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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DragonLord893

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    THE LEGEND OF KAGE (Kage no Densetsu) Walkthrough Guide Version 1.0 written by 
    John "Dragon Lord" Mercer. No reproduction of this or any other guide should be 
    attempted without proper consent from the author. For questions and comments, 
    e-mail them to DragonLord1975 (at) Adelphia (dot) Net.
    In The Legend of Kage, you play a lone ninja warrior named Kage in a mix of a 
    damsel in distress game with a ninja fighting game as you battle hundreds of 
    ninjas and powerful enemies to free the Princess from the evil Shogun.
    Select: Selects number of players
    Start: Begins the game
    Left/Right: Moves Kage in that direction
    Up: Makes Kage jump up
    Down: Makes Kage crouch down
    B Button: Throws shuriken
    A Button: Swings kodachi
    Start: Pauses the game
    Select: Not used
    KAGE: A lone ninja warrior who's on a quest to save the Princess from an evil 
    Shogun and his army. He wears a red ninja vest and carries two kodachi and a 
    limitless supply of shuriken.
    KIRIHIME: The Princess in the game who was abducted by the Shogun's ninja 
    forces and been taken prisoner in his castle. She has a red kimono and has long 
    SHINOBI: The evil ninjas of the Shogun's army make up the bulk of his forces. 
    Shinobi carry long katana swords on their backs as well as shuriken to slow 
    Kage down. Blue Shinobi are most common. Red Shinobi use their weapons and also 
    throw smoke bombs. The Black Shinobi is almost impossible to beat, but if he 
    dies, he leaves behind a scroll.
    YOBO: Yobo (meaning "enchanted monk") are the Shogun's most powerful magicians 
    in his army. Yobo have a special fire-breathing ability and can defend against 
    shuriken using their gauntlets. Once a Yobo is killed, his fire spells vanish. 
    Blue Yobo are common and red Yobo are rare.
    GENBO: Genbo is a dangerous wizard hired by the Shogun to destroy Kage. He can 
    split himself into two completely physical beings and carries a bo for 
    protection. Genbo awaits you in summer.
    YUKINOSUKE KIRI: Yukinosuke is like an evil twin to Kage and a powerful ninja 
    in his own right. Yukinosuke's skill with a kodachi is legendary and can block 
    most of Kage's shuriken attacks. Yukinosuke awaits you in autumn.
    YOSHIRO YUKIGUSA: The evil samurai Shogun that has ordered the abduction of 
    Princess Kirihime and Kage's ultimate target. Yoshiro appears pale like a ghost 
    flying around wielding two katana blades. Yoshiro awaits you in winter.
    The world is divided into three levels: Summer, Autumn & Winter. And the levels 
    are divided into 4 stages. Kage must pass through each stage and defeat the 
    boss to advance to the next level.
    STAGE 1: Forest
    The forest has a lot of trees for climbing as Kage runs into the forest killing 
    every enemy along the way. At the end of the forest when there are no other 
    enemies around, a Red Yobo will make his presence felt. Kill him and advance to 
    Stage 2.
    STAGE 2: Underground Moat
    A nearby river in the forest leads Kage to an underground tunnel connecting a 
    moat that leads towards Yoshiro's castle. Inside the tunnel is a mob of Blue 
    Shinobi ready to attack Kage. Kage's goal is to kill 10 Blue Shinobi without 
    getting himself killed. Once 10 Blue Shinobi are gone, Kage can advance to 
    Stage 3.
    STAGE 3: Castle Wall
    The castle wall is made of many platforms and Kage must jump up to the top of 
    the castle while avoiding the Red Shinobi swarming around him. Among the Red 
    Shinobi troops is their leader, the Black Shinobi. If Kage can reach the top of 
    the castle without falling to his doom, he can advance to Stage 4.
    STAGE 4: Inside the Castle
    Now that the castle's been breached, the castle's defense forces begin their 
    unstoppable assault. Kage has to climb up 4 flights of stairs while avoiding 
    Red and Blue Shinobi troops and Red Yobo magicians. At the fourth level of the 
    castle, Kirihime is chained to a post. Kage must cut Kirihime free with his 
    After Kage cuts Kirihime free, the two of them jump out of the castle's rooftop 
    and leap to safety into the forest. However, one lone Shinobi abducts Kirihime 
    again and leaves Kage to battle alone against one of Yoshiro's top warriors.
    EGAO: Egao means "smiling face" and these are potential allies to Kage. A Red 
    Egao can either give Kage a phantom double spell or a starburst spell. A Gray 
    Egao adds 10,000 bonus points to your score. A Blue Egao adds an extra life for 
    PHANTOM DOUBLE: When Kage gets the Phantom Double, he splits into two people. 
    Any weapon cannot hurt him as long as this spell is activated.
    STARBURST: When Kage gets the Starburst, he throws 8 shuriken, each one in all 
    8 directions of the compass. This attack temporarily gives Kage the upper hand 
    against enemies coming from all directions.
    MAGIC ORB: This brings out Kage's strength, speed and ability. Once he collects 
    a Magic Orb, his red outfit becomes green and his small shuriken becomes 
    bigger. Grabbing another Magic Orb when he's green turns his outfit into gold 
    and is generally stronger. When enemies attack him in any powered state, he 
    reverts back to his original red outfit and normal powers. Fire from the Yobo's 
    mouth kills Kage no matter what power level he is.
    SCROLL: A scroll may be small, but it packs a punch. When Kage gets this 
    scroll, the light will flash and all enemies will instantly fall. This scroll 
    magic is a death spell to all but the bosses.
    A kodachi is a small sword that's used for defense in the days of feudal Japan. 
    When shuriken flies at Kage, have him turn towards it and swing the kodachi at 
    it and Kage won't die. This defensive maneuver won't work on fire and smoke 
    In the underground moat, have Kage kill 7 ninjas with his kodachi while 
    submerged in water. Don't get out during that time for any reason. A Blue Egao 
    will float overhead. After you grab it, kill the other 3 ninjas in any manner 
    and make sure to watch for any shuriken flying.
    If Kage is fortunate enough to kill the Black Shinobi, he leaves behind a 
    scroll that Kage can use against the ninjas that patrol the castle.
    When Kage reaches the Boss Stages, he finds the boss of the season along with a 
    seemingly harmless butterfly. If Kage goes after the Boss, the Boss won't be 
    harmed. Kage must go after the butterfly for it is the source of the Boss' 
    immortality. 5 hits with any weapon on the butterfly will cause it to float 
    down towards its demise, leaving the Boss open for Kage's attacks.
    When Kage finally destroys Yoshiro, Kirihime runs to Kage to congratulate him 
    on him rescuing her. Then, Kage runs with Kirihime off screen. The ending goes 
    "Kage has successfully saved the Princess Kiri. All the evils have disappeared 
    and peace pervaded everywhere. This was a tale about a young ninja living in 
    old Japan. However..."
    Then the process starts over again.
    I'd like to give special thanks to Taito, for making the Legend of Kage game 
    for the NES and to GameFAQs.com, for their generous contribution.

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