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Reviewed: 09/04/01 | Updated: 09/04/01

Dice throwing madness

Palamedes is a very fun game in which you throw dice at the playing field in order to make combonations, clear lines, and utterly either crush you opponent or finish a level. Here I will discuss this awesome game, why you should be playing it instead of reading this, and asking you why the hell you aren't playing it instead of reading this. Why aren't you playing?

The main object of Palamedes is to move the little guy on the bottom of the screen left or right to line up with the dice on the screen. Rotate your die (with the A button) and fire it off at dice on the field (with the B button) to create a ''hand'' under your character. The ''hand'' works sort of like poker hands, and depending on how good your ''hand'' is, using at least 2-6 dice, you can clear/send to you opponent 1-5 lines, done by hitting Down once you are satisfied with your current hand.

Graphics: 9
Top notch graphics for a puzzle game of this sort, the multicolored dice make it very easy to distinguish what you are doing, and the characters are very well animated. The scoring pictures using the dice are very well done, and everything else fits perfectly. There is absolutely no argument here.

Sound: 8
Very catchy music, a few different themes, and very fitting down effects. Not much else than that, but this is a puzzle game, and it does work.

Difficulty: 7
This game can be very difficult, especially in Tournament mode (described below). The computer can be unrelenting, as can another person if they are very skilled at the game. One player mode depends all on your personal skill, but the learning curve is very well-done, and doesn't zoom up too fast or too slow.

Gameplay: 10
Very, very addictive. There's a one- and two-player mode, and a tournament mode, where you battle against the computer in a tournament of dice skills, and that is very challenging. The two player mode can last for a long time, with the addictive gameplay you will be always coming back for more. One player mode is good to set high score, but other than that it is rather boring.

There isn't really any story to this, so other than the above, that's about it. You should check out the rom of the sequel, Palamedes 2, which is much much different, and much more entertaining in that aspect. I hope you find this game ASAP (it's for arcade, wonderfully ported to NES, and also ported to gameboy) and starting throwing those dice!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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