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FAQ/Move List by BSulpher

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 10/14/05

        __  __      _   _      _____      _____      _          _____
       |  \/  |    | | | |    |  ___|    |  ___|    | |        |  ___|
       |      |    | | | |    | |___     | |        | |        | |_
       | |\/| |    | | | |    |___  |    | |        | |        |  _|
       | |  | |    | |_| |     ___| |    | |___     | |___     | |___
       |_|  |_|o   |_____|o   |_____|o   |_____|o   |_____|o   |_____|o

Copyright Bandai 1986
Written By Brian P. Sulpher
E-mail: briansulpher@hotmail.com
Version 2.6
Dates Written: September 14th to September 15th, 2002

I dedicate this to anyone with enough dedication, and self loathing to
play through this game.  If you have the patience, the virtue, and the 
outright insanity for this, I salute you for your continual perseverance in
the face of such crummy programming and not that fun gaming!  I do not mean
to offend anyone by saying so, but I felt ripped off when I purchased this
game all those years ago!

Also, for Cougar.  I miss you, and I hope you are living it up in the 
afterlife as you did in this world.  You will always be in my memories, and
you will never be forgotten.

Also, In memory of Howler and Koonce.  You two never had a good start in 
your lives, but you had a good time when you spent your time at my house.
It was oh so unfortunate that you both had your already tragic lives cut 
short, but I can only hope that I helped make your life a more enjoyable
experience.  You too will be missed, but not forgotten.

Version 1.0

-Submitted FAQ on September 15th, 2002

Version 1.1

-Submitted FAQ on September 16th, 2002
-Edited Grammar
-Added New Dedication
-Added to Wrestling Moves Section
-Added "Ring Types" Section

Version 2.0

-Submitted FAQ on November 19th, 2003
-Reformatted and spellchecked
-Added ASCII title

Version 2.5

-Submitted FAQ on April 13th, 2004
-Changed the Wrestlers Names to reflect their true names (thanks to 
 ParadiseStar808 for the contribution)
-Changed the Wrestling Moves to reflect their true names (thanks to 
 ParadiseStar808 for the contribution)
-Altered format to make the appearance of the FAQ better as well as making
 the FAQ easier to navigate

Version 2.6

-Submitted guide on 14th of October, 2005
-I added in Retronintendo and Honestgamers as sites allowed to use my FAQs
-Altered the format to make it easier on the eyes of the reader

-------------------------------Table Of Contents----------------------------

1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Wrestling Moves 
4) Characters
5) Special Ball Moves
6) Ring Types 
7) Strategies
8) Final Word


1) This game is based upon little collectable characters from a series   
   called M.U.S.C.L.E. (real big shocker there, eh? ;]).  Now, you goal in 
   this game is to bring your opponents stamina down to nothing, while 
   avoiding the same afte for yourself.  It is 2 on 2 action as you can tag
   out to your partner (the computer can do the same thing to you too).  You
   have a thirty second time limit (it is longer than a real thirty seconds 
   however), and your stamina is represented as five little balls.  Your  
   fight can see no real advantage till a powerful special ball appears part
   of the way into a match.  This is when you seperate the losers from the  
   winners!  I hope you enjoy your adventure into this crazy game!


2) This section will outline the controls for the game.

D-Pad   : It is a simple set-up of UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT all moving you in 
          the direction you pressed.  To move diagonally, just press UP or 
          DOWN, in combination with LEFT or RIGHT.

SELECT  : No apparent use.

START   : Starts the game, and it pauses-unpauses the game during gameplay.   

B Button: This is used to jump.

A Button: This is used to attack.

-------------------------------Wrestling Moves------------------------------

3) This section will go a little more in-depth with the control functions    
   involved in performing all of the generic (everyone can do them)         
   wrestling moves.

Punch              : Press the A Button while you are standing on the mat.

Jump Kick          : Press the B Button to jump, and then press the A Button 
                     to attack with a kick.

Backdrop Suplex    : If you get behind an opponent, press the A Button to 
                     pick your opponent up, and drop them on the base of 
                     their neck to inflict considerable damage.

Flying Forearm     : This flying attack is performed by pressing the B 
                     Button to get airbourne, and be sure to aim yourself at
                     the ropes.  You will fly off of the ropes, and when you
                     come back in to the middle of the ring, you will be 
                     leading with your arm outstrectched.

Tag Your Partner In: Stand facing the corner, and by pressing A Button, you
                     will switch your partners around.  However, it is very
                     difficult to tag your partner in when you have an
                     opponent harassing you, and quick tagging is also quite 
                     difficult to pull off as well, so fairly warned be ye!

Irish Whip         : This is a move that can not be done 100 % of the time. 
                     It happens whenever you attempt to throw a punch at 
                     your opponent (do this by pressing the A Button).  Your
                     opponent will sometimes slide towards the ropes!  They 
                     slide for a designated time, so attack them while they 
                     are undefended to really get the advantage.

   That would be it for the generic, basic movesets of the wrestlers.  You
   will find that each character has a specialty move that only they can    
   perform, and since they are so good at these moves, well, you will see...


4) What would a wrestling game be without some incredibly wild looking
   characters to make it complete?  This section will list a description, 
   and a name (of my own choosing for a lack of info on their real names) 
   for each character.

                              | Terry Man |

Wears: Yellow Armbands which have streamers attached, Blue Trunks, Blue 
       Boots, a Yellow BEI symbol on his forehead. 

                              | Muscle Man |

Wears: Red Trunks, Red Boots, Red veins all over his body, Red Lips.

                               | Ramen Man |

Wears: Red Pants, Black Boots, Red and Black Armbands with streamers,       
       Fu-Man-Chu facial hair, and a Ponytail.

                              | Robin Mask |

Wears: Blue Armor, Black Sweatbands, Black Trunks, Black Boots, Evil Red    

                              | Buffalo Man |

Wears: Horned Helmet, Black Sweatbands, Black Trunks, Black Boots, and Black

                               | Wars Man |

Wears: Black Hood, Black Trunks, Black Boots, Golden Armabands, Grey Mesh
       Body Suit.

                               | Blocken |

Wears: Twig in Hair, Green HeadBand, Green Belt, Green Boots, Brown Pants,  
       Golden Armbands.

                              | Ashura Man |

Wears: Brown Hood, Brown Crown, Brown Trunks, Brown Boots.

   These are all of the wild characters to choose from in the game.  They
   are ugly, mean, viscious little guys, and their only goal is to inflict 
   massive damage onto each other!

Special Ball MOves----------------------------------------------------------

5) This section is going to list what each characters special move si when
   they have powered-up with the special ball.  Keep in mind that these 
   moves require different button combinations, so I will list their methods
   of controller combination in this section for easy cross-referencing.

                              | Terry Man |

Special Move        : Calf Branding

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and then move towards your
                      opponent, and press the A Button to start your charge.
                      The oppositon can block with a well-timed punch or
                      jump kick, so beware.

                              | Muscle Man |

Special Move        : Kinniku Buster

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and then try to get behind
                      your opposition.  Then all you need to do is press the
                      A Button, and you will launch upwards in what I think
                      is the most devestating special in this game!

                               | Ramen Man |

Special Move        : Leg Lariat

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball,just press the B Button to
                      jump, and then press the A Button to attack.

                              | Robin Mask |

Special Move        : German Suplex

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, maneuver yourself in behind
                      the oppositon, and then press the A Button to pick up,
                      and then consequently throw your opponent over your 
                      head to the mat below.

                              | Buffalo Man |

Special Move        : Hurricane Mixer

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and then it is a simple 
                      matter of facing your opponent, and pressing the B 
                      Button to become a spinning body of leg attack!

                               | Wars Man |

Special Move        : Screwdriver

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and then press the B Button
                      to perform this amazing attack (it can take you 85% of
                      the way across the ring!).

                               | Blocken |

Special Move        : Red Rain Of Pain

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and press the A Button to
                      start hucking axes at will.  This is the only   
                      projectile attack contained within the game, but the 
                      downside is the laughable damage it inflicts (only
                      double of a normal attack).  This means it takes less
                      than a circle off at a time.

                              | Ashura Man |

Special Move        : Ashura Buster

Performing This Move: Collect the Special Ball, and get behind your   
                      opponent, and press the A Button.  You will pick your
                      opponent up, bench press them, and then toss them 
                      straight into the air, where they will fall to take a
                      hard knock.

-------------------------------Ring Types-----------------------------------

6) This sction is going to review what each ring looks like, and what
   attributes set it apart from the other rings.

                            | Normal Ring |

This is the first ring you fight in, and it is also the easiest to thrive 
in.  This ring contains no particular tricks to it, and thusly is an 
excellent place to learn  all of the moves you can use.

                             | Ice Ring |

This ring has a very special little twist to it: the floor is composed of 
ice.  This means that after you do a move (say a punch for example), you 
will slide, and you will be easy to attack (provided your opponent can 
track you down as well).  Just remember this rule also effects your 
opposition, so keep this knowledge handy so you can turn the tables on your
foe, maybe baiting them into a poor move.

| Electrified Ring |

What would a Japanese based wrestling game be without the electricified 
ring, huh?  Anyway, whenever you (or your opponent) touch the ropes here, 
you will start to be damaged from the electrical current that runs through 
the ropes.  Whenever your opponent or yourself touches the ropes, you will 
continually lose your stamina until you jump off of the ropes.  Be ready to 
get off quickly so you can minimize the damage you will take.  Also try to 
use the ropes to your advantage and cause your enemies to be drained of 
their stamina (using a throw to get them on the rope is a great way to 
damage them a little bit more than normal).


7) This section will list a few surefire ways of handing your oppositon
   sound beatings, while the lumps you take will be considerably less.  I 
   hope you will find these useful in your quest to be the best in the 
   squared circle!

a) Fight a cautious battle.  If you are too agressive, you will wear 
   yourself out too quickly, and will be easy pickinga against the often 
   ruthless computer.

b) Tag in your partner.  I advise you start thinking about doing this when
   your energy gets to three circles.  I advise this because you slow down 
   as your circles decrease, and two or less is usually too slow to escape
   your tormnetor.

c) Stay in the middle of the ring.  This one mainly focuses on when you see
   the guy outside the ring waiting to feed a Special Ball into the ring.  
   With this strategy, you can try to get to both sides of the ring, so no
   matter where the Special Ball goes, you can get it regardless.

d) RUN AWAY!  Your opponent got the Special Ball, huh?  Well, I advise you 
   to not stand and fight, because your opponent has become too strong, 
   quick, and mean to be very hurtable.

-------------------------------Final Word-----------------------------------

8) As is the usual, this walkthrough is copyright property of Brian P. 
   Sulpher, 2002.  The only website, group, person, etc. to have access to
   post it is www.gamefaqs.com, www.ign.com, www.retronintendo.com, and 
   www.honestgamers.com.  You must ask for permission before posting this, 
   as doing so without consent is a violation of international copyright 

   If you liked it, hated it, have anything to add, then please E-mail me at
   briansulpher@hotmail.com.  You can also contact me through MSN messenger
   through the same E-mail address.
   This IS NOT a very good game, but I have decided to put together this 
   little guide in the hopes of helping out anyone else who deicdes to pick
   up this game.  I am writing it so they will have a clue as to what is 
   actually going on with all the button mashing you will likely perform.
   There probably are people who enjoy this game in the world, so I have
   decided to give any help I can, but I pray you do not hold me in a harsh 
   light for actually not liking this early N.E.S. game.  The one thing I 
   DID notice is that this game utilizes a form of the SPECIAL found in 
   THQ's wildly successful wrestling games of the 1990's WCW vs. The World,
   all the way to WWF: No Mercy.  The SPECIAL here requires a collect 
   instead of building a meter, but the main principle is the same.

   I also want to thank ParadiseStar808 one more time for sending me 
   corrections for the wrestler names and the moves, as they are better 
   sounding to the ear than the ones I had to fudge since I could find no 
   info on them.

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