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FAQ by FoxHound26

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/05/04

______ ______                                     ________          
___  //_/__(_)_____________ ________        _________  __/    
__  ,<  __  /__  __ \_  __ `/_  ___/        _  __ \_  /_     
_  /| | _  / _  / / /  /_/ /_(__  )         / /_/ /  __/     
/_/ |_| /_/  /_/ /_/_\__, / /____/          \____//_/         
___________             ________                  ______  
__  /___  /______       ___  __ )__________ _________  /_ 
_  __/_  __ \  _ \      __  __  |  _ \  __ `/  ___/_  __ \
/ /_ _  / / /  __/      _  /_/ //  __/ /_/ // /__ _  / / /
\__/ /_/ /_/\___/       /_____/ \___/\__,_/ \___/ /_/ /_/ 

*      Game:  Kings of the Beach             * 
*  Platform:  Nintendo Entertainment System  *
*    Author:  Bryan Heil                     *
*   Contact:  bryan_0326(at)hotmail(dot)com  *
* Copyright:  Copyright Bryan Heil 2004      *
*   Version:  Version 1.1 (February 5, 2004) *


1. Version History
2. Introduction
3. Characters
4. Controls
5. Playing the Game
6. Passwords
7. Conclusion


Version 1.1 - February 5, 2004
The guide was posted on GameFAQs but with an error, so I have added more
information on the players you play in each stage.  In version 1 the
sentence after the passwords header was cut off, so I have resubmitted the

Version 1.0 - February 4, 2004
The initial project is underway after a gap in writing FAQs for the best 
gaming site on the Internet, GameFAQs.  The grounds and foundations are laid 
for this FAQ and all the basics for this game are included. ASCII, Controls, 
Levels, and Passwords.  An updated version is possible for the future.


Beach bums move into Beverly Hills

Back in the '50's (just before Frankie and Annette hit the scene) beach
volleyball was uncomplicated. No audiences. No publicity. No prizes. No 
The guys were just kings of their own little sand castles.

Today, the game has outgrown its Southern California britches. Pro beach
volleyball has fans in places as diverse as San Diego, Honolulu, Rio de
Janeiro and Sydney. Prize money can go as high as $100,000 for a tournament.
If these guys still have a beach bum image, it's a gold-tinted one.

Of course, one thing is still the same in this modern day sport of kings. 
And that's motivation. It's all about being King of the Beach, where the 
royal garb is a golden tan and the queen is dressed in a leopard-skinned 
(Instruction Manual)

This is one of my all time favorite Nintendo games, bringing back lots of 
memories growing up playing with and at times against my brother.  Being 
able to hook up 4 controllers to the Nintendo is a great innovation allowing 
for great play.


- The Underhand Serve (AKA: The Skyball Serve) - 
This is a high-arcing serve that sends the ball deep into the opponent's 
court. This serve buys you plenty of time to get in position for your 
opponent's return. Move yourself into position using the Control Pad, then 
press the A and B Buttons simultaneously to launch this serve. There are 
flags in the background that note the wind direction, it could effect this 
serve slightly.

- The Flat Serve - 
This basic beach volleyball serve will force your opponents to make quick 
adjustments. If you hit it right, you'll launch a rocket about two inches 
above the net. But if your timing is off, the ball will thump into the sand, 
and all the volley dollies will turn their heads in shame.  Press the 
Control Pad to move into position, press the A or B button to toss the ball, 
then crush it by pressing the B Button.

- The Jump Serve - 
This is a difficult serve to master. But if you do, its high speed can force 
mistakes from your opponents and help establish net dominance. With proper 
execution, the poor schmoes on the other side of the net will have to return 
a meteor with a nasty topspin. Go for the Ace by using the Control Pad to 
Position yourself, press the A or B Button to toss the ball, then press the 
A Button to slam it home.

NOTE: Change the ball's direction by moving the Control Pad Up or Down, Left
or Right. (Because timing is so important, this maneuver is tricky to 

- The Set - 
This is a controlled shot used to set-up your teammate for a spike. Usually 
the second of the three shots, it's a soft, high pass that is lofted toward 
your teammate. Press the B Button briefly to make a low toss (for quick 
plays). Press the B Button longer for a high toss. Again, you can move the 
ball using the Control Pad.

- Receiving a Serve -
When receiving a serve, you want to use the bump shot. You might also think 
of bumping the ball if you're out of position for a spike. To bump, move 
into position and then press the A Button.

- The Spike - 
Use your three hits effectively to set up the hammer spike. To surprise your 
opponents, try spiking on the second shot (but only if you see a gaping hole 
in their defense). To spike, press the A and B Buttons simultaneously. 
Change the direction and force of the spike by pressing the Control Pad 
toward your opponent's court.

- The Block - 
To block a spike, you'll want to be at the top of your jump just as your 
opponent hits the ball. To block, press the Control Pad Up to jump, then 
press the A and B Buttons simultaneously.

- Kong Block - 
Stoklos is a master of utilizing a one-handed KONG BLOCK to hammer the ball 
back into the opponent's face. Press the A and B Buttons simultaneously, 
while pressing the Control Pad toward your opponent's court.

- The Feint - 
You can use this maneuver when making either a block or spike. Press the A 
and B Buttons simultaneously, while pressing the Control Pad toward the back 
of the court.

- Diving Reception (Dig & Dive!) - 
When you go for a ball that you're too far to get completely under yet are 
too near to miss entirely, you'll automatically dive for the ball.

- A Tip On Hitting - 
The ball always lands in its own shadow. To be in the right position when 
the ball comes down, stay in the shadow. Also remember, timing is 
everything, and if you wait TOO long before hitting the ball it will plop 
into the sand.

- Arguing A Lame Call - 
If you think the ref made a lousy call, you can "discuss" your feelings with 
him. Through the fine art of intimidation, you may convince the ref to 
reverse his call. If the call goes your way, be sure to say, "Good call, 
sir." If not, be sure to keep "Near-sighted moron" under your breath. To 
argue a call move your player next to the referee's chair and press the 
Start button.

Warnings and Point Deductions: A yellow card means you've upset the ref and 
he's giving you a warning. A red card means the ref's had enough of your 
barking and he's docking you a point.

NOTE: You may only dispute a call before the score is displayed.


For playing in the tournament you will be controlling Sinjin Smith and your 
partner will be Randy Stoklos.  Two of the best volleyball players on the 

Sinjin Smith
Ht: 6'3" WT: 190
HOME: Santa Monica, CA
Sinjin is the most successful player in beach volleyball history. He is the 
all-time leader in career wins and the sport's highest money winner. Smith 
is considered a great defensive player and a master of the dig.

Randy Stoklos
HT: 6'3" WT: 215
HOME: Pacific Palisades, CA
Nicknamed "Vanilla Thunder", Randy is the most dominant player on the beach. 
He intimidates opponents with his killer jump serve and his devastating one-
armed KONG block.


STAGE 1 - Coronado Beach, San Diego

He is sorriest player on the circuit. Calvin's fear of the net and his lousy 
eyesight make him an easy target for a six-pace slam. Careful play should 
send this rookie home. (Calvin is also in Stage 3)

He'll have his moments of studliness, but his net game is strictly blue 
collar - like his background in the construction biz. (Watch out for his 
sledgehammer spike in Stage 4)

One of the sport's founding fathers and the original king of the beach. Gene 
is the ultimate finesse player. He has only two weaknesses: Slim and none, 
and we all know where Slim has gone.

A classic beach bum, he spends his days "bagging rays", and nights building 
burritos at El Taco Bomb. This leaves him little time for V-Ball practice, 
so slam on him hard. (He'll team with Arnie in Stage 5)

Von Hagen
Von is known for his strength and technically precise skills. He's been out 
of the scene for a while, so he may not have his sand legs. (Von Hagen is 
also in Stage 2)

He may be a killer on a skateboard, but his volleying is far from rad. 
Sometimes his "thrasher" attitude pulls him through, but generally his best
spikes are in his hair. (Watch out for Lester's dirty tricks in Stage 2)

STAGE 2 - Oak Street Beach, Chicago

After going up against his killer spike, some of his opponents call him the
Terminator. He's a pure player who never gives up. (In Stage 5 he'll prove 
to be a regular Beach Barbarian)

A product of East German genetic engineering, this guy comes to play. He's 
got an awesome spike that must be blocked if you expect to win. Try not to 
get psyched out by his power. (In Stage 3 Gunter will claim to be the 
ultimate volleyball machine)

He is an up-and-comer in the pro ranks. Leif's strength is his vertical 
leap. So watch out for his wicked jump serve.

A native of Santa Barbara, John is great at blocking shots around the net. 
If you'd prefer not to get the ball stuffed down your throat, try to dink 
some of your shots. (Hanley is also in Stage 5)

STAGE 3 - Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Nicknamed the Smokin' Samoan, Mano is a real scrambler. The backcourt is his 
domain, so try to draw him to the net, then keep the pressure on. (In Stage 
4 watch for his Skyball Serve)

A member of the Hawaiian royal family, Kahuna spends most of his time 
surfing the pipeline and chasing wahinies. He may not be quick, but he can 
surprise you with big plays.

"Johnny Steve" is the shortest player on the tour. But don't let his size 
fool you. He spent a lot of hours hang-timin' with Spud Webb, and now he's 
one of the best leapers and defenders on the beach. (Stevenson is also in 
Stage 4)

STAGE 4 - Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

He claims to be the father of the Brazilian Jump Serve. His speed on the 
beach is amazing, but his hot Chili Pepper temper can be his downfall.

This notorious Latin lover is as smooth on the court as he is off. So watch 
out for his passes and his attempts to woo you to the net.

A member of the 1984 gold medal team, Powers is considered one of the 
world's premier spikers. He's also an incredible intimidating blocker.

STAGE 5 - The Great White Beach, Australia

The Aussie's answer to outback V-Ball, this down under kinda guy has tamed 
as many opponents as he has man-eating crocodiles. Net play is his forte.

The mighty Hov is a flawless player. A USC grad, he has an unbeatable 
presence at the net.

Maniac Buzzy is a ferocious blocker who has earned the respect of many a 
beach babe. Spike poorly against him, and you'll be eating leather.

This four time world champion never makes a mistake. He's all over the court
and plays superb defense.


After placing the game into the system and turning on the Nintendo the 
copyright screen appears and then shortly after a title screen prompting you 
to press the start button.  After pressing Start you arrive at the beach 
scene where the following map is set up.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*                                                 *
*      __________    __________    __________     *
*     |          |  |          |  |          |    *
*     |   Bump   |  |   Set    |  |   Spike  |    *
*     |___    ___|  |___   ____|  |___   ____|    *
*                                                 *
*                   _____________                 *
*                  /             \                *
*                 / Registration  \               *
*                /_____     _______\              *
*      _____    _____         ______     ____     *
*     |              |       |               |    *
*     |    Match     |       |  Tournament   |    *
*     |              |       |               |    *
*     |______________|       |_______________|    *
*                                                 *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You are controlling the green cursor and the first place you should go is to 
the registration tent in the center of the screen and then press the A 
button.  Once in the tent, using the Control Pad and A Button, assign 
Sinjin, Randy, Chaz and Miguel to a controller. (If one person plays, only 
assign one of the pros. If two people play, assign two pros. For three or 
more players, a four-player adapter is required.) Press the A Button again 
to lock in each selection.

Next, choose either COOPERATIVE or COMPETITION. If 2 people play, Sinjin and
Randy can either team-up (cooperative) against computer assigned players, or
split-up (competition) and challenge one another.

The final choices you'll make will be the game level (EASY, MEDIUM or 
DIFFICULT), 1 or 3 set matches and whether or not you want the hip LA Sound 
Machine On or off.

After you've cleared all of your selections with Annette, move the cursor to 
"Exit To The Beach" and press the A Button.

Back at the beach scene along the top of the screen there are 3 courts 
reserved for practicing your volleyball game.  In each of these there are 
coaches set up that continually set you up to practice on the desired area 
of play.  Exit the courts by pressing the select button.

Match play is where you'll partake in a little unfriendly competition. Up to 
four players can go at each other's throats, provided you have an adapter.
Remember, in a one game match, the first team to score 15 points will win 
over the crowd. In a three game match, the team to score 12 points first is 
the victor. Needless to say, two out of three victories will win the match.

The Tournament is made up out of five stages. You'll proceed from one stage 
to the next by winning three 15-point games consecutively. Each time you win 
three in a row a password is displayed. Write this baby down - that way if 
you want to take a break to wipe off the sweat, you can return to action 
later by entering the password on the TOURNAMENT PASSWORD SCREEN.

The only real strategy I used during the tournament would be to play good 
defense and be patient to score points and not make any stupid mistakes like 
missing spikes and serving out of bounds.  During the first two stages it is 
easy to win but for 3,4,5 they can take a long session to play through all 
the matches to get to the next stage.  After the computer is in control and 
sets up a spike your teammate will normally go up for the block, play in mid 
court and be ready for a fake out spike that hits it over the block attempt, 
but also be ready to dig in and save the spike and have control back on your 
court.  When the computer blocks you make a quick save, as the computer 
teammate might not be able to back you up.  Sometimes it is better to set up 
the teammate to take the spike and you play behind him for the block in your 

To return to the Tournament, choose CONTINUE on the Tournament Password 
Screen. Next, press the Control Pad Left or Right to select appropriate 
password letters. Lock in each letter by pressing the A Button.

NOTE: In a Tournament a maximum of 2 people can play. One of you will wear
Sinjin's shorts. The other will wear Randy's. You'll then team-up against a
couple of computer slammers.

 Rules of Volleyball

This game is played according to the rules of world championship volleyball.
A team can only score points when it's in possession of the serve. If you 
aren't serving, and your opponent knocks the ball out-of-bounds or fails to 
hit it, a "sideout" will occur (nobody scores and your team gets to serve). 
In a one game match, the winner is the first team to reach 15 points. In a 
three game match, each game is decided by the first team to reach 12 points.
NOTE: All matches must be won by 2 points.

Key rules to remember: Each team is allowed to touch the ball up to three 
times before sending it back over the net. No player is allowed to touch it 
twice in a row.

Up to four players can play this game at once. However, if more than two 
players are digging in, a separate adapter is required.


To Advance to different levels of the tournament go to the tournament court 
and click on the continue button and type in the desired password:
(NOTE: There is a space in the stage 2 password.)

Stage 2 - Chicago        - "Side Out"
Stage 3 - Hawaii         - "Gekko"
Stage 4 - Rio de Janeiro - "Topflite"
Stage 5 - Australia      - "Sundevil"


Copyright 2004 Bryan Heil
This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

TM and © 1989. Konami Industry Co., LTD.  Licensed by Nintendo of America 
Inc. Ultra Games is a registered trademark of Ultra Software Corporation.
© 1989 Electronic Arts.  All rights reserved.  Kings of the Beach is a 
registered trademark of Electronic arts, used under license.  Licensed to 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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