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    Save State Hacking Guide by Binta

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/31/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Item and Stats Hacking Guide
      By: Binta
    email address: nekketsu_vince@yahoo.com
    What is this about?
    This is a hacking guide for Dragon Slayer 4 for the NES. It uses built-in hex
    editing for VirtuaNES under "Tool" as "Cheat Support". It's lets you change your
    items in your inventory AND the ones you're holding. To boot, you can also
    modify the stats for your current character!
    I, Binta, have made this FAQ page. You can read this freely and/or download it,
    just don't post it up on your website or other places, unless I say it's okay.
    I'll let you print this if you want, too. Just don't steal my work.
    -NES emulator with same or similar built-in hexxer, hopefully VirtuaNES
    -Rom of Legacy of the Wizard  OR  Japanese version, called Dragon Slayer 4
    -When modifying strength, number of shots, jump or distance, check your stats
     whenever you stay at an inn or go to the house. They might go back to normal.
     Also, the same offsets for the stats apply to your current character.
    -It might "confuse" the game if you modify the number of crowns you have. So
     don't do it, just to be safe.
    -Might help if you make a save-state. If you cause a "overflow" or edit the
     wrong address and/or wrong data, your game will freeze.
    -When fighting the last boss, you'll always inflict 2 points of damage,
     regardless if you changed your strength rating.
    -Change "Enemy Life" only when you're actually fighting a boss.
    -If your character is killed and you try to hex him/her back to health it won't
     work, since the death was already registered.
    -For current HP, magic, keys and gold held, only put 100 at msot or you'll cause
     an overflow! It won't harm if items are over 99, but they will look something
     like 1E (still harmless). Maximum should be 255. Too high for stats can also
     cause an overflow and make your game freeze. But for anything, NEVER place
     anything above 255. This applies to all games and other hex stuff.
    -When changing your stats, keys and/or gold, your meters won't change until you
     "refresh" the screen. Here's how to "refresh" the screen with each stat:
      Life: Get hit or heal
      Magic: Use or gain magic
      Gold: Get gold or buy anything
      Key: Get or lose a key
      So, if you've hexxed your gold and it looks like it didn't change, buy what
      you want and you'll get the gold you hexxed, subtract it by the item's price.
    Address         Item
    0063------------Glove (to push blocks)
    0065------------Jump Shoes (with star, the shoes that let you jump on enemies)
    0066------------Springboard Boots
    0067------------Wand (item which uses magic as keys)
    006B------------Magic Potion
    006C------------Elixer (winged bottle)
    006F------------Sword (Dragon Slayer)
    Current HP-------------0058
    Current Magic----------0059
    Current Gold Held------005A
    Keys Held--------------005B
    Current Jump-----------005C
    Current Strength-------005D
    # of shots allowed-----005E
    Current Distance/range-005F
    Enemy Life-------------00F2 (used in boss battles)

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