Review by DarkHollywood18

Reviewed: 10/11/04

Difficult, yet fun game is the best I can say

Story: I'm sure everyone is familiar with the Nightmare On Elm Street series. The main character is named Freddy Krueger (played by Robert Englund in every one of them), who in life, was a child murderer. Anyway, the parents of Elm Street killed the bastard, but he wasn't gone for good. Instead, he haunted the children of the Elm Street parents in their dreams, getting revenge for his death. The movie introduced one of the more scarier types of killers in Slasher Flicks, and also appeared to be a stand up comedian.

In the game, I'm sure it follows somewhat on the Part III: Dream Warriors storyline, where you must collect the bones of Freddy Krueger and have them destroyed before falling asleep and meeting your end at his hand. However, it's LOOSELY based on it, since the movie is 90% taken place inside a hospital.

Rating: 7/10 Probably the better sequel plot of the entire series.

Graphics: 6/10
Nothing great, but nothing bad either. The player you control is generic looking, although he looks like a roided up football player. The enemies look bland, but stand out for being extremely ugly and creepy looking. The Freddy incarnations look pretty good, especially in the boss fights.

Music: 2/10
Weakest part of the game. The music is kind of drab, and isn't really spooky enough to fit in with the actual game. You dying actually has a better bleep to it than the bloops of punching giant spiders with Freddy's head on them.

Game-play: 7/10
The controls are easy to learn. the A Button punches things and B does the jump. Although sometimes it's a pain in the ass actually making contact with the punches, and the energy bar is pretty wacky when in a Boss fight versus whatever version of Freddy you are taking on.

Replay Factor: 5/10
I don't know honestly so I'm going down the middle. It's probably not a game I would want to play again since it's not really good enough, or entertaining enough to warrant it, but some people may enjoy it enough to want to.

Difficulty: 8/10
It's easy collecting all of Freddy's 5,000,000 bones scattered in multiple houses of Elm Street, but taking out the enemies and Bosses are no easy tasks. Freddy is extremely difficult, and if you're like me, have very little patience to learn how to win in the easiest manner.

I'd probably recommend getting a copy of it for cheap, but if it's any more than 5 bucks, I'll just say pass on it, because it's not that good of a game to be worth any more at this time. I will say buy the movie box set, or you will never wake up again! Muwahahahaha...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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