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FAQ/Walkthrough by snazzyhoppy

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/22/12

     ____.                                           __          
    |    | ____  __ _________  ____   ____ ___.__. _/  |_  ____  
    |    |/  _ \|  |  \_  __ \/    \_/ __ <   |  | \   __\/  _ \ 
/\__|    (  <_> )  |  /|  | \/   |  \  ___/\___  |  |  | (  <_> )
\________|\____/|____/ |__|  |___|  /\___  > ____|  |__|  \____/ 
                                  \/     \/\/                    
  _________.__.__  .__              
 /   _____/|__|  | |__|__ __  ______
 \_____  \ |  |  | |  |  |  \/  ___/
 /        \|  |  |_|  |  |  /\___ \ 
/_______  /|__|____/__|____//____  >
        \/                       \/ 


  _____________ __________    _________________  ______________________
 /   _____/    |   \      \  /   _____/\_____  \ \_   _____/\__    ___/
 \_____  \|    |   /   |   \ \_____  \  /   |   \ |    __)    |    |   
 /        \    |  /    |    \/        \/    |    \|     \     |    |   
/_______  /______/\____|__  /_______  /\_______  /\___  /     |____|   
        \/                \/        \/         \/     \/               

Journey to Silius by Sunsoft FAQ/Walkthrough:


This guide was created, edited and compiled by GameFAQs member Snazzyhoppy.
Last Update: July 22, 2012

Notes before reading this document:
a) This guide goes into great detail regarding enemy attack patterns, 
player strengths, and defense strategies that will allow a gamer to complete 
this game despite its difficulty.  It gives history and insight into the 
making of the game, which relates to its content and enemy designs.  This 
guide is not a play-by-play of every action in the game, but it outlines 
the challenges that the player will face and how to avoid taking serious 

b) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright 
Convention of 1976. This document is for private and personal use only--it 
cannot be reprinted in part or in whole or reproduced in any way or in any form 
(written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be used in any sort 
of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away as a gift. 
Please respect the work I have included in this guide.

c) This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission of the author. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.  All rights and ownership of this guide are 
bestowed to Christopher Hopkins.  Contact GameFAQs and the author to inquire 
about reproducing any part of this guide for more than personal, private use.

d) This document is best read on a plain text reader.  Use a standard find 
feature to navigate the sections and to find exactly what you're looking for. 

e) This guide appears in plain text at GameFAQs and other websites may link 
to its location on GameFAQs.

f) This FAQ began on June 20, 2012 when I began to play Journey to Silius 
not simply to complete it, but to analyze my gameplay strategies and to 
report to myself on what enemies and obstacles stand in my way.  Besides 
many playthroughs, I took screenshots of every type of enemy and obstacle 
in the game, which I used for the Enemy Breakdown descriptions.  I also 
recorded an early playthrough and watched that to view where I took the 
most damage, which I used for the Stage Tips.  Other information came 
from scouring the internet, digging into the game data, and testing 
information for authenticity.

g) This game is available for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 
United States and for the Famicom in Japan.  The game was additionally part 
of a Japan-only compilation for the Playstation titled Memorial Series: 
Sunsoft Vol. 5, which contained this game with the Rough World title and 
another Sunsoft title called Hebereke, known in the United States as 
Ufouria: the Saga.


Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) About the Game
3) Remnants of the Terminator License
4) How I Discovered Journey to Silius
5) Game Story
6) Back of Box
7) Cutscene Dialogue
8) Game Notoriety
9) Game Terminology
10) Game Controls
11) Gameplay Features
--From the Manual
12) Game Strategies and Recommendations
13) Toughest Enemies and Pitfalls
14) Stage Tips
15) Built-In Game Codes
16) Game Genie Codes
17) Noticeable Bugs/Glitches/Oddities
18) Enemy Breakdown
19) Ending Credits
20) Recommended Web Sources
21) Contact
22) Credits

1) Version Changes:

1.00 - July 22, 2012:
Completed construction of guide on July 22, 2012.  
For a future version:
determine strength of all enemies in hand gun bullet shots
check Game Genie codes for authenticity
reorganize FAQ content
place link to FAQ-accompanying YouTube video
consider more descriptive names for enemies
correct any errors


2) About the Game:

Journey to Silius was initially supposed to be based on James Cameron's 
Terminator. An announcement about the game from Nintendo Power Volume 7 
(July/August 1989) reads "Terminator.  Cast your peepers on these cool 
screen shots we managed to get hold of.  Sun Corp is preparing to unveil 
Terminator and we'll keep you posted as we learn more."  It includes 
screenshots of the Stage 3 sub-boss and a different main character sprite, 
background, and energy meter.  However, and for whatever reason, SunSoft 
lost the license and had to heavily edit the game before release.  The 
production company took the license and gave it to the LJN toy company 
to make a game based on the second film in the franchise. 

Speculation - Reasons for the Loss of License:
With the impending production for the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 
there was no desire to release a game relating to the first movie.
Since Sunsoft worked with license rights for Batman, Gremlins 2, and 
Fester's Quest, they did not have enough remaining funds to support 
another licensed game.


3) Remnants of the Terminator license:

Journey to Silius began life as a "Terminator" game. Unfortunately, 
the original copyright text and some unknown graphics are all that 
remain from that development period. Note the original copyright date of 
1989, compared to the final's 1990.

the final seconds of the opening cutscene music = Terminator movie theme

the spindly-legged mechs from Sunsoft’s original Terminator preview = Stage 
3 sub-boss

the Terminator’s unmistakable T-800 endoskeleton = Final Stage Last Boss

The Terminator’s flying Hunter Killer = Stage 1 Boss

the post-apocalyptic future envisioned by The Terminator movie = graphic 
design of Stages 1 and 2


4) How I Discovered Journey to Silius:

The Sunsoft NES games I had in my collection and played a lot growing up 
were Batman and Fester's Quest.  In my opinion, both games were difficult 
and both had memorable soundtracks.  It was not until my teen years that I 
finally could beat Fester's Quest.  Fester's Quest is noticeable for being 
a Legend of Zelda ripoff, having a cheap $19.99 price tag upon release, and 
having an impressive infinite continues feature.  Any player of the game 
would know that continuing in Fester's Quest is mentally draining, as you 
start from the beginning of the game and have to do everything over again 
minus fight the bosses and collect items from the Addams Family.  From 
experience, I can attest that dying on the final spaceship stage and 
using a continue would consume a half hour of time just to travel from 
the beginning all the way back to where you left off!  The beauty of 
these Sunsoft games with their high difficulty is that as I got older, 
my fascination to complete these games grew as did my mental and physical 
abilities to progress past the hard spots.  

Within the year, I was looking up two things: best video game music on 
the NES and most difficult NES games.  For video game music, three songs 
that appeared on many forums and lists were Journey to Silius Stage 3, 
Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily's Stage, and Duck Tales Moon Stage.

This guide is designed with one main goal in mind: to help you complete 
the game.  It is hard and there is a steep learning curve, but if you 
know where the tough spots are, you will be able to continue progressing 
in the game.  With three lives and three continues to start off with, you 
have nine chances to stay alive.  On your first play though, take note of 
where you lose your lives.  I probably have died in a similar place.  The 
information I wrote regarding stages and enemies outlines how much of a 
threat they are to your character.  Minimize their threat, and you will 
have more health to progress. 


5) Game Story:

Quoted from the Journey to Silius game manual:

The time is the year 0373 in the new space age calendar. The earth's
population is exploding so rapidly that people are seeking exodus to an outer
space paradise. People everywhere are eager to develop space colonies and
emigrate to them.

Jay McCray is no exception. He is preparing for his journey to the new space
colony #428 in the Silius Solar System. He decided to move to the colony 
because his father, an astute scientist, was instrumental in the space colony
development. Jay had always been proud of his father and wanted to be like
him, even more so now, because his father was appointed leader of the SSS
colony development.

Jay's dream is to be on a space colony development team. Unfortunately, his
dream will not come true. A devastating explosion rocked the SSS colony and
destroyed everything, including all project data and the research team. Any
further development of the colony would be impossible.

Because Jay's father was killed in the explosion, Jay would never know what
really happened. He is determined to take over for his father, but without his
father's records, research is at a standstill.

While searching his father's room, Jay finds a floppy disk. When he puts it in
the computer, he realizes, it contains a complete plan of the SSS colony
development. The disk also includes a letter from his father which reads, 
"Terrorists are plotting to destroy the colony development. If anything 
happens to me, you must complete the project."

"Father knew this would happen," Jay said to himself, "but, now that I have his
plans, I can finish his work." As Jay worked on the project, he realized the
terrorists were still out there and even more determined to destroy the SSS
colony plan.

Jay then vows, "I have no choice but to fight the terrorists to defend the
colony development and to avenge my father's death."

Next description found on 
Original source unknown:

It is the year 0373 New Space Age (NSA). Earth’s overpopulation crisis has 
led to demand for space colonies across all of known space. Jay McCray, son 
of a prolific colony scientist, has decided to move to Silius Space Colony 
#428 when his father is appointed leader of the colony and it’s future 
development. However, when reports of strange robots appearing all over the 
Silius station is quickly followed by a massive explosion that nearly 
destroys the colony, Jay’s world is shattered. His father was killed in the 
blast leaving few clues and the media to report the explosion as a mere 
Searching for answers on Earth, Jay find’s a floppy disk in his father’s 
room. Examining the contents, Jay discovers the disk not only contains his 
father’s complete plans for the future development of the future colonies, 
but also a personal message to Jay written by his father in case of his 
death. “Terrorists are plotting to destroy the colony development. If 
anything happens to me, you must complete the project.â€￾ In order to protect 
the remaining people of Silius colony #428 and avenge his father’s death, 
Jay McCray suits up and arms himself for battle on his solo journey to 


6) Back of Box:

From the back of the game box:
In the runs of Silius, inter galactic terrorists—and their deadly arsenal of 
weapons—are waiting for you.  Are you prepared to face an endless onslaught 
of flying war robots, humanoid laser cannons, bone crushing traps, and the 
seemingly invincible Master Ship?
Still want to make the journey?  If you do, it will take all your skills to 
reach the final battle.  With the terrorist's supreme leader…the merciless 
all-powerful Skeletal Android.  Journey to Silius. â„¢  It's level upon level 
of gigantic supercharged graphics, thundering sound effects and danger at 
every turn.
Go ahead.  We dare you!


7) Cutscene Dialogue:

Opening Cutscene:
After many years of space colony development, Jay's father has passed away.
The evening news reported that Jay's father's death was an accident.
Several days later Jay finds a floppy disk left in his father's room.
"I hear the terrorist [sic] are planning against the colony development."
"You must complete my mission if I cannot."
"They will pay the price for the death of my father."

There is dialogue intended for the game's ending that is buried in the 
game's data at ROM location $11707, but was never displayed in the finished 
version.  Jay says “Father, look! Our colony’s completed now!â€￾


8) Game Notoriety:

Journey to Silius by Sunsoft is known for these traits:
a strong NES soundtrack using Sunsoft DCPM (sound sampling)
a high difficulty
its original design as a game based on the Terminator 1984 license
its large sprite bosses
its status as a overlooked gem in the NES game collection


9) Game Terminology
Words or names given to elements within the game as found in the game manual 
or the game itself:

Stage - five in total; also known as levels

Rest - 3 per continue; also known as lives

Life Capsule (red) - dropped by enemies, adds one bar to your life power 
meter; also known as health

Energy Capsule (blue) - dropped by enemies, adds two bars to your gun 
energy meter or if less is needed fills the meter completely; also known as 

Life Power Meter - shows how much health your character has; also known as 
the P meter or health bar

Gun Energy Meter - shows how much ammo your specialized guns have, also 
known as the G meter or ammo bar

Game play mode - the aspect of the game where you control your character, 
in contrast with the weapon select mode; also known as the main game screen

Weapon select mode - the aspect of the game where you select your weapon, 
in contrast with the game play mode; also known as the gun selection screen

Jay McCray - the main character which you control

Demonstration or demo for short - two in total; the title demo and the 
ending demo; also known as the cutscene

Helicopter and Mini Robots- Stage 1 Boss

War Vehicle Robot - Stage 2 Boss

Troop of Cannons - Stage 3 Boss

Mammoth Cannon - Stage 4 Boss

Giant Exodus Spaceship - Final Stage 1st Boss

Android (Human Metallic Skeleton) - Final Stage Last Boss; also known as 
the T-800 due to its striking resemblance to the Terminator robot

Hand Gun - the gun your character begins holding, is not subject to the gun 
energy meter; also known as the regular or default gun

Shot Gun - the other gun besides the Hand Gun that your character has from 
the start of the game; also known as the spray gun 

Machine gun - the gun that you receive after defeating the Stage 1 sub-boss 
and picking up the Machine Gun pickup; also known as the rapid fire gun

Homing Missile - the gun that you receive after defeating the Stage 2 
sub-boss and picking up the Homing Missile pickup; shoots missiles; also 
known as the homing gun

Laser Rifle - the gun that you receive after defeating the Stage 3 sub-boss 
and picking up the Laser Rifle pickup; shoots a laser beam; also known as 
the laser gun

Grenade Launcher - the gun that you receive after defeating the Stage 4 
sub-boss and picking up the Grenade 
Launcher pickup; shoots missiles; also known as the grenade gun

Boss - the massive enemy you face before beginning the next stage; boss 
battles have their own area separate from the stage

Sub-Boss - the enemy you face at the end of a stage; the sub-boss drops a 
weapon upgrade that is a circle with a letter inside; a boss battle follows; 
also known as a miniboss

Stage 1 - A deserted space colony in Space Age 0373; the beginning of the 

Stage 2 - Underground Concourse

Stage 3 - Terrorist Headquarters

Stage 4 - Inside the Terrorist's Spaceship

Final Stage - Inside the Terrorist's Spaceship Factory; the last stage of 
the game; also known as Stage 5

Start Demo - opening cutscene where Jay McCray, with his close-up face, 
declares his battle against the terrorist

Ending Demo - ending cutscene showing the completed space colony, followed 
by the introduction of the Sunsoft staff who have created the Operation SSS


10) Game Controls:

B button - shoot gun
A button - jump
DOWN - crouch
LEFT/RIGHT - move character in that direction
SELECT - pauses the game
START - brings up gun selection screen
(not listed in manual) UP - maintain current speed and direction

SELECT - cycles through guns from left to right and then from top row to 
bottom row
START - switch to main game


11) Gameplay Features:

From the manual:

In stages 3 and 4, you are exposed to a variety of enemy weaponry like laser 
launchers and cannons.

The background in the 5th stage is so programmed to automatically scroll 
(right to left) that you are geared to be carried all along the 
predetermined moving route, on the container, inside the factory.
(poor grammar in that sentence)

Other gameplay features:

Although the game is known for its difficulty, there are mid stage save 
points in case you die, so you do not have to restart the stage entirely 
every time.

The bullets that your character shoots are no stronger whether they come 
out of a hand gun, shot gun, or machine gun.  
The main difference is the amount of bullets that are on the screen and 
the direction that they travel.

The hand gun can shoot bullets, 3 of which can be on the screen at any 
given time.  Without a turbo button, each press of the B button shoots one 

The machine gun can shoot bullets, 5 of which can be on the screen at any 
given time.  The advantage is that the bullets shoot in rapid-fire while 
holding the B button down.  The machine gun can shoot 63 bullets starting 
from full ammo.  Even if the gun is used like a hand gun, the gun will 
still consume ammo.

The shot gun shoots 3 bullets at a time and can shoot 32 sprays of 3 bullets 
each starting from full ammo.

The laser gun shoots 1 laser at a time and can shoot 16 lasers starting 
from full ammo.

The homing gun shoots 3 rockets at a time and can shoot 21 rockets starting 
from full ammo.

The grenade gun shoots 1 rocket at a time and can shoot 11 rockets starting 
from full ammo.  The grenade rocket looks thicker than the homing missile.

The gameplay is compared with Mega Man and Contra, a run-and-gun style game 
where killing a sub-boss grants you gun upgrades that you can call upon 
throughout the game and where enemies drop items that you can pick up. 

Journey to Silius is considered one of the hardest games on the Nintendo 
Entertainment System and the Famicom.  

The NES and Famicom games developed by Sunsoft are known for their 
innovation at the time and I recommend these: Blaster Master, Batman, 
Gremlins 2: the New Batch, Gimmick, and Fester's Quest.  Besides sharing 
sound effects, these games share some gameplay elements.

Bosses don't take damage until they are in place.  An example is on the 
Stage 2 tank boss.  Even though the vulnerable spot is on screen, your 
gunfire will not affect the boss until it is finished rolling in and 
begins to fight back.

Whenever Journey to Silius is mentioned in the gaming world, it is most 
often due to its strong, compelling soundtrack.  

Instant deaths can be caused by falling into a bottomless pit, being 
crushed, getting stuck by the scrolling Stage 5, or touching the propellers 
on the Stage 1 boss.

When the game is paused by pressing SELECT, the game freezes the player, 
enemies, and projectiles.  It does not halt non-threatening background 
animations or effects.  The music continues to play as well.  An example of 
this in in Stage 2.  Pause the game and there will be some wall lights 
that continue to blink pink and white.

Another unique characteristic of Journey to Silius that must be understood 
is that your character can still get shot after defeating a boss.  Because 
of this, gamers may get frustrated when after defeating a boss with one 
bar of life left, a stray projectile hits your character and therefore 
kills you.  In this case, the game is favored over you.  An early example 
is the Stage 1 boss where after defeating the helicopter, a stray bullet 
from the lowest cannon can hit and kill you even though you lose control 
of your character after defeating the boss.

You begin the game with a hand gun and a shot gun.  The shot gun shoots 
three bullets at once in three directions.  You obtain additional guns 
from defeating the sub-boss at the end of the first four stages.

While having more guns with different firing patterns and strengths sounds 
good, the downside is that all of the guns with the exception of the hand 
gun share the same gun ammo.  The meter in the top left corner marked G 
will go down when shooting with any gun other than the hand gun.  

Enemies drop health recharge sparingly.  You can typically expect one to 
three instances of this per game.  

Journey to Silius is one of only a few NES games made in the later years 
of the system that will not support scrolling backwards.

Enemies that end up off screen stay off screen and cannot return on screen 
to attack you in any way.

If any enemies follow you to a boss fight, they will instantly explode.  
This can occur when entering near the Stage 4 sub-boss.  Any straggling 
enemies will instantly explode and vanish as if you had destroyed them.

Journey to Silius is known outside the US as Raf World or Rough World.  In 
written form it is spelled Raf World, but pronounced Rough World.  The word 
Raf used for the game is meant to be a phonetic representation which comes 
out to be Rough anyway.  The different between Journey to Silius and Rough 
World is that Rough World has a different title screen and a different 
main character sprite.

The screen will scroll when your character is roughly 5/8 of a screen or 
less away from the side he is moving toward.  

When the gun energy meter is fully depleted, your character will 
automatically be equipped with the hand gun.  When you pick up a blue 
energy capsule, you will need to select another gun to take advantage of 
the available ammo.

Holding UP on the D-Pad while moving left or right will keep your character 
moving in the current direction at the current speed, just like a car's 
cruise control feature.  If you hold UP while jumping and then change 
your direction in mid-air, your character will continue to move and walk 
backwards as long as you continue to hold UP.

If your character tries to walk off the left or right screen edges, he 
will be frozen in the mid-walk frame.

Almost all sub-bosses and bosses have a specific point on them that you 
must shoot at to damage them.

The only boss that has a resting area is the Stage 3 Troop of Cannons.  If 
you move your character to the right so that he is next to the higher 
ground and then crouch, none of the bullets or lasers will hit you.  This 
can give you time to observe the firing pattern of the boss.

The Stage 3 boss is similar in boss design to the Batman NES Stage 2 boss 
and a Mega Man 2 boss.

The four projectiles in the game are bullets, rockets, lasers, and energy 

Below is a list of the combinations of player projectiles that can be 
displayed on the screen at once in the order in which the guns are used:
Shot Gun + Grenade Gun
Shot Gun + Homing Gun
Laser Gun + Homing Gun
Grenade Gun + Homing Gun
Shot Gun + Laser Gun
Hand Gun + Machine Gun (5 bullets on screen in total)
Shot Gun + Machine Gun (5 bullets on screen in total)
Laser Gun + Machine Gun (4 bullets and 1 laser on screen in total)
Homing Gun + Machine Gun (4 bullets and 1 rocket on screen in total)
Grenade Gun + Machine Gun (4 bullets and 1 rocket on screen in total)
Machine Gun + Hand Gun (only if there are less than 3 bullets on screen, 
otherwise no)
Shot Gun + Hand Gun (3 bullets on screen in total)
Laser Gun + Hand Gun (3 bullets and 1 laser on screen in total)
Homing Gun + Hand Gun (3 bullets and 1 rocket on screen in total)
Grenade Gun + Hand Gun (3 bullets and 1 rocket on screen in total)

The Shot Gun cannot be discharged while any other gun's projectiles are 
on screen.


12) Game Strategies and Recommendations:

With many ways to suffer instant death, and only 3 lives with 3 continues, 
you will, in the first few minutes of playing this game, die a lot.  Never 
fear; this guide comes from experience as a beginner to a veteran.  

I strongly recommend using a controller with a turbo button for Sunsoft games.

The jump mechanic in Journey to Silius incorporates momentum.  Unlike the 
Mega Man games, your character falls at the speed and direction in which he 
was before the fall.  An object in motion stays in motion.  To master this 
game mechanic, you will need to learn how to not only control jumping at 
different heights, but also walking and running at different speeds.  

Losing a life does not replenish your gun ammo.  If you realize that you 
will not be able to finish a stage or boss, don't waste your gun ammo.  It 
will be more useful to you when you respawn with full health.

One aspect of the game which is best left to memorization is having your 
character fall down a ledge without knowing what is below.  Not only does 
this require mastery of the jump and run mechanics, but one needs to know 
what enemies are below, which one is worth destroying first, and how to 
avoid enemy attacks and projectiles.

There are numerous enemies that require you to jump and shoot to hit a 
vulnerable spot on the enemy.  The best way to maximize getting off enough 
shots while avoid the oncoming enemy is to jump away from enemy while 
shooting toward enemy.  This tactic is most necessary on the final boss 
of the game, the T-800.

Whenever your character is by a ledge and needs to fall down, it is best 
to jump down, even if the jump is a small jump rather than simply walking 
off the edge.  Walking off the edge usually has more forward momentum 
than jumping.  With a jump, you have better control when jumping as to how 
fast and how high your jump is.

There are plenty of opportunities for relentless deaths.  For example, when 
an enemy hits you while jumping across a pit, your character loses forward 
momentum, and then you fall into a pit and subsequently die.  That is why 
before traversing a bottomless pit, you move your character to the edge 
right before the pit so that any enemies that may appear do so before you 
jump across.

The shot gun is most handy for enemies that your character can't hit 
straight on even when jumping at full height.

The laser gun is useful for the Stage 4 sub-boss.  Although the sub-boss 
has few projectile attacks, you want to get as much damage on it as you 
can before it reaches you.

The grenade launcher, as the strongest gun, is handy but not necessary 
for the Stage 4 boss and Stage 5 spaceship and terminator bosses.

In Stage 5, there is about a 4 second window of time where you must jump 
on a box to reach a higher conveyor belt.  Failure to do so will result 
in an instant death.

When attacking enemies, you will be safe enough by keeping your distance.  
There are only a handful of enemies and obstacles that only attack when 
your character approaches.  Read the Enemy Breakdown to determine which 
enemies these are.  In Stage 5, since there are no enemies for which 
you need to destroy with your gun collection, you need to be as far to 
the right of the screen as possible just to keep up with the automatic 

There is at least one spot in the game where it is recommended that after 
ascending on an elevator you walk in the area to the left so that when the 
screen scrolls you can see enough to your right.


13) Toughest Enemies and Pitfalls
Spots Where Non-Veterans Die…a Lot:

The most common ways to seriously die are from the following:
falling into a bottomless pit
hitting into an enemy or bullet while above a pit and then falling into a 
bottomless pit
getting shot from floor or ceiling turrets or lasers
getting attacked from enemies that hover on you and don't lose their grip
blindly falling down a ledge onto enemies and their fire

Stage 1
Bugs that drop out of the Helicopter - Not only will this enemy latch on to 
you when it is near you, continuing to drain life from you, it will jump 
when you shoot a bullet.  Destroy these bugs as quick as possible.  When 
firing, the bugs will jump.  Plan your next fire so the bullet connects with 
the bug on its landing.  For beginners, countering the AI of the bugs will 
be difficult.  The skill of getting well-timed, lined-up shots off quickly 
is essential for similar enemies that follow your character wherever you go.

Stage 2
Rotating Circle Eye - this enemy requires patience and good timing on jumps 
to destroy.  If the player is to the left of the enemy, jump and shoot 
while avoiding the enemy bullet shot going west toward you.  Running under 
them is next to impossible without taking a hit.  Some of these enemies 
appear as the player falls down a ledge with little way for the player to 
attack the enemy or evade bullet fire.  The enemy variant that moves while 
firing is more dangerous since the areas where the bullets travel and hit 
change each second.

Stage 3
Flying Robot in Bumper Car - this enemy is particular fast-moving, so you 
have about two seconds to identify him and get enough shots off to destroy 
him.  If this enemy latches on to you, it will hurt you and continue to 
do so until you can place some distance between you and the enemy, which 
is hard since there are more obstacles and enemies further in the stage.

Stage 5
Lavafalls - if you miss the timing on your jump past a lavafall, take the 
hit and move forward while invincible from the hit.  You will die if the 
screen scrolls you off and you are in the small indentation under a lavafall
Tricky box jump - if you don't jump on the box to reach the higher conveyor 
belt, consider one of your lives gone
Mid-air hits over bottomless pits - if an object like a box hits you while 
you are jumping over a bottomless pit, your player loses momentum and falls 
straight down, almost always into the pit, and you have no ability to 
control the fall.


14) Stage Tips:

Stage 2 - Know what's below when you fall down
Eliminate the enemies shooting bullets in all directions fast.
Watch out for two ground laser turrets back to back.  You may be able to 
destroy the first one, but the second one will still get its shot off.

Stage 4 - Elevators
When your character is descending or ascending on an elevator, the enemies 
are still animated.  Before boarding the elevator, place your character in 
the direction where the upcoming enemies will be.

Stage 4 - Unstable foot blocks
Move as close to the edge as you can before trying to jump onto those 
falling blocks so that the enemy that would fly out and hit you in mid-air 
and send you into the pit spawns before you jump. That way you have a 
chance to shoot them.  Also when you land on the blocks, you should just 
run. Don't jump off until you're at the last block.

Stage 5 - Boxes and conveyor belts
This particular part only gives you two tries to get on top of one of the 
blocks and jump from that to a higher platform. Oh and if you get too close 
to the platform you're trying to jump to so that you're pushed into it by 
the moving block, it will crush you... yes, when you're just standing ON the 
block, not next to it. Then you have to jump off the higher platform over 
a bottomless pit into an opening in a wall to progress further.


15) Built-In Game Codes:

Sound Test and Continues Menu
Press B 33 times followed by START while on the title screen.  You can begin 
inputting the code once the music begins to play.

Sounds go from 00 to 07, 8 in total
Continues go from 00 to 09, 10 choices in total

B button - go back a sound
A button - go forward a sound
START - play sound
SELECT - move down the menu
B button - remove a continue
A button - add a continue
START - when Exit is selected, return to title screen

Journey to Silius Doom Gun = DEBUNKED!
The Doom Gun in Journey to Silius is one of many video game myths.  On many 
sites and publications you will read that the doom gun can be activated by 
pressing up, down, A, B, and then start at the title screen.  It will not 
work, and there is no information coded in the game for this to work.  It 
joins other urban legends debunked as false, some of which include the 
"revive aeris" cheat in Final Fantasy VII, fighting Shen Long in Street 
Fighter 2, and killing the hunting dog in the home console port of Duck Hunt.


16) Game Genie Codes:

Official game genie codes
Journey to Silius(tm) Game
CODE	KEY IN . . .	EFFECT . . .
1	SXNGYLVG	Infinite lives
2	PAOSOTLA	Start with 1 life
3	TAOSOTLA	Start with 6 lives
4	PAOSOTLE	Start with 9 lives
5	PEVIULLA	1 life after continue
6	TEVIULLA	6 lives after continue
7	PEVIULLE	9 lives after continue
8	PEKSOGZA	Start with Machine Gun
9	GEKSOGZA	Start with Laser Gun
10	AEKSOGZE	Start with Homing Missiles
11	AOKSOGZA	Start with Grenade Launcher
12	IEKSOGZA	Start with Machine Gun & Laser Gun
13	OTUVOZSV	Protection against most aliens
14	AAXTKAZE	Some aliens are tougher
15	PAXTKAZA	Some aliens are weaker
16	TOOETOLA	Mega-jump
18	LPSEYPGA + KVNELEKN	Super speed
Journey to Silius is a trademark of Sunsoft Corporation of America.

Game Genie Codes taken from GameHacking
Codes by Users sprinter_h, Tony Hedstrom, Jedi QuestMaster, and VisitntX

Infinite Weapon Power
Start With All 6 Weapons
Jump All The Way To The Top of The Screen
Start With Hand Gun, Shot Gun, And Lazer Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Shot Gun, Lazer Gun, And Machine Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Machine Gun, Lazer, And Homing Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Grenade Launcher, And Lazer Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Shot Gun, Lazer Gun, And Homing Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Lazer Gun, And Homing Missile
Start With Hand Gun, Shot Gun, Lazer Gun, And Grenade Launcher
Start With Hand Gun, Machine Gun, Shot Gun, and Homing Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Lazer Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Homing Missile, And Grenade Launcher
Start With Hand Gun, Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Laser Gun
Start With Hand Gun, Machine Gun, Lazer, Homing Gun
Alternate "Death" Music
This code should play an unused track.
Infinite Energy

Game Genie Codes taken from YouTube user FZeroTV 

*Glitched jump+shoot Enemies, some are invisible.
*Pressing left drops player from the sky
*Game may reset

*Music and Sounds are Bass only
*Push or Hold down slides Player slowly to the right.
*Some invisible platforms

*Fire shooting Enemies litter the level
*Ground Enemies can't be destroyed
*Crash @ mid-boss

*Diffrent Music,Dr.mario-esk and kindof a remix
*Game may glitch up
*Some jumps/jumping may change the view/Crash the game

*Intro and music repeats
+Press start until you proceed
*Glitched walking robots liter the level
+can't be destroyed
*Game may reset

*Diffrent music
+changes tones 1/2 way through
*Slight gfx errors
*Invisible platforms
*May reset game

+Same as YEAAAL
*Other jump type enemies appear also
*Music get neat but annoying

Game Genie Code taken from NES World

XTUSKTAV - Stage Select
You'll be directed to a stage select screen after pressing START on the 
title screen. By pressing button A or B you can choose the stage you want 
to play. When START is pressed the game will begin at the chosen stage.

TEXINTIA - Final Boss in Stage Select
If you use the code above coupled with this one, you can go directly to the 
final boss by selecting "ENDING[]." 
WARNING: this code did not work as described for me.  It does add the 
additional choice to the stage select, but it instead sent me to the Stage 
1 boss area without the boss.


17) Noticeable Bugs/Glitches/Oddities:

The Stage 1 boss displays a graphical glitch on the ground as the helicopter 
flies overhead.

Bosses can be defeated without triggering the explosion sound effect.

If bosses walk off-screen, they vanish and you cannot continue onward in 
the game!

After completing the game, the game begins with the gun you last used, even 
though it is not selectable at the weapon select screen.


18) Enemy Breakdown:

For each enemy and obstacle in the game, I have determined their shooting 
patterns, areas of weakness, and your best means of destroying them.  Use 
the legend below to follow the format of enemy characteristics.  Enemies are 
listed in order of first appearance in the game.

Enemy Name - if no official name, my classification
Stage Appearances
Projectiles - bullets, missiles, etc, how they are shot and in which 
Movement - of the enemy
Intelligence - how the enemy adapts to player position and activity and 
Shots to Kill - based on the hand gun bullet
Tips to Destroy


Pet Robot
Stage 1
reverses direction upon hitting a wall
4 shots
shoot from afar or crouch near it and it will jump over you

Hovering Faucet
Stage 1
2 sets of spray of 3 shots SW, S, and SE
flies horizontally and stops to shoot
1 shot
jump and shoot from afar or line up your character between the bullet shots 
and stand still

Ground Laser Cannon
Stage 1 and 2
laser beam
takes shot when player on same horizontal plane
2 shots
shoot from afar, jump over laser shot if you can't get enough shots off 
fast enough

Background Missiles
Stage 1
vertical from above
avoid at all costs

Ground Mine
Stage 1
1 shot
shoot while crouched anywhere but on top of it

Large Energy Blaster Cannon
Stage 1,2
energy blasts in pattern of 1 then 2
faces player when shooting
25 shots
crouch and shoot for first blue blast, then jump over 2nd and crouch and 
shoot for third blue blast, repeat

Missile Turret
Stage 1
2 consecutive missiles
homing missiles are aimed at you
3 shots
destroy fast, or get behind cover as missiles only move in one direction, 
shoot while it is not shooting back

Stage 1 Boss - Helicopter
Stage 1
3 cannons on left side
once situated remains stationary
13 shots
jump and shoot at blinking "eye" below the left propeller, avoid bullets

Robotic Bug - Mini Robots
Stage 1
short hops and large jumps
hops toward player, jumps when player shoots bullet
4 shots
shoot as soon as possible, once latched on to you, they won't let you go

Futuristic Wheeled Japanese Robot
Stage 2
1 bullet horizontally
slowly horizontally
reverses direction upon hitting a wall, falls down off ledges
5 shots
shoot from afar

Sideways Claw Machine
Stage 2
6 bullets in facing direction, 2 NW, 2 W, 2 SW
horizontally, then shoots and moves in the opposite direction
shoots when near player
3 shots
run past before it gets the bullets off, shoot from afar

Folding Sword Barrier
Stage 2
barrier rises when player approaches
13 shots
shoot anywhere but on top of it

Rotating Circle Eye
Stage 2
1 bullet in each 8 cardinal direction continuously
spins and shoots clockwise, stationary and slow horizontal movement variants
3 shots
jump and shoot from afar while avoid any stray bullets, run and stop in the 
places where the bullets don't hit, a real nuisance if not dealt with 

Large Grey Flying Robot Bug
Stage 2
3 bullets spread out in front of it that fall down
horizontal and stops to shoot
shoots when near player, follows player direction
5 shots
shoot from afar

Muscular Robot with a Ball for a Head Stage 2 Boss
Stage 2
walks horizontally toward you
walks toward player 
jump and aim at head, use machine gun to get more shots off, if crushed in by 
boss, run across to other side taking a hit and continue shooting boss

Stage 2 Boss Tankbot - War Vehicle Robot
Stage 2
pink balls thrown up and fall down near player, shot from backpack cannons
rolls horizontally forward and back
jump and hit blue rib where mouth would be, shoot from all the way left to 
avoid the hand claw, avoid the pink balls when its trajectory is toward your 
position, can't begin to shoot until boss is in place on screen

iRobot clone
Stage 3
shorts 1 bulllet horizontally toward player
walks horizontally toward you, shoots after every 4 steps
shoot from afar

Spinning box
Stage 3
moves horizontally across screen
shoot from afar, avoid its path

Aliens Flying Bot
Stage 3
moves through the air
moves toward player and follows player around
4 shots
shoot from afar

Wall Semisphere Turret
Stage 3
2 bullets, fired one at a time, either SE and SW, or NE and NW
5 shots
shoot and maybe jump from afar, use shot gun if hand gun bullets can't 
connect with turret, if you don't want to destroy them, use caution when 
passing by them as multiple turrets are strategically placed so one safe 
place from one turret is a danger zone for the next turret

Pink Laser Beam
Stage 3
2 shots
shoot base anytime, watch timing when laser beam rises and falls, time your 
jump across

Spider Bot
Stage 3
two bullets, either NE and SE, or NW and SW, depending on its direction
slow vertical crawl
shoot when player is nearby
8 shots
shoot middle area from afar

Ceiling Fangs
Stage 3
stretches vertically downward
stretches downward when player is in close proximity, continues to do so 
repeatedly until player is no longer near it
place player close to but not directly under enemy, observe the rhythm of 
its attack, pass under when it is raised

Robot Jumping Bean
Stage 3
hops on the ground, bounces off walls
shoot from afar, if it is very close to you, duck down and let it jump 
over you

Blue Laser Barrier
Stage 3
laser appears and disappears
observe pattern before jumping through, laser has a quick and a long beam 
time, you may need to anticipate a break in the beam when jumping even while 
the beam is visible still

Falling Grey Block Platform
Stage 3
falls vertically downward
falls when player is near
make sure you realize that this is coming up, simply let it fall before 
traversing the gap, you can tell where it is because the two of these in the 
game have gaps to accommodate when the platform falls

Flying Robot in Bumper Car
Stage 3
moves through the air
moves toward player and follows player around
4 shots
shoot from afar, destroy fast because once it gets a hit on you, it will be 
very difficult to shake off your player, a real nuisance if not dealt with 

Stage 3 Sub-Boss Blue Robot Chicken
Stage 3
shoots approximately 6 shots per round toward the player
walks a few steps, then shoots while still
walks and shoots toward the player
use machine gun and shoot at head region as much as possible, shoot from afar

Stage 3 Boss Machine -Troop of Cannons
Stage 3
shoots two lasers alternating shots from NE to SW and NW to SE, and three 
cannons shooting bullets horizontally to the left from varying heights
27 shots
move to the right where the floor raises up, about halfway on the screen, 
jump up and shoot the electric orb between the first and second bullet 
cannons, time your jump and shot so the lasers don't hit your head and the 
bottom cannon bullet goes underneath you, duck when the bottom cannon bullet 
is approaching and you are not ready to jump over it

Blue Fish
Stage 4
fly horizontally in a sine pattern, bobbing up and down
2 shots
if not flying in your path, you can ignore, otherwise shoot from afar, 
definitely destroy if preparing to jump over a pit

Shielded Floor Turret
Stage 4
7 shots to the left and 7 to the right about a quarter screen in each 
turret rises up when player approaches bullet hit radius
2 shots
get close enough so turret shots activate, shoot from afar, if turret is 
beyond a pit, walk as close to the edge of the ledge to activate the turret, 
and shoot it before attempting to traverse a pit, turret can only be 
destroyed in the active position

Blue Alien Human
Stage 4
1 shot horizontally in facing direction
slow walk horizontally
enemy faces you to shoot and walks in that direction until ready to shoot at 
which point he will turn to fare you again
5 shots
destroy quickly, otherwise duck under bullet shot and shoot some more

Heavy Weights
Stage 4
up and down vertically 
run underneath when weights are moving up

Blue Snake Bouncers
Stage 4
bounces horizontally
4 shots
shoot from afar, if very close to you, duck and let it jump over you

Spikes on a Pole
Stage 4
slowly moves up, then falls down
falls down when player is within damaging distance
jump over the spikes while they are at their lowest point, jumping under them 
when they are at their highest point is not advised

Blue Winged Robot
Stage 4
3 shots going W, WSW, and WSS, or E, ESE, and ESS, depending on facing 
swoops down and across to opposite side of screen 
shoots and swoops down and across when player is within damaging distance
4 shots
shoot from afar, use shot gun if you cannot jump and shoot him with the hand 

Grey Ceiling Block
Stage 4
falls down
falls down when player approaches
get close enough so that it falls, make sure you know it is coming up, you 
can see it in the ceiling as you approach

Spiked Ceiling Block
Stage 4
falls down and then horizontally to the left
falls down when player approaches
get close enough so that it falls, then jump on and over it as it approaches 
while avoiding the spikes on the left side, don't let it push you into the 
spikes in the gaps nearby, they are there so the spiked ceiling block can 
push you in there

Unstable Foot Blocks
Stage 4
falls down
falls down when player steps on them
jump and move to the right immediately after stepping on them, otherwise 
you will fall in the bottomless pit and lose a life

Stage 4 Sub-Boss
Stage 4
shoots bullets horizontally in facing direction, head shoots a spray of 3 
shots in facing direction
floats horizontally
moves and faces toward player at all times
19 shots to destroy the body, 13 shots to destroy the disembodied head
jump and hit the head in body form, use a strong gun to speed up the process

Stage 4 Boss - Mammoth Cannon
Stage 4
shoots large energy pulse horizontally to the left
27 shots
move player as far left as possible without falling down the gap on the left 
side, when energy pulse charges and approaches, jump up at full height and 
shoot the target that opens up on the boss, by moving to the left side, you 
give your bullet shots enough time to move across the screen and hit the 
boss' target while it is exposed, rinse and repeat

Pink Block
Stage 5
falls down
avoid hitting these when jumping across bottomless pits

Stage 5
a downward stream of lava
lava flows when player approaches
move as far to the right as possible, anticipating the placement of the first 
lavafall, once lava flows, wait for a gap in the flow and jump through at 
that time, if you get hit jump out to the lava and keep moving forward at all 

Large Brown Box
Stage 5
falling down or moving on conveyor belts
if in front of you, jump over, if falling, avoid at all costs, in one 
instance you need to be far to the right and jump on a box to reach a higher 
platform, otherwise you will have to lose a life

Pancake Smasher
Stage 5
vertically down and up
moves downward when player approaches
if you haven't activated it yet, you can run to the right underneath them 
before they can slam you, this is necessary where there are three next to 
each other, they can also be facing the opposite way, in that case, jump and 
move to the right right after stepping on them

Stage 5 Boss Spaceship - Giant Exodus Spaceship
Stage 5
one bullet at a time downward near player
very slowly horizontally
do not touch the ship, it will hurt you, first take a few shots on the front 
viewport with your hand gun, avoid standing directly underneath the spinning 
turret behind the viewport, when the ship is moving, you are not advised to 
jump because you will lose health, when the ship makes a slow dip, avoid 
the bottom part of the ship, stay near, but not directly under the spinning 
turret until the ship is at its lowest point, begin to move under the ship 
when the ship rises up a bit

pattern of boosters
1,2 (7 times)
3,4 (2 times)
4,5 (4 times)
3,5 (4 times)
4,5 (8 times)
2 (3 times)
1,2 (3 times)

Final Boss the Terrorist T-800 - Android (Human Metallic Skeleton)
walks horizontally
walks toward player at all times, punches continuously while player is 
within enemy arm distance
33 shots
shoot enemy's head from afar, when enemy is close to you and ducks to punch 
you, jump over him and run to the opposite side of the screen, face enemy 
and shoot head, rinse and repeat


19) Ending Credits:

(many of the names are nicknames or pseudonyms)

Director - Vegas, Chow-Mu-Sow
Programmer - Nom, Hiro-Kun, North-River, Sleepy. H
Graphic Designer - You-Ri, Idaten, Hebereke, N. Habari, Masashi
Music Staff - Nobuyuki, About SS, Marumo, N. Kodaka, Mabochan
Special Thanks - Hero, Asshi, Dagawa-R, J. Moon, Kitachin, Ring Ring, Mac, 
Right Hand, Nori
and Players
Presented by Sunsoft


20) Recommended Web Sources:

This website looks at elements, like graphics and levels, that may have been 
used at one point during development, but were cut from the final release 
for various reasons.  Information about the Terminator remnants and 
accessing the game's stage select are found here.

This website is part of the Cutting Room Floor which is the first site 
listed.  It has the same content regarding the Terminator remnants as well 
as the cheat for the Sound Test.

This website explores the ways in which promising games, characters, and 
concepts failed. This page looks at Sunsoft's Journey to Silius, released 
for the NES in 1990.  The article gives a bit of history as to what was 
happening in the game industry at the time and postulates on why the game 
was not a commercial success.

This website has the goal to exemplify the finer things about classic-style 
games, whether they be old NES cartridges, new-age retro throwbacks, or 
the newest entries in classic game series.  This article gives a 
retrospective to Journey to Silius in a review form looking at gameplay, 
comparisons to Mega Man and Contra, and the soundtrack.

This video is from the Happy Video Game Nerd.  I consulted this video when 
preparing this guide.

This website looks at differences between Raf World and Journey to Silius.


21) Contact:

Contact me! Here are the following ways you can contact me:

AOL: snazzyhoppy(at)aol(dot)com


22) Credits:

Thank you to those who made this guide possible:

Sunsoft- for releasing this game despite the removal of Terminator elements 
and for creating an awesome soundtrack

James Cameron - for imagining the world of the Terminator, by which this 
game was inspired

The Happy Video Game Nerd - for dedicating a video review on YouTube to this 

Chris Zawada, D.J. Bernat, and Bryan Peterson, - for writing the existing 
guides to this game for which I drew inspiration

GameFAQs- for the best source in walkthroughs, maps, and helpful hints since 
1995, and for their guidelines in constructing a FAQ guide


"Father, look! Our colony’s completed now!â€￾

Copyright (c) Christopher Hopkins 2012

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