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Reviewed: 07/23/09

Pick Your Poison: The incoherant mess of horseback riding, the illogical obnoxious puzzles, or the mundane and boring fighting arena!

Synopsis: The last NES game of one of those Dragonlance novels. I don’t even really know the plot of this game, so much as you’re an adventurer exploring this city called Hillsfar, and the neighboring areas on the map. But I don’t know what any concrete plot is, other than random tasks you take on from locals and such. And the game play is very odd as well, though it tries to boast RPG elements like the other games in the series.

Graphics: Such good graphics for a game that came out in 1983! Oh wait, I made a typo, I meant to say 1993. What?! A game that came out over 10 years later, in the days of the Super Nintendo, can look like that?! Yes indeed, the graphics here are dull pixels that look like they could have been beat by an old Atari game, just a few colors, tis horrible. I wouldn’t make fun of it so much if it wasn’t one of the last Nintendo games to be released, and not the first like it seems…

Play Control: Also very bad. The only “action” scenes are horseback riding and fighting. When riding a horse, you’re on a white messy blob jumping over pits and walls, very slowly I might add. During this atrocity, when you jump, the button only works half the time. And fighting is just randomly pushing buttons so maybe you can hit the thing you’re fighting. You don’t even move, except your arms with a big staff, pushing left or right to hit the enemy. Can it get any more mundane?! The rest of the game is just moving on a dull looking maze of buildings, or inside a building, which is a drab white maze with a few crap in it. The game has negative actions and excitement to it, so the play control is about as exciting as staring at a brick wall, which would probably be more fun than this game.

Game Design: Okay, I will give the makers of this game some credit for trying to make the game intricate and interesting. But they failed. The game seems like it has a lot, almost too much, but once you play for a little bit, it gets boring very fast. They succeeded in making the game with a little diversity, which may be considered a plus. But when you actually play any given thing in this game, it’s almost painful, turn that crap off.

Satisfaction: Less than none. After playing these uber crappy AD&D games, I almost don’t want to play a video game again. I don’t know what the company that made these horrific games were thinking, but you would probably have to have some serious issues to enjoy this game, or a diehard loser. This is one of those games I feel bad when playing, it’s that bad.

Sound: There is no sound, which is good when compared to the obnoxious tunes of some other AD&D games. There are one or two tunes though, but they suck like none other. Yes, the sound in this game is about as good as the play control…

Comments: All in all, this game is just a confusing, plotless, waste of time. They tried to cram all this “exciting” crap in it to make it good, when it made it worse. You randomly go into buildings that all look the same, die half the time from doing some dumb puzzle to open doors, and walk around a giant maze at slow speeds. Did they make this game for fun or a torture device? It’s a crime to make a game sound sweet with RPG elements and make it this bad. And to make a game like this come out 3 or 4 years after the death of the NES and with 3 more flops of a game of the same series before this game came out, is a joke, why oh why did they do this?! You would have to be stuck on a desert island for 50 years to enjoy this game in any least bit. Don’t play the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons series, it will haunt you for life.

Ultimate Rating: 2/10

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar (US, 02/28/93)

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