Review by Rambo6383

Reviewed: 06/10/11

An extremely overrated 2-D shooter game.

Life Force is a 2-D shooter game made by Konami in 1988 where you play as a jet that is in space shooting at enemies and other things that come at you and kill you by the simple act of touching your jet. It is much like Gradius in fact it is pretty much the same, back in 1988 when it came out it was one of the best games on the NES or people thought that. Today people still love this game.

Story: I'm sure that there is not a story to this game which I don't really mind, a game doesn't have to have a story to be good, it's just someone in a space ship or plane going around in space shooting at things.

Graphics: The graphics are actually very impressive for 1988 Konami games usually have good graphics as it is a very professional company, every enemy or background or character has great detail and you can easily see what they are meant to be. A very good job with the graphics on this game.

Sound: Just the same as the graphics, very good. The music is great and there are many sounds like gunfire or explosions and they all sound very good.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very annoying sometimes such as when, on the first level the walls come down and block you making sure that there is no way of getting by unless you know the spots in the game where this happens, the number of enemies on screen at once isn't too bad. Sometimes the enemies come in groups, if you shoot all the enemies in one of these groups you get a power-up, some of these power-ups might be a missile or a lazer, although some power-ups don't seem to do anything, which I think is a great idea the same thing would happen in Gradius, a game also made by Konami. Sometimes it can be hard to shoot your enemies because they come from the top of the screen and you can only shoot forwards another problem is that they dart across the screen making them harder to hit.

Replay: This game can be quite addicting but sometimes you'll never want to play it again because it can be very annoying.

Overall: This game came out 2 years after Gradius, a game which I think is bad, Konami may have meant this game to be an improvement of it but I think they actually made it worse. While this game is playable it is also very overrated and lousy.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Life Force (US, 08/31/88)

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