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It drove you bonkers in the arcades. Now this mixed-up marble marathon is ready for your Nintendo! The challenge is to roll your marble to the hidden Goal Line on 6 treacherous 3-D raceways. Every corner's a cliffhanger. And every second counts! Each raceway is a unique maze of tricky terrain and marble menaces. Can you stay in control as you hunt for the goal? You'll teeter up, down and around narrow ramps and ridges. Sneak past hungry Marble Munchers. Battle nasty Steelies for the right of way. It's enough to make you lose your marbles! Beat the clock in a battle against time. Or fight a friend's marble to the finish! Either way you play, you'll be right on the edge to the very last edge!

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#79 lowest rated NES puzzle game (#1102 on NES, #27048 overall)


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#15 hardest NES puzzle game (#317 on NES, #6447 overall)


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#66 shortest NES puzzle game (#992 on NES, #18776 overall)


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