dragon located in the
    northern region of the wilderness and Tyranthraxus, an evil spirit who
    posessed the body of a bronze dragon and is residing in Valjevo Castle.

    Note that I wasn't even aware the gypsy told more than one fortune. I just
    saw the game's ROM text and came across them. I saw the gypsy after
    beating the game and she told me the fortune about the two dragons, but I
    am pretty sure she talks about them earlier on. I tried again after
    killing the trolls in the Slums (with cheats) and she said it as well.

Q - After I complete a battle, the game asks if I want to continue battle.
    Why would I want to do that? I already killed all the enemies.
A - This is for a couple reasons. One is so that if there's an upcoming
    battle and you won't be able to use spells, you can use them here.
    One spell for example is cure light wounds.
    Also, for scenarios such as killing the efreet once you've killed the
    vampire, or killing Magician in the graveyard so he won't fight back.

Q - I can't read the scrolls! How do I read and/or identify them?
A - Take them to the arms and armor shops in New Phlan and choose the Identify
    option on them. It costs 200 GP if I remember correctly.

Q - You said you would explain why the max amount of gold in this game is
    65535, why is that?
A - A lengthy answer, but I'll explain... or at least try to.
    Games back then used assembly language, which in turn used hexidecimal
    numbers. Numbers 10-15 would be 0A-0F. 16 would be 10, 17 would be 11,
    etc. Two hexidecimal numbers would be called '2 bytes'. Two hexidecimal
    numbers together would be a bigger number than a single hexidecimal
    value. For instance, FF in hexidecimal is number 255. If it goes over
    that though, it becomes 00, with the next byte being 01. Now, the number
    is 00 01 (the hexidecimal values are written in reverse.)
    100 (or 00 01 properly written) equals 256. This game uses 2 bytes for
    the amount of gold you have. FF FF would equal... you guessed it, 65535.
    The game's programmed not to go over that number because there wasn't a
    third or fouth byte programmed for the gold, as they probably thought
    you'd never get more than that.

15. Comments and Responses
C - Hey, I really liked your guide. Keep up the great work!
R - Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

C - This guide was awful. Totally unhelpful, etc.
R - I don't mind people sending me suggestions to improve my guide, but if
    you're going to send me an e-mail about it, please be kind and courteous.
    There's no need for being rude.

C - The (put computer version here) was (much) better than the NES version.
R - To each their own, I say.

16. Cheats
*UPDATE 5/31/13*
A viewer by the name of Kobold Bard sent me a long list of GameGenie codes.
Please note that I have not tested these and cannot confirm whether these work
or not. He has given me permission to use them in my guide. Here you go:
VVUANYVG                High Stats
ETEOYOXV                Max Stats
OPXOGOZX                Have the maximum Str. Modifier
OZUOLPSX                Have a 00 Str. Modifier
KAVOTGXA                Start with 999999 gold
AAUPSPZA                Always be able to level up
NNEPSLLE + NNKPULZE     Max Hit Dice on level up
OGXUYOVI                Manual of B Health takes only 2 days to use
SPUUIPOX                Manual of B Health increases Strength
POKLPIIO                Girdle of Giant Strength gives 25 Strength
POUUTIZO                Ogre Power Gloves give 25 Strength
PENLGXSP + PNNLIZAY     Strength effects are permanent
YENLPZUZ + PNNLZZAY     Strength modifier effects are permanent
OTXEPYXI                Items are free if you have enough
AAXATYEP                Buy items even if you don't have enough
OEEEVOSP                Duplicate traded items
GNKAUULN                More experience after battle
ATOAVAZT                More gold after battle
SZSEXXVK + KISENXNA     Infinite items won after battle
Arms & Armor shop sells:
AASLNGTA        Nothing
PASLNGTA        Battle Axe
ZASLNGTA        Battle Axe +1
LASLNGTA        Battle Axe +2
GASLNGTA        Battle Axe +3
IASLNGTA        Silver Battle Axe
TASLNGTA        Dagger
YASLNGTA        Dagger +1
AASLNGTE        Dagger +2
PASLNGTE        Dagger +3
ZASLNGTE        Silver Dagger
LASLNGTE        Dart
GASLNGTE        Dart +1
IASLNGTE        Dart +2
TASLNGTE        Dart +3
YASLNGTE        Flail
APSLNGTA        Flail +1
PPSLNGTA        Flail +2
ZPSLNGTA        Flail +3
LPSLNGTA        Halberd
GPSLNGTA        Halberd +1
IPSLNGTA        Halberd +2
TPSLNGTA        Halberd +3
YPSLNGTA        Hammer
APSLNGTE        Hammer +1
PPSLNGTE        Hammer +2
ZPSLNGTE        Hammer +3
LPSLNGTE        Javelin
GPSLNGTE        Javelin +1
IPSLNGTE        Javelin +2
TPSLNGTE        Javelin +3
YPSLNGTE        Jav. of Lightning
AZSLNGTA        Mace
PZSLNGTA        Mace +1
ZZSLNGTA        Mace +2
LZSLNGTA        Mace +3
GZSLNGTA        Silver Mace
IZSLNGTA        Spear
TZSLNGTA        Spear +1
YZSLNGTA        Spear +2
AZSLNGTE        Spear +3
PZSLNGTE        Quarter Staff
ZZSLNGTE        Quarter Staff +1
LZSLNGTE        Quarter Staff +2
GZSLNGTE        Quarter Staff +3
IZSLNGTE        Broad Sword
TZSLNGTE        Broad Sword +1
YZSLNGTE        Broad Sword +2
ALSLNGTA        Broad Sword +3
PLSLNGTA        Broad Sword +4
ZLSLNGTA        Broad Sword +5
LLSLNGTA        Broad Sword (C)
GLSLNGTA        Silver Broad Sword
ILSLNGTA        Bst Swrd +1,+3 vs Undead
TLSLNGTA        Flame Bst Swrd +1
YLSLNGTA        Frost Bst Swrd +3
ALSLNGTE        L.Sword
PLSLNGTE        L.Sword +1
ZLSLNGTE        L.Sword +2
LLSLNGTE        L.Sword +3
GLSLNGTE        L.Sword +4
ILSLNGTE        L.Sword +5
TLSLNGTE        Silver L.Sword
YLSLNGTE        L.Sword +1,+3 vs Undead
AGSLNGTA        Flame L.Sword +1
PGSLNGTA        Frost L.Sword +3
ZGSLNGTA        LawfulGoodL.Sword +3
LGSLNGTA        LawfulEvilL.Sword +3
GGSLNGTA        L.Sword -2 (C)
IGSLNGTA        S.Sword
TGSLNGTA        S.Sword +1
YGSLNGTA        S.Sword +2
AGSLNGTE        S.Sword +3
PGSLNGTE        S.Sword +4
ZGSLNGTE        Silver S.Sword
LGSLNGTE        2H Sword
GGSLNGTE        2H Sword +1
IGSLNGTE        2H Sword +2
TGSLNGTE        2H Sword +3
YGSLNGTE        2H Sword +4
AISLNGTA        2H Sword +5
PISLNGTA        2H Sword +1,+3 vs Undead
ZISLNGTA        Flame 2H Sword +1
LISLNGTA        Frost 2H Sword +2
GISLNGTA        2H Sword -2 (C)
IISLNGTA        Silver 2H Sword
TISLNGTA        Trident
YISLNGTA        Trident +1
AISLNGTE        Trident +2
PISLNGTE        Trident +3
ZISLNGTE        Composite L.Bow
LISLNGTE        Composite L.Bow +1
GISLNGTE        Composite L.Bow +2
IISLNGTE        Composite L.Bow +3
TISLNGTE        L.Bow
YISLNGTE        L.Bow +1
ATSLNGTA        L.Bow +2
PTSLNGTA        L.Bow +3
ZTSLNGTA        S.Bow
LTSLNGTA        S.Bow +1
GTSLNGTA        S.Bow +2
ITSLNGTA        S.Bow +3
TTSLNGTA        Sling
YTSLNGTA        Sling of Seeking +1
ATSLNGTE        Sling of Seeking +2
PTSLNGTE        Sling of Seeking +3
ZTSLNGTE        Staff Sling
LTSLNGTE        Staff Sling +1
GTSLNGTE        Staff Sling +2
ITSLNGTE        Staff Sling +3
TTSLNGTE        Leather Armor
YTSLNGTE        Leather Armor +1
AYSLNGTA        Leather Armor +2
PYSLNGTA        Leather Armor +3
ZYSLNGTA        Leather Armor +4
LYSLNGTA        Ring Mail
GYSLNGTA        Ring Mail +1
IYSLNGTA        Ring Mail +2
TYSLNGTA        Ring Mail +3
YYSLNGTA        Silver Ring Mail
AYSLNGTE        Scale Mail
PYSLNGTE        Scale Mail +1
ZYSLNGTE        Scale Mail +2
LYSLNGTE        Scale Mail +3
GYSLNGTE        Chain Mail
IYSLNGTE        Chain Mail +1
TYSLNGTE        Chain Mail +2
YYSLNGTE        Chain Mail +3
EASLNGTA        Silver Chain Mail
OASLNGTA        Splinted Mail
XASLNGTA        Splinted Mail +1
UASLNGTA        Splinted Mail +2
KASLNGTA        Splinted Mail +3
SASLNGTA        Banded Mail
VASLNGTA        Banded Mail +1
NASLNGTA        Banded Mail +2
EASLNGTE        Banded Mail +3
OASLNGTE        Plate Mail
XASLNGTE        Plate Mail +1
UASLNGTE        Plate Mail +2
KASLNGTE        Plate Mail +3
SASLNGTE        Silver Plate Mail
VASLNGTE        Shield
NASLNGTE        Shield +1
EPSLNGTA        Shield +2
OPSLNGTA        Shield +3
XPSLNGTA        Scroll With 1 Cl. Spells
UPSLNGTA        Scroll With 2 Cl. Spells
KPSLNGTA        Scroll With 3 Cl. Spells
SPSLNGTA        Protective Cloak +4
VPSLNGTA        Protective Cloak +5
NPSLNGTA        Ring of Warmth
EPSLNGTE        Ring of Weakness
OPSLNGTE        Bracers AC 7
XPSLNGTE        Potion of Poison
UPSLNGTE        Scroll With 1 MU. Spells
KPSLNGTE        Scroll With 2 MU. Spells
SPSLNGTE        Scroll With 3 MU. Spells
VPSLNGTE        Bracers AC 5
NPSLNGTE        Bracers AC 3
EZSLNGTA        Bracers (C)
OZSLNGTA        Gauntlets of Dex.
XZSLNGTA        Girdle of Giant Strength
UZSLNGTA        Fine Tapestry
KZSLNGTA        Ogre Power Gloves
SZSLNGTA        Displacer Cloak
VZSLNGTA        Ring of Fire Resistance
NZSLNGTA        Ring of Protection +1
EZSLNGTE        Ring of Protection +2
OZSLNGTE        Ring of Protection +3
XZSLNGTE        Ring of Protection +4
UZSLNGTE        Ring of Protection +5
KZSLNGTE        Ring of Invisibility
SZSLNGTE        Potion of Healing
VZSLNGTE        Potion of Extra Healing
NZSLNGTE        Potion of Speed
ELSLNGTA        Potion of Giant Strength
OLSLNGTA        Potion of Fire Resistance
XLSLNGTA        Potion of Invisibility
ULSLNGTA        Magic Missile Wand
KLSLNGTA        Lightning Wand
SLSLNGTA        Paralysis Wand
VLSLNGTA        Fireball Wand
NLSLNGTA        Manual of B Health
ELSLNGTE        Nothing
OLSLNGTE        Protective Cloak +1
XLSLNGTE        Protective Cloak +2
ULSLNGTE        Protective Cloak +3
KLSLNGTE        Disappearance Dust
SLSLNGTE        Necklace of Missile
VLSLNGTE        Necklace (C)
NLSLNGTE        Silver Scarab
EGSLNGTA        Bracers AC 8
OGSLNGTA        Bracers AC 6
XGSLNGTA        Bracers AC 4
UGSLNGTA        Bracers AC 2
KGSLNGTA        Brass Mirror
SGSLNGTA        Silver Mirror
VGSLNGTA        Flask of Oil
NGSLNGTA        Magic Water Vial
EGSLNGTE        Wooden Symbol of Tyr
OGSLNGTE        Iron Symbol of Tempus
XGSLNGTE        Silver Symbol of Sune
UGSLNGTE        Leather Symbol of Bane
KGSLNGTE        Diamond Necklace
SGSLNGTE        Fine Opal Pendant
VGSLNGTE        Platinum Sphere
NGSLNGTE        Emerald Broach
EISLNGTA        Gold Scarab
OISLNGTA        Silver Dragon figure.
XISLNGTA        Jewelled Silver Wings
UISLNGTA        Gold Sculpted Fig.
KISLNGTA        Pearl Necklace
SISLNGTA        Gold Chain
VISLNGTA        Dragon Figurine
NISLNGTA        Efreet Bottle
EISLNGTE        Pass
OISLNGTE        Gold TwistedWand
XISLNGTE        Rotting Tapestry
UISLNGTE        Brass Key
KISLNGTE        Scarab of Pro.
SISLNGTE        Scarab of Expiration
VISLNGTE        Dagger (C)
NISLNGTE        S.Sword (C)
ETSLNGTA        S.Sword +5
OTSLNGTA        MagicalHammer

Arms & Armor shop sells a MU Scroll that contains:
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + LEVPKPYL          Cure Lt Wounds
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + GEVPKPYL          Cause Lt Wounds
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + IEVPKPYL          Detect Magic
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + ZEVPKPYU          Charm Person
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + LEVPKPYU          Detect Magic
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + YEVPKPYU          Magic Missile
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + POVPKPYU          Silence 15'R
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + GOVPKPYU          Spirit Hammer
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + IOVPKPYU          Det Invisibility
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + TOVPKPYU          Ivisibility
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + AXVPKPYL          Mirror Image
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + PXVPKPYL          Enfeeblement
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + GXVPKPYL          Animate Dead
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + YXVPKPYL          Cure Disease
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + AXVPKPYU          Cause Disease
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + PXVPKPYU          Dispel Magic
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + ZXVPKPYU          Meditation
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + LXVPKPYU          Remove Curse
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + GXVPKPYU          Bestow Curse
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + TXVPKPYU          Dispel Magic
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + LUVPKPYL          Lightning Bolt
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + TUVPKPYL          Prot/Missiles
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + AUVPKPYU          Restoration
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + PUVPKPYU          Neutralize
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + YUVPKPYU          Mirror Image
UPSLNGTE + OZVPIPIE + AKVPKPYL          Invisibility

Unfortunately, the NES version of Pool of Radiance didn't have any in-game
cheat codes. However, emulators can be used to do all sorts of cool stuff
with the game including infinite health.

For the NES version, here's an interesting one. Now, before I tell you this,
let me tell you a story. I remember getting a plastic binder and recreating
all the maps on graph paper.
Anyways, there's a cheat to always have the Area map on (since in some places,
it's disabled). In the hex editor in your emulator, go to address 760D and
change 01 to 00 and freeze the address. Now, the map will always be available
whenever you need it! Big props to AdamL for finding that code.
If you're really that desperate to use this code on an actual NES, I believe
the GameGenie code would be AAENITAA, AAENITPA, or PAENITAA. I am not
guaranteeing these GameGenie codes to work, so don't get mad at me if they
don't work for you, because I just warned you that they may not work to begin

Here's some hex editor codes for FCEUX. Special thanks to drgonzo7 for these
first three codes. Underneath them are their MHP values which I found:
6D67/6D68 - First Character's Status/HP
6D7D/6D7E - Second Character's Status/HP
6D93/6D94 - Third Character's Status/HP

I also found these codes myself:
6CCD/6CCE - Fourth Character's Status/HP
6CE3/6CE4 - Fifth Character's Status/HP
6CF9/6CFA - Sixth Character's Status/HP

6DA9/6DAA - Dirten's Status/HP

The statuses determine whether your character is alive, dead, poisoned, etc.
Again, thanks drgonzo7.
01 - Alive
02 - Gone
03 - Slain
04 - Hurt
05 - Unc.
06 - Run
07 - Stone
08 - Poisoned

Enemy Health codes during combat:
6DD6 - Enemy 1 HP
6DEC - Enemy 2 HP
6E02 - Enemy 3 HP
6E18 - Enemy 4 HP
6E2E - Enemy 5 HP
6E44 - Enemy 6 HP
6E5A - Enemy 7 HP
6E70 - Enemy 8 HP
6E86 - Enemy 9 HP

7DB5 - Damage Modifier

Also, 600 and 601 seem to be your position modifier, so in case there's any
battles you REALLY don't want to have to go through (besides Tyranthraxus) or
if you just want to explore. Probably the grooviest code around. I'm thinking
maybe someone found this code before me, but I couldn't find anything over at
gshi.org, so I think I'm the first to have published them.

Here's some cheats for the MS-DOS version:

If the DOS version of Pool of Radiance proves too tough for you (it certainly
did for me, I used the same party as the NES version plus 2 thieves so maybe
it's just that my party just sucks on the DOS version), fortunately for you,
there's a cheat code. When you're about to run the game, type the following
in (Capitalization is REQUIRED!):
start STING
When the game starts, you should be taken past the Copy Protection screen.
Here's what you can do now:

During a battle if you holt Alt and press X, the game will say 'The Gods
Intervene'. This will clear out all the enemies on the screen, instantly
having your party win the battle.

Go to the training hall, then when a trainer asks if you would like to
be trained, say yes and at the menu, press J and the game will say, 
"I Understand, Master". This will allow you to train your characters
for free, you don't have to pay. Even with my characters fully
trained, the first part of the game was nearly impossible for me to beat
(Again, it's probably because I have a sucky party.)

If you hold Ctrl and press C, the game will instantly close, so if you're
game's glitching up or something, you won't have to do the infamous Ctrl+
Alt+Delete procedure to bring up the Task Manager just to close out the

Also, this really isn't a cheat, but if you're wondering what the elf
scroll in Sokol Keep says in the computer versions, this is what it
translates to:

Now, if you read the beginning of this walkthrough, I promised that I would
show people how to play through the game immediately and beat it within only a
few minutes. I will, but before you do anything, read this WHOLE section first.
That ways when you get to the final part, you won't have to start the whole
game over. Note that you can only do this with an emulator like FCEUX.

By the way, I believe I'm the first person to ever write a guide about how to
beat an RPG-game very fast without having to play through the whole game.

First, start the game with your characters. Then go to the silver shop and buy
magic weapons, as they are the only way to do damage to good ol' Ty. If you're
using an emulator, use the gold modifier to get enough gold. You can find
codes for this game at gamehacking.org. You'll also want to raise your
character's experience levels by modifying the values of each character's
experience so they're strong enough to kill Tyranthraxus. When you are ready,
go to the Slums, which is the 'map' west of New Phlan (where you start off the
Go west to the next 'map' again to end up at Kuto's Well. Then go west to the
next 'map' one more time to go to Podol Plaza. This time go north to the next
'map' and you will be at Stojanow Gate. Keep going north and you will run into
a man. Kill him and get his wagon. Now keep going north. In your attempt to do
so, a bugbear will ask for 15GP (really, he's talking about the wagon since it
triggers this event). Select Pay and he'll let you through the gate.
Alternatively, you can kill the bugbears, but the easiest way is to just pay.
Now go north into the next 'map' and you're in Valjevo Castle. From there, take
these directions. I will list the direction and the number will represent how
many times you go said direction:
North 3, East 24, North 4 and enter the door on your left. Upon going through
the door...
West 3, South 1, East 1, South 1, West 3, North 1, West 1, North 8,
East 2, North 1, West 3, North 1, East 2, North 1, East 2, North 1,
West 2, North 2, West 9, North 2, West 2, South 5 and enter the door.
Upon entering the door, turn right and go forward to pass through a fake wall.
Follow the corridor to Tyranthraxus' Place.
Face north and pass through another fake wall and go up the stairs.
Now follow the corridor left. There will be a door ahead and a set of stairs
to the left. Take the stairs and you're at the final boss! Before you can beat
him, he will send his guards after you. You must have one cleric in your party
and he must memorize 'Hold Person' in order to hold the guards. The problem is,
your party must be at least level 6 to 8 in order to hit them. At this point
I would check out gamehacking.org and see if there are codes for the party's
experience or Level modifiers. If there aren't, let me know and I'll see what
I can do. I also want to look for an enemy health modifier.

What are these modifiers you ask? They are RAM addresses which can only be
accessed in emulators such as FCEUX. If you have FCEUX, run it, load the Pool
of Radiance ROM and go to Debug > Hex Editor. You will see a bunch of numbers.
These are all RAM addresses. Anyway, do not be intimidated by the RAM editor,
it is actually less confusing than it looks. Let's say you have Gwydion in
your party and you want him to have infinite health. You'd scroll down to 6D68
by scrolling down until the left of the hex editor says "006D60". Now you want
to go to the 9th address. Wait a minute, 9th? It says 6D68, not 6D69. Video
games use hexidecimal numbers which start at 00 and end in 0F (15). Anyway,
once you've found the address, you want to right-click it and click 'Freeze'.
This will tell the game whenever you take damage that you still have that
amount of points. If you're having trouble finding hexidecimal values, you
can use Windows Calculator (assuming you're using Windows, I'm sure Mac has it
as well) and click View > Scientific. Now there will be four bubbles; Hex,
Dec, Oct and Bin. You want to click Hex. Let's say you want to set your
character's health to 50. You'd click on the Dec bubble and enter 50. Now
click on Hex and it will say 32. That is the value you'll enter. Now when
your character gets damaged, he won't take damage but instead retain the
amount of health you gave him.

Also, make sure your clerics memorize Hold Person because before you fight
Tyranthraxus, you will need to fight his goons. The spell works wonders
against them.

17. Contacting Me
My e-mail is Doommaster1994@yahoo.com and if you are going to e-mail me, please
title the subject Pool of Radiance or else my spamfilter may put you in the
bulk or spam folder. I always check my spam folder though, so if my e-mail
rejects yours, then don't worry, but still title it Pool of Radiance, that
way I know you're trying to contact me about the guide and not spam me.
I also have YouTube, Steam, and Skype accounts under the name Doommaster1994.
Note that I do not do video chat for personal reasons. Please do not ask.
Please make sure your question is not in the Q and A section or else your
question will be ignored. Repeated questions that are already in the Q and A
section will result in getting ignored by me.

18. Glitches/Easter Eggs
In ANY game, it's pretty much impossible for a game to avoid glitches,
especially NES games as complex as this. Obviously, this one's no stranger.
Some of them are cool, or just interesting, or awful. You can see them below:

1.) If an NPC is unconscious, you can trade/take items from them when
    originally, they wouldn't let you if they were conscious.
    Glad to see a little bit more realism in this game!
2.) To keep Skullcrusher, make sure he is unconscious when you're near the
    city hall.
3.) In Valjevo Castle, in the south west region, there is a 2x2 room in the
    west side. You walk in and the game says a lump of meat hangs here.
    Then, while the game is scrolling up from the text box back to the game,
    one of your party members will mention it's a meat storeroom.
    In the Japanese version, everything is explained in the first box of
    text. It also says in the Japanese version that the meat hanging is human
    flesh. I guess this was too graphic to keep in the USA version.
4.) There's a way to go into the city hall at night. If you time it right and
    you're at the door at one step before 19:00, you can walk into the city
    hall but it will be night! You can't go back in after you leave though
    until it is 5:00 again.
    I believe this will also work in all the other ports of the game.
5.) Once in the Kobold Cave during the third wave, I defeated the wild boar.
    The game said it got back up, but right after it said it was slain.
6.) Sometimes when you're battling undead, the game will play the hit sound
    effect when really, your character missed.
7.) As I stated above, if you use the position modifier cheat in the Slums,
    you'll see that Ohlo's character portrait is the same as Genheeris! Note
    that this cheat can only be done in an emulator such as FCEUX.
8.) In the wilderness, the Search mode does not show up in the options.
    However, if you enter one of the places in the wilderness, turn the Search
    mode on and leave, the Search mode will be turned on in the wilderness.
    The wilderness' search mode in the computer version I heard was used to
    locate secret caves. These were removed out of the NES version, so this
    glitch is ultimately useless. All the search mode will do here is raise the
    chances of your party encountering enemies.
9.) Not sure if this really counts as a glitch/easter egg or not, but I
    couldn't find any other place to put it; The spell Knock is ultimately
    useless in the game since all of the doors that were locked in the computer
    versions are unlocked in the NES version.
10.) This one has to do with one of the characters shown on the back of the
     box. One of the characters on the back of the box is named 'Margot'. This
     is a reference to Margot Blattmenn, a producer for FCI, the company which
     published the game in the USA. There's also an 'Eiko' which appears to be
     Eiko Nagata. Both of these women worked for the publisher FCI.
     In the Japanese version, the other two characters' names on the back of
     the box are named Dunant and Briareos.
11.) Not sure if this is a glitch either, but once I was in the wilderness. I
     encountered an enemy but avoided it, but right after that, I encountered
     another enemy without having to move. This has happened a few times.
12.) In the options, there is an option to turn off the sound. Once you do this
     and move the cursor, the second sound channel will be disabled. This can
     be useful if you're wanting to learn the game's songs, but then again, you
     could just get the NSF file for it along with NSFPlay.
13.) Another audio glitch/easter egg; In the wilderness, you can go to the
     docks, but do not board the boat. Now keep resting until you come across
     an enemy. If you can avoid the battle, the option to board the boat will
     come up again, but the encounter music will still be playing. This is
     also an ultimately useless glitch, but it makes you think twice about
     taking a boat back to Phlan!
14.) I'm actually not sure if this is a glitch or not, but if you are actually
     lucky enough to battle phase spiders, sometimes you can use arrows and
     spells on them, but on some turns, you can't. Maybe this is a part of the
     game, but I can't be sure. If you know, please shoot me an e-mail. I'd
     really appreciate it!
15.) The 'poisonous' frogs can't poison you in this game, or at least, the
     millions of times I've been hit by them, I haven't been affected in any
     way. Maybe they didn't get the chance to program it.
16.) When I was playing through the Japanese version, the scribe in Valjevo
     Castle found me and raised the alarm. The patrol found me. After I told
     the leader I was working for Diogenes, it was supposed to trigger an
     attack. Instead it glitched up the game; the hill giant's portrait was
     out of the black box and was still animating and it let me back into the
     game without starting a fight.
17.) In the textile house, go to the area map. There will be two 1x2 room at
     the top-right corner of the map. I went east through the lower 1x2 room
     and I passed through the wall at the end into Mendor's Library but I
     couldn't go back.
18.) I was in the wilderness fighting Driders. One of them made the attacking
     animation but didn't actually attack.
19.) Like I mentioned earlier, when your party is fully leveled, parleying
     rude to the enemies will scare them and make them run away.
     If you do it to the quicklings, the game will glitch up the top row of
     the screen, and the monster portrait will still be there. However,
     moving the horse will make the glitch go away.
20.) In Valjevo Castle, while the alarm was ringing, I went into the room
     where the Gnoll and the cooks are. I ran into the giant patrol when I
     entered the room. After I avoided the battle with them, it put me back
     in the game, but nothing happened. I had to exit/re-enter the room for
     the Gnoll/cook scenario to be triggered.

Thanks, Sam for 1 and 2!

19. Credits/Special Thanks
Credits: Me for doing this strategy guide
Special Thanks: TrueOverdrive for inspiring me to make this strategy guide
Me for making this guide
You, the viewer, for taking the time to read through this guide.
GameFAQs/GameSpot: For putting this guide onto their site
Marionette Co., Ltd. for developing the NES port.
Strategic Simulations for making the original game.
Seiji Toda for the best music he supplied in the NES version.
David Warhol for the Commodore 64 version's great title music.
Wally Beben for doing the fantastic music for the Amiga version.
My parents for... well, you know...
Every person who has sent me stuff to include in this guide.

And to every single person involved with the development of the NES version of
Pool of Radiance...
Kunihiko Kagawa, Hitoshi Yasuda, Miyuki Kiyomatsu, Seishi Yokota, Seiji Toda,
      Yoshiaki Sakaguchi, Hiromi Sato, Takatsugu Watanabe, Motoki Himi,
                    Masayuki Hirashima, Masato Kobayashi,
            Yukihiro Goto, Hideyuki Furuhashi, Hironari Tadokoro,
                Yoshiyuki Ishii, Dan Cermak and Nick Beliaeff
If any of you people listed above are reading this, no matter how major or
minor your role was, thank you for developing my favorite game of all time.

And finally, thanks to all the people who have sent me nice letters about this
guide. I really appreciate that you appreciate the time and effort I spent
working on this guide.

20. Other
 Regional Differences
In the NES version, due to NOA's censorship policy, the spell 'Bless' has been
changed to 'Empower'. However, the Famicom version calls it 'Blessing'. This is
because NOJ didn't have as strict of a policy as NOA did.

When you alienate the people in Phlan in the Famicom version, they will say,
"Okuninniha nanimo shiteyarenaiyo!" I'm not sure what this means, but in the
USA version, they say, "We can do nothing for you, wicked one!"
(Oh, so just one of our guys is bad?)

Anyone notice something weird with the Shrine of Tyr? That its name is the
first three letters in Tyranthraxus?

I also noticed in the Japanese version, you can go to the menu right away by
pressing start at the startup screen, whereas in the USA version, you have to
wait a few seconds before you can press a button to get to the menu.

 Unused Text
I looked in the USA version ROM and found some text that I don't believe is
ever used in the game. If anyone sees this text in the game let me know!
I'll put my comments on them in parantheses. Stuff that begins with a space
 like this, aren't in the game. That's me talking.
These are also not in any particular order. Just the order I found them in
the game's ROM.

I think this is all of them.

 Some unused(?) combat text. Maybe some of this is in fact used?
 Maybe these are triggered depending on what spells you use.
 Text with (?) implies, they MIGHT be used, but I'm not certain. The rest is
 text I believe isn't used at all.
from behind
is silenced(?)
gains an item
lost an image(?)
is sucked blood
engulfs its foe
reflects it
There is nothing
is defended against
It doesn't equip
Camp only spell(?)
is enlarged
is reduced
is hit by a Magic Missile
is electrocuted
got better
gets a magical hammer(?)
is duplicated(?)
is weakened(?)
is stronger(?)
is meditating(?)


A man in a wagon is talking with a bugbear guard.
You see him hand something to the bugbear and the gate is opened.
 (Somewhere in Stojanow Gate, but is it actually used? I'm sure it refers to
  the wagon guy that you meet.)


I'll try to get aid
while you go to
slay Tyranthraxus.
Is that OK?
 (Spoken by Genheeris, as well as the next quote)

 (At this point, I noticed stuff about guards noticing you robbed the shrine
  boxes. I haven't tried this in a long time but I don't remember it being


One of the buccaneers sees you with the body and yells:
Attack them!
 (If you take out the guard towers, after a period of time, the buccaneers
  will discover a body that you dispatched. Maybe it has something to do with

Captain: Sorry, The boy is not here. The captain goes into his room
and you leave.
 (Maybe intended if the jerk slave trader somehow got the kid? As far as I
  know, this also isn't possible in the game.)

The remaining buccaneers make a last attack.
 (This appears right after the text for when you go up against the captain.
  After this text, it's the "buccaneers leave you alone." Maybe it's random
  if they attack you or not.)

The child begins to fall behind.
If you keep running he won't be able to keep up.
He couldn't keep up with you.
You couldn't rescue the Bivant heir.
 (Maybe some kind of running mechanics were planned to be implemented in the
  game? Probably not, but I don't see why else this text would be in the


A skeletal force spots you and attacks.
 (Funny since IIRC, there's no skeletons in this place.)

All of a sudden, it is quiet... You keep moving nervously.

This building is damp. It stinks. What's the smell?

It's already broken.

A tapestry hangs on the wall. But it's mildewed and rotted to pieces.

Eek! Baby hobgoblins scatter with a cry.

The room is messy.

Mmmm...looks like a hobgoblin nursery.

The word SKULLCRUSHER is carved in the north wall.
 (This HAD/HAS to be used in the Textile House, since that's where
  Skullcrusher is. Maybe you can find this by using the Search/Look options?)

Skullcrusher: Hey, look! He points proudly.

Something is in the west corner of the room.

There is an expired hobgoblin on the ground.
SKULLCRUSHER is carved into the wall.

Skullcrusher: Ha, ha, ha! He cracks his finger joints.

  Here is choice text that I found:

Examine the body, Kick the body, Do nothing
 You don't find anything.
 You touch the body. It doesn't move.

 (I also saw some text about Skullcrusher leaving the party while in the
  textile house. I don't think this can actually happen in the game.)

Some dishes are scattered on the floor.

You barely escape.

 It also appears you can go down to Restal's guild. Or maybe you can actually
 battle Restal?
could go down easily with the ring

An arrow flies from the archway at the bottom of the well.


Guards find you!
 (and a little after that...)
You are taken to Zhentil Keep.
 (Maybe some sort of guards take you there, or is this text actually used when
  the guards at Zhentil Keep bring you in? Can't remember.)

You couldn't get out and are caught. Your belongings are taken and you are
thrown out of the keep.
 (Maybe this is used? I don't know.)

You run in confusion and smash into an enemy patrol.


You can't run away any longer.


A deep voice yells from the gate house:
You stole from Bane's shrine!

Sergeant: They are the shrine robbers!
(Probably is used when you steal the two swords in the Bane shrine. Would make
 sense since the gate guards can see everything in the castle. A giant also
 mentions you stealing from Bane's shrine.)


 (They appear to be unused rumors when you're sneaking into the auction.)
What's the true identity of The Boss?
There are more ogres these days. The giants took their castle and
drove them out.
The Shrine of Bane in the Plaza is recruiting for Mace.
And that was why Grishnak was in an ill mood.


The Clerk: These book aren't very valuable. We can't give you a reward.
 (Note that she says book instead of books. This is probably used when you
  search for books in the library and the game says you don't find anything
  useful/of interest, but I haven't tried it yet.)

The Clerk: Bring the letter to Zhentil Keep. Cadorna the betrayer might have
exchanged the genuine letter for a forgery. Be careful.
 (I have no idea how to trigger this.)


They break off and start to run away.


You disarm a deadfall trap.
 (Never saw this before. There's also text about disarming some of the traps
  set in this place, but I can't seem to get these 'events' to 'trigger'.
  Anyone have any ideas?

Envoy: You were stupid to return. Well, this time we will destroy you.
 (Probably occurs if you run away during the 3 waves?)

Kobold king: You seem rich. I'll forgive you if you surrender.
What do you do?

All exits are blocked. The catapult is ready to fire again.
King: You will never escape!
What do you do?

Women and children kobolds run away. It appears to be a kobold cave.

This room contains shabby tables littered with bones.

There is a broken catapult.

You find the trap. But the passage is too narrow to go around it.
What do you do?
 Disarm the trap

The Kobold suddenly ducks behind a large boulder.
The noise you made draws the attention of a large monster!

You are brought to the prison.
The kobold guards take some of your items as they drag you along.
 (Not sure how to get this to happen.)
A young woman in nomad dress comes out and says: Let's join together
against the kobolds.
 (They forgot to put 'a' between nomad and dress.)

Kobolds charge out and begin to throw rocks at you.

You have your belongings stolen and you are thrown into the prison.


 Here, Diogenes give more detailed advice and them some. I'm sure this was
 intended to be used after you beat the kobold cave. However, after you do
 that, you can no longer find Diogenes in the cave and your party leaves.

Diogenes: You should use use the efreet bottle in Valhingen Graveyard to beat
          the vampire.
Diogenes: There is a vampire in the Valhingen Graveyard. You should slay him.
Diogenes: You were foolish to lose the help of the efreet.
Diogenes: It was very kind of you to bring the efreet bottle,
          but it is you that needs the Bottle. Take the bottle to Valhingen
          Graveyard and slay the vampire.
Diogenes: The efreet bottle was your best chance. You were foolish to lose it.
          But there is still some hope.
          Go to the Valhingen Graveyard. You must slay the vampire there by


 (I found something about the thieves spying on important people on Phlan.
  Never came across this.)

The thieves split up. One runs through the east door and the other through the
south door.
What do you do?
 Pursue through the east
  You catch the thief and he begs: Please don't slay me! I'm a leader. I'll
  order my men to leave you alone.
  What do you do?
   Let him go
   Slay him
 Pursue through the south
  He runs to the door. When he gets to the edge of the room he turns and
  laughs: You fools! I'm only a minor thief.
 Give up


There is a note on the floor:
Number 213 is making good progress. Number 214 expired Failed again.

The stirges leave.

You are robbed of all your belongings, blindfolded and dumped somewhere.


Kobolds appear from around the buildings.

Strange green plants are growing in a clump. You see it more clearly now as
Green Slime. You pass around it very carefully.
 (In the NES version of Pool of Radiance, you can't actually go into the
You step on a strange green plant. You see it more clearly now as Green Slime.

 The game also lists a bunch of books the party can find. I don't know if any
 of them are used or not, but in the ROM in FCEUX, it starts at 546C8
 One of the books talks about a place up north that the nomads go to.
 Interesting to note that I was actually e-mailed by a reader of this guide
 who told me one of their family members found this place in the wilderness,
 and they remember it wasn't the base/Zhentil Keep/nomad camp, etc. It was
 apparently completely different. However, I couldn't find it. If anyone DOES
 find it, let me know ASAP and I'll even pay you if I can find it because I


It seems that he cannot answer any more.
 (Refers to the elf skeleton at the beginning.)

You try all of the words from the elf's scroll. But in vain.
 (Haven't got this to trigger yet. Every time I've read off his scroll, I can
  avoid the skeleton patrols from attacking me.)

??? (Seems to be unused menu text.)

None of the party can move.

Come here whenever you need my help.

Up to 5 PCs can join your party.

Up to 2 NPCs can join your party.

I've already had my share.

 (And maybe some more combat text?)
cannot be healed
grins and stands up
begins to read
expires from poison
recovers from poison
Thank you very much.

 (Among some item text, I found:)

I think about wraps it up for unused stuff. Maybe there's some unused graphics
but I'll have to wait until TCRF works on that (which will be never.)

 Secret Cave?
A while back, a reader of this guide sent me an e-mail, telling me that back
when he was young, he watched his uncle play this game, and how he found a
secret cave in the wilderness that I didn't cover in my guide. I told him
that maybe he was thinking of a different game, but he swore on it that it
was this game. I personally believe either he wasn't telling the truth, or
that it was a different game that happened to look the same. I turned the
search mode on in the wilderness and explored literally every block of land,
but there were no secret caves. I have, however, had a few dreams where I'm
battling much tougher enemies in much different areas!

21. Tavern Rumors
The taverns in New Phlan can give you helpful advice if you choose to Listen
to Gossip, but you also risk getting into a fight. Sometimes one of your
party members' items will be stolen as well. Additionally, sometimes you will
feel a hand groping you. You can either ignore it or fight the person who
groped you, in which you fight a 1st Level Thief. To save you the trouble,
I will list them here. I will also leave a note at the end of each rumor to
give you more insight on what they are talking about. In the computer
versions the game would just tell you that your party writes the rumor down
as Journal Entry ## without actually telling you what the rumor was. To see
it, you would have to look in the Adventurer's Journal which came packaged
with the computer versions of the game. They did this for copy protection.
Of course, back then it was hard to copy a cartridge so none of that's in
the NES game.


* A dragon in the northern
  It is a silver dragon...

  They say it's supposed
  to be a good dragon.
(Note: A reference to Diogenes. There is also a rumor in the taverns that say
       the opposite.)

* A dreadful monster is
  living in the Slums...
  It is too much for a
  beginner hero.
(Note: The troll in the Rope Guild. You must defeat him and his kobolds to
       successfully complete The Slums. He's not easy...)

* I hear there is a golden
  castle in the marsh to the

  It glitters, and you can
  take treasure, as much as
  you like.
(Note: The East Marsh, where you will go later in the game.)

* I'm a member of
  the Kovel Family.
  They have stashed a large
  treasure in the keep...

  But there are many traps.
(Note: I haven't yet discovered this. I have found several treasures there,
       all of them armed with traps, but not a single huge one. Maybe the
       rumor just refers to all the treasures in general.)

* Nomads are living in the
  north land.
  Sometimes they make camp
  up there.
(Note: The Nomad Camp which you will go to later in the game.)

* of the Arms Shop
  works 24 hours a day,
  but if you enter through
  the back door,

  he will deal with you.
(Note: The arms shop in southern New Phlan. It is a 3x1 room)

* Not only the monsters, but
  the great thieves also
  have bases in the
(Note: Not that I know of. In the computer versions there were secret
       bases in the wilderness, but they were removed in the NES version.
       Similar to the Goblin Room being removed from the NES Shadowgate.)

* Some monsters can never be
  slain without silver or
  magic arms.

  Well, I know some monsters
  silver weapons can't

  They can only be slain by
  magical weapons.
(Note: A bit of Engrish on the second part. I think they probably meant,
       "Well, I know for some monsters, silver weapons can't harm them."
       Also worth noting this is the hardest rumor to get in the tavern.
       As you heard, some monsters (mainly and namely undead) are only
       vulnerable to silver/magic weapons and immune to everything else.)

* Some swords have
  spirits... Ones who don't
  match their alignments
  can't use the weapons.
(Note: I haven't come across this even once for each time I've played through
       this game. There are two cursed long swords in the game though, in
       which if you equip them, you can't remove them. Could also refer to
       the AD&D rules for example, thieves can't use long swords. They forgot
       to program that into the NES version, though.)

* The Barren River was clean
  long ago...

  Well, Barren means dirty.
  We called it the
  Stojanow River  when
  it was clean.
(Note: This was caused by Yarash's Pyramid, which spews out dirty water into
       the River. I don't know what's in the water, but either way, you will
       end up decontaminating it.)

* The buccaneers are dealing
  in slaves.

  Sometimes they pitch
  a camp on the seashore
  in the west.
(Note: The Buccaneer Base. You can only go here when the Council Clerk lets

* The master of the
  graveyard is a powerful
  undead creature.
(Note: Vampire.)

* The monsters in
  Old Phlan are led by a
  Big Boss who never sleeps.
(Note: This rumor refers to one of two things; either the troll in The Slums,
       also known as Old Phlan, or Tyranthraxus, also known as The Boss, who
       rules Old Phlan and its neighboring regions.)

* There is a bad dragon in
  the north mountains.
  It kidnaps and eats
(Note: This is a false rumor. It refers to Diogenes, a silver dragon. However,
       he is on your side, but maybe not since he never helps you win any
       battles in the game.)
 UPDATE: I've since learned that metallic dragons are good.

* Wells throughout the city
  often offer access to
  hidden dens and passages--
  it's common knowledge.
(Note: This is not true. There are no wells in New Phlan. Maybe it was
       something they intended to put in but didn't. The only well in this
       game is Kuto's Well, and that's not in the city.)

* Who on earth knocked down
  The Boss?
(Note: Only seen after you complete the game.)

* Zhentil Keep is like
  a sovereign nation...
  Unless we are careful it
  will decl are waron Phlan.
(Note: No, the bottom line was not a typo made by me, it was made by the
       developers. To the foreigners, the correct writing is 'declare war on'.
       You will also go to Zhentil Keep much later in the game.)

22. Updates
12/30/12 - Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a prosperous 2013!
           I've corrected many spelling errors, updated some battles
           specifically, including how many monsters there are in a battle,
           how many leaders and regulars, etc. Though this is still a work in
           progress and I'm not sure when I'll get done with it all. I've
           decided to update my guide at the end of the month so that way if
           there's anything I've missed, I can still go back and correct it.
           I've updated my Q and A and numerous other things.

 5/10/13 - It's 1:38 here as I write this, but I do plan on adding an items
           guide sometime in the near future.

  6/8/14 - For my birthday, I thought I'd give YOU all something. An update
           with tavern rumors and some other good stuff.

     TBA - Someone asked me to list what the scrolls do throughout the game.
           They also asked about the jewelry, but the jewelry,
           as far as I know is only for selling to the shops in Phlan for

 1/18/21 - Added some polishes to the guide, including some entries from the
           Adventurer's Journal packaged with the computer versions.
           As far as I'm aware, the computer versions are *all* abandonware,
           so there's no copyright violation from posting the text from the
           Adventurer's Journal in this guide. I believe there's even scans
           of it that are easy to find. The reason I'm adding the Adventurer's
           Journal entries is because they are much more detailed, giving more
           light to the story, while the NES version simplifies them, possibly
           to save space on the cartridge.
           In addition, I bought the game's Clue Book, and it says how many
           random encounters to fight in each area to get the enemies to stop
           spawning. I have yet to try this and see if it matches the NES
           version, though.

  2/2/21 - Fixed some typos and added new strategies for some fights. Will
           continue to update, but because of my work schedule, I'm not sure
           exactly how often I will update the guide. I just reacquired the
           Famicom version so I will try following my own guide, especially
           since some of my strategies have changed either a little or a lot.

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All Rights Reserved.
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