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Reviewed: 08/14/00 | Updated: 08/14/00

Take Zelda and Final Fantasy and combine them

This game absolutely rocks. If you took the adventure part of Zelda, and combined the RPG and storyline of Final Fantasy, this is what you get. It's a shame that it didn't get as much recognition as it deserves and it was made by such an unknown company as Culture Brain.

As with most NES games, you have to save the kidnapped princess Scheherazade from the evil wizard Sabaron. However, this games adds a twist of the Arabian Nights, making it interesting.

This game adds the ''attack enemies manually'' feature of Zelda and ''RPG battles'' of Final Fantasy. Not only that, but you go through time zones (early Chrono Trigger?). You also get up to 12 allies and many different spells and you can even switch classes (fighter to magician,etc.-ff5 and fftactics). Puzzles, mazes, bosses- this game has it all.

The graphics are only slightly off excellent. Some off the characters and enemies are monochrome. Other than that, the backgrounds and everything else is spectacular.

The music is perfectly fitting for each of the areas, whether it be the RPG style battle music, the adventure music, boss music, town music, whatever. The music and sound effects are simply stunning.

The character responds very well to commands and even commands are easy to control. You can even assign commands to the different A and B buttons!!

The challenge isn't the best, but you will be puzzled. The game is somewhat demoted on the challenge because you are constantly getting reminders and hints throughout the game. However, bosses and the RPG style enemies are quite tough.

This game is extremely fun for any age. You take control of battles and can do practically whatever you want. There is no other game like it.

This game is very unique and there is simply no other game like it, even today, after more than 10 years. It is a shame there isn't a sequel like planned back in 1990 and that it was made by such an underrecognized company. If you like Zelda and Final Fantasy, or either, or even if you don't like RPG's, there is something in this game for everyone. BUY IT IF YOU CAN FIND IT!!!
Try looking on Ebay or Funcoland. Don't pass this game up!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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