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FAQ/Walkthrough by Robot2600

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/12/13

   __                                _           __
  / /   ___   __ _   ___  _ __    __| |   ___   / _|
 / /   / _ \ / _` | / _ \| '_ \  / _` |  / _ \ | |_
/ /___|  __/| (_| ||  __/| | | || (_| | | (_) ||  _|
\____/ \___| \__, | \___||_| |_| \__,_|  \___/ |_|
     ___          ___          ___          ___
    /__/|        /  /\        /  /\        /  /\
   |  |:|       /  /::\      /  /:/_      /  /:/_
   |  |:|      /  /:/\:\    /  /:/ /\    /  /:/ /\
 __|  |:|     /  /:/~/::\  /  /:/_/::\  /  /:/ /:/_
/__/\_|:|____/__/:/ /:/\:\/__/:/__\/\:\/__/:/ /:/ /\
\  \:\/:::::/\  \:\/:/__\/\  \:\ /~~/:/\  \:\/:/ /:/
 \  \::/~~~~  \  \::/      \  \:\  /:/  \  \::/ /:/
  \  \:\       \  \:\       \  \:\/:/    \  \:\/:/
   \  \:\       \  \:\       \  \::/      \  \::/
    \__\/        \__\/        \__\/        \__\/

version 1.3

Legend of Kage FAQ/Walkthrough

by Robot2600


For use on GameFAQs.com and 8-Bit City


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Game
3. Story
4. Moves
5. Walkthrough
6. Characters
7. Secrets
8. Powerups
9. Game genie Codes
10. Manual
11. Game Facts
12. Credits
13. Outroduction
14. Copyright Information



"You have to ask yourself, do you like ninjas? Do you like
non-stop high paced action? Do you like gaming? Chances
are that's why you're here. I've played this game for many
hours, and was shocked to not see a FAQ/Walkthrough for it
on the internet. So here it is: my gift to the gaming
community; the one, the only, Legend of Kage Guide."

It's been over ten years since I created this guide, and
I hope it's been either helpful or enjoyable to a few
people who still love playing Legend of Kage. My friend
and I would spend countless hours playing this title.
We declared it "so bad it was good," but as the years
go by I'd have to alter that qualification to simply:




Legend of Kage is a high flying ninja action game
published and developed by Taito. It was originally
released for the Commodore 64, an old system that didn't
get much notice in the shadow of the NES. It was
re-realesed on the NES in 1988, and since then it has
apparntly been taking up space in used game shops
everywhere. The Legend of Kage is a great game, despite
the negative criticism it receives.



One day, the Princess Kiri was out walking in the forrest
minding her own buisness, when all of a sudden an evil
ninja flew down and took her (Oh no!) Many tried to rescue
her, but they all died. After the original attempts, none
would undertake the task of rescuing Kiri. Finally a
young ninja named Kage said he would be the one to save
the princess from the evil ninjas. So Kage set out to
single handedly infiltrate the ninja-infested castle and
rescue Kiri. Kage first set out in the forrest surrounding
the castle, and ran very quickly through the trees, while
fighting the ninja that dared to block his path. When he
defeated the leader of the forrest guards, Kage gained
access to the moat that led to the castle. Once he had
killed all the guards he began the treacherous climb up
the castle walls. It would take more than that to stop
the brave ninja, for he soon was in the castle itself!
He faced more oppenents than ever before, for the castle
was the heart of the lair of evil. Up the levels he
climbed, while both ninja, and feasome magicians tried
to stop the brave warrior. Thier effort was in vain,
however, for Kage reached the top of the castle, rescued
Kiri and flew to freedom. All was not well, for once again
Kiri was captured, and Kage was left to fight the summer
demons. At first it seemed they could not be hurt, but
then Kage saw the butterfly, remembering his training, he
knew that things were not always as they seem; he saw the
butterfly for what it was, the source of the demons power.
The butterfly did not die easily, for it took many tries
to break it's curse. Once the spell was broken, the demon
fell easily. A season later, Kage set forth once more to
rescue the Princess Kiri. The ninjas of the forrest and
castle attacked just as they had before, but he defeated
the evil ones, and rescued the Princess once again. But
once more she was taken, and Kage was left to fight the
Autumn demon. He saw through the demons butterfly
treachery, and vaquished him. Finally winter arrived, and
the brave Kage entered the lair and save Kiri once again,
but alas, once again she was taken. Left alone, Kage
defeated the most fearsome demon of all: the demon of
winter. This demon, like the others, had a seemingly
innocent butterfly as a protective spell. Kage had seen
the spell before, so it did the demon little use.
However, this battle was much harder than the others,
the clash of their swords could be heard for days. Their
yells filled the entire forrest, but in the end, it was
Kage that walked away. All the evil had been defeated,
and the princess was freed. Kage returned a hero, and in
time... became a legend.



As Kage the ninja, you come equipt with a number of moves
that will come in handy on your quest.

Kage is capable of running indefinatly without slowing
down. When kage reaches level three his running speed
will be increased. Press left or right on the control
pad to run.

Kage is also cable to jump much higher than the normal
person. This is a skill that takes a long time of ninja
training to master. To jump, push up on the control pad,
if you would like to jump foward or backwards, push up
and left, or up and right to jump accourdingly. Once
Kage has started a jump he cannot chnage direction, so
choose your path wisely. If you would like to grab onto
a tree, and you are traveling down, let go of the
directional pad, and Kage will cling to it. Otherwise,
hold the directional pad in the down direction and you
will continue until you reach the ground.

::Throwing shuriken
This is Kage's main weapon, and can be thrown in any of
the eight directions. Simply hit the B button. Only two
of Kage's shuriken can be on the screen at once.

By hitting A Kage can swing his sword. This goes very
underused, because people think that there is no use for
it since it has no range, well guess what, they're wrong!
I can block the other ninja's shuriken (but not fire), so
it won't hurt you to randomly swing the sword around
constanly. Also, it can help you defeat the monks,
because they usually can't block a sword attack if they
are falling to the ground.

::Death Run
This should be what you primarily use throughout the game.
Basically, you run straight foward and throw stars. In
between each star you can swing your sword for added
protection. This will get you through ::Most:: of the
levels OK, so practice it. Try to time it so you always
have your stars spaced out evenly. If you have a turbo
controller, just hold down both buttons, and you'll be
practically invincible.



Ok, here we go. Follow the instructions and strategy 
provided, and you should be ok.

This level is pretty straight foward for the most part
(although I consider it the hardest level). Use the Death
Run until you get to the end, once there turn around and
run until you get to a clearing (it shouldn't be that
far). Once here, simply run back and forth while killing
ninja's and staying alive. After killing a few blue monks,
eventually you'll see a Red Monk, kill him to finish the
level. In all my time playing the game, I have yet to
discoiver a way to make him come out when I want him, so
it's pretty much luck. This is why I consider it the
hardest level, sometimes he just doesn't want to show his
face, and when your fighting ninjas it's just a matter of
time before you get hit. This can also be a fun level,
just to mess around in and climb trees, fly, kill ninjas
etc. Though if you are going for a game completion, stick
with my strategy.

In this level you have to kill ten ninjas, and in my
opinion this is the easiest level. I recommend two ways
of completion, the first is easy, but the second gives
you a 1UP, which is very helpfull in this game. Easy way -
get out of the water, and simply use Death Run until you
get your ten ninjas. 1UP way - stay in the moat, and run,
but contiuosly swing your sword (don't throw stars). If
you kill 7 ninja, then a little blue guy will fly across
the creen and you can nab him for a 1UP. Then finish off
the remaining ninja outside the moat with the Death Run.

::Castle Wall
You have to reach the top to pass this area. Alternate
between jumping up and left, and up and right, don't
pause in between, and you should be just fine. Don't
bother with stars (unless you are using a turbo
controller) and concentrate on swinging your sword.

::Storming the Castle
Not much to say here, Death Run, go up stairs, watch out
for fire. When you reach the top use your sword to rescue
the Princess.

After Kiri is taken away again (c'mon on Kage get it
together!) you have to fight a boss. Kill the butterfly
to be able to harm him. Not to hard, you should be fine.

The levels repeat through autumn, and the through winter,
complete the winter stages to see the oh-so-short and
inconclusive ending...




The hero!

The oh-so-helpless princess!

These guys come in three varieties: red, blue, and black.
Basic enemy of the game. They can use swords and stars.
The red ones have grendaes, which cannot be blocked by
Kage's sword. The Red one's are also harder to defeat,
as are the black ones.

These guys kinda look like pirates to me, but hey.
They shoot fire that can kill you even if you are powered
up, so be careful. Come in both Red and Blue variety.

::White Monks
The boss (sometimes bosses) of the Summer. Just like the
monks pretty much, except easier to defeat in my opinion...
go figure.

::Evil Kage
Looks like Kage in giant poofy pants. He is the boss of
the Autumn. Not to bad to defeat.

::Blue Demon
The ultimate baddy. Still, he's really not that big a
deal, he can block better than most, but rarely if ever
uses stars. Should be no match for your mad Legend of
Kage Skillz.



::1 UP
Stay in any moat level and kill 7 or so ninja with just
your sword. nab the little blue guy at the top of the

::10 Lives
To start with ten lives: hold SELECT, A, and B on
Controller 1. Then hold A+B on Controller 2. Turn on the
NES and wait till you see something on the screen,
then let go of all the buttons. Hold A+B on Controller 1
and B on Controler 2 and you will start with ten lives.
A whole lot to go through, but the ten lives are a
definate help.

::Thanks to GameFAQs for the secrets.



A powerup will randomly appear from time to time,
sometimes when you kill enemies, sometimes for the hell
of it. Since I don't know what they are called, shall call
the little people that fly across the screen monsters :)

::Orb - 1000 points
These appear randomly after kage kills an enemy. Get one
to chnage to green and throw bigger stars, and two to
change to orange, which gives you super jumping and
running abilities :) if you are hit in either form,
you will revert back to Red Kage (unless its a fireball,
then you die).

::Grey Monster - 10000 points
Gives you some extra points

::Blue Monster
1UP, ooohhhhh yea.

::Red Monster

Either lets you throw eight stars (one in each direction),
or creates a ghost to fight along side you (nothing can
hurt you.

::Little Red Line
Hard to see, but this powerup will make Kage cast a
killing spell. The bodies really pile up... it last a
long time, but you can't move. So basically it's really
creepy and gives you points.

::30000 Points
Collect 30000 points to recieve a 1UP!



::SXVALZVG Both players have infinite lives

::KEOATAVA Both players start with 28 lives

::GASAOLZA Super-ninja-power running ability

::YAKXYPGE + YASZAPGE + YASZPPGE Super-ninja-power
jumping ability



UPDATE, 6-18-2007

The Manual used to be hosted by a 3rd party online,
however, the site is now closed.  If you know where a
manual for Legend of Kage is hosted online, please let me
know so I can add the URL to this section.



I have compiled a list of completly usless facts about
The Legend of Kage, please enjoy :)

:: The colors the butterfly changes to when it dies are:
White, Red, Blue, Orange, Grey.

:: There are 25 trees you can climb on in the Forest.

:: There are 10 trees in the background you can't climb on.

:: If you kill a Monk, their fire will disapear.

:: The castle changes from Orange, to Brown, to Blue as
the seasons progress.

:: There are five columns on each castle level.

:: There are 21 visible banister rails on each staircase.

:: You can pass the third level in 7 jumps.

:: Kage is pronouced "KAH-gay," not "CAGE." It is
Japanese for "shadow."



::GameFAQs, for a wonderful site.

::Taito, for making the game.

::NES fans everywhere, keeping the system alive.

::Ninjas, for being so damn cool.



The Legend of Kage is a wonderful game, and I am honored
to be the one that had the chance to make this guide. No
other exist like it online, and the experience of
mastering the game to create this file was enjoyable in
itself. I would like to say how important I feal it is to
keep interest in old systems and games alive, and to
remember the games of the past. For without the past, we
cannot move foward into the future. I hope this guide
helps at least one person out there, even if its nothing
more than just to know that someone took the time to
create a sort of "tribute" to a game commonly owned, yet
seldom remembered.



Everything you see here is my own work unless cited
otherwise. I give GameFAQs and permission to use this
guide in any way they see fit. If you would like to put
this guide on your site, I'd be honored. All I ask is
that you leave it completely intact, and let me know
about it (Mostly just for me to see your site and see my
work on it, that'd be cool). Anything else you wanna use
it for, contact me and we'll talk about it.


AIM: blue exit lights

-Copyright Robot 2002-2013

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