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Reviewed: 10/08/02 | Updated: 10/08/02

A nice shooter, a little to short though...

Life Force (or Salamander) is a nice, early little game released by Konami.

Control: 7
Very simple controls. You fly around and press the B button to fire your weapon whether it be lasers or ripples and missiles. The only reason I lowered the controls is because your ship moves slow and your speed option does absolutely nothing. In all the Gradius games the speed is very efficient but in Life Force for some reason the speed doesn't work so your stuck moving slow the entire game.

Graphics: 7
Some people may disagree but I think the graphics are pretty good for an early NES game. You can recognize everything for what it is supposed to be. You can even see your wings bow downward and upward whenever you fly upward and downward.

Concept: 8
Even though shooters weren't an uncommon type of game, Life Force was rather different in the way power-ups work. Also the stages alternate from a side-view to an overhead-view.
The reason this category gets an eight though is because two players can play it at the same time! I love two player simultaneous NES games and this is one of my favorites.

Sound: 10
I love Life Force's music! It is one of the games that the music has impacted my mind. The sound effects aren't bad either; at least they don't get annoying like a lot of other shooters.

Difficulty: 4 or 10
This is depending on if you use the code or not. If you input the famous Konami code than the game isn't very hard but if you take a shot at it without it, then it's nearly impossible. The game only has six stages but if you don't use the Konami code, that is way too many.

Gameplay/Fun: 9
I'll put this simple, Life Force is a fun game. I don't know how many people like space shooters but I think just about anyone would like this game.

Replay Value: Moderately High
Life Force is a game that if you have some spare time to kill you can just shove it in and start playing. It's good to play anytime. I still even play this game every now and then.

Even if you aren't a shooter fan, this may be a fun game for you so go out and buy if you like, since it is an NES game it should be really cheap. So if for some reason you don't like the game, you'll only be out a couple dollars, no big deal.

Overall: 8
This is a game you will probably like! Have fun!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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