Review by CrazyHameL

Reviewed: 12/08/04

Frustrating...Yes...Very...And I Mean Excruciatingly Frustrating - But Impossible?..I Think Not

* Introduction

Life Force, another classic from Konami, continues a great series started by Gradius. As you make your way through an alien's body you experience the hardest space shooter game I have ever played. You may think 9 lives is plenty, but wait until you waist all of them within the first five minutes of the game! Hand-eye coordination is invaluable in this game, as you will need to dodge quite a few moving objects, some of which jump out of the oblivion to eat your soul. Impossible you ask? Well, I personally have never beaten it without using the classic "Konami Code." I have memorized this particular code because of the fact that I had to use it 100,000 times while playing Contra and Life Force. But, I have seen it done by someone who could beat any RPG put in front of him, along with most other games.

* Gameplay - 9/10

Life Force is a game I pull out once every five or six months and beat just because it is a great game. Every level provides you with a new challenge or, in other words, a new reason to pick up your NES and through it out the window. As you can probably tell this game is so hard it frustrates most people to the point of no return. But, as with most games, you just have to keep playing it over and over until your brain explodes and you like it. The controls are decent. Every other level provides you with a vertical flying stance and all the others are horizontal as most NES space shooters are. Power ups can increase your speed making a quick maneuver much easier. But, when you die you lose all of your power ups increasing your urge to kill.

* Story - 0/10

Other than the fact that Life Force is the sequel to Gradius this story has no relevance. In fact I wouldn’t even consider that Life Force even has a story! In addition, this game has the absolute worst ending I have ever, ever seen, ever! It makes you want to stab something more than the game does and that’s saying something considering how most people rate this game impossible without codes.

* Graphics/Sound - 8/10

I personally love the music in this game and most other NES games. Other original NES games, such as, Megaman, Zelda, and Metroid set the stage for great video game soundtracks and midi’s. Compared side by side with Gradius and other space shooters, I would rate the graphics as pretty darn good. The one and only reoccurring problem that I can find is that the intricacy of the game makes the system slow down some times.

* Overall - 8/10

This game is well worth the 2 or 3 bucks you can get it for used. As I said before, “Life Force is a game I pull out once every five or six months and beat just because it is a great game” Oh, and if the NES continually gives you the blue screen of doom just kick it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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