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Reviewed: 03/02/03 | Updated: 03/02/03

1.....2.....Freddy's Coming For You!

Nightmare on Elm Street, well I liked the movies a lot and the comic books, but how does the game hold up? Well I liked it, but maybe that’s because I grew up on it. When I was just a kid I got this game I think for my birthday, but anyways I thought it was a cool movie based game and all the neighbor kids would gather around with me and my NES and have a good time for hours and possibly days.

I thought the graphics were pretty decent, the boss designs were nothing to get really to excited about and the graphics in general were nothing to go insane over, there were a lot of better games out before this game graphics wise, I thought the backgrounds were nicely done, all in all I would say the graphics were good enough, but not good enough to give it a high score.

SOUND 7/10
I loved the music in this game, it was eerie and it made my spine tingle when I was a kid.
The sound effects on the other hand were pretty bad I thought, I can’t really explain they were just dull nothing really special at all about them. I really enjoyed how the music played when Freddy was coming for you and all in all the music just really matched how the game looked.

STORY 1/10
No real story that I could figure out, I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t make a game that was based on the first movie, that would have been pretty cool, but hey what can you expect from a movie based game, basically you’re a teenager, that got his neighborhood invaded by Freddy and some other ghoulish monsters and its your job to kick them back to hell.

I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but like I said when I was a kid, the whole neighborhood would come over and we would play a four player game of Nightmare on Elm Street, so back then I had a lot of fun. I am going to set a warning to all you loners; these games are crap if you play alone. The controls were pretty good, but sometimes very annoying, especially let me point out the jumping factor, the jumping from platform to platform collecting bones could get extremely annoying, so annoying that a possible breakage of the TV from a NES controller is not unheard of, trust me it happened before.

I probably wouldn’t be able to play this game again, because obviously I am not a kid anymore and I got nobody to play with. But if you’re really into 4 player NES games this is probably one of the best, I had tons of enjoyment with this game when I was a kid and probably still would if I had interesting friends.

Your probably like what the heck he gave Nightmare on Elm Street a ten, what the heck is he thinking, well despite what you may believe, I had tons of fun with the game when I was a kid and I still would have fun with it even today, on rare occurrences when a cool friend of mine might actually want me to crank up the old Nintendo. In conclusion I would highly recommend this game to fans of the movie and people with friends, loners do not apply you will be very disappointed, I am guessing since this game hasn’t ever been really popular, you could probably find it cheap online somewhere, anyways I hope you will like this game as much as I did when I was a child.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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