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Reviewed: 08/16/02 | Updated: 08/16/02

One heck of a joy ride!!

Back in the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) era there was a game that defied the word FUN, and that game was Life Force. This game made me realize the potential multi-player had. I was young, around 5 when I first played this game, and to me, this was pure entertainment, blasting rocks, aliens, super bosses, all of it was just pure fun, and with two players, the fun never stopped.

Graphics: (8/10)

For it's time these graphics were great. Although no Zelda or Super Mario 3, these graphics grabbed your attention whether it be from enemy design to level design. Everything was crisp and clear. This game is very impressive and there is absolutly nothing to complain about.

Controls: (9/10)

I really thought that this game had great controls, I mean the shooting of bullets was amazing, the control of the aircraft was great, dodging was fun. Through-out the game you can pick up different types of ammo to make your weapons more powerful. One of the games great aspects.

Story: (7/10)

Now the story section was hard to rate because to tell the truth, there isn't one, I mean no words at least, but as you progress through the game you start to get the idea your saving the Universe (Although not mentioned). Still, even with the lack of words, the images say it all.

Replay value: (6/10)

Yet another hard section to rate becuase there really isn't much to collect in the game, but however replaying this game with a friend can be REALLY fun, I remember playing this like 3 times a day with a close buddy of mine who lived across the street, now that was GREAT fun.

Buy or Rent?: BUY (If ya can find it)

Now this game is REAL old so I don't believe you will be able to buy or rent it, but, if you do, then it is definetly worth a few bucks to buy it.

The good:

-SUPER fun
-Awsome gameplay
-SUPER fun
-Best 2P game for NES
-Very addictive

The bad:

-No bonuses
-Not REAL long (what NES game is?)
-Makes ya go crazy for fun, wait isn't that good?, I gotta go!! later!!

Now that you know what I think, I hope it has changed your mind. So, wherever you are, go out and look for this game, it may or may not save your life, and, if it does, then welcome to the world of true Videogames.

Score: 8/10
Original: 7.5/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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