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Reviewed: 01/09/03 | Updated: 01/09/03

It's a beach ball.. It's a sumo.. It's Karnov?!

Introduction: Karnov is an old school platforming side scrolling action game! It's got bad play control, but it's fun if you can learn to perfect it.

Graphics : I enjoyed the graphics in Karnov. There bold and well defined in My opinion. It's got a more dark look to it, not as cartoony as you might expect. You may experience some flicker when a bunch of enemies' come into screen, but that's similar to a lot of old NES games.

Play Control: The game has got some issues in the play control department.. Karnov moves slow, like you would expect a 300 pound strong man to move. When you fall off of a ledge, you have no control over Karnov's jump. he simply falls straight down like a rock, and usually to his death. This can get a little annoying when the same mistake is made forty times, and it will be. Another problem with the game is how you select menu items that you get through out the game. Instead of just pressing start to bring up some sort of sub screen menu, the menu is always at the bottom of the screen. When you move Karnov left and right, the courser for the item menu moves left and right, and when it's high-lighting the item you want, you press ''Select'' to select it. This is ok when nothing is going on, but it gets confusing when you try to do it in a quick manner.

Music: It repeats every single stage. Same song. SAME SONG! Well, it isn't that bad. The song that does play through almost every single bit of the game is not too bad. At least for the first seventeen hours. After that, you will just want to turn the volume down.

Sound Effects: There just what you would expect for an old NES game. The sound for the fire balls that Karnov shoots sounds kind of fire-y I guess.. What ever fire ball projectiles sound like.

Story: Well, the game it's self gives no real clues to the story that I have seen. Supposedly, some evil dragon has destroyed your home village, and stole some treasure. You must go after the Dragon and get it back. Not very original, but not bad, either.

Gameplay: Karnov is a side scrolling action game with some platforming elements. You travel through the level's, shooting down enemies' with your fire balls. ((Karnov's talent is spitting fire from his mouth.)) You collect items through out the game, like ladders that help you reach new heights, and sheilds that can protect you from projectile attacks of most kinds. Karnov dies pretty fast, it takes only two hits to kill him. Once he is hit once, he turns blue. If he is hit when he is blue, he dies. I found the ''Life orb'' system interesting. Through out the game, you find life orbs. If you collect one when your blue, it will get you back up to perfect health. If you get one when your at perfect health, instead of it being a waste, it will give you extra fire power! ((Allows you to shoot more fire balls per shot.))

Challenge: This game can be very hard. Some of the enemies' like the dive bombing birds, are just plain annoying. Fortunately, there is also unlimited continues. You will start out at the beginning of the stage you left off of always. There's no save or password feature, though.

Replay Value: You will probably be working on it a long time before you beat it in the first place. Karnov has a lot of little tricks and secrets in it, like hidden items, that could keep you playing longer if you we're interested enough in the game in the first place to hunt everything down.

Rating Chart
Graphics: 7 / 10
Play Control: 5 / 10
Music: 4 / 10
Sound Effects: 5 / 10
Story: 6 / 10
Gameplay: 7 / 10
Challenge: 7 / 10
Replay Value: 5 / 10
Overall: 7 / 10

Final Word: Karnov is a great old action game that's fun enough to make you keep coming back. If you enjoy early NES 8-bit action games, it's likely that you will love Karnov. Even though it may take some time to get used to the controls, it's worth the time. You should be able to find it very cheap now, so I wouldn't find it worth it if it was over 15 dollars or anything.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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