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Reviewed: 08/14/03

This is probably one of the best mini golf games ever

I've always enjoyed playing Mini Golf. Hitting the golf ball around the obstacles, hoping that you will get that elusive hole in one on that hole you keep just barely missing time and time again, the excitement you get when you finally make the hole in one, the game is addicting. I even buy many Mini Golf games for home, for systems such as GameGear, but this one is probably the best one I have played.

In Mini-Putt, you play through nine holes to get the best score that you can. This does not really sound exciting, but there are many different options you can play with.

You start out with an introduction of a golfer that wears all red except for a green hat putting toward the hole but he missed to the right (our left), but then a red walrus wearing sunglasses comes up, and picks up the ball, and throws it into the cup, then grins.

First you choose either stroke play or skins play. Stroke play is where you play to get the lowest score. Skins play is where you play to get the lowest score on each hole, and you get a certain amount of money each time you get the lowest score on a hole.

Next you choose the number of players you want. You can play with up to three other friends. Hopefully you have three other friends who enjoy Mini Golf! Next you choose whether you want to play the whole course at once, or practice a certain hole.

Next you choose what type of course you want to play on. Traditional is normal Mini-Golf, no obstacles or things like that. Deluxe is the same as Traditional, but with a larger challenge. Challenge is the toughest of the four. It combines Traditional and Deluxe and adds more challenge. Finally, there is Classic mode. This is just like Silly Golf, it has all the obstacles and everything, including the infamous windmill, an airplane, a snake, a castle, etc.

Next you enter your name. You can enter up to six characters here. After entering your name, you choose the type of weather you want. But it seems it has no effect on how the course plays.

After all of this, you are finally ready to play. Your golfer, sporting a light blue shirt, red pants, blue hair, and a green sun visor, lines up the putt in the lower left hand corner of the screen, the hole in the middle of the screen, and the whole hole in the overhead view at the bottom right of the screen. After you finish the hole, the golfer makes a pose at you, and gives you the peace sign when you make a hole in one.

The graphics really capture the mini golf experience. The holes are green, and sometimes there are trees lining along the hole. Okay, so there aren't many mini golf courses with trees in them, but regardless it livens up the experience. There are also some sand bunkers on a few holes, which slow you down. The other obstacles in Classic mode also really bring back childhood memories from having to hit the balls into the tiny holes, hoping that the windmill does not hit it. However, I have noticed that when you hit the ball, sometimes the screen lags, and makes the animation a little choppy. I don't know if this is just me or not, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

Depending on what kind of course you choose, the challenge can go from slightly challenging to ARGH! I can't do it! challenging. You will be playing this game for a long time, especially since you have many ways to play the game. If you see this game being sold on eBay, do not hesitate to snatch it up.

Rating: 9

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