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It just feels so cliche 07/15/00 Brak
Mega Man is still as good as ever! 08/04/01 Cactuar
Megaman 2? Screw that game, this game owns it! 09/29/08 Calamity
A little bit better than 4, but still not near 3. 07/21/01 Crusher Man
NOW we're back in business! 02/16/00 EPoetker
More of the same re-hashed gaming from the Mega Man series....which is a good thing in my book. 05/19/03 Harv
Milking of the Blue Bomber 01/23/15 horror_spooky
The most fun you'll ever have playing the NES 08/27/01 MacDaddy Mike
Star Man, Gravity Man, Gyro Man, Crystal Man, Napalm Man, Stone Man, Charge Man, and last but not least, Wave Man. 10/07/05 Megaman1981
Why Protoman, why? 11/08/01 MI4 REAL
When Mega started being Mini 02/03/15 Ofisil
Many people say that the series got stale here, but I think it still provides some good fun 02/02/03 omnislash708
The Mega Man series starts to get stale 11/15/05 plasmabeam
Stuck in a rut. 09/16/03 Princess Lynaly
This is easily the best one in the NES collection, and probably the best one in the whole damn series. 01/13/01 Ranma
Uneven, but a lot better than a simple glace would imply 07/19/11 roadtosalvation
The series improves once again.... 04/12/01 shigman
A new (decent) storyline, good graphics, and great challenge- what a game! 02/06/00 Spektre
Capcom doesn't even try anymore... 02/02/03 StingX2
Beating a dead horse 01/28/04 The Manx
The runt of the Megaman litter. 02/27/12 TheWierdGuy
Ok, NOW we're just not trying any more... 04/10/00 Vegita
Nice rebound from part 4 03/13/01 Vertabreaker
The best of the series (for the NES) 01/13/01 Videogamer
Good Mega Man Game on the NES 06/17/02 Warhawk
Extremely Creative, Yet Highly Imbalanced 06/04/18 Weltall548
The series starts to drift, but this is still good 05/22/01 Writer
A good Nes-game. Mega man style all over it. 01/13/01 Yakuza

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