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Boss FAQ by Emptyeye

Version: 5.1 | Updated: 05/30/1999

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos
Boss Strategies- Best Weapons, Ninja Points, and Attack Methods
V5.1 (5/30/99) (Modified some Power-Up descriptions; Added some stuff to 
'Absolute Game Basics'; Added a note to the Kelbeross battle; Cleared up some
things in the Funky Dynamite battle; Added the scroll as a Ninja Power-Up;
Fixed another typo [The Roman Numeral for '9' is NOT 'XI'])
By "Emptyeye" (emptyeye@juno.com) 
This Guide appears at
www.gamefaqs.com and vgstrategies.about.com

There are 9 sections
Section I: Brief History of this Tip Sheet
Section II: Absolute Game Basics
Section III: Ninja Power-ups: Their costs and functions
Section IV: Scroll Locations
Section V: The Mystery of the 7th Scroll...Solved!
Section VI: Maximum Ninja Points
Section VII: Specific Boss Strategies
Section VIII: This Tip Sheet's Future (I'll need your help with this one!)
Section IX: Legal Stuff (If you wanna copy this thing)

You may have read my review on this game and wondered how I'd know this
stuff if I've never beaten the game. Well the night after I wrote that review,
I played the game..and beat it. I've done the same about 10 times since then
(as of V1.0), so I know what I'm talking about. Trust me. :) Now...

Section I: Brief History of This Tip Sheet
V1.0 (Had "Maximum Ninja Power" and "Specific Boss Strategies"; 
written prior to my discovering 7th scroll so therefore contained a 
typo in Ninja Power; never publically released)

V1.1 (Fixed the Ninja Power typo, or so I thought... Added "This Tip Sheet's 
Future"; Submitted this file to a web site; never put up due to 2.0 being 
written soon after)

V2.0 (Added "Mystery of the 7th Scroll" and changed Max
Ninja Power values to reflect what I know about it; also added "Legal Stuff"; 
released publically [yay!])

V3.0 (Modified strategies for Baron Spider, Naga Sotuva,
the Kelbeross, and all of Jaquio's forms; fixed some typos that were in 2.0.
Also modified Legal Stuff and added "Scroll Locations")

V3.5 (Added the web sites; further modified the strategy for
Jaquio's First Form; fixed a rather large typo in the Guide History; fixed
another, less important typo)

V3.51 (One of the urls was wrong...oops. I fixed it.)

V3.6 (Further modified strategies for Funky Dynamite and 
Naga Sotuva)

V4.0 (Solved the mystery of the 7th scroll [with help] and 
modified the section accordingly; also further modified the strategy for
Jaquio's Third Form)

V4.1 (Answered the question of how the Art of the Fire Wheel
works on Jaquio [Again with help])

V5.0 (Realized [Finally] that most people don't have 
directions or early Nintendo Powers like I do, and so added some new 
sections covering the absolute basics and ninja power ups..also modified 
the urls again; Fixed some small typos.)

V5.1 (Current Version; Modified some Power-Up descriptions; Added some stuff 
to 'Absolute Game Basics'; added a note to the Kelbeross battle; cleared up 
some things in the Funky Dynamite battle; Added the scroll as a Ninja 
Power-Up; fixed another typo [The Roman Numeral for '9' is NOT 'XI'])  

Section II: Absolute Game Basics
Finally realizing that people who have this game probably don't own
the instruction manual, I set out to provide a concise 'control guide', if
you will. Note that this only applies to the actual NES version of the game;
emulator users are out of luck.

Well the Control Pad moves Ryu in whichever direction you press, the A button
jumps, and the B button swings your sword. Simple enough? Obviously you can 
combine these functions; i.e. A then B will swing your sword in mid-air.
When on a wall, hold A and then press the control pad away from the wall to
jump off of it. If you do this then quickly press the control pad back TOWARD
the wall (while still holding A), you will climb the wall slightly, if you're 
lucky (just kidding..you'll get it with practice.)...doing this repeatedly is 
called the quick kick technique. While you can simply climb a wall by 
pressing up while attached to it, sometimes you'll find yourself hanging for
dear life on the side of a pedestal and will need to Quick Kick to the top of
it, hence my mentioning it here.
Oh yeah, one last thing: when you have a Ninja Art, pressing Up on the 
control pad+B will use that Ninja Art, except when you're on a wall, in which
case press whatever direction you want the art to be thrown in (if into the 
wall, just hit B) and B.

Section III: Ninja Power-ups: Their costs and functions
My inspiration for this was the same as that for Section II. 
The cost to use each Ninja Art and it's appearance 
is listed in parantheses next to it's name. 
A - is used to indicate that there is no cost for it (or it isn't a Ninja
Power Up)

Blue Point Power Up (-; looks like a blue jar): Adds 1000 Points to your 

Red Point Power Up (-; looks like a red jar): Adds 2000 Points to your score.

Blue Ninja Power Up (-; looks like a Japanese symbol on a blue background): 
Adds 10 Ninja Points to your total (these are used to cast Ninja Arts).

Red Ninja Power Up (-; looks like a Japanese symbol on a red background): 
Instantly maxes out your Ninja Points.
Elixir (-; looks like a slim blue bottle):Instantly recover 6 bars of energy.

Clone (-; looks like a red Ryu head): A 'Ninja Double' follows you around,
mimicking your movements. You can have up to 2 at one time.

1-Up (-; looks like a blue Ryu head): Grants an extra life.

Basic Throwing Star (5 Points; looks like a small bluish-purple star on a
pink background): Sends a throwing star straight out; you start every act 
with this, and also get it whenever you lose a life.

Windmill Throwing Star (10 Points; looks like a large orange-red throwing
star on a white background): Sends a throwing star out for a short distance, 
then it comes back to you! Also cuts right through any enemy that gets in its
way (Save for most bosses)...if you dodge it on its return it will whip back 
and forth around you until you finally do decide to catch it.

Art of the Fire Wheel (8 Points; looks like a large drop-shaped fireball):
Sends fire at about a 50-60 degree angle diagonally upwards.

Fire Dragon Balls (8 Points; looks like a red circle surrounded by flame): 
Shoots a fireball at a 45 degree angle diagonally downwards.

Invincible Fire Wheel (15 Points; looks like a mass of fire): For 
approximately 5 seconds, you cannot be hurt by enemies, as fireballs 
swirl about you.

Scroll (-; looks like....a scroll): Adds 10 Points to your Maximum Ninja
Point total.

Section IV: Scroll Locations
This gives the locations of all the Maximum-Ninja-Power increasing Scrolls
in the game. The numbers indicate: Level (e.g. 3-2), Section of Level 
(e.g. 2), Powerup in section (e.g. 6). These numbers are separated by 
semi-colons (;). Also, a section of a level is one where horizontal progress
is made. Going up (or down) 2 ladders in a row is not a section, but going
up or down 1 ladder and then going left or right is. Some advice on exactly
how the get each scroll is given in parentheses after the numbers

Scroll #1: 2-2; 2; 2 (Shoot it down with Art of the Fire Wheel)..alternately
same section, powerup 6 (Jump off the wall and hit it with your sword..no you
can't get both at once)

Scroll #2: 3-2; 3; 2 (Just hit it with your sword; there's a platform right 
under it)

Scroll #3: 4-1; 2; 4 (It's suspended over fire...to get it, go past it, then 
all in one jump, hit it with your sword, get it, and go back onto the platform
. If you lose a life while trying to get it don't worry about it.)

Scroll #4: 5-1; 2; 6 (Same problem as Scroll 3 except you can try to make it
back to the left if you fall in the fire this time.)

Scroll #5: 6-1; 2; 4 (Just Art of the Fire Wheel it down...it's after that 
long section where you're hidden)

Scroll #6: 7-1; 2; 2 (Hit it with your sword)

Scroll #7 (Is sometimes a blue Ninja-Power-Up; see Section III below): 
7-2; 1; 12 (The second to last one...Art of Fire Wheel it down)
(NOTE: You can get this scroll twice..see Section III)

Section V: Mystery of the 7th Scroll..Solved!
As I was playing through this game for about the 15th time this morning
(12/29/98) , I came upon something weird..I'd known for several days that 
there was a little  talked about 7th scroll in Level 7-2 
(The last level before Jaquio), but when I went to get it this time....it 
wasn't there! Puzzled, I finished the stage. I beat Jaquio's first form but 
lost to his second (No comment :) ), so I had to redo 7-2. And behold, the 
scroll was there this time! 
UPDATE:Jordan Davis <jmd4833@osfmail.isc.rit.edu> informed me that the scroll
 actually appears TWICE; once if you beat the first form of Jaquio and lose 
to his second, and AGAIN if you then beat the second form of Jaquio and lose
 to the third. I tested this and found it to be true. This brings the total 
number of scrolls to be had in the game to EIGHT. Thanks Jordan!

Section VI: Maximum Ninja Points
Here are the suggested maximum Ninja Points to have when fighting each boss:
(NOTE: This is from personal experience; maximum Ninja Points are increased
by collecting scrolls found throughout the stages of the game; to my 
knowledge it is not possible to collect more than this number [without
using Game Genie, etc] at that part of the game...also these reflect the 
latest information concerning the mysterious 7th scroll in Section III)

Dando the Cursed (Stage 1-2): 040
Baron Spider (Stage 2-3): 050
Funky Dynamite (Stage 3-3): 060 (Sensing a pattern yet?)
Naga Sotuva (Stage 4-3): 070
Ashtar (Stage 5-3): 080
The Kelbeross (Stage 6-3): 090
Jaquio (First Form [Stage 7-3]): 100 
Jaquio (Second Form [Stage 7-4]): 110
Jaquio (Third Form [Stage 7-5]): 120

Section VII: Strategies
This section goes into detail about how to beat the bosses; it also gives
the best ninja art to use against him, listed in parentheses next to the 
bosses name.

Dando the Cursed (none)- This boss basically lumbers toward you, smashing into
the wall now and again. To beat him, run in, hit him with your sword 5 or 6 
times, then climb up the left wall. Just before he slams into it, jump behind 
him, hit him another 5 or 6 times, then climb the right wall. Again, just  
before he hits the wall, jump down behind him and hit him. Repeat as 

Baron Spider (Art of the Fire Wheel or Fire Dragon Balls)- This is a more
difficult battle than the first boss because of 2 things (well 3): First,
the wind, combined with being hit, can knock you into a pit if you aren't 
careful. Secondly, whenever you climb up onto his platform to hit him, he
jumps off. Lastly, the spiders he throws out are very annoying. To beat him
(If you have the Art of the Fire Wheel), throw Fire wheels at him until you 
run out of Ninja Power. Then climb the wall, being careful to avoid his 
spiders (An inch or 2 up the wall is a safe spot), jump on to his platform 
and hit him a couple of times. He'll jump off. Follow him and hit him some 
more. He'll jump back on the platform. Repeat the process until he dies. 
Alternately, if you have Fire Dragon Balls, climb to the very top
of the wall. He'll jump off the platform. Climb down the wall to about 
platform height. Maneuver your clones there by moving slightly up and down the 
wall. If you have full Ninja Power and 2 clones, Fire Dragon Ball him until he 
dies. Note that you'll take a few hits from Baron's spiders while you maneuver
yourself into position, but unless you have 3 or less for energy when you
arrive, it shouldn't matter.

Funky Dynamite (Art of the Fire Wheel)- He hovers around the top of the screen
throwing bullets at you, until you hit him, then he come down briefly, shoots
up 4 fireballs in much the same pattern as Baron Spider's spiders, goes back 
up, and repeats. Again, shoot the Art of the Fire Wheel at him (when he's
in the air, and only then) until you run out. When you do, climb on one of 
the pedestals, jump at him, and hit him. Again, if you have clones, it's 
possible to position them so that throwing the Art of the Fire Wheel at him 
enough times will kill him if you have full Ninja Power. It's also possible to
position one (clone) in the air to hit him so he comes down, then leave the 
clone there (don't move!) so he'll hit Dynamite again when he tries to go 
back up. You can also kill him this way. In fact if you have 2 clones and 
full Ninja Power (and the Art of the Fire Wheel) do this: Jump onto the right
pedestal and jump up continually until Funky Dynamite comes close to you. When
he does, throw the Art of the Fire Wheel at him. Wait until he begins to rise, 
then throw it again. Repeat until victory is yours.

Naga Sotuva (Art of the Fire Wheel [another pattern])- Naga himself doesn't 
actually attack you. Two claws, one from each side, alternate sweeping the
platforms near Naga's head, his only vulnerable point. Again, with the Art 
of the Fire Wheel and two clones, it's easy work. Drop to the lower level with
the water rushing along it. Go to its left side but DON'T drop off the cliff.
Continually adjusting to keep Ryu on the ledge- this puts his clones very 
close to him- give him the Fire Wheel until he dies. Again with full Ninja 
Power and the aforementioned 2 clones he'll die, but if you want to be sure
of this, jump up before throwing the Fire Wheels. Also make sure the hands
aren't in the way when you throw them. Even without clones do 
this if you have the Fire Wheel. However, without clones you probably won't
kill Naga. So here's another strategy. Watch the claw to see which ledge it 
sweeps first (it alternates). Go to the OTHER ledge, staying on the outer side 
of it. Hit the face with your sword two or three times, then go to the other 
ledge, hit him another couple of times, and so on until he dies.

Ashtar (Art of the Fire Wheel)- Ashtar appears and disappears at will, 
shooting fireballs in 8 directions and having them come back to him. 
As usual the Art of the Fire Wheel will take him out with 2 clones, but
because of his appearing and disappearing it's a bit harder. To start, attach
yourself to the very bottom of the right wall until his fireballs go out. Then
rush in, Fire Wheel 2 or 3 times, and reattach yourself to the wall. Ashtar is
only vulnerable briefly each time he appears. Repeat this until he dies or you
run out of Ninja Power. If faced with the latter situation, do what you would
if you had the Fire Wheel, but jump and attack him with your sword once or
twice instead of using the Art of the Fire Wheel. He'll die either way.

The Kelbeross (Windmill Throwing Star)- If you've fought these guys in the 
first Ninja Gaiden, you'll know what to expect; the only difference is their
starting point (and the fact that there's no Jump and Slash to save your neck)
. If not, here's what to expect- The Kelbeross appear out the wall and take
short hops around the room, occasionally spitting out poison that can be hit
with your sword. The catch is that only one will lose energy off of the energy 
bar if you hit it (it's the one on the right when you first walk in). The 
safest place in the room seems to be near the right pedestal, though it
isn't guaranteed that you won't get hit. The Windmill Throwing Star shines in
this battle, mostly because you can use it to see which is the real Kelbeross
(the fake one moves back after being hit with it). Just stay near the 
pedestal, striking with the Windmill Star and your sword, hitting what poison 
comes toward you, and victory will be yours. An easier way to do this, 
however, is to climb up on the right wall and strike with the Windmill 
Throwing Star when the Kelbeross first come out. Wait patiently for that right 
Kelbeross to come back close to you. While waiting, maneuver your 2 clones 
close to you (using the method described under Baron Spider). When he finally 
comes back near you, unload Windmill Stars on him for all you're worth. 
The problem with this method, though, is that you'll take 3 to 5 hits while
waiting for the Kelbeross to return (Besides the fact you need two clones to
make it foolproof).

(NOTE: Jin Taninnver [DemonGouku@aol.com] Informed me of something I'd heard
about [I believe it was in the NG II Strategy Guide], but never really used
in this battle. He said the following [And I quote]: "It was said that if 
you get the invincible dog in front of one of the doors (i believe the left) 
and hit it with a ninja art, you'll knock it out the door, gone forever."
My response to this is: I remember hearing this too (except as I remember it,
you had to use the Windmill Throwing Star) but you'd have to be kind of 
patient in order to be able to line up said Kelbeross in order to knock it
out of the room. And if you have the energy to do that, you probably also 
have the energy to use the above strategy. Not only that but you're probably
also good enough to beat them without it if you can afford to spend time
waiting around for a Kelbeross to come to you without the immediate intention
of winning the battle....)

Jaquio's First Form (Windmill Throwing Star)- This is in my opinion the 
hardest boss in the game. Jaquio moves in a pattern similar (but not 
identical) to his Ninja Gaiden 1 strategy. He randomly swoops around the room, 
throwing fireballs that go where you're standing (or clinging to if you're on 
the wall). Windmill Throwing Stars from the wall seem to be the best attack 
against him. Use the same attack method you used on the Kelbeross, but don't 
stay on the wall. The reason for getting off the wall is that if you don't, 
then his flames will hit you no matter what. Also, Jaquio moves MUCH quicker 
than the Kelbeross, so you'll only be able to hit him once or (at most) twice, 
and he won't be in the same place near the wall twice in a row. There is no 
true "safe spot" in the room, but Jaquio himself can't hit you if you hang on 
the wall (but as I said, don't stay there). To hit him (assuming no Windmill 
Stars, you've run out of Ninja Power, etc.), wait until he comes right next to 
you while you hang on the wall, then jump off and strike at his face with your 
sword. It takes awhile, but as long as you stay clear of his fireballs and 
repeat this pattern, you can win. You WILL get hit, probably 6 or so times, 
in this battle. Don't worry about it.

Jaquio's Second Form (None)- But you're not done yet. Now Jaquio becomes a 
huge face in the wall. Acid continually drops from the ceiling, and the face
rhythmically spits fire at you. You don't really need any Ninja Arts for this
battle; just jump up and strike at his face once, jump the fire, and take care 
to avoid the acid falling from the ceiling (It helps if you stay as close to
the face as possible, believe it or not).It's possible to position a clone to 
repeatedly strike at the face, but because you're constantly dodging acid,
it's really more trouble than it's worth. Repeat the pattern, and prepare to 
(NOTE: Purposely losing this battle the first time may not be a bad idea, 
because you can then go get the mysterious 7th scroll mentioned in Sections
II and III)

Jaquio's Third Form (Windmill Throwing Star)- You have to deal with several
attacks in this battle. Hands sweep the bottom of the screen. In addition,
Jaquio shoots streams of fire from his mouth (again in a rhythm). When you 
defeat his face, his body starts erupting scythes or something, and you have
to kill his heart. Luckily his face isn't that hard. There are 2 options if 
you have clones. The first is waiting for him to fire off his first stream
of fire (duck at the lower left hand corner of the screen), jumping up and  
hitting his face once, ducking back down at the lower corner of the screen
(facing left),  and having the second clone (it only works if there are two)
swing his sword until he dies. The other option (which works even without 
clones) is to throw ONE (or at most two) Windmill Throwing Star at it. Then it 
dies. If neither of these are an option to you, just repeat the pattern for 
using clones, but after every stream of fire (assuming the hands aren't gonna 
get you), come back out and hit him again. Repeat until is heart is exposed. 
Then just run in, jump and strike it until he dies, using up whatever left 
over Ninja Power you have for Windmill Throwing Stars. If you're low on energy 
dodge the scythes as well; just wait as long as you can before moving because 
they follow you around. 
Congratulations! You've won! And with no help. :)
(NOTE: Again, losing this battle once on purpose may not be a bad idea because
you can re-grab the 7th scroll mentioned in Sections II and III)
(2 Notes on Jaquio: First, if you die and go back through Stage 7-2, you get 
to start on whatever form you were on when you died, though he'll have full
energy again. For example if you get to his third form and then die, you can
start back at that third form when you get through stage 7-2. Secondly, 
I asked about how well the Art of the Fire Wheel works on Jaquio, and got two
responses. The first, from Jordan Davis (E-mail address mentioned earlier in 
this guide), said that it worked like most Ninja Arts- only taking off one 
point per Fire Wheel, thus it was the clones that made the difference in the
battle. The second, from Ripvile (fridrikf@simi.is), basically said this: 
against the first form it works okay, but it's fairly hard to get a hit in
because of Jaquio's constant movement. It works GREAT on the second form, 
especially with clones. It works well on the face portion of the third form,
and on his heart as well (again with clones) because correctly placed clones
will allow their Fire Wheels to destroy most of the scythes. I realize these
are two fairly contradictory statements, so I'd have to say to combine the two
to come up with a good answer, i.e. it works well on any form with clones, and
great on the second even without them. Thanks guys!

Section VIII: The Future of this Tip Sheet
I am aware that there are difficult parts of this game besides the bosses, but 
I'm sure you don't care about what I find tough. And I don't know what you'd
find difficult. So I need your help in figuring that out. E-Mail me with your 
trouble spot (also mention whether you'd like credit for pointing it out) and 
I'll write help for it and add it to this sheet. So long for now..


Section IX: Legal stuff (or, what to do if you wanna use this sheet)
I personally don't care what you do with this besides using it (which is 
obviously encouraged), as long as I know about it. Just E-mail me with what 
you want to do with it and I'll let you. Just know to give me credit for 
writing this if you're gonna quote parts of it in written form. Other than 
that about the only thing I won't let you do is say you wrote this. 
If you wanna post it on your web site or whatever, fine. Just let me know 
about it. My only sources for this guide besides my own playing were the NGII
instruction manual (for the basics, which obviously I did not directly GET
from said manual; I paraphrased it) and Nintendo Power Issue 15 (NGII 
Strategy Guide), and even from there I only got the Boss names and the place 
to cling to the wall in the battle with Ashtar.

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