FAQ:  Script for "Ninja Gaiden III:  The Ancient Ship of Doom"

NES game is copyright 1991 Tecmo, Ltd.

Version 1.0

Author:  Shishonee Lena Vargas, Uzma A. Sandhu, and Matthew E. Robertson

Mr. Taylor for inspiration.
Tecmo for one of the best series on the NES.

Table of Contents:
I.  General Introduction/Notes
II.  Script
III.  Random Observations
IV.  Contact Information
V.  Planned Changes

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I.  Introduction:

There's no "what's new" section, this being the first full version.

Now then, though NG3's story is a bit convoluted, contradicting to itself, and
just flat-out strange, it's still the final piece of the trilogy and as such,
still deserves to be put up as an archival reference.  Besides, Irene redeems
herself for being a basic damsel in distress in the previous games by being
rather cool in this one.  For a little while anyway.

As before, Uzo and Matt were my accomplices and did all of the game-to-paper
handwritten notation.  We worked together on the typing/proofing end of
things, so if there's a glaring error in here, don't hesitate to yell at
Matt, it'd probably be his fault somehow.

Also, I'll point out that none of us know much about stage direction, so our
general notes, where necessary, are just to help the reader recall
visualizations of the events as they occurred in the game.  Due to the more
dialogue-based sequences in this one (and laziness on our part), we haven't
included very many of these general notes, though some things would have just
seemed odd without them.

II.  Script


[after having chased her to the edge of a cliff overlooking an ocean]

Ryu:  What's wrong Irene?  Don't you understand that this is the end for you?

Irene:  Ryu!  What are you doing?

Ryu:  Ha-ha-ha...no one who has seen what's going on there can live to tell
about it!

[Irene backs up, ground beneath her falls taking her with it]
Irene:  ...!!

[side-view of Irene]
Irene Lew
CIA Analyst--Deceased.  Killed on mission "Cardinal".

[side-view of Ryu]
Ryu Hayabusa
Descendent of the Dragon Clan, eliminated Irene Lew at N3-SH.

[as a view of Ryu's back scrolls against a background of the labs in the
Ryu:  I killed Irene?  No!  Someone or something using my name killed Irene.
Picking my way through the dragnet, I tried to find the lab that Irene was

[close-up of Ryu]
Ryu:  I won't rest until I find who killed Irene and framed me! [serious
expression as screen fades]

Act 1

Ryu:  This isn't an ordinary lab.

Voice:  Oh!  It's Ryu.

Ryu:  Who's there?!  [looks to side]

Man:  Don't be frightened.  I want you to do something for me.  Go to the
Castle Rock fortress.  To get there you'll have to get past all the traps your
enemy has set for you.  Ryu, you're the only one who can make it.

Ryu:  Who is the enemy?  What is the Castle Rock fortress?

Man:  I don't have time to give you the details now, once you get there you'll
learn all about Irene.  Get going Ryu, and hurry!

Act 2

Ryu:  What is this place?

Foster [as his image appears on a big screen behind Ryu]:  Ha-ha-ha...It's been
a long time Ryu Hayabusa.

Ryu:  You're Foster!!

Foster:  Were the defenses around Castle Rock tough enough for you?  No one has
made it out of here alive.  And no one ever will.

Ryu:  ...!!  Was Irene here?  you!  You're the one who...

Foster:  Hmmm...I don't know what you're talking about.  I heard that you
killed Irene.  We're bound to run into each other again before long.  I hope
you're still alive when we do.  So long Ryu. [screen fades]

[close-up of Ryu]
Ryu:  Just wait Foster, I won't rest until I find out the truth.

Act 3

[close-up of Ryu, looking to the side]
Ryu:  Who are you?!

Double:  So, you're my original!!

Ryu:  What?!

Double:  Come on!  Fight me!  [starts to run]

Ryu: [running]  So you're the one who killed Irene and made me a murderer!

Double:  Sooo...What are you going to do about it?!

Ryu:  I'll get you!!

[both jump and clash.  Ryu falls]

Double:  You're nothing but talk, aren't you.

Ryu:  You...

Double:  Ha ha, I don't just look like you.  I've also acquired all of your
strengths.  Unfortunately, I can't get rid of you just yet, Foster's order.
I'll answer your question.  I'm the one who eliminated Irene.

Ryu:  You!

Double:  Ha-ha-ha...I'll use the information from this fight the next time we
meet.  When and if you get to Castle Rock fortress I'll be ready for you!
Later!  [jumps away]

[close-up of Ryu]
Ryu:  What in the world was that?!  And what's waiting for me at Castle Rock

Act 4

Man:  Ryu, I knew you'd come.

Ryu:  I remember you.

Man:  I'm Clancy.  I've been working on the 'Biohazard' plan with Foster.  I
can't work with him anymore.  He has secretly created a monster called a

Ryu:  What's a BIO-NOID?

Clancy:  There's an open seam between dimensions that was created when the
Demon died.  An unlimited supply of LIFE ENERGY is flowing from the seam inside
the ruins of the fortress.  Foster has rebuilt the fortress and was doing
transformation experiments with life energy.  Bio-noids are super humans that
have been transformed with life energy.

Ryu:  Was it a bio-noid that killed Irene?

Clancy:  Yes!  And Foster's in control of the bio-noids.  I don't have the
power to stop him.  Ryu, you're my last hope.  Stop Foster!

Act 5

[scrolling scene of Ryu on a mountain top with Castle Rock in the distance]
Ryu:  So this is Foster's Castle Rock fortress.

Act 5
(reach room)

Ryu:  Come on out Foster!  You're finished!

Foster:  Well look who's here...It's Ryu.  Unfortunately, I'm going to have to
get rid of you.  Imagine the bio-noid I could make by blasting your tough
Dragon Clan body with life energy.
Instead I'll extract the secret of the Dragon Clan from your corpse, then I'll
make a superior bio-noid.  [as Double jumps in]  Let's get started!

Woman with sub-machine gun:  That's far enough Foster.

Ryu:  Who are you...?  Irene?!

Foster:  You're alive!

Irene:  Did you think that I would die that easily?  I had been working with
the army when I discovered all about his plan.  It's no use trying to escape.

Double [morphing]:  You fools, you came all this way to get killed!  I'll give
you and the real Ryu a bloodbath together.

[Irene shoots him, but with no effect]
Irene:  Ah-h!  Impossible!!

Ryu [determined]:  Stand back Irene, leave this to me.

Act 5
(after bio-noid Ryu double battle)

Ryu:  That's far enough Foster.

Foster:  ... ... ... ...?!  [rumbling]

Ryu:  What's that?!  [as Clancy enters]

Clancy:  Ha-ha-ha.

Ryu:  Clancy?!

Clancy:  Good work Ryu, and you too Irene.

Ryu:  What?

Foster:  Clancy, what are you doing?

Clancy:  Call it what you like.  I'm not turning these ruins over to anyone.

Ryu:  You used us, to get these ruins back!

Clancy:  Ha-ha-ha.  Right!  I really should thank you. [more rumbling]
The subspace connection to the life energy is starting to open and I have to
go now.  The life energy and the secrets of the ruins will be mine!  So long!

[Clancy disappears into the subspace.  Foster attempts to follow and is
Foster:  Clancy, wait!  Un...aa-a-a-a-a-h!!

Ryu:  !!

Act 6

Ryu:  Irene..., get out of here now!  I'll go after Clancy.  I can't let him
get control of the energy.

Irene:  Ryu, I'm going with you.

Ryu:  No, Foster was torn to pieces by the power in the subspace.  You need
a special kind of power to make it in there.  You have to get out of here
quickly.  Now go!

Irene [concerned]:  Ryu...

Ryu:  I'll come back alive.  I promise. [as Ryu fades into the subspace]

Act 6
(encounter a mutant)

Foster:  Well, the real Ryu.  You finally made it.

Ryu:  You're supposed to be dead.

Foster:  Ha...I used all of my strength, but once here I was brought back to
life by the energy.  Look at this fantastic body.  I've transmutated into a
super being.  I'll prove it by killing you.

Ryu:  Go ahead and try. [angry] I won't be beaten by the likes of you!

Act 6
(after mutant's defeat)

Ryu:  !?

[view of Clancy, no longer looking normal, with blue skin tone and veins
threatening to burst]
Clancy:  So, Ryu Hayabusa, you made it here after all.

Ryu:  Clancy!

Clancy:  I have to compliment you on making it through the subspace.  You're
just a little too late.  I've already made the energy mine.  I'll show the
world the power of these ruins.
Do you have any idea what these ruins really are?  We're still inside the
ruins!!  We're inside a dimensional warship!!

Ryu:  What!?

Clancy:  These super-dimensional ruins are the foundation upon which a new
world will be created.  It's the new source of ALL LIFE!  The time has come.
See for yourself!

Act 7

Irene:  What on earth is that?

[Ship rises from ground, blows away some land with a laser]

Ryu:  !!

Clancy:  Now do you understand the power of this dimensional warship?!  The new
age is about to begin.  And you get to stay behind.

Ryu:  What?!

[trap door opens beneath and Ryu falls through]

Act 7
(reach Clancy's room)

Clancy:  Ryu Hayabusa, you did well to get this far.

Ryu:  Where is Clancy?  [as he sees a large monster] C-c-c-c-...You're Clancy!

Clancy:  Correct.  Look at this body full of super life power!  Listen
carefully, Ryu.  I want to protect the earth from humans.  Humans are weak and
disgusting little creatures who love to fight.  You know they should be wiped
out, don't you?  Ryu, join me!  I'll even let you bring a perfect human to
ride the ship with us.  Once the earth is cleansed of humans we can start a
new world!

Ryu:  No reason can ever excuse the destruction and slaughter of mankind.
[close-up, angry]  The only thing that's going to get destroyed is you and this
dimensional warship!

Act 7
(defeat Clancy)

Ryu:  !!

Clancy:  Ah-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a!! [morphs]

Ryu:  So that's your real form.  I might have known!  Prepare to die, Clancy!

Act 7
(defeat Clancy, again)

Ryu:  Finally!  Hey--what's this?

[large machine appears]

Machine/Clancy:  RYU-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U!!

Act 7

Ryu:  ?! [room starts to vanish, Ryu vanishes out]

Irene:  !!

[Ryu appears nearby.  In the sky, the Ship falls and explodes.  Castle Rock
also falls apart.  View scrolls to Ryu and Irene standing atop a mountain

Ryu [mask off]:  This is the end of Clancy and Foster and their sinister plan.

Irene:  I'll never understand why people make and pursue evil plans until they
wind up dead.

Ryu:  Humans are always striving to achieve.
All of creatures on earth, in all worlds, can never be just a part of
someone's plans.  Fortunately, mankind is never foolish enough to wipe itself
out to achieve some ambitions.
Being with you like this, makes me want to thank all the living beings in this
world.  That's my one desire.  A new day is about to begin.

[Ryu and Irene stand as the sun rises]


III.  Random Observations
-The Program Work was done by "NOBODY" whoooooo, eerie.
-The ship/ruins is never once referred to as "The Ancient Ship of Doom."
-There must've been a major screw-up in the sequence after Ryu follows Clancy
into subspace and encounters the mutant (which the game claims is Foster),
because textual context would have you think it was someone else.  The
webmaster of "The Ninja Gaiden Homepage"
(http://www.classicgaming.com/ninjagaiden/) logically believes this to be the
bio-noid duplicate of Ryu, which makes perfect sense to us.
-one of the acts has what look like upside down mountains in the background,
as far as any of us can tell.
-According to Ryu, Clancy, though human, had a wall-mounted monster as his 
true form?  And we don't know where that big "fight it like the Demon" machine
came from. It's like:  Clancy --> blue Franken-Clancy --> 
orange mud monster Clancy --> reddish wall-mounted Clancy --> 
big yellow robot Clancy.  whee!

IV.  Contact Information:

If the reader has a complaint, suggestion, question or information s/he would
like for us to see or add, s/he may contact any one of the following people:

Matt "LIFE ENERGY can let you turn into a robot?" @ Light_brand@hotmail.com
Shisho "Don't trust suspicious people, Ryu." @ Dieffenbaker@msn.com
Uz "BIO-NOID, transmutate into super being!" @ shooting_dancer_step@yahoo.com

Please be certain to use "Ninja Gaiden 3" as the subject, otherwise your email
will be deleted without being read (especially by Uz, the psycho won't read
anything with a strange subject/sender).

V.  Planned Changes:

I know it's odd to put this towards the end, but most people would rather get
to the meat of something and read extra text at the end, or at least that's
what I think.

Planned changes to this faq include:
-going over all of the script to check for places where general notes could
add clarity/change any general notes
-add boss names where applicable or necessary
-add in a title ASCI art piece
-re-check against in-game text
-any other changes we come up with

That's it from us!
circa September 2003