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Mini-FAQ by AdamL

Updated: 11/16/00

A Mini-FAQ for...

          _____  ___         _____
  /\/\    \_   \/ _ \ /\  /\/__   \/\_/\
 /    \    / /\/ /_\// /_/ /  / /\/\_ _/
/ /\/\ \/\/ /_/ /_\\/ __  /  / /    / \
\/    \/\____/\____/\/ /_/   \/     \_/

   ___    ___          ___   __    _      ___
  / __\  /___\/\/\    / __\  \ \  /_\    / __\ /\ /\
 /__\// //  //    \  /__\//   \ \//_\\  / /   / //_/
/ \/  \/ \_// /\/\ \/ \/  \/\_/ /  _  \/ /___/ __ \
\_____/\___/\/    \/\_____/\___/\_/ \_/\____/\/  \/   by Tecmo

The Mini-FAQ section is straight from the pages of THE GAME COUNSELLOR'S

Transcribed by Adam Lamontagne (adamant@bigfoot.com) on 11/16/00


Just about everyone who's played an NES game has played Mighty Bombjack
somewhere along the line.  It's easy to get into, as you jump around collecting
coins until you get to that bomb room at the end of the level.  Collect the
bombs and move on to the next one.

Now, of all of you who have played this game, how many of you have actually
beaten it?  I beat it years ago, using a Game Genie and the warp method you
will find later in this Mini-FAQ.  However, I was surprised when I purchased
the secrets that I had missed the first time around.

Now thanks to The Game Counsellor, Inc. (the guys who put out the above
mentioned book), just about all of the secrets of this game are revealed below.
 Everything you find in the Mini-FAQ section below comes word for word from the
Mighty Bombjack section of their book.

Please note that I have only transcribed the material in the Mini-FAQ section. 
In no way do I intend to take credit for someone else's work, but instead want
to share the info that the authors have painstakingly discovered about such a
difficult game.  Enjoy!


Q: This game is so hard!  Is there a way to continue when I die?
A: Unfortunately, this game has no continue code.  To win, you need expert game
skills and many hours of practice.

Q: What do the mighty coins do for me?
A: One mighty coin turns Jack blue and lets him open orange treasure chests. 
Two mighty coins turn Jack orange and let him open orange and red chests. 
Three mighty coins will give Jack the ability to change an enemy into a gold
coin for five seconds as well as retain his first two powers.

Q: What's the object of the game?
A: The object is to reach the final stage ofthe game, the Beelzebub stage, in
order to free the royal family from Beelzebub's pyramid.  On your way, you'll
want to find the two crystal balls and collect S coins.

Q: What good are the crystal balls?
A: With one crystal ball, you'll be able to rescue the queen.  With two crystal
balls, you can rescue the Queen and the Princess.  If you have both crystal
balls plus five or more S coins, you'll also capture Beelzebub, giving you the
best ending to the game.

Q: How do I escape the torture rooms?
A: The only way out of the torture rooms is to jump up and down 50 times!  When
you leave, your mighty power will be zero.

Q: Is there anything special about the bomb rooms?
A: Yes, you can choose one of two procedures in these rooms, depending on
whether you want to earn bonus points or warp further into the game.  First,
when you enter the bomb room and touch the first bomb, it will light itself. 
Pick it up, and another one will light up.  Continue picking up only the lit
bombs; when you pick up the last bomb, 50,000 bonus points will be added to
your score!  Second, when you enter the bomb room and touch the first bomb, it
will light itself.  This time, don't pick up the lit bomb!  Pick up all the
other bombs, leaving the lit bomb till last.  When you finally pick it up,
you'll automatically warp to the next bomb room!

Q: How do I find the first crystal ball?
A: Follow these directions:
   1. When you are in Room 7, find the two rows of fire that extend from the   
right wall in the second part of this room.
   2. Jump into the fire closest to the right wall.
   3. Touch the sphinx that appears, and a door will open below you.
   4. Go through the door and up the green shaft to the upper-right corner.
   5. Jump against the right wall to find an invisible chest that contains
another sphinx.
   6. Get the sphinx from the chest, and a door will open above you.
   7. Enter the chamber, and jump on the row of chests above the third stone
from the left to touch the crystal ball.

Q: How do I get the second crystal ball?
A: Do the following:
   1. When you are in Room 12, find the lone stone in the middle of the room.
   2. Jump just to the right of this stone to find an invisible chest.
   3. Get the sphinx from the chest, and a door will open in the lava.
   4. Enter the lava door, and you'll appear in a many-roomed maze.
   5. Find the room with three brown chests along the left wall.
   6. Start jumping on the top chest, and work your way down until you find
another sphinx.
   7. On the floor of that room, jump around to find an invisible chest
containing another sphinx, which will open another door inside the maze.
   8. Go through this door, and jump on the far-right stone several times.
   9. Change yourself to green, and then jump on the stone underneath the stone
you just jumped on.  Voila!  The crystal ball!

Q: What should I do in the King's shrine?
A: Jump three times on the third stone to reach the King.  When you touch the
King, an exit door will open in the upper-left side of the room.

Q: What should I do in the Queen's shrine?
A: Jump on the far-left stone and the stone underneath it to reach the Queen. 
When you touch the Queen, an exit door will open in the lower-left corner.

Q: What should I don in the Princess's shrine?
A: Jump on the far-right stone and the stone underneath it to reach the
Princess.  When you touch the Princess, an exit door will open in the
upper-left corner.

Q: What should I do in Beelzebub's room?
A: Jump on the far-left stone until it disappears, and then jump on the right
stone and the one underneath it.  When you touch Beelzebub, the last door will

Q: I really like this game.  Can you suggest any similar ones?
A: This game is one of a kind.  There really aren't any other games that look
or play like Mighty Bomb Jack.  However, if you like the difficult play control
of this game, you might try Solomon's Key.


Game Genie codes:

PAOEZZLA    1 life
TAOEZZLA    6 lives
PAOEZZLE    9 lives
VZUEZNVK    Infinite lives
AKOEGYAT    Less time in game
EEOEGYAT    More time in game
SXXALNVK    Stop timer
SXOESEVK    Enemies don't return from coin transformation
SZEEXUVK    Power coins are not used up
OESPNTLA    Disable torture room
ZEUOUAPA    Jump through walls



Check out the manual, hosted at the greatest NES site ever:


Bombjack also appears in the game Solomon's Key.  Check out that Mini-FAQ to
see how.


The Mini-FAQ section is transcribed directly from THE GAME COUNSELLOR'S
ANSWERBOOK FOR NINTENDO GAME PLAYERS.  All copyrights and trademarks are

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