Review by DemoniusX

Reviewed: 03/06/04

A start of Konami's space shooting legend

Gradius was a wonderful shooter to this day, it is challenging as it is fun.

This game was released in the US in 1987 and was the start of a wonderful series made by Konami.

Story - The evil Bacterion is planning to destroy the people of Gradius. it is up to you and your ''Viper'' ship to destroy his evil plan. Bacterian is a brain with psychic like powers.

This game was great back in the day and to this day it is worth playing. Be Warned that is game is extremely challenging and it will drive you bonkers! The gameplay is very basic. Enemies have patterns you can study and destroy them with your arsenal of weapons. You get varous type of weapons like a laser, missle etc. you will need these if you want to stop Bacterion from destroying the planet Gradius. Here is the laydown review of Gradius.

Graphics 7/10 - The game has average graphics, the colors look stale and the shading schemes are almost non-existant.
Doesn't kill the game though. They do their job.

Sound 9/10 - ''PLUEW, PLUEW'' some standard sound for your weapon but the sound is pretty good for this game. It sounded a lot like the arcade version. Music was really catchy you will find the first level tune get stuck in your head really quick!

Control 10/10 - One Word, Responsive, seriously this game has flawless control,which is good because you will need it dodging bullets and blasting enemies.

Gameplay 10/10 - Gradius is one of the most funnest game to
grace the NES. You will find yourself coming back for more and the challenge will give you a beating playing gradius. Gradius will test your skills and gives you a thrill that deserves to be cherished.

replay 8/10 - Ha! Before you know it you will try to beat the amount of time it takes you to beat Gradius the first time. You will come back to this, it is a game that is really fun, but they're some level you would care to skip namely level 3. The monolith statues in their ring laser will annoy you. Still the game is great and you will play again.

Closure Comment

Gradius is a wonderful game that should grab it's place in the legends of NES Titles. Everything in this game is near flawless, even non shooters should give it a go. I mean it, Gradius will test your skills of reflexes and Hand/eye playability. Gradius is a Pure classic in its finest. If you find it don't kid yourself, GRAB IT!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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