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FAQ/Walkthrough by Walker Boh Ohmsford

Updated: 10/06/03

     Walker Boh's Guide to:
     Journey to Silius on NES
Author: Walker Boh
Real Name: Bryan Peterson
E-mail: b-peterson@earthlink.net
I: Legal stuff
II: Intro
III: Controls
IV: Walkthrough
     Walkthrough Sections
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
2. 2. E-mail Disclaimer
3.      Legal Stuff
  TO put it briefly, this work is copyright 2001-2003 by Walker Boh-Ohmsford.
It's all mine and nobody else's. You're welcome to post it on
your webpage (if you have one), or print it and distribute it among
friends for free. Note: No profit may be made off this FAQ except by me
if I choose.
  This is perhaps one of my favorites on the old NES. I played it first
in 1994 and several times since then. Not long ago I purchased my own
copy. The play/control is good and the music's excelent. The story's a
lot better than a lot of games out there, but it still revolves around
exterminating evil aliens (Contra anyone?), except it's a bit more
personal than that. In JTS, you play the role of Jay McCray, a young man
whose father was responsible for the development of many space colonies
over the years. Jay admired his father for the work he'd done and wanted
to be like him when he grew up. Recently Jay's father was killed, a
tragedy which was the result of an explosion on the Silius Space Colony,
which was still in the works. People believed that it was an accident.
Unfortunately the plans for the colony were supposedly destroyed in the
explosion, which meant that no further work could be done. Jay believed
that himself until one day he found a floppy computer disk in his
father's room. He was curious to know what the disk contained, and when
he inserted it into his computer, he discovered that it contained the
plans for the space colony. It also contained a letter to him from his
father. Jay was pleased, for he knew that he could continue his father's
work. First though, he read the letter. The letter revealed that a group
of alien terrorists were plotting to destroy the Silius Space Colony.
Apparently that explosion was no accident! The letter also said that if
for any reason his father was unable to complete his work, that it would
fall to Jay to do so. Jay resolves to continue his father's work and
avenge his death.
  The controls in this game are simple.
D-pad: Moves Jay. Down arrow makes Jay lay down.
Up arrow makes him point his weapon upwards.
Left and Right move Jay left and right.
A Button: Jump
B Button: Fire weapon
Select: Pause game
Start: Access subscreen where you can switch weapons if you have
collected other guns besides the one with which you start.
  Note: At the end of each level (except the final one obviously, there
is a miniboss that will yield one of the four other guns you can have.
Though you have to collect these to move onto the actual boss there is
no situation where they are absolutely necessary. However, such weapons
do come in handy. Note: I looked up the names of the stages in the
walkthrough by DJosef (skapunk_14@hotmail.com. Thanks. The names of the
bosses come from the manual, and so apparently do the names for the
     Stage one: Deserted Space Colony
Weapon Upgrade: Machine Gun
  This stage has some of the best music in the game. It is also very
easy. Just dispatch the aliens (actually I believe they're machines and
not living creatures). Some will leave life capsules and Ammo capsules
(right now those ammo capsules are useless). The life capsules are
useful if you lose health. Be careful, as I believe there are landmines
in this stage, as well as laser guns that you can't kill. Also, make
sure you jump across the cliffs in this level, as you will die if you
fall off. After clearing the cliffs, destroy the enemies and prepare for
the first miniboss. It's just a normal enemy with a lot more power. Just
fire at it and avoid its attacks and you should destroy it. Then pick up
the Machine Gun upgrade.
     Boss: Helicopter and MiniRobots
  After collecting the Machine Gun, the music will change to the
wonderful boss theme. However you just have a few mini robots to deal
with. That's right, before the true boss of this level emerges you have
to kill off three smaller robots. They can take some practice (and it
takes about nine shots to kill one), but they're not hard to kill. Just
fire away at them to destroy them. Then the helicopter comes onscreen.
This one's harder than the little ones, because it has a certain spot
where it can be damaged, and only by hitting that spot directly can it
be harmed. I don't know the exact weak point on this boss, just fire at
it and stay clear of its attacks. You'll know you're doing damage when
you hear it make the sound normal enemies make when they take damage.
Just keep firing at it (I prefer using the NES Advantage controler in
this game so I can use the Turbo function), and it will blow up and you
can go on to level 2.
     Stage 2: Underground Concourse
Weapon Upgrade: Homing Missile
  Another stage with great music. It's also fairly easy. There are new
enemies here who can shoot multiple bullets at annoying speeds. Just
destroy those you can and work your way through this level, taking the
elevators you find. The miniboss is considerably tougher than the first,
since you have to aim for his head, as hitting him anywhere else will
just make him absorb the shot, causing no damage. DJosef's FAQ says to
use the Machine Gun for this and I happen to agree. The Machine gun's
speed will be invaluable against this guy. Just make sure you're hitting
him in the right spot. Anyway, after the miniboss is destroyed you'll
collect the Homing Missiles.
     Boss: War Vehicle Robot
  This boss can be rather tough, since it has a grappling hook which
will kill you instantly if it touches you..unless of course you're using
a Game Genie. He also shoots bullets which wil home in on your position
if you remain stationary for too long. Just fire away at him with
whatever weapon you want, though I prefer to hold onto my weapon
upgrades unless I really have to use them. This boss has a certain weak
spot like the last one (this one's in the middle of its body), so make
sure you're really good if you choose to use one of your upgrades
(although there are ammo capsules that enemies drop if you need to
replenish them). Anyway, avoid the tank's attacks, the grappling hook
especially if you aren't using a Game genie, and fire away at it.
Eventually it'll blow up.
     Stage 3: Terrorists' HQ
     Weapon Upgrade: Laser Rifle
  This one took me a while, let me tell ya! Destroy the enemies nearby
and get ready to jump right away. You have to land just right on the
elevator or you'll fall into the elevator shafts and die. You'll be
doing a lot of elevator jumping in this stage, and one wrong move can
mean your life. There are also mines to look out for, and they're well
hidden, so you'll want to watch your step. The miniboss isn't too tough.
I like using homing missiles on him, but if I choose not to I just keep
moving and shoot at him. I believe his head is his weak point. After the
battle collect the Laser Rifle and prepare for an easy boss.
     Boss: Troop of Cannons
  This one's easy. Just shoot at them when you can hit them and avoid
the lasers. You could take them out quickly with Homing Missiles.
However you do it, victory results in your progression to Stage 4.
     Stage 4: Enemy Spaceship
     Weapon Upgrade: Grenade Launcher
  This one's long. The enemies move fast and there are lots of traps, so
be on your guard. Even the music's just right if you ask me. The
Miniboss isn't too tough, just avoid him and fire at him with your
weapons. After you kill him you'll get the Grenade Launcher, which is
believed by many to be the best weapon in the game..for good reason!
    Boss: Mamoth Cannon
  This guy has a crystal..uhm..eye? that opens and closes. Yep, fire at
the eye when it's open to inflict damage. I like using the grenade
launcher (believe me, this boss is pathetically easy with that)! Just
four or six hits with the Grenade Launcher should finish this boss off.
Any weapon will work as long as the eye is open when you shoot it, but
the Grenade Launcher is the best by far.
     Stage 5: Final Stage
Weapon Upgrade: None
  Yes, the last level, and the hardest by far. This is one of those
constantly scrolling levels that mean you have to keep moving. Think of
it as..well..kinda like the airships in Super Mario Bros. 3. Stay
stationary and you will die in a matter of seconds. There are no enemies
in this stage, just things that drop stuff on you, and you cannot kill
them. I'll freely admit that I still can't finish this one without help,
even with a Game Genie. Anyway, there's no miniboss and no weapon
upgrades in this stage.
     Boss: Giant Exodus Spaceship
  This is not the final boss. He is the real boss equivalent of the
prior stages' minibosses. Just shoot at its eye and run away when it
attacks. It'll kinda move from one side of the screen to the other. Just
avoid its attacks and keep attacking it and it'll die. Now for the final
     Final Boss: Android (Human) Metallic Skeleton
  He's disappointingly easy for a final boss. Just shoot his head and
avoid his attacks and he'll blow up. If you have some Grenades left
those will work well also.
Note: The following information will spoil the ending of the game..but
then again you don't have to read.
  Ending: After the battle, it shows a satelite leaving the orbit of a
planet (Silius would be my guess as to the planet in question), then the
credits roll, to the accompaniment of possibly the best music in the
  This is one of my favorite NES games. The story's cool, the music's cool and
the gameplay's excellent. It's a bit frustrating at times, but hey, every game
gets that way sometimes.
     E-mail Disclaimer
  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to E-
mail me at b-peterson@earthlink.net. I will consider your suggestion and
if I like it I'll put it in the FAQ.
  First, there are some rules for E-mailing me, and violators will pay. First
off, I will not accept file attachments, so don't bother sending 'em. I've
received enough viruses to be suspicious of any files sent to me by people I
don't know.
  Second and most important, if you're going to ask me for help on a game, be
specific and be polite! Don't just say, I need help in level 1. Level 1 of what
game? Be nice about it, too. No flames will be tolerated. I'll most likely
ignore such mail to start with and block the offender's E-mail address if the
problem persists. With that out of the way, Enjoy this FAQ and this great game!

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