Review by KidInfamous

Reviewed: 12/10/07

Actually, it's a good addition to any old school gamers NES library...

Okay, I'm personally a very big old school gaming fan. I'm Also a horror flick fan. Since I was a little gamer, I always wondered what it be like to have Freddy or Jason in a video game. However, I just figured out about this title. I Figured, "Hey, may as well check it out. What can it hurt?" So I did. This game honestly was a hell of a lot better than what I expected it to be. For real. A Very good action- platform game. I Always wanted to defeat Freddy Krueger in his own game. I Was very satisfied.

Playability- 10/10
The controls are very basic. That's not necessarily a bad thing for the NES. D-Pad moves the teenager, A Button makes him jump, B Button makes him attack, (Which can vary depending on which Dream Warrior you have in the dream state) select switches the dream powers and start pauses. Simple.

Graphics- 8/10
I Say the graphics are very good for the NES, but they could be better. Ever played Super Mario Brothers 3? I Rest my case. (Although the dream enemies look pretty damn original)

Sound- 9/10

It can be catchy, certain tracks are annoying. (Like the boss battle track). Actually, I found myself nodding to the part where you're in the first attic getting ready to fight Freddy's giant glove. (At least it's not like the NES Friday the 13th. It sounds like reggae music that constantly loops. UGH!!!!) The sound effects aren't too fancy and are very staticy. But what would you expect from NES.

Replay Value- 7/10

You'll get very frustrated because of the difficulty, but entertained at the same time. You'll be satisfied when you beat Freddy, but afterwards, ain't much a point to pop it in again.That's the biggest problem. I Recommend it don't get me wrong, but you won't play it for a while after you beat it. (Not that you won't play it again)

Entertainment- 8/10

Hey, it's damn satisfying when you first play it. Hell, you'll probably be playing all night long 'til you beat it. It'll have your eyes glued for a minute. But again, once you beat it, it ain't so entertaining for a while.

Overall- 9/10

Very good game and a very good addition to the NES library. The only problem is the entertainment after you beat it. It's worth buying, and still very enjoyable.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: A Nightmare on Elm Street (US, 10/31/90)

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