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  • MegaMan 5 marked the first appearance of MegaMan's avian comrade in Beat.

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  • MegaMan 5 is able to demonstrate one of the major limitations of the NES's PPU. The PPU will render graphics by priority; to simplify the definition, it does it so that some things will appear in front of others. However, only a limited number of priorities are able to occur. For most NES games, it is not a problem, and for those it is evident in, MegaMan 5 included, it's mere trivia. The conflict from the priorities can result in flickering. One example of this will occur in Crystal Man's stage. If you position the screen such that the health gauge is over the image of a ladder, and then have MegaMan climb up the ladder, while MegaMan is where the health gauge and ladder are MegaMan's sprite will flicker 30 times per second. This can be easiest done in the part of the stage where Eddy first appears. (There are myriad other areas where this happens, too, but this is the easiest to deal with.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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