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Reviewed: 10/29/12

And one by one, those enemies fall away

The NES had a lot of trademark games. Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Double Dragon, Punch-Out, Contra, the list goes on. But one game that really lived up for me was Ninja Gaiden. It introduced what would become a very important game character in the future: Ryu Hayabusa. That's right: RYU. HAYABUSA. But anyways, this game holds infamy for being one of the hardest games ever in the history of mankind, yet it's innovative and awesome @ the same time somehow. Anyways, time to elaborate:

Plot: 10

Ryu Hayabusa's family had remained at peace for many years... until an unknown force killed his father Ken. He finds a letter from him telling Ryu to locate an archeologist named Walter Smith. But before Ryu can find Walter, he is shot and kidnapped by a mysterious woman who hands him a demonic statue before his release.

After Ryu finds Walter, he tells Ryu about the demon statues from the Amazon Ruins. Walter tells Ryu of an evil demon that a figure known as "SHINOBI" defeated, turning it into 2 statues: Light and Shadow. No matter how hard the task may be, Ryu will prevent global domination.

Gameplay: 8

You can always expect good gameplay from a go-anywhere NES game. Shurikens, swords, and even wall-jumps are what make the game good. Now, I would've given the game a higher rating (e.g. 9/10) but I didn't, because it gets difficult near the end of the game,

Difficulty: 10

The difficulty curve is just crazy. Oh, it may seem easy at first, and you're wrong if you thought it was. But what does this get a 10/10 for? Well, if you guessed "respawning falcons and Stage 6-2"... you're absolutely right!

Music: 10

Once again, the music from such a great NES hit can be critically praised for having amazing beats. Stages 1-1/5-2/6-3, 4-2, and 3-2 are the best songs in the game because they were well-composed. Everything else is good enough as well, but that's OK, because the music was meant to be GREAT!

Graphics: 9

The graphics were ahead of their time in a way similar to Battletoads and Double Dragon. 3-D pixelated graphics in a 2D plane, full-action cutscenes, and even consistent motion capture. Needless to say, Tecmo did a fantastic job!

Ending: 7

Ryu discovers the truth about the attack on his father - he is still alive. Then, Ryu escapes from the temple as he takes a woman with him; a man named Foster orders the woman to kill Ryu, but refuses and chooses to be with him. She reveals her name of Irene Law as the two watch the sun rising.

Average: 9


It was no surprise that this game would be amazing and awesome at the same time! This game had it all at the time of the NES. The graphics are full of awesomeness. The ending is good. Everything works, and it's just downright memorable. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Ninja Gaiden (US, 03/31/89)

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