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Reviewed: 04/17/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

No, Metal Gear Solid is NOT the best Metal Gear game...

Metal Gear Solid was an eagerly awaited game of mine, but not because of all the hype that the magazines gave it. The main reason I anticipated Metal Gear Solid was because the original Metal Gear, for MSX and NES, was such a good game. I remember when I used to play Metal Gear for Nintendo Entertainment System for hours on end. That's how good the game was. It had lots of replay value and overall the game was fun as hell to play. in fact, looking back on the overall scope of things, I had more fun playing Metal Gear then I had playing Metal Gear Solid. This doesn't mean that Metal Gear Solid is a bad game (its far from it), or that Metal Gear is better than Metal Gear Solid, it means that I had a more enjoyable time playing Metal Gear than I had playing Metal Gear Solid. despite the translations from hell, the game was fun to play. I advise that if you had a good time playing Metal Gear Solid, that you invest in this game as well as Snake's Revenge (which is basically the psedu-sequel to Metal Gear). Anyways, on with the review!

Graphics (9.2/10)
For its time, way back in 1987, Konami did an excellent job with the graphics in this game. The backgrounds have lots of ddetail to them and are well varied (especially some of the background designs when you're inside a building... talk about good stuff). The enemy designs are pretty good as well, I like how the soldiers were designed, and that there was a variety to the designs. Hell, even your main characetr, Solid Snake, looks very well designed. Overall, the graphics in Metal Gear are great, considering the game came out for NES in 1987.

Music/Sound (9.4/10)
The music in Metal Gear is very well done. Remember all the cool music in Metal Gear Solid, like the Game Over music? Well, guess what, that music originally was featured in this very game, Metal Gear. So most of the cool music from Metal gear Solid came from the original Metal gear. Sound effect wise, Metal gear is good, its very easy to make out the beeps and bloops and stuff. Overall, the music and sound effects in Metal Gear are good.

Gameplay/Control (9.3/10)
Well, the gameplay in Metal gear is a lot like metal gear Solid, in the fact that you are Solid Snake, and you are a spy. The main object of this game is that it is not an action game. Killing enemies left and right will eventually come back to haunt you! instead, acting like a spy (at one point you even get into a box and can move around in it) helps out greatly. Control wise, it is easy to move around and pick out what item you want to use. Overall, gameplay and control in Metal gear is top notch.

My favorite part of Metal Gear
The shoddy translation. ''I feel asleep'' is just one of the many translation screwups that just cannot be helped to laugh at.

Replay Value: High
Well, I did play this game for 4 hours straight one time...

Challenge: High
May I suggest Magician Type 0's FAQ?

Overall (9.2/10)
What a great game.

Rating: 9

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