Review by Gigatron

Reviewed: 06/23/06

A GREAT space shooter, but hard as NAILS!

Konami is well-known for their castlevania and Metal Gear series. Well, they've made some other fine titles, and fortunately, Life Force is one of them. Needless to say, it rocks!

Life Force is a space shooter by Konami, and was released for the NES some time back. I found it for $2 at Game Crazy one time and decided to give it a go. Normally these types of games don't catch my eye, but thankfully it was ahead of it's time and featured exciting gameplay with traps and tricky enemies, and long winding tunnels which would put your skills to the test.

Although I enjoy a challenging game, The difficulty in this game will chew you up, spit you out, step on you, and eat you. Luckily, one day I invited my friend over and eventually we got much farther into the game. Sometimes when you kill an enemy, a little crystal-thingy will appear and if you keep collecting them, you'll aquire a power-up. This mechanic is very useful and key to beating the game.

Not even classics like sinistar, galaga, or galaxian can match Life Force. This is most likely due to the aforementioned power-up system, and the inclusion of CO-OP! That's right, no more taking turns! But one thing that those games has over this is that they have a user-friendly difficulty. This game is truly for the hardcore, and don't buy it unless you are adept at this type of game, because you will not survive for long!

Walls will cave in, serpents will try to grab you, and a freakin armada of enemy ships are after you. This is one exciting title! The shooter I grew up with was R-type, and that was one fine game, but I personally think it has NOTHING on this game. Konami should totally make a sequel or something to this, because it is a TRUE CLASSIC!!

so lemme break it down for ya...

GRAPHICS- 9 - simple, clean, and well-animated graphics with some decent scrolling backgrounds. Enemies look sharp and so does your ship.

SOUND- 8 - somewhat catchy music with some pretty good sound effects, but nothing too great.

GAMEPLAY- 9 - Very good power-up system with a wicked difficulty, but at times so hard that it feels like trial and error. I can admit that this game made me cry on several occasions.

VALUE- 10 - the difficulty will keep you playing this for awhile, and 2-player rocks!! Otherwise it has a decent length, and even if you don't have friends, with a lot of practice, you'll eventually beat it.

OVERALL- 9 - This is a must-own classic especially if you are a fan of gradius or galaga, but the difficulty seems downright brutal at times. but if you got a
NES and a friend then this will quickly become one of your favorites.

So there you have it! If you like scrolling space shooters like Gradius, R-type, Galaga, Galxian, etc., then you owe it to yourself to but this game!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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