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FAQ/Walkthrough by BrakZero

Version: Final | Updated: 02/28/03

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons:

             _/  _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/
            _/  _/  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/  _/        _/
           _/_/_/  _/_/_/    _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/_/_/    _/_/_/_/
          _/  _/  _/        _/   _/   _/    _/  _/              _/
         _/  _/  _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/

                               O F    T H E

                 _/      _/_/_/  _/      _/  _/_/_/  _/_/_/_/
                _/      _/  _/  _/_/    _/  _/      _/
               _/      _/_/_/  _/  _/  _/  _/      _/_/_/
              _/      _/  _/  _/    _/_/  _/      _/
             _/_/_/  _/  _/  _/      _/  _/_/_/  _/_/_/_/

                 For the Nintendo Entertainment System

                         An FAQ/Walkthrough by...

                              ~ BrakZero ~

                             Version: Final
                            <100% Complete!>


E-Mail: BrakZero717@aol.com

Feel free to send questions, comments, or any other crap. Just:

 - Don't be stupid.
 - Don't ask questions that can be answered by reading this guide.
 - Please for the love of Sturm don't instant message me.

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This document was meant solely for public use to the users of the World
Wide Web. It is NOT, by ANY MEANS, to be reproduced, rewritten, or
retransmitted into any other form. This document should not be used to
make a profit, especially when published in a magazine without
permission of the author. Or something similar. Doing so violates laws.
Just, don't do it, you know?

This document is copyright (C) 2001-2003 by BrakZero (Alex Biedacha)


Welcome to my guide for this HEROIC and AWESOME game full of thick,
manly mustaches and naked midgets! It is none other than HEROES OF THE
LANCE! Here you will find more information about this wonderful game
than you thought was possible.



::Revision History::

Final Version - I just realized that I left out the note about
Tasslehoff's ability to locate and remove traps. =/ Well, this should
definitely be the last version.

Final Version - Thank You's have been added at the bottom, and I
touched up the guide just a bit in several places. I honestly don't
think there's anything else I can add, so this looks like the final
version. It's been fun making a FAQ for this game. :)

Version 2.91 – Cleared up the fact why you can't un-equip Sturm's sword
in the FAQ section. Reading these Dragonlance books are paying off. :)

Version 2.9 – I got my hands on an instruction booklet! I've gotten the
info on every single item now, as well as a complete guide to the
characters and all the enemies.

Version 2.00 - Since the first version was pretty much a joke, with
just a list of questions, (lots of them being silly) I decided to turn
it into a real guide. I've taken down all the old questions and
replaced them with a new batch of serious ones, as well as a full
walkthrough, item listing, magic listing, and menu descriptions.

Version 1.00 - Made a list of questions and answers to them.


Table of Contents

Basic Controls
Menu Breakdown
Raistlin's Magic
Goldmoon's (Clerical) Magic
 - Potions
 - Weapons
 - Treasures
 - Other Items

(Use Ctrl+F for easier browsing)



Start             – Nothing
Select            – Bring Up/Exit the menu
Up                – Hold to enter a door.
Down              – Hold to enter a door.
Right             – Walk right; hold to run to the right.
Left              – Walk left; hold to run to the left.
A                 – Nothing
B                 – Nothing
Up + A            – Jump in place
Down + A          – Duck
Up or A (running) – Long Jump


B                                   – Attack with weapon
B + Down + Direction you are facing – Attack downwards
B + Up + Direction you are facing   – Attack upwards


Directional buttons – Move cursor
Select              – Exit Menu
A                   – Select/Confirm
B                   – Cancel/Go Back



|                                |
|       Hero Select         Give |
|    Magic User Spells      Drop |
|  Clerical Staff Spells    Take |
|           Use             Save |
|          Score            Load |

*Hero Select – View the status of one of your heroes and switch around
their order.

*Magic User Spells – If Raistlin is alive and one of the first four
Heroes lined up, then choose this option to use one of his spells.

*Clerical Staff Spells – If Goldmoon is alive and one of the first four
Heroes lined up, then choose this option to use one of her spells.

*Use – Choose an item to use on a certain Hero, or choose which weapon
to equip.

*Score – View how many different kinds of enemies you’ve killed. It
should look like this:

Baaz    00   Bozak   00
Troll   00   Wraith  00
Minion  00   Aghar1  00
Aghar2  00   Men     00
Spider  00   Dragon  00

Note that the numbers change when you kill an enemy. For instance, if
you kill a Baaz, the number next to Baaz will go up to 01.

*Give – Take an item from one hero and give it to another hero.

*Drop – Drop an unwanted item.

*Take – Pick up an item from the ground and give it to a hero.

*Save – Save your game onto one of three save slots.

*Load – Load a previously saved game.



This section will give a complete breakdown of the usable heroes in
Heroes of the Lance. I've included their full name, statistics, weapon,
and the bio copied straight from the instruction booklet. Keep in mind
that the bio is completely based on the Dragonlance books, not from
the game itself.

~ Goldmoon, Princess of Que-Shu ~

Booklet Bio:
"Goldmoon is the daughter of a Que-Shu chieftain and her chosen husband
was to be chief - but the higher powers had other plans. Goldmoon fell
in love with the least suitable of her tribe, the warrior Riverwind.
Her father hoped to get rid of the young man by sending him on a quest
of find proof of the old dieties. No one ever expected him to return.

"Months later he did return with a blue crystal staff that he claimed
was proof of the Ancients' existence. When the staff did nothing, the
chief condemned Riverwind to be stoned as a heretic. Goldmoon threw
herself into Riverwind's arms as he began to fall under the angry
pelting. Suddenly the staff flashed and the pair disappeared. When they
became reoriented, they found that they were miles away from the
village, and that all of their wounds were miraculously healed!

"Now armed with the blue crystal staff, Goldmoon is one of the most
important characters in the party. With the blue crystal staff she can
cure wounds, hold enemies, raise the fallen, and deflect the black
dragon's and hatchlings' acid breath. A few of the Companions can use
the staff, but only she can use all of its magical abilities."

Hit Points   – 19
Damage Bonus – None
Strength     - 12
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom       - 16
Dexterity    - 14
Constitution – 12
Charisma     - 17

Weapon – Blue Crystal Staff

Opinions - Goldmoon should always stay in the front row, but NOT as the
main hero. Use her to heal your other party members when they become
weak, and also use her Clerical spells to aid heroes in attacking

*Note: If Goldmoon is fighting as the main party member and is near
death, Riverwind will automatically switch places with Goldmoon to
protect her. Obviously, this won’t happen if Riverwind has been slain.

~ Sturm Brightblade ~

Booklet Bio:
"Sturm is the son of a Solamnic Knight. The Knights were unjustly
blamed for the Cataclysm and are now hated by the people of Krynn.
Sturm has dedicated his life to the Oath and Measure of the Knighthood.
The Oath of the Knights is "Est Sularis oth Mithas: My Honor is My

"Sturm is a strong warrior and wields a magical and powerful Long Sword

Sturm is the greatest hero ever! With his thick, manly mustache and
the abilities of AWESOMENESS, Sturm is one to never fear any midget,
nude or otherwise!

Hit Points   – 29
Damage Bonus – +1
Strength     - 17
Intelligence – 14
Wisdom       - 11
Dexterity    - 12
Constitution – 16
Charisma     - 12

Weapon – Long Sword +3 (Brightblade)

Opinions - Sturm is a great character to use as your main hero, because
of his strength. Sturm is strong, and his weapon is magical, which is a
great combination. If Caramon or Riverwind are slain, Sturm is
definitely the guy that you want to use.

~ Raistlin Majere ~

Booklet Bio:
"Raistlin was so weak when he was born that no one expected him to
live. But he did survive because of his half-sister Kitiara's efforts
and his strong will. As young boys, the twins Raistlin and Caramon were
taken to a local fair where a conjurer was performing simple magic
tricks and illusions. That evening, the youngster astonished his family
by reproducing every trick he'd seen.

"A year later, Raistlin was taken to a Master Mage where he again
amazed his elders by reading a spell book he had found in the master’s
library. Raistlin became the youngest mage ever to take, and pass, the
Test of High Sorcery to become a full mage.

"Raistlin is physically very weak and should avoid direct combat. His
strength is his great magic abilities."

Hit Points   – 8
Damage Bonus – None
Strength     - 10
Intelligence – 17
Wisdom       - 14
Dexterity    - 16
Constitution – 10
Charisma     - 10

Weapon – Staff of Magius

Opinions - Raistlin should be placed near Goldmoon: In the front row,
but not as the main hero. He is extremely weak physically, and his hit
points are _extremely_ low. Always avoid physical combat, just use his
spells against monsters. The spells are always very handy, making
Raistlin a good party character.

~ Caramon Majere ~

Booklet Bio:
"Caramon is the strongest of the Companions, and a fearsome warrior. He
was trained in a battlecraft by his half sister, who later became a
Dragon Highlord in Takhisis' dragonarmies. Although they are complete
opposites, Caramon is never far from his twin Raistlin. Much of
Caramon's experience in combat comes from dealing with the charlatans
and fakes whom Raistlin delights in exposing and humiliating.

"Caramon is armed with a sword and a throwing spear."

Hit Points   – 36
Damage Bonus – +3
Strength     - 18/63
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom       - 10
Dexterity    - 11
Constitution – 17
Charisma     - 15

Weapon – Sword, Throwing Spear

Opinions - Caramon is a fantastic character who should be put in as the
main hero. His strength is maxed out, and his HP is high. Not only that, but
his weapon is magical, and he has a throwing spear to go with
it! Yes, Caramon is truly a HERO.

~ Tanis Half-Elven ~

Booklet Bio:
"Tanis is a half-elf, with a human father and elven mother. He was
never truly accepted by either race. Tanis was driven by his restless
nature to leave the elven nation of Qualinesti to search the lands of
Krynn for clerics with the legendary true healing powers. Until he fell
in with the Companions, his only friend was the dwarf, Flint.

"Tanis is a natural leader and a good fighter. He is armed with a bow
and a sword."

Hit Points   – 35
Damage Bonus – +1
Strength     - 16
Intelligence – 12
Wisdom       - 13
Dexterity    - 16
Constitution – 12
Charisma     - 15

Weapon – Sword +2, Bow and Quiver of arrows

Opinions – Tanis is a pretty good character for physical combat, but
with all the other people like Sturm, Caramon, and Riverwind being
stronger, you really won't get the chance to use Tanis. However, since
he has arrows, they could come in handy in case Riverwind happens to
run out of arrows.

~ Tasslehoff Burrfoot ~

Booklet Bio:
"Tasslehoff, 'Tas' to his friends, is a kender. The kender are a
strange race. They stand less than four feet tall, and generally wear
their hair in topknots braided with a brightly colored cloth. Like all
others of his race, Tas has a tendency to 'find things.' In fact, he
will often find things that might not otherwise have been lost. Kender
call this 'borrowing' or explain that they were protecting an item from
possible theft or misplacement.

"Tasslehoff fights with a hoopak, which is part-staff, part-sling
weapon that only kender can use. The hoopak can be used either for
close or long range combat."

Hit Points   – 15
Damage Bonus – None
Strength     - 13
Intelligence – 9
Wisdom       - 12
Dexterity    - 16
Constitution – 14
Charisma     - 11

Weapon – Hoopak, Pouch of Stones

Opinions - Tasslehoff is not exactly the most useful character. He is
physically pretty weak, and can't use magic. However, he can shoot
stones over a long distance with his hoopak, which could be useful. But
overall, Tas isn't really a character who should be used much.

*Note: Tas has the special ability to find and remove traps. When you
come across a trap, Tasslehoff will automatically remove it and you
won't be in any danger.

~ Riverwind the Plainsman ~

Booklet Bio:
"Riverwind and his family were shunned in the Que-Shu tribe for their
observance of the ancient traditions. When he asked for the chieftain’s
daughter in marriage, it was considered a grave affront. Goldmoon’s
father hoped to rid himself of this upstart by sending him on a quest
to find some magical artifact that proved the existence of the old
deities. The Riverwind who returned from the quest was not the same man
who left.

"Riverwind returned with a strange blue staff and no memory of how he
had found it. The new Riverwind was somehow changed by his strange
journey. He had spoken little and was very stern. After Riverwind and
Goldmoon disappeared from the hail of Que-Shu stones, they made their
way to Solace. They hoped to give the magic staff to a group of clerics
known as the Seekers. The Seekers, they thought, would know the staff’s
power and use it for the cause of good.

"Riverwind is second only to Caramon in strength and is armed with a
sword and a bow."

Hit Points   – 34
Damage Bonus – +3
Strength     - 18/35
Intelligence – 13
Wisdom       - 14
Dexterity    - 16
Constitution – 13
Charisma     - 13

Weapon – Sword +2, Bow and Quiver of arrows

Opinions – Riverwind is a great character, as he is very strong and can
shoot arrows. If Caramon and Sturm die, Riverwind is, by FAR, the best
candidate for the main hero. Overall, strong and good character to use.

*Note: If Goldmoon is fighting as the main character and is near death
during combat, Riverwind will automatically switch places with her to
protect her. Obviously, this won't happen if Riverwind has been slain

~ Flint Fireforge ~

Booklet Bio:
"Flint is a hill dwarf renowned for his skill in metalcraft and in
battle. Tanis and Flint became close friends while the dwarf traveled
through Qualinesti peddling his wares. Later he and Tanis met Tas and
the rest of the Companions.

"Flint is armed with a magical Battleaxe +1 and throwing axes."

Hit Points   – 42
Damage Bonus – +1
Strength     - 16
Intelligence – 7
Wisdom       - 12
Dexterity    - 10
Constitution – 18
Charisma     - 13

Weapon – Battleaxe +1, Throwing Axes

Opinions – Flint has more HP than anyone else, and his strength is
okay, but he's a character that shouldn't be used that much. The
throwing axes come in handy often, but otherwise, Flint and his big
HEROIC beard should be kept in the back row.



- Journey Through Xak Tsaroth -

First of all, you have to change the lineup of your heroes before you
go anywhere. The original lineup looks like this:

*Front Row
Goldmoon    Sturm      Raistlin    Caramon
*Back Row
Tanis     Tasslehoff   Riverwind    Flint

That lineup is bad, so change it. I would recommend Caramon as the main
hero, (maxed out strength) Sturm behind him, then Raistlin and
Goldmoon. My recommendation overall looks like this:

*Front Row
Caramon     Sturm   Raistlin    Goldmoon
*Back Row
Riverwind   Tanis    Flint     Tasslehoff


*Stuff to Remember*
- Notice at the bottom left portion of the screen, there is a little
something that looks like this:

W   E

These stand for north, south, east, and west. When one of the letters
suddenly has a red outline, that means you can go through a door. I may
use this as a reference in the walkthrough.

- When a character dies, their picture may become gray at first. If
this happens, stand near the grave and use Goldmoon’s Clerical spell
for raising the dead. If a character dies by falling into a pit or you
leave their grave, the picture may just turn into a Tombstone with
"R.I.P." on it. Make sure you try to revive them before this happens.

- Make sure Goldmoon does not die! She holds the Blue Crystal Staff,
which is needed to defeat the final boss. If she DOES happen to die
from an enemy, make sure you pick up the Blue Crystal Staff from her
grave with either Sturm, Riverwind, or anyone else that is able to pick
it up. If Goldmoon dies and the Blue Crystal Staff is not retrievable,
then you will not be able to beat the game.

- Make sure you know your enemies! Some use magic, some attack faster,
etc. Knowing how your enemies attack you proves very useful at times.

- Keep an eye on your Charge meter for Raistlin and Goldmoon. You may
find yourself using up magic so fast that you won't even notice how
little you have in such a short time.

- Pick up every single item that you find! Some items, as you may
notice, don't help during the game, but they add total score at the end
of the game. Try to see how high you can get your score!

Now you're ready.


Area One: To the Distant Alarm Bells

First off, you'll notice the large deadly pit to your right. Don't jump
into it or try to float across it with Raistlin, go through the door
instead. (Remember, HOLD a button to go through the door.) It doesn't
matter if you go through the north door or the south one, because they
both lead to the same room. When you go through the door, first head
left to get the scroll after beating the Man. Give the scroll to
Raistlin. Then head right until you run into a Man enemy. (Watch out
for the falling stones.) Kill the Man and head right. Go downward
(East) through the door. Defeat the enemy and continue by going right
and down through the door. The go left and go through the very large
opening in the west.

As soon as you get past that large opening, quickly move to the right
because you've got an Aghar (naked midget) next to you. Kill it, and
kill the rest of the enemies on your right. Enter the door on the far
right (either one), then just go a bit to your right and go through
the exit. (The exit doesn't look like a door, it looks like a big stone
or something on the wall.)

Area Two: To the Distant Alarm Bells (Again)

Okay, now you're in the second area. To your right you'll find a Troll,
so destroy that piece of crap. Go through the door in the South, and
then head to your left. You'll see a door in the east, but run past it
until you come to the next door in the west: it should be a door that
looks like it leads into a building. Go through it, and you'll find the
waterfall. The waterfall completely recovers the party's HP, so you won't have
to use up any power from the Blue Crystal Staff right now. After you've healed
yourself, head back to the right and through the door in the east that you had
run by. Defeat the midget, and grab the two potions. (Notice the blue one is a
little bit hard to spot because it's on a bookshelf) Continue left, defeat the
Man, and take the shield on the wall. Equip the shield on your main hero, then
head back toward the waterfall.

Head left, and quickly jump over the tiny pit while those things aren't
coming out. You'll land right in front of a Baaz, so kill it quickly to
avoid losing lots of health. Or, just let the thing walk and kill it with
arrows or stones. Continue left and grab the Chalice. Defeat
another Baaz and head up through either of the doors. Now the music
should change to something else (still HEROIC) and you can head left. Go left
(watch out for flying arrows) and you'll see a ghost thing. If you want a Brown
Potion, defeat the ghost and continue left until you get it. Use it on Sturm.
Then go back and up through the door near the place where the ghost was. (If
you didn't want the brown potion you could just go through the door.) Now head
a bit to the left. Defeat the
enemy, and take all three Shields on the wall. Now equip them to your
other three front row heroes, so now all four front row heroes are
protected with Shields.

Go up through the door left of the three shields. You'll find a dragon
and a Baaz. Quickly use Burning Hands on the Baaz three times to kill
it before the Dragon gets close. Then kill the dragon. Dragons are
tough, so try using the protection from evil spell and slowly kill him
while pushing him back. After you've knocked it out, go up through the
open gate.

Going left from here leads to a Blue Potion, and going right is the
right way. After going right and defeating the enemy, go up through the
opening, and QUICKLY jump across the small pit so that you can get some
room to defeat the Man before he gets close. Defeat the Man, and walk
right defeating all the enemies in your path. You'll finally find a
door at the end of this path, so go up through it, and you'll find a
room with some flames on your left.

This part is tricky. Touching the flame will harm you, so you'll have
to find a way to get by them without being hurt. Also, there are arrows
constantly being shot at you from that direction! So, use Goldmoon’s
Clerical spell, Protection from Evil, and make a run through the flames
and arrows. You'll still be harmed a little bit, so heal everyone up
with Goldmoon. Then go south through the large passage. From here go
left, defeating the Baaz and the Dragon. (Skip the door at the bottom)
After defeating the Dragon, go up through the door and you'll be in a
room with a lot of tiny pits on your left. Save to make sure you don’t
kill anyone in this process of jumping, then quickly jump across all
the tiny pits and head east. (You'll head into some pillars, there’s
not even an opening) This marks the completion of the second area.

Area Three: To Khisanth

You start out with a Spider in front of you and a gem on the wall.
Don't bother with the gem, just walk forward and dispose of the spider
easily. Now SAVE! You are about to enter a room with two Dragons and
it's tough. So after you save, go in and defeat the Dragon on your
left. Make sure you stop and heal when you need to. Then go to the
right and defeat that dragon. This proves to be a tough job, so you'll
be happy when you're finished. Go through one of the doors on the
right, then kill the enemy and go to the door on your left. After that,
there should be a door right next to you, so go there. Kill the Spider
that you find there, then go right until you find the Red Potion. Take
the Red Potion, then go through the door right next to it. Here you will find,
along with some enemies, four doors. The first two doors have Dragons that
guard gems, (not worth it) the third door has a Spider guarding a gem, (easy,
so get it if you want) and the last one is the right way which leads you closer
to the final big dragon.

Defeat the enemy, and continue right. Go through the door, and you'll
see another door just to the right of you. Go in there. (If you want,
you can find a quiver of arrows to your left before going into the door on your
right.) This door leads to a room with a Dragon right in front of you. Now
would be a good time to use that Red Potion you picked up if you don't want to
fight it. In any case, go through the door, then
defeat the enemies and go through the next door on your left. From here
go right and north through the door, then left and through the door.
Here, you will find three different doors at the end of a long hallway.
Enter the one furthest on the right.

From here, defeat the enemies on your left, and enter the door past
them. (The thing that doesn't look like a door) This leads to the big
black dragon guarding the Disks of Mishakal.

Final Boss: Khisanth

Good God, can a last ending boss be ANY easier!? First off, put
Goldmoon as the front hero, assuming you still have her. If Goldmoon
died but you still have the Blue Crystal Staff, then put whoever has
the staff as the first hero. Anyway, just walk up to the dragon until
the screen flashes, which initiates combat. Just hold down the B button
and press right (toward the dragon). Goldmoon or whoever has the staff
should throw the Blue Crystal Staff at the dragon, which kills him. It
only takes two seconds to beat this monstrosity.

After the dragon dies and disappears, run to the right (make sure
you're running so that you can avoid the falling stones) and you'll
find the discs of Mishakal lying there. Take them, then run back (watch
out for the falling piece of cement) and you should disappear, marking
the end of the game.

You'll be given your score and a message saying that the Heroes were
rescued from Xak Tsaroth by gods. And YES, there IS a sequel, called Dragons of
Flame, featuring 10 playable characters and following the
heroes through the mines of Pax Tharkas, just like they do in Dragons
of Autumn Twilight! AWESOMENESS!!!

You'll be given your score and a message saying that the Heroes were
rescued from Xak Tsaroth by gods. And YES, there IS a sequel, called
Dragons of Flame, featuring ten playable characters and following them
throguh the mines of Pax Tharkas, like in the novel Dragons of Autumn



Since Raistlin possesses the Staff of Magius, he can perform magic that
can harm an enemy or do something to help the other heroes kill an
enemy physically. The different kinds of magic are:


Name of Magic | Effect                             | Charges |
Charm         | Confuses the enemy                 |    1    |
Sleep         | Puts the enemy to sleep            |    1    |
Magic Missile | Projectile attack                  |    1    |
Web           | Stops enemy                        |    2    |
Detect Magic  | Detects magic items on screen      |    1    |
Detect Traps  | Detects traps on screen            |    2    |
Final Strike  | Commits suicide, kills all enemies |   All   |
Burning Hands | Projectile attack                  |    1    |



Since Goldmoon possesses the Blue Crystal Staff, she can use Clerical
Magic that helps the heroes against tough enemies and can heal their
wounds. Her different kinds of magic are:


Name of Magic         | Effect                        | Charges |
Cure Light Wounds     | Restore 1-8 HP                |    1    |
Protect From Evil     | Temporarily become invincible |    1    |
Find Traps            | Find nearby traps             |    2    |
Hold Person           | Freeze enemy                  |    2    |
Spiritual Hammer      | Projectile attack             |    2    |
Prayer                | Party protection              |    3    |
Cure Critical Wounds  | Restore 6-27 HP               |    5    |
Raise Dead            | Bring charcter back to life*  |    5    |
Deflect Dragon Breath | Immunity to dragon's breath   |    10   |

* You cannot do this if a tombstone appears over the dead character's

If Goldmoon dies, you can pick up the Blue Crystal Staff with
Riverwind, Caramon, or Sturm. However, if they have the staff, then
those heroes can only cast:

- Cure Light Wounds
- Find Traps
- Cure Critical Wounds
- Deflect Dragon Breath


+- [ITEMS] -+

There are lots of items you can pick up in HotL. All of them are HEROIC in some
way, so pick them up!

- Potions -

Potion Color | Effect              |
Green        | Restores HP (small) |
Blue         | Restores HP (large) |
Brown        | Raises Strength     |
Yellow*      | Raises Heroism      |
Red          | Freezes all enemies |

* Better known as Michael Jordan Cologne.

- Weapons -

*Blue Crystal Staff*
- Goldmoon's weapon
- Allows holder to use Clerical magic
- Necessary to defeat the Evil Black Dragon at the end.

*Staff of Magius*
- Raistlin's weapon
- No one can use this besides Raistlin.
- Allows holder to cast magic that damages enemies.

*Long Sword*
- Sturm's weapon
- Sturm won't give up this sword.

- Caramon's throwing weapon

*Hand Axe*
- Flint's weapon

- Tanis' arrows
- Riverwind's arrows
- They are arrows, and the amount is limited.

*Red Quiver*
- Tanis' arrows
- Riverwind's arrows
- They are arrows, and the amount is limited.
- Stronger than the arrows that are in a normal Quiver.

- Tasslehoff's ammo for his hoopak weapon.

- Treasures -

Each treasure has a certain amount of Experience Points that you will
earn when you pick it up. The EXP do NOT make your character stronger,
they add points to your total score at the end of the game instead.

Treasure          | EXP Pts |
Gem               |  10     |
Coins             |  50     |
Gold Bar          |  50     |
Silver Bar        |  50     |
Gold Chalice      |  50     |
Silver Chalice    |  50     |
Hunting Knife     |  100    |
Shield            |  100    |
Discs of Mishakal |  2000   |
Bracelet          |  5000   |

- Items -

Item     | Effect                          | Amount of Uses |
Ring     | Evade increases                 |      N/A       |
Gem Ring | Evade increases [more]          |      N/A       |
Scroll   | Raistlin can use Lightning Bolt |       1        |
Wand     | Raistlin can use Magic Missile  |      3-5       |


+- [BESTIARY] -+

Well, there are a few different kinds of enemies walking around Xak
Tsaroth, so you want to know about them, right? Huh? Yeah, well it's only
natural for people to like these worthy opponents of the mighty HEROES OF THE


~ Human Warriors ~

These guys are easy to beat. They have no projectile attacks, so you
can easily just poke away and win.


~ Baaz Draconian ~

Baaz are like Men, but they seem to fight more skillfully. Not that
they're hard. But anyway, they can be killed in a few shots easy, and
they don't have any magic for you to worry about either.


~ Bozak Draconian ~

Bozaks are quite possibly the most annoying enemy you'll run into. They
fire magic at you constantly, and it you get close, they just keep
backing further and further away until they're far enough to fire magic
again. To kill them, you find yourself in this sequence: Poke, step
forward, repeat. Using magic spells with Raistlin is recommended
against this guy.


~ Troll ~

Trolls are really big and ugly things walking around. They heal, so
you'll have to kill this guy quickly. Unfortunately, they're hard to
beat in close combat. The best way to beat them is to cast Web on them
with Raistlin and then poke them to death.


~ Spectral Minion ~

These just look like gray zombies walking around. They aren't too hard,
but you need a magical weapon to hurt them. Just use Caramon or
Sturm... they're plenty strong.


~ Giant Spider ~

These things are a joke. They can barely hurt you even if you just
stand right in front of them. Just use the downward slash until you can
hit them two times, and then they're squashed. And for such an easy
enemy, you sure do get a lot of experience!


~ Hatchling Black Dragon ~

These are the babies of the Khisanth, the big dragon at the end.
They're also the toughest and most annoying enemies you face. Like the
Bozaks, they always move back when you are on the attack. If you are
standing still, they are constantly spitting out highly dangerous acid
breath on you at a rapid pace. It's also impossible to outrun
them, as they move extremely fast. The best way to defeat them is to
use Goldmoon's "Deflect Dragon Breath" to keep you immune, and they
slowly hit kill them in the same way that you kill a Bozak.


~ Aghar Gully Dwarves ~
"Aghar1", "Aghar2"

It's naked midgets! Run for your lives! Ahhh!

Aghar are the race of gully dwarves that inhabit Xak Tsaroth. Anyway, these
nude midgets are NOT tough, it's just that people don’t
know how to handle them. Avoid their kicks to your shin, and use the
downward slash to damage them. Once you've gotten a hang of the
downward slash, these naked midgets are a breeze.


~ Wraith ~

Wraiths are slightly annoying ghost like enemies. To kill them in close
combat, you have to use the upward slash, but it's quite hard to get
close to the Wraith because of its invisible attack. So don’t bother
with close combat, just hit it a few times with Magic Missile, Burning
Hands, or Spiritual Hammer.


EXP Chart

The handy dandy guide for figuring out how much experience you'll get
from each enemy!

Enemy  | EXP |
Aghar1 | 28  |
Aghar2 | 14  |
Baaz   | 82  |
Bozak  | 175 |
Dragon | 600 |
Men    | 60  |
Minion | 120 |
Spider | 305 |
Troll  | 525 |
Wraith | 575 |



Q1. How do you control this guy?

A1. I'll list out all the basic controls you'll need to know in order to make
it through your journey, even though I already have them listed in the controls

Up – Hold to enter a door.
Down – Hold to enter a door.
Right – Walk right; hold to run to the right.
Left – Walk left; hold to run to the left.
A – Nothing
B – Nothing
Up + A – Jump in place
Down + A – Duck
Up or A while running – Long Jump


B – Attack with weapon
B + Down + Direction you are facing – Attack downwards
B + Up + Direction you are facing – Attack upwards


Directional buttons – Move cursor
Select – Exit Menu
A – Select/Confirm
B – Cancel/Go Back

Happy now!? Now, brave hero, go off and destroy those midgets of nakedness!


Q2. How do I kill the naked midgets!?

A2. Use the downward slash.


Q3. How do I kill those flying ghost things?

A3. Use the upward slash.


Q4. Is there an easy way to kill those dragons? They're really hard!

Q4. The best way to kill them is to cast the Clerical Magic spell
"Deflect Dragon Breath", then poke away. Or if you don’t want to kill
them at all, you can freeze them with different spells from Goldmoon as
well as Raistlin.


Q5. I got an item (Gold Chalice/Coin/etc) and none of the heroes can
use it. What's the deal?

A5. Just pick them up and leave them in a character’s inventory and you
will obtain experience points for the end of the game.


Q6. Why the heck do I have to get those stupid discs anyway? What’s
with the friggin' story?

A6. This story is HEROIC and AWESOME, and don't you forget it. It is
based on the first section of the first Dragonlance novel, "Dragons
of Autumn Twilight", written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. The
heroes of the story had made a journey to the ruined city of Xak
Tsaroth, where there was supposedly a thing necessary to win the war
against the the Queen of Darkness, Takhisis. I won't explain anymore.
Read the books, they're great!


Q7. How come I can’t un-equip Sturm's, Raistlin's, or Goldmoon's

A7. Again, you would need to refer to the novels for an answer. Sturm
will not give up his sword because it is the sword passed from father
to son in the Brightblade family, and it is magical. Raistlin's Staff
of Magius supposedly has a mind of its own, and it chooses its holder.
If someone else tries to touch it, it will just burn him or her. A goddess
named Mishakal gave Goldmoon's Blue Crystal Staff to her because she has a pure
heart. Riverwind, Caramon, or Sturm can take the Blue Crystal Staff if Goldmoon
dies, but they won't have access to all the Clerical magic.


Q8. How come I don't have all the Clerical magic spells when another
hero takes the Blue Crystal Staff?

A8. Look at the last question. Only Goldmoon can use all the Clerical


Q9. What's with the "Waterfall" I found?

A9. It will completely heal your wounds, but it will not recharge your
magic meter.


Q10. I used Raistlin's Final Strike attack, can I bring him back?

A10. Nope.


Q11. Is it possible to beat the huge dragon at the end without

A11. To beat that dragon, it’s not Goldmoon that you need, it's her
weapon. As long as you took the Blue Crystal Staff from her grave after
she died, you could still beat the game.


Q12. Goldmoon fell down a pit/I left Goldmoon’s grave after she died.
Now her picture has a tombstone on it, and I didn't get the Blue
Crystal Staff. Can I still beat the dragon somehow?

A12. No, you'll have to start your game all over again if you want to


Q13. I keep falling down the pit in the beginning.

A13. Then don’t go to the pit, go through the door.


Q14. Well, how do I go through a door? I press up/down but nothing

A15. You can't just tap the up or down button to go through a door. To
successfully do it, just HOLD up or down, and they should go through.
It's as easy as that.


Q16. How do I pick up items?

A16. Open the menu and select "Take" when you are standing next to an
item. You have to select a hero to give it to.


Q17. Whoops, I gave an item to the wrong hero. Can I do anything about

A17. Just open the menu and choose the "Give" option. There you can
choose a hero's item, them you can choose the hero to give it to.


Q18. How do I use someone's long range weapon, such as arrows?

A18. First go to the Use command in the menu and choose the weapon to
throw. Hold B, and the sprite should take a bow. Keep holding down B
and press the D-Pad in the direction that you'd like to shoot. Keep in
mind that your amount of arrows is limited. This is the case with
arrows, and the same thing will happen with Caramon's spear, Flint's
throwing axes, etc.


Q19. Is there any Hero setup you'd recommend?

A19. My recommendation is at the beginning of the walkthrough. If
you’re too lazy to scroll up, it's Caramon in the front (max strength
with no arrows), followed by Sturm, then Goldmoon and Raistlin so that
you can cast magic any time. At the back row, put Riverwind, Tanis,
Flint, Tasslehoff in that order.


Q20. How do I use magic?

A20. Open the menu, then choose either "Magic User Spells" or "Clerical
Staff Spells". Keep in mind that Raistlin must be alive and somewhere
in the front row to use magic, and Goldmoon must be alive and somewhere
in the front row to use her Clerical magic.


Q21. Sturm's 'stache makes me soil my dungarees. What's wrong with me?

A21. Absolutely nothing.


Alright, that's it. Hopefully, since you're one of the few people who
are actually playing through this game, you found this guide useful.

{ Thanks to... }
 +- Ultimate Spearsman (lavitz65@cs.com)
   - Thanks for the instruction booklet!

 +- All the heroes of the HotL board
   - I won't name anyone (afraid I'll leave someone out), but just know
     that you guys are all HEROIC!

 +- FCI
   - For making the game! AWESOMENESS!

 +- TSR
   - For creating D&D, and thanks to that this game was created!

 +- Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
   - For writing the Dragonlance books!

 +- George MacDonald and Rick Wilson
   - For writing the incredibly useful instruction manual!

 +- CJayC (www.gamefaqs.com)
   - For making the bestest gaming site ever, and posting this FAQ!

 +- Me, Myself, and I (BrakZero717@aol.com)
   - For typing this FAQ. :)



   This document is copyright 2001-2003 by BrakZero (Alex Biedacha)

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