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FAQ/Walkthrough by FByies

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/05/2001

A Nightmare On Elm Street - NES
Version 1.0
May 5, 2001
Written By Freddie Byies

                       # A Nightmare On Elm Street #


Table Of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Controls
3. Sleep Meter
4. Items
5. Walkthrough
6. Codes
7. Tips
8. Disclaimer/Credits
9. Closing Notes



A Nightmare on Elm Street is based on the cult horror series of the same
title.  For those who are unfamiliar with the movies, it has quite an
easy premise.  A bunch of teen's hang out, they fall asleep, and Freddy
invades their dreams, killing them in horrific manners.  Well, that is
the premise of most 80's horror films...just a variation on how and why
they are killed.  In this game however, it is up to you and your friends
to destroy Freddy by putting his bones found throughout the game in the
school furnace.  But beware, if you fall asleep, you enter Dream World
and are bound to run into trouble there.  This game is for up to 4
players also, of course using the multi-tap.



Normal Teenager:

Control Pad Left/Right          Move character
Control Pad Up                  Enter buildings
Control Pad Down                Duck
A Button                        Jump
B Button                        Punch
Select                          No Function
Start                           Pause

Shadow Warrior:

Control Pad Left/Right          Move character
Control Pad Up                  Enter buildings
Control Pad Down                Duck
A Button                        Flying kick
B Button                        Throw shuriken
Select                          Select between Dream Warrior icons
Start                           Pause


Control Pad Left/Right          Move character
Control Pad Up                  Enter buildings
Control Pad Down                Duck
A Button                        Flying somersault
B Button                        Throw javelin
Select                          Select between Dream Warrior icons
Start                           Pause


Control Pad Left/Right          Move character
Control Pad Up                  Enter buildings
Control Pad Down                Duck
A Button                        Hover
B Button                        Fire magic
Select                          Select between Dream Warrior icons
Start                           Pause



The sleep meter is located at the top of the screen.  There are 4 of
them.  One for each player.  They are located below your score.  Here is
how they are featured on the screen:

1  3
2  4

1 being player 1, 2 being player 2, etc.  So if you play by yourself,
your score, and sleep meter, will be on the top left side of the screen.

You have 10 sleep bars.  They go down by themselves.  When the meter
empties, you enter Dream World.

*Keep moving, it will slow down the meter.
*Coffee will fill your meter back up.
*Standing still will cause the meter to go down faster.

When playing with more than one person, all must keep there eye on the
meters.  If one person's meter empties, then all of the players enter
Dream World.  Also allow players with the lowest meter to pick up the
coffee, since they are closest to falling asleep.



Coffee - Refills your sleep meter.
Radio - Wakes you up, sending you back to the real world.
Running Icon - Become the Acrobat.
Yin/Yang Icon - Become the Shadow Warrior.
Wizard Hat Icon - Become the Necromancer.
Bones - Collect these to throw in the furnace.



You can be hit 4 times before dying.  If you fall in a pit, you
automatically die.  You also have 5 lives per continue, and 3 continues.

In each of the places you visit, you MUST collect all the bones to
either pass to the next area, or fight the boss.

These houses are listed by the order in which you enter them.  They open
randomly.  Which means, when you start, one of the three houses will be
open, but it changes with each game.  So, one game may have the first
house on the block open, then another have the third.  This walkthrough
is based on the bosses.

Also, when in the Dream World, if you here some soft music being played,
and it stops, Freddy is coming.  Prepare to fight him.  The Necromancer
is the best for this fight, as he has a good jumping ability, and can
shoot long distances.

House 1

Boss:  Freddy's Glove
Best Dream Warrior:  The Acrobat
Strategy:  Stay on the left side.  This fight is pretty easy.  The claw
basically comes at you, just wait until it is close enough and then
throw the javelin.  You recieve key and extra life from this.

House 2

Boss: Freddy's Face
Best Dream Warrior: The Acrobat
Strategy:  Basically stay on the left side of the room and wait until
Freddy is close enough, then throw the javelin at him.  Beware of the
tongues that come from his mouth.  Kill them as he releases them if you
can, or they will build up and cause major problems.  When you defeat
him, you recieve a key and a extra life.

House 3

Boss:  Freddy's Glove
Best Dream Warrior:  Shadow Warrior
Strategy:  This time Freddy's Glove is moving all over the area and not
attached to anything.  It will bounce around the room, use the Shadow
Warrior to jump kick it.  Be sure to not go to high to low when kicking
the Glove.  If you are to high, or to low, you will be hurt instead.
Try to time your kicks as the Glove bounces off the wall.

Junk Yard

This is a one floor area.  There are some challenging areas, just beware
of jumps, because if you fall it takes one life away.  Also beware, the
trucks may cause some bones to blend in with them.

Boss:  Skeleton Bat
Best Dream Warrior:  Shadow Warrior
Strategy:  Basically the same as House 3 Freddy's Glove.  The bat will
fly around, but release smaller bats.  Simply jump kick him with the
Shadow Warrior.  Soon he'll be dead and you'll have the key and extra

Elm St. Cemetery

This board can be somewhat challenging.  Mainly because you need to use
the bubbles to jump across areas.  The bubbles are very small, and they
pop if you are on them for to long.  So you basically jump, then quickly
jump again.

Boss:  Freddy Ghost
Best Dream Warrior:  Shadow Warrior
Strategy:  Similar to the other flying bosses, this Freddy is in the
form of one of the ghost enemies, but with Freddy's head.  He keeps
dispensing the smaller ghost enemies, which can be a real annoyance.
Try to dodge them the best you can, use the flying kick maneuver, as it
helps greatly and lowers the risk of you getting hit.  And per usual,
you recieve your key and extra life afterwards.

Freddy's House

Boss:  Freddy's Head & Glove
Best Dream Warrior:  Shadow Warrior
Strategy:  As usual, jump kicks work the best.  Reason being, is that
while jumping to dodge, it attacks also.  Best move around quickly to
dodge the Head and Glove.  Beware of the blood that drips from Freddy's
head occasionally.  You will recieve a key and a extra life after this
bosses defeat.

Elm St. High School

The school requires you to use all the Dream Warriors.  Reason being is
because you fight each boss once again here, in the same order as
before.  Use the same strategies as above.  The Necromancer must be used
in some areas to make certain jumps.

Boss: Previous Bosses, Freddy
Best Dream Warrior: All
Strategy:  To reach the bosses you must enter the hole that had fire in
it, keep an eye out for it as you go through the board.  This is about
halfway through the basement.  The fire goes out when you've recieved
all the bones, which allows you to enter it.  It has a platform above it
also, which drips blood, produces skeletons, and another to the right a
bit, that produce the zombie type men.  Also there is a row of spikes
nearby.  Okay, you finally found the bosses, killed them all.  Now for
the final fight.  The big one.  The mother of them all.  Freddy is here.
You fight him next to the furnace.  He is the exact same as he is in the
Dream World fights when it says "Freddy Is Coming!"  And uh, just as
easy.  Smack him around a bit with the Necromancer and your done.  Your
character will throw the bones in the furnace.  Then you'll get the
ending message which will leave you in suspense.  Because as you know,
true horror icons never die.  They just fade away for awhile.



These codes are for the Game Genie:

Codes:                    Effect:

SUELSUVS                  Infinite Lives
PAUVEZLA                  1 Continue
TAUVEZLA                  6 Continues
PAUVEZLE                  9 Continues
AESSLAEA                  Don't lose 'zzz' when hit
AAXOLAPA                  Don't lose 'zzz' when standing still
ZAXOLAPA                  Lose 'zzz' quicker
IEULIGLA                  Mega-jumping teenagers



Take your time.  This is the best tip I can offer.  The game is rather
simple as long as you take your time and don't get in a hurry.

Beware of tricky jumps.  Make sure you reach the edge before jumping, or
you could fall short.

Sometimes it is best to dodget enemies rather than fight.

When damaged, you are invisible for a short period of time.  You can use
this to your advantage.

The Shadow Warrior is the overall best Dream Warrior.  This is mainly
due to his jump kick ability.  This allows you to jump at enemies and
damage them, rather than be damaged.

The Necromancer is useful in some situations, but overall is the worst.
His shots miss a lot due to the games poor collision detection.



This FAQ is written exclusively for www.gamefaqs.com, and may not be
used in full, or partial form, on any other website, book, or any other
publication without written permission from me.  To recieve my
permission, please email me at cheesemonkey@worldnet.att.net.  I would
like to thank the following:

LJN Toysb Ltd.



If you would like to use this FAQ on your website, book, etc., please
email me at yagunoi@hotmail.com.  Also use that address if you have any
questions, comments, corrections, etc.

This document is copyright 2000 by Freddie Byies

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