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Reviewed: 05/11/00 | Updated: 02/14/03

Impossible? Yes it is

Okay, I admit it. I CHEATED. I used the Infinite Lives code on my Game Genie because I spent about three years on the third level. This game is hard.

Graphics: 7/10
The ship has some nice details, and enviroments are interesting, too. A few of the bosses are cool looking, can't forget that. There's some clipping and a little slowdown, but it's all good.

Sound: 5/10
Could have been better. Either music blocks out the sound effects or sound effects block out the music. After a couple levels, though, it seemed unnoticeable. And the music is repetitive, but that doesn't make the game bad, does it? Well, unless it has the music from Ape Escape. (DOOH DOOH DEE DOOH)

Gameplay: 8/10
Fun space shooting! What more could you ask for? Gradius 3? Well, yeah. Gradius 3 is better, but this is excellent, none the less! Unfortunately, insane difficulty plauges this game. Enemies put walls in front of you face, fire about fifteen homing missiles at you, ect. Y'know the kind of stuff real armies should use in warfare. Not even the thiry live code helped. Not a bit. Impossible? Almost. People have beaten this game normally. Heck, not me though. Great game, though.

Control: 5/10
The slowdown and clipping make the control a bit goofy, and if you don't get enough speed powerups without dieing, the ship controls slow and clumsy. It could have had faster control. Just feels goofy.

Story: ?/10
I don't know. I bought this game used without the cover or instruction booklet. Probably has something to do with Gradius. There's a dragon and a floating blob of Jello and the end of the game. Don't ask me.

Overall: 8/10
Notice that gameplay almost always affects my overall, which in my belief means fun factor? Weird, ain't it? Oh, yeah. The game is excellent, and if you find it, buy it. It's a good one. But make sure you are either the man who beat Colony Wars: Vengeance in one hour with the best ending without cheating, or the cheating master. Master of cheating, y'know?

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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