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Reviewed: 10/06/08 | Updated: 07/20/09

It's decent, but at times the level design is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Ninja Gaiden is a platformer for the NES. It was the first of a platforming trilogy for the NES. Anyways, onto the review now.

Graphics:8/10:The Graphics in Ninja Gaiden are solid. Areas look pretty good and the enemy designs are decent. Ryu himself is pretty awesome too. Bosses could have been more inspired though. Overall the Graphics were good, but could have used some more improvement. Maybe, more variety instead of just like two color schemes for a level at max. Onto, the Gameplay now...

Gameplay:7.5/10:Ninja Gaiden is a side scrolling platformer. You go from the beginning of a level to the end of the level. Jumping platforms, grabbing onto walls and killing enemies along the way. Yes, you heard me grabbing onto walls. It is a cool addition to the game and makes the game more innovative. Killing enemies is done by slashing with Ryu's katana. To add some variety into Ninja Gaiden too there are upgrades. Which allow you to do certain attacks. Like one upgrade makes a circle of flames appear around Ryu. Anything touched by it dies. Well, that's it for the main positive aspects... Now, then onto my main problem of Ninja Gaiden.

At times, the level design is cheap. No matter what you do at that point of the level you'll get hit. Sometimes, it purely relies on luck when getting past some obstacles. Like if you try to jump for example to a higher platform a enemy with a projectile weapon will be in front of you. They will keep throwing their projectile and if you jump and get hit you fall down a pit and die. There's nothing you can really do about it. Just get hit by the projectile once go temporarily invincible and kill the enemy then continue on. If your lucky that is the plan will work if not, you die. That's it really for the cheap obstacles. On, a more positive note regarding difficulty though...

Bosses are fair until later in the game. They have recognizable patterns until you reach the boss of 4-4. Where the bosses start getting extremely hard to the point of being cheap. Okay, I have to fight two gargoyles. They can jump and shoot energy balls. Oh, did I mention the room is also really small? Plus, it takes about 20 sword slashes to kill one of them? So, you can only imagine how unfair that boss fight is. Overall despite it's difficulty Ninja Gaiden is a fun game, but really it is too cheap at times.

Music:9/10:The Music in Ninja Gaiden is very good, but not a masterpiece. Sound effects are okay, but the Music is where it stands out. Overall, a good soundtrack, but not the absolute best the NES has ever seen. Now, then with all categories graded how is Ninja Gaiden II overall?

Overall:7/10:It's a fun, but often cheap game. The level designs could use major work. The Graphics are pretty solid, but levels could have a little more variety in the color scheme. Plus, the boss designs were kind of boring and uninspired. The Music in the game is pretty good, but not the best or close to the best ever. So, Overall Ninja Gaiden is a fun game, but sometimes too cheap. It has a very good soundtrack and good Graphics. Overall, Ninja Gaiden gets a 7/10 from Lord_Kefka.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Ninja Gaiden (US, 03/31/89)

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