Review by Kaobasa

Reviewed: 05/31/03 | Updated: 05/31/03

This game will chew you up and spit your ass back out.

Gradius is an old arcade game from 1986, so konami decided to port it over to the NES, making this konamis first NES game.

Gameplay: 7/10

This game is a 2D side scrolling space fighter shootem up. Gradius has plenty of upgrades for your ship so you can have some fun killing other little space ships. You ahve your basic laser, and bullets, along with some missles, however one of the most important upgraded is the Option, a little ball of orange light that shoots bullets when you do, much like a familiar......but...this is also just one of the hardest games ive ever played. Garunteed you wont get past the first level without getting a gameover. This is very bad. Who wants to play a game where you can barely get past the first level? Hardcore gamers thats who, so if your not a hardcore gamer, flee for your life. One other problem I thought was kind of lame, was the fact that almost all the bosses are the same, they just start to move a little faster and shoot a little faster, which kind of makes it more challenging, but I wanted to see something more than the same metallic looking hunk of metal, which happens to be quite easy if you upgraded your ships speed enough.

Sound: 8/10

Its an NES game, so I cant really complain about anything. The lasers sound like lasers, explosions make little BOP sounds, and thats pretty much it. Oh ya the music is ok, not as good as other Gradius games though.

Control: 10/10

A shoot, B upgrade ship. If you cant master a 2 button A, and B controller, than you probobly shouldnt be playing games.

Difficutly: Too hard

There is only one skill level in this game, and thats mega hard. It took me way to long to get past the first level. I had 3 game overs before I beat it. That was just the first level. The other levels are even HARDER. Theres just so many bullets and so many ships flying at you, theres hardly any room at all to maneaver. As I have said before this game is only for hardcore gamers, or hardcore Gradius fan, which is why I have this game a 7 becuase I happen to be both. So stay away if you like your games challenging, not giving a peice of your soul challenging.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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