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Reviewed: 05/07/03 | Updated: 05/07/03

Karnov turns blue, baby.

Karnov is a side-scrolling platformer game made by Data East for the NES. It features a fat Russian who shoots fireballs out of his mouth. Karnov can only take two hits from his enemies until he is defeated. Once hit, Karnov turns blue, and the only way he can turn back into his normal self is by collecting power marbles. Not only do these marbles rejuvenate Karnov, but they also allow him to breathe more fireballs.

Karnov is a fire-breathing Russian who is seeking the lost treasure of Babylon. The story begins in the city of Creamina where a Babylonian treasure was kept until the dragon Ryu stole it. Karnov must seek out Ryu, destroy him, and reclaim the stolen treasure.

Karnov is a sluggish character who moves slow and falls from ledges even slower. The control in Karnov is pretty weak but it doesn't make the game unplayable. Just don't expect to put Karnov in and receive spot-on controls like the Mario Bros. games.

Karnov is a pretty standard game in the graphics department. There isn't anything very exciting in it, nor are there any effects which push the hardware. There are a variety of levels, nine in all, which feature various obstacles such as water, mountain terrain, caves and... well, that's about it. The graphics look like they should for a game from this time period.

The music... Karnov's musical score consists of the same jingle you hear in the first stage throughout the entire game. Not that it's a bad jingle, it's actually kind of catchy.

Karnov is a very difficult game. The first level is extremely easy and short and the boss poses no problem whatsoever. However, in the second level you start to notice the difficulty increasing slightly. More enemies come at you and they become much harder to deal with. By the third level the difficulty is ramped up so high that you may feel the game to be impossible to finish. A few levels later you're fighting the fishman boss from the first level as a regular enemy. What I'm getting at is, well, Karnov is not an easy game. Difficulty = high!

Overall, Karnov is an interesting game that most people will probably enjoy for one reason or another. Granted, it's not without its faults, but Karnov might just hold your attention. Karnov turns blue, baby. There's no denying that.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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