Review by Formertechno34

Reviewed: 10/17/05

Not that bad but not that good either

Introduction: This game is based off the movie called ''The nightmare on elm street'', it was a good movie and now they decided to do it in a game. I got it into a flea market, I kinda liked it and kinda hated it. But the true question is how's the game? Continue to read and you will find out!

Story 2/10: You are a teenager, you are trouble because Freddy wants to kill you, the point of the game? You try to defeat him, while going after him you will face a lot of enemies..that's all and it get's really boring trust me!

Graphics 8/10: I gotta say for a nes video game the graphics are awesome, sure yeah the graphics aren't good we know that but for it's time and for a nes game they look good. The buildings are perfectly drawn and so are the enemies but sometimes it glitches and it gets really annoying!!

Gameplay 6/10: Where can I start? Ah yeah, in this game you play as a teenager who fights against the horror movie freak called Freddy, in this game you fight different kind of monsters until you reach bosses, this game is good but it get's so repetitive, that's the problem! You have a meter up of the screen, that determines the nightmare mode. As some point of the game, the areas change and so the enemies, the game is getting harder and harder. There's nothing really good and nothing really special.

Sound 1/10: Terrible! Why? Well it's always the same and same song all over, sometimes I mute my TV because the song if this game is painful. So yeah there's nothing good about the sound.

Overall 7/10: I got this game for 1$ at a flea market, I don't regret it it's a good game but could have being so much better if the creators have putted more work on the game play. If you find it below 4$ get it, it's a cool game if you have nothing to do, if it's higher though then don't get it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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