Review by ina300

Reviewed: 04/14/06

Good, but way to slow and needlessly complicated.

Genghis Khan is one of the most unique war games of its time, and has many interesting features that I have not seen in any game since. Unfortunately the game suffers from being to slow and having confusing game mechanics.

Graphics 7/10

For the time these were pretty good. The portraits of the leaders face actually looked like the person they represented. The map is detailed. The only problem I have with the graphics are in the battle scenes. The troops don’t have any real sprites, its either a sword in a box or a bow and arrow in a box. Also there are very little graphics throughout the hole game. Most everything in the game is text based.

Sound 3/10

The sound is bad ever for a NES game. There is different music that associates with the country you are in. While this is kind of cool it is all done very poorly.

Gameplay 6/10

The objective of Genghis Khan is to conquer the world. You have a choice of four empires to do this with, however it doesn’t matter which one you pick because every empire plays exactly the same. After that you chose your generals and the game starts.

The gameplay is both ingenious and has horrible flaws. During your turn you have tons of options you can do, like building troops, training troops, raising moral, etc. The only problem is that more than two thirds of the things you can do are absolutely worthless, and a waste of the few things you can do per turn. In the game, after you defeat a country you have a choice to either kill their leader, let him go, or let him join your army. The only problem is that you have to kill him every time because if you let him live he’s going to attack you. You can also have children. The idea is when your current princes die your children can take over. However their stats are never as good as your staring prince and you probably will finish the game before your children can take over anyway.

There are two types of battles, one is where you send one of your princes to do the fighting. These are done automatically with barley any input from you. The second is one where you control the battle. You will normally select the first type when you can because the second type is boring and long.

The largest problem with this game is its peculiar difficulty level. Sometimes I send in 200 troops to take on another 200 troops and barely lose any guys. Then against someone else I send 300 against their 50 and either lose or be reduced to about 20 guys. Its also really easy for the computer to conquer lands you have already taken.

Overall 6/10

The game can be a lot of fun. But its slow, repetitious, and useless gameplay can really kill the game. Plus, you can get pretty much the same game in a much prettier package, with newer games.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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