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The city of Phlan lies in ruins. Your band of adventurers can help to rebuild the once-proud city and restore it to its former glory. Along the way you hope to find the legendary Pool of Radiance, said to glow with its own mystical power. Does it really give tremendous strength to the warrior who bathes in its magic waters? Or is that just an elfin myth? Before you meet the challenges ahead you must create your characters and choose their races and battle skills. Then set off on your glorious quest to drive out the monsters and let civilization reign once more! FANTASY ROLE PLAYING ADVENTURE!
-Based on an internationally-known official AD&D PC game
-Hundreds of characters, human and inhuman
-Informative adventurer's journal built into game
-More than 200 hours of play
-3-dimensional, 1st person view of graphically intense screens
-The definitive role playing game
-Over 4 megs of playing power
-Long life lithium battery saves play positions

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