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Reviewed: 04/09/00 | Updated: 04/09/00

A shooter that's just plain fantastic

A shooter that's just plain fantastic

There's something simple and fun about the humble shooter. I think it has something to do with shooting things. Anyway, Life Force is one of those rare games that just seems to be made up of Pure Fun, which makes for a great game.

In Life Force, you get to fly a little spaceship into the bowels of a giant ''Life Force'' (hence the title), which has taken over your world. You must blast this thing to bits, and somehow come back alive, a feat easier said than done. You fly your little ship around, shooting anything that moves, hoping that your weaponry is up to the task, and if not, well just shoot certain enemies to get Power Ups, which can be used to help you survive another 5 minutes (although you lose it all if you lose your life).

The game does have a lot of really difficult parts, such as when the area you're flying through will start to grow more obstacles, and if you get caught by them you die, or the stage where there are flames all around you, and occasionally they'll flare up without warning, or pretty much every stage has some challenge like this. This does make for a difficult game, but hey, whoever said that this would be easy?

The game graphics are pretty, especially for a dinky little NES game. Some of the levels here just look incredibly detailed, with lots of attention paid to things such as obstacles and walls. Enemies aren't that great, but bosses are all clever looking, even if they don't fit within the context of the game (King Tut? What's that all about?).

Life Force is a fun game, if a little on the difficult side. This is one of the games that every NES owner should have.

I gave Life Force an 8 because it's a great game, but a trifle on the hard side.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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