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Reviewed: 06/19/03 | Updated: 06/19/03

"I've got a Monster in my Pocket!"

Remember the days when Matchbox made those squishy little figurines called ''Monsters in my Pocket''? Well, this game is Konami's interpretation of the little guys, ghouls, gorgons, and witches; and believe me, Konami's interpretation was excellent!

In ''Monster in my Pocket'' on NES, you and/or your buddy play as either the Vampire or the Monster (Frankenstein) as you go on a six-stage expedition to confront and defeat the leader of the evil monsters, Warlock! Most of the enemies are based directly on the figurine collectables, but chances are that there are some newer ones designed by both Morrison Group (the true owners of ''Monster in my Pocket'') and Konami. You'll see old and new foes, like Medusa, the Abominable Snowman, marching zombies, and even monsters based on Japanese history and mythology! And, of course, there's the Warlock himself, who isn't so hard to beat. Since I'm just writing a review, however, I'm not going to tell you everything about him, except that he doesn't go for cheap.

Each player, of course, can jump or punch. But, this punch isn't really a punch, but more of a ''punch wave''-type of attack that extends about a quarter of an inch. And, if you happen to see a platform that seems out of reach, try double-jumping (by pressing A twice); this may prove useful in fighting bosses that are more airborne than groundbound.

The graphics of this game are spook-tacular and each monster looks bad to the a good way, I mean. Of course, there are very few things that may look scary for kids under 7 years old. The music is very fitting (though it can also be scary in some cases), and the sounds are great (including the classic Konami pause tone heard in many NES games). There are even digitized voice clips, like in a few other Konami titles like Tiny Toons 1 and Track & Field 2. The challenge is fairly easy, though you could still mess up if you're not careful. So, I'd rate the difficulty between easy and medium. A lot of gamers seeking a good challenge won't find much of a bargain with ''Monster in my Pocket'' though.

So, anyway, go get this ghoulish gem of a ghoulish game when you see it on eBay or on the shelves of GameStop (or FuncoLand, depending on where you're from). Good luck finding it, though -- a lot of early-90s games, like this one, are pretty uncommon nowadays. But, as Marilyn Monroe would say, ''Just have faith, and your wish just might come true.''

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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