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Reviewed: 04/06/03 | Updated: 04/06/03

Could be perfect..

This game is awesome. It is one of if not the first game to feature cutscenes related to the plot. It has a well thought out plot based on some ninja history. Its almost as good as watching a movie at times. It is a game you could get into if not for some of its worse flaws that make gaming kind of frustrating.

Graphics: 8/10

Not bad graphics for an earlier game on the NES, very little glitches it seems and the cutscenes themselves look pretty sweet; but although not the best graphics that can be found on an NES game but pretty good none the less.

Audio/Video: 6/10

The game may leave you humming a bit but the music does get repetitive after a while. The grunts Ryu makes when swinging a sword and other sound affects bring up the score with there realistic enough noise. The chinks of your sword hitting an enemy sounds pretty good for whole old this game is.

Gameplay: 6/10

The gameplay is OK except for the fact that it seems every enemy in the game does insane amounts of damage and is perfectly placed to hit you off a ledge. I mean how does a Seagull do more damage then an enemy a few sizes bigger and stronger then it? Also you will want to break your controller after having made it to right before the boss only to turn around to kill an enemy just to realize that it reappears as soon as you turn around practically! This can get really annoying as almost everything has things to throw at you to knock you out midair which will send you all the way back to the beginning of zone. Although its not completely horrible it could be better. Pretty fun otherwise with the well thought out layout of stages and some of the more creative bosses. Its always cool to jump like a ninja.

Control: 7/10

The game has OK control. Not much problems with it except for some of the timing it takes to make certain jumps. Although the control could be better such as some of the trickier jumps its not all that bad.

Story: 9/10

The story is really good for an NES game AND it has cut scenes which is always a plus. Its basically a typical ninja story about revenge. Very well done IMO and better then most other games like it such as Castlevania.

Replay Value: 3/10

Well I highly doubt after beating this you would want to play it again. There are no bonuses for a second time through and it is just to frustrating to go through again right after beating it. I think of it as one of those games where if you wait a while it gets fun again say like in two years of not playing it it will be fun again.

Final Score: 6.5/10 rounded up to 7/10.


Well this game is a classic if not for the horrible gameplay. I would say you might as well buy it since it is really cheap.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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