Review by Eiridan

Reviewed: 12/12/03

No nightmares, just Zzzzzzz's.

I would like to start off with tell you that the Nightmare On Elm Street series has been recognized as some of the best horror movies ever created.You would be better off with Super Mario Bros.And as most of the movie based games out there, it falls short of decent. It could have been good but its too bad that its not.

The graphics are poor for a NES game. Although I know that a game is not all about its graphics, it would have been nice to see decent sprites. But obviously this game doesnt cut it. Not much to expect mainly becuase of the NES main processing unit.

The sounds are as dull as a butterknife. All of the action sounds are really crummy too. Definitely not the games strong point(Although I dont think this game has any strong points...)All i really heard was rings and dings in different pitches, not much to look forward to.

Not much to say here due to the fact that there is only three buttons that you will use alot(A and B, and Start). The basic controls arnt customizable that I know of. But I guess you can say there are decent.

Based upon the hit movie series so you know this will be good. Im afraid it isnt... There is barely any ties to the movie like it was supposed to be.You go around Elm Street looking for a way to kill freddy. Basic side scrolling through town is about it.Dont expect to fight demons or anything *mature*. Instead you have bats and zombies. Boss characters are freddy variations.

-=Fun Factor=-
The game is a below average side scroller. It shows no visual appeal and the difficulty is extremely easy.Most of your time will be spent punching(Yes punching)bats and other *scary* creatures. Another bad point is the fact that you can only fight with your fists most of the time, and the boss battles are limited in depth. I understand the limitations of the NES but this game could have been better if the developers would have put some effort into it.If you want fun, spend your money elsewhere.

These are my scores for each category based on a number score from 1 to 5 (The greater the better):

Graphics : 2
Sound : 1
Controls : 4
Storyline : 1
Fun Factor : 2

If you really really want this game, DONT buy it. I had this game when I was a kid and sold it right away for Super Mario Bros.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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