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Guide and Walkthrough by melvinwang

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/22/2002

NES Gauntlet FAQ/walkthrough 1.0
22 September 2002
written by melvinwang


This guide copyright 2002 Alvin Liang (melvinwang@activatormail.com)

Read, print, or use it to play and win the game, but you may not alter it or
use it in any other manner without my express written permission, including
but not limited to distribution or posting on your web site. The only sites
allowed to post this guide are mine (Alvin Liang's) and GameFAQS.

Gauntlet is a trademark of Atari Games.
NES is a trademark of Nintendo.
Other trademarks not mentioned are also acknowledged.

If you need to contact me, my address is above. It might change a lot.
I'm willing to help you with the game if you write in a reasonably literate
and polite manner (in plain English, ask nicely, no alternating caps, et
cetera). I guess I could take Spanish or something as long as Babelfish can
deal with it.

Contributors always welcome and credited.

This document is 78 characters wide and 1400 lines long, I hope.


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Characters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0124
Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0186
Dungeon features. . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0268
Enemies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0305
Hints . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0386
Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0467
  World 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0502
  WOrld 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0604
  World 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0778
  World 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 0917
  World 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 1042
  Ending. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 1228
Passwords . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . line 1253
Stuff for later (or never). . . . . . . . line 1364
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I wrote this because I was bored one weekend. So I beat Gauntlet and wrote
about it. There's no good FAQ on GameFAQS either, although if you put the
two others (at the time of writing) together they can get you through about
two-thirds of the game. Hopefully this fills some tiny, tiny, useless void.


Gauntlet is an adaptation of the arcade one changed to include a little more
emphasis on exploring and finding hidden rooms, although there are still
hordes of monsters to whack. You have to find all the ? rooms to win the game,
as you lose instantly on the last level if you don't know a particular vault
combination before you enter.

I've played this game since it came out, and it's really freakin' hard, to say
the least, unless you have two players. Even then it's barely beatable without
a lot of skill and luck. This is false, of course, if you play on an emulator
and use save states. Cheater.

This game is finite unlike the arcade version. It takes about six hours to
complete from start to finish. I can beat it on the console, but only by using
the password feature repeatedly until I get lucky enough to make it through
the last set of levels.

It's a great game if you're looking for a challenge. There's so much to
discover in this game, although the monster whacking gets tedious at times.


Some of this should be obvious.

Use the control pad (+) to move. Use A to shoot. Use B to use a potion. You 
can also fight by simply trying to push against enemies.

To enter a password, get to where the game asks you how many players you want.
Point to your choice, then hold A and press Start. If you use a password make
sure you remember the vault combination! Otherwise you'll never win unless
you're really good at guessing, and all your work will go to waste.

Again, be sure to write down your vault combination after each clue room (the
? rooms), since the game only displays the letter for that clue, not all the
letters you've collected so far. So write them as you go.

If you need to get a password, pause the game. The pause screen also shows you
which power-up potions you've gotten and your current status and inventory. I
think the password only updates if you successfully exit a treasure room.

Different passwords have different vault combinations, unless they're from the
same game (e.g. you continue from a password and get a new one) as far I as 
can tell.

Advantages of two players:
  Ability to carry more total bombs/keys (twenty instead of ten)
  Ability to have one character draw fire for another
  Offset partner's weaknesses

Disadvantages of two players:
  Not enough food to go around, especially in late-game
  Not enough items when you don't repeat levels
  Lack of power-up potions
  Problems in tight corridors


They have names but I hate them so I won't use them.

HP refers to health, which is called power in the pause screen. This saves me
typing and avoids confusion with attack power, magic power, and fight power.

Warrior: Takes less damage, shot and fight power great (destroys everything in
         one shot). Unbearably slow, however, and cannot fire diagonally
         through gaps. Bombs really only effective on death and acid puddles.
         Low HP bonus, as if he doesn't already have trouble getting one.
         Has more HP at first but low HP bonus leaves him with less overall.
         Sucks ass in the treasure rooms. Probably the worst character, he is
         nothing without a speed potion. I can't beat the game by myself using
         him, but it's certainly possible.

Valkyrie: Takes least damage, decent in other categories. No real weakness.
          Magic power needs another notch even after power-up to be really
          useful, since her bombs can't destroy generators easily. This is
          quite noticeable in the last levels. Overall, not a bad choice, but
          the elf is probably better for experienced players who get hit less.

Wizard: Takes lots of damage, good shot power, decent otherwise. Bombs always
        clear screen except when shot without magic power-up. Has trouble
        surviving in later levels because of low HP and armor. A passable guy.

Elf: Extremely fast; sometimes even hard to control, especially after speed
     power-up. Good magic, especially after magic power-up. Better fight power
     than expected. Passable armor. Outstanding in treasure rooms. Highest HP
     bonus, ends up with the most HP. Usually my pick because of speed.

           Warrior  Valkyrie  Wizard  Elf
Armor         4        5        1      2
Fight         5        3        3      3
Magic         1        2        5      3
Speed         2        3        3      5
HPs          980      900      800    820
1600 pt HPs 1460     1500     1400   1540
HP bonus      80      100      100    120

Characters receive a HP bonus when score reaches 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600.
I've never gotten 3200 points, so I don't know if the trend continues. You
could see for yourself by repeating levels.

Two player strategy:
Have one person be the warrior or valkyrie and the other be the wizard or elf.
The warrior/valkryie takes a beating in front (a careful, measured beating,
mind you--see below) while the other one supports from behind with potions and
good shot power. It is possible to pick two valkyries or two elves and win,
though. Just don't hog everything. It probably is less likely that you'll win
with two wizards or two warriors, though. The wizards die too easily, and the
warrior's low speed is quite a shortcoming. In the later levels it becomes
more difficult to exit the treasure rooms, so you won't be getting health that
way as a warrior, for example. Two warriors also can't shoot diagonally
through walls.

I've never won with both characters alive. Usually one of us falls in the last
world due to lack of food and slower movement allowing many monsters to spawn.


Treasure 1: 
Looks like a treasure chest, adds 1 to score. Treasure chests can only be
destroyed by super shots; use this to your advantage.

Treasure 2: 
Looks like a bag of gold; adds 5 to score.

Looks like what it is. Opens locked doors and chests when you run into them.
Carry up to ten.

Looks like a bottle. Comes in neon yellow and grey varieties. Not to be
confused with poison, which usually has a darker color. These attack every
enemy on the screen. Its strength is dependent on your magic power. You can
also shoot the grey ones for a lesser effect. Carry up to ten, press B to use.

Food 1:
Looks like a brown bottle; easily destroyed. Adds 100 HPS.

Food 2:
Looks like a bowl of yellow sludge. Can't be destroyed. Adds 100 HPS.

Looks like a dark potion; easily destroyed. No other effects when shot. Takes
away 100 HPs, sometimes causes loss of character control.

Locked chest:
Looks like a closed treasure chest. May contain any item, enemy, or dungeon
feature (except wall, door, movable wall).

Looks like a white box with three lines. Enemies no longer go out of their way
to attack. Limited duration.

Looks like a brown box with three lines. Enemies run away. Limited duration.

Reflective shot:
Looks like a white box with an arrow. Your shots reflect off walls (duh). The
most annoying item in the game, since you can only have one shot on the screen
at a time. Useful only to hit monster generators behind diagonal walls. Better
when combined with super shot. Lasts to end of level.

Super shot:
Looks like a flashing/brown box with arrow. Your next ten shots destroy
everything (except Death and acid puddles) until they hit a solid wall. This
is also useful for opening doors without a key. Only lasts for ten shots. The
"everything" includes movable walls and any items, including locked chests, so
don't destroy a chest that contains something essential to exiting.

Take no damage from monsters, but timed HP drain speeds up. Limited duration.

Extra armor:
Bottle with shield. Decreases damage taken from monsters permanently (only
works once). Shoot to use as bomb.

Extra magic:
Brown bottle with spot. Bombs permanently do more damage (only works once).
Shoot to use as bomb.

Extra shot power:
White bottle with spot. Shots permanently do more damage (only works once).
Shoot to use as bomb.

Extra fight power:
Brown bottle with knife. You permanently do more damage running into enemies.
Only works once. Shoot to use as bomb.

Extra speed:
White bottle with arrow. You walk faster permanently. Makes the warrior an
infinitely better character, but the first one doesn't appear for quite a few
levels (unless I missed one). Shoot to use as bomb, only usable once.

Sacred orb:
Looks like an egg; appears only in level 100. Exit without it and you lose.

Dungeon features

You can't shoot or move through walls. Neither can the enemies, so use them as

Cracked walls:
These walls are destroyed by your shots. Some look like the real walls. Some
contain items, exits, etc. Other times they just block the way.

Requires a key to be opened. Sometimes they don't have to be opened to exit.

Looks like a pad with a star. Warps you to the nearest other teleporter. If
one isn't in range, warps you to itself. You can control where you emerge by 
holding a direction. If two are the same distance away, it warps you to one or
the other, which somehow depends on the color of the teleporter when you step
on it (at least in the arcade). You can kick yourself out faster by pausing
and un-pausing the game once or twice.

Stun panel:
Looks like a pukish green checkerboard. Extremely annoying. If you step on it,
you can't move or shoot for about four seconds. You can remove this effect by
pausing and un-pausing the game, which is still annoying.

Flashing panel:
Looks like a flashing checkerboard. Opens up certain walls elsewhere in the
level. Most are useful but some only open up paths to enemies.

Movable wall:
Looks like a white block. You can move these by pushing against them. You can
even move them along walls by pushing diagonally also. They generally get in
the way but can sometimes cover you.


* Overview *

Enemies come in several types. Most of them also come in three varieties:
easy, medium, and hard. Easy ones take one shot or hit to kill, hard ones take
as many as three. The same goes for generators. Harder generators generally
look more elaborate; for example, the hard type of brown box has a demon
emblem on it.

* The enemies *

Easy to kill but can't be fought hand-to-hand. Generated by skeletons. A
trick, if you hold down the shot button and stand still they can't hurt you a
lot of the time.

The faster ones drain you life like crazy so try to shoot them. Generated by
brown or gray boxes. Gray boxes can't be destroyed in hand-to-hand combat. The
fat green things in level 100 are like them but are generated by green boxes.

Most of these shoot. Like grunts they shoot/fight really fast in later levels.
Sometimes they shoot things for you. Also generated by brown boxes.

All of them shoot but you only get hurt where the little ball lands. Much less
of a threat than grunts or demons, and usually less of a threat than ghosts
also. They don't seem to participate in hand-to-hand combat, so you can just
run up to them and whack them. They, like the demons, also shoot things for
you sometimes. Not surprisingly, they are generated by brown boxes.

Can't be hit while invisible, but don't hit quite as fast as grunts/demons.
Yet another enemy generated by brown boxes. The small green guys in level 100
fight like them and are also generated by brown boxes.

Super sorcerer:
Randomly appears and takes a shot at you. Extremely annoying and difficult to
kill. Just be ready to dodge when it appears. More than one can appear at a
time, but luckily they only shoot once per appearance. Looks like a regular
sorcerer, don't be misled. If you stand in a corner of some sort they seem to
appear less. Not generated.

Looks like a black thing with arms. Only hurt by potions. Disappears after
taking about 100 HP away from you also. Quite fast, hard to outrun if you
choose the warrior. Other characters can try to trap it behind a wall by
backtracking and running in circles. Not generated.

Acid puddle:
Looks like a black blob. Does very little damage unless you stand on it or
push against it. Only hurt by potions. Mostly annoying only when they block
the path you have to traverse. Try to wait until they move unless it's a
really narrow hallway, or use a bomb. Another reason not to be the warrior
since you can't duck by easily. Not generated.

Fat green thing:
See grunt. Only appears in the last level.

Thin green thing:
See sorcerer. Only appears in the last level.

Only appears in the last level. Heads don't attack until you attack them, so
only attack one at a time. Bombs put them back to sleep. To kill it, start by
attacking the left or right head. Then run up to it on the other side (as
close as possible), it can't hit you there. DON'T shoot any other heads. Wait
for it to stop shooting, then run back over to the head that's awake and shoot
it. Repeat for the head on the other side. Then attack the middle head by
hiding around the corner or by running back and forth at the wide part of the
room and shooting diagonally. Sounds harder than it is, just have enough
health to last through the fight and to take a couple of hits, and a bomb or
two for when you hit the wrong head. Not generated.

If you have two players against the dragon, go one at a time, otherwise you
get in each other's way.


* How to take a measured beating *

If you only pick up one tip here, let it be this one: whenever you can, shoot
through the diagonals of the walls (unless you're a warrior). With this tip
you can get quite far the first time you play.

Fighting diagonally is not just limited to gaps in walls. It also works well
to pick generators off by popping out from around a corner.

To kill things most efficiently, keep the generators offscreen where they
don't work, then fire a shot and follow it until you can barely see the
generator. Immediately back up and repeat. This doesn't always work due to
level layouts, but it stops you from getting flooded with enemies when it
does. You are almost REQUIRED to do this in the late-game.

Inch forward when there are no generators in your path, so fewer enemies can
appear at a time. But don't go too slow, as your health drops constantly, and
if generators are on the screen, they could flood you with monsters for later.

If you didn't see it above, if you step on a stun panel pause and un-pause to
free yourself. The same applies to teleporters, since enemies can hit you as
you teleport (really cheap). And pausing also causes shots (yours and those of
the enemy) to disappear. Pausing on shots is only useful once in a while, like
when a super sorcerer appears and there's nobody else around.

Ghosts sometimes don't hurt you if you stand still and shoot by holding A.

Sometimes you don't have to really stop and shoot; you can just run by and
punch anyone on the way. But this doesn't always work. Learn to judge when it
will and you can save a lot of time and health.

Sometimes you don't have to conserve as much, like before a treasure room. But
remember that you must exit the treasure room to be healed.

If you can't destroy generators with your potions then try to use them right
when you pass through an area with a lot of enemies and run by the generators
before new enemies appear.

Collecting things besides clues, keys, and potions is not always important.

* On dungeon hopping *

The shortest route is not always the best one. You'll miss out on items and
treasure. Believe me, the impossible final levels are a lot easier when you
have a bunch of bombs. And sometimes you'll get stuck without keys and have no
choice but to die or reset; this version doesn't let you stall doors open.

On a related note, the obvious exit is usually the wrong one. Not always,
though. In some levels, the exits are random. At least they don't move.

If you have time, shoot walls to find hidden things.

Repeat levels to stock up on keys and potions and, in the two-player game, to
pick up power-up potions for the other player.

* Other notes *

The maximum number of keys and the maximum number of bombs you can hold is
ten. If you see another one, don't pick it up until you need it. This is only
a problem in the mid-game, but will help you greatly at the end. The same
thing goes for food when you have near-maximum HP. You can always go back for
these items just before exiting if you plan on clearing out the level.

Save your super shots, but not at the cost of a lot of your health. They can
cut through lines of enemies in short corridors as well as save you keys.

Finally, you probably won't win on your first try (on the console). But KEEP
ON TRYING! You can use passwords and written-down combinations to cut the
number of stages you have to repeat. Some places just require luck; it isn't
your fault if you lose, like if you're low on life and can't find the exit in
the damned world 4/5 treasure rooms. And it's easy to lose to even the
smallest mistake--scrolling on one too many enemies, for example, or using a
key by accident as the elf.

Play some other music on a stereo when you play the game so you don't go
insane listening to the extremely limited and obnoxious soundtrack.


* Reading this section and navigating the dungeons *

There are multiple exits in many levels (including the first). Many of them
are either fake or take you to earlierlevels, but you won't always know which
one in advance is the right one. One exit that I've seen is so dirty that it
dumps you back several worlds (which is not a bad thing if you miss a clue).

If you haven't read it elsewhere (in this FAQ, your manual, another FAQ) you
have to have a certain combination to enter the last room. Otherwise you lose
when you get to room 100. To find this combination you must visit every room
marked on the map with ? before the number.

Treasure rooms allow you to increase your score (and your maximum HP). If you
exit before time expires (30 seconds) you also have your life refilled. In
later treasure rooms your first priority should be to exit. These are marked
with $ on the map before the number.

Normal rooms have the digit 0 (zero) before the number.

A line between rooms indicates that there is a path between them, not
necessarily two-way.

You start in the lowest-numbered room in each world.

I used the elf to write this walkthrough, so sometimes you may not be fast
enough to use some of these strategies as a different character (warrior). I
have won with the valkyrie using a similar strategy.

Maps are adapted from those given in Dragooneth's FAQ which is apparently
not copyrighted.

* World 1 *

Four treasure rooms ($04, 08, 13, 19), one clue room (?16)
Shortest path: 1-5-9-10-11-12-$13-14-15-?16-$19.
My path: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19.
Shortest without clues: 1-5-9-10-11-12-$13-14, then any path directly to $19.
Shortest is eleven rooms, mine is seventeen rooms, shortest without clues is
eleven rooms.

My path nets you much more treasure, especially good while it is easy to

In general, you can rush right through this world. Don't. Try to raise your
maximum HPs, since treasure is scarce later. Also try to save up some potions
and keys.

             |   |   |
    $08-009-010 012-$13
   /     |     \ | /
007-006-005-$04 011
         |     \

01: This level is easy. Be sure to collect the treasure in the middle room.
    If you want to go to level 5, shoot the little wall sticking out from the
    outside border of the level in the upper-right. Don't forget the potion in
    the lower-right also.

02: This level is also easy. Try to collect all the treasure you can. There's
    food in the upper right corner.

03: The exit is on the right side, but collect all the treasure first.

04: Treasure room. The exit is in one of the corners. There's a key on the
    left side.

05: If you collected a key in level 4, the upper-left corner is a great place
    to use it. The hidden exit to level 9 is in the upper part of the level
    where the three treasure boxes are. The normal exit is in the lower-right.

06: The locked chest contains food. There are two keys on this level. At the
    end where the path turns north, I usually just run for the exit. Even the
    elf can do this with his low fight power.

07: The locked chest contains invisibility. Try to explore this level, there's
    a bomb and a key here.

08: Treasure room. See description for level 4.

09: This level scrolls forever left-ro-right. The lower locked room contains
    food and reflective shot. The upper locked room contains a bomb, key,
    food, and a death.

10: You can avoid the first door by shooting the left part of the wall where
    it is located. The first three flashing panels only release monsters; the
    last one releases the exit and a bomb.

11: If you want to go to level 12, exit at the bottom by hitting the upper-
    left flashing panel. You'll also need to shoot at a solid wall. If you
    want to go to level 13, hit the other two. However, there is extra stuff
    to pick up by both exits, so you might want to hit all three panels.

12: There's hidden food in the fat parts of the wall near the start, be
    careful when revealing it not to shoot it. There's a lot of good treasure
    on this level, including extra shot power; don't let the demons shoot it.
    The exit is also hidden near the start, but you'll have to hit a flashing
    panel in a wall to reach it and another one in the locked chest to reach
    the aforementioned one.

13: Treasure room. See description for level 4.

14: There's a breakable wall on the right wall near the door out of the first
    room. The left exit goes to level 15, the right one goes to level 17.

15: Hit all the flashing panels to reach level 16. Otherwise exit early to
    level 18. The locked chest is just a standard treasure box. There's an
    armor potion hidden in a wall here! It's in a block below the room with
    six treasure chests.

16: Hope you have two keys. Open the chest to the left of the exit and the one
    to the right of the clue. You'll find a flashing panel and extra magic 
    power. Then find the room with food and shoot the center wall inside. 
    Finally, return to retrieve the clue and exit. The other chests contain a
    flashing panel that also goes to the food room and a poison. This level is
    time-limited since it's a clue room.

17: Opening four doors leads you immediately to the exit. Otherwise there
    isn't much of note in this level. The locked chest near the line of other
    chests is a standard treasure. The other one is food. A hidden wall lets
    you shoot the generator in the lower right. Both exits lead to level 18.

18: There are hidden super shots in the upper right part of the level.
    You might want to just run for the exit, though. Hit the panels near
    near the exit to open the path.

19: Treasure room. See description for level 4.

My route to here: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19. (17 total)

* World 2 *

Four treasure rooms ($24, 29, 36, 41), one clue room (?20)
Shortest route: 20-21-(22)/(23)-$24-25-?26-27-28-$29-30-34-$36-37-38-40-$41.
My route: 20-21-22-$24-25-?26-27-28-$29-30-31-35-34-$36-37-38-39-40-$41.
Shortest without clues: 20-21-(22)/(23)-$24-25-27-28-$29-30-34-$36-37-38-40
Shortest is sixteen rooms, mine is nineteen rooms, shortest without clues is
fifteen rooms.

Going to 22 gets you some extra fight power, going to 31 and 35 gets you extra
magic power, and going to 39 gets you some extra speed. And you can repeat 35
if you have two players.

Don't skip levels here either, except 32 and 33.

020         037-038-039
 |           |     \ |
021         $36     040-$41
 | \         |
023 022 033-034-035
 | /     |   |   |
$24 ?26 032-030-031
 | / |       |

20: The locked chest contains a Death. There's a fake wall near the door, to 
    the left. There's another extra shot power here, useful if you have two
    players; otherwise shoot it to use it as a bomb. Death is at the exit too.
    The first two panels open a generator only, the second group opens the
    path to the shot power.

21: The exit in the upper right leads to level 22. To go to level 23 hit all
    the flashing panels. If you don't mind dealing with another Death you can
    collect another bomb by shooting walls on the left border of the level.

22: Open the top door at the start only if you want a potion. Then grab the
    keys and open the bottom door. Follow the path to some flashing panels and
    eventually some extra fight power, food, and the exit.

23: This level pisses me off. Teleport around and collect stuff if you want,
    but I usually just try to leave. In the room to the right of the start
    there's a fake wall that leads more easily to an exit. You can also get
    a potion there. In all, there's two potions and a lot of food and Death.

24: Treasure room. The exit appears randomly, try to spot it first. There's a
    room with fifteen chests, try to hit it early. There's also a fake wall
    you can shoot but it only leads to another crappy treasure chest.

25: All the locked chests contain food, there's a fake wall with food, and
    there's food all over the place anyways. Don't wet yourself with hunger.
    Seriously, this is good if you failed to exit room 24 in time. Exit in the
    bottom exit to go to level 27, in the upper right to go to 26. Take the
    first teleporter you see to save a key by going around the door. Just run
    for it in the room with the exit to 26 unless you're the warrior.

26: You'll need one key here. As a reminder, this level is also time-limited.
    Shoot out through six walls on the left. If you want, open the door and
    grab the ten (yes, TEN!) bombs. Otherwise head for the teleporter, and
    hold down on the controller. Open the locked chest for the clue, then
    enter the teleporter and hold right to exit to 27.

    As for hidden items, in lone blocks in the middle of some of the rooms are
    a treasure bag (5 treasures), single chests, and an armor potion.

27: This is what I affectionately call the first "reset point" of the game.
    If you get a movable wall stuck in the wrong corridor, you'll see why.
    From the start, the lower-left corridor leads to three treasure boxes, and
    the lower-right one leads to the top. At the top, find the fake wall near
    the skeletons and shoot it to find the path to the exit. All five exits
    lead to 28, but grab the food. The other two paths lead to each other.
    The warrior is helped greatly by the invunerability. Just run to the exit.

28: Take the path on the right first, and hit the flashing panel on the way.
    You can shoot out the wall on the right near the end of the path, or
    you'll return to the start. You can either shoot out the wall or take the
    center path from the start to reach the fake wall a different way. There's
    a potion near the top; you can either use it to kill the puddles and hit
    the flashing panel or use it to go for the exit, which is surrounded by
    Deaths. If you hit the flashing panel, you can reach the exit from behind.
    There are also fake walls to help you avoid the Deaths if you so choose.

29: Treasure room. See description for level 24.

30: Upper exits lead to 32. Lower-left exit leads to 31. Lower-right exit
    leads to 34. There's food in the corner wall near the upper-left exit.
    Flashing panels seem to only release Death. Again, lots of food here in
    case you couldn't exit the treasure room (for warriors, basically).

31: Shoot the fat wall to get a key. Then find and hit the top flashing panel
    and follow the path it was on to find a locked chest with a flashing panel
    inside. Then find the path to the exit. The other path opened by the other
    panel only leads to some treasure and a locked chest containing a key, so
    it may not be worth your time and HPs. The first time I played this, I had
    no keys and didn't know about the one at the beginning. Quite frustrating.

32: First appearance of gray monster generators here. Top middle rooms have
    only food and treasure. Top corner rooms have only poison and treasure.
    Whether you enter or not, grab the key at the top. Bottom middle has four
    foods, but flashing panels in front of them release Death. Lower-left has
    two foods, four treasures, and an exit. Lower-right has no food and eight
    treasures, but you have to release grunts to get them. Both exits lead to
    level 33.

33: Another annoying level. Some exits are fakes, some lead back to level 32.
    Only one goes to 35. For me the real exit was the one with treasure around
    it, this may change from game to game. To start, shoot out the two fake
    walls directly south of you. Going back to level 32 could be useful if you
    are in need of food or keys, I guess.

34: The bottom exit leads back to level 30. I can see one use for this: to get
    the potion in 35 again. You can reach it and a key by going down from the
    start. To move on, go to the top until you see a door. Open it and hit the
    flashing panel. If you go for the food, be careful of Death. Then go down
    until you reach the teleporter and enter the other corridor, and go up for
    the exit to 36.

35: There are fake walls everywhere in this level. Some are only there to help
    you shoot generators, while others lead to treasure. There's one near one
    of the top teleporters that can save you some backtracking. Anyways, start
    by going right and hitting the flashing panel, then get to the second top 
    teleporter to reach the bottom corridor. Be sure you collect the extra
    magic potion in the in the locked chest near the second flashing panel. I
    have no idea what the panel by the exit does. To reach it and the exit to
    34, use the bottom teleporters holding right until you get there.

36: Treasure room. See description for level 24.

37: Straightforward level. Hit all the flashing panels. You don't have to hit
    the one in the door, so go down past the puddles before you open it. Hit
    the one by the locked chest instead, unless you really want four treasure
    boxes. The locked chest contains an extra speed potion, and the exit is in
    the wall above the bomb. If you have ten bombs and need to use one, use it
    on the left side. The warrior can now rejoice, as he sucks much less now.

38: Lots of locked chests and doors here. Lots of ways to waste your keys too.
    Grab the first key (if you need it). Then go to the upper right and open
    the door to three keys and a locked chest with food that you might want.
    Then you'll have to go to the middle room, which has a flashing panel in
    open. Open the door and hit it. Then go to the left, grab the key, and
    open the top door and the locked chest in the way. 
    If you need potions, you can get the one in the upper left and get the key
    back. There's one in the locked chest right above where you start, but it
    takes a net of two keys to reach it, since you'll have to go to the lower
    right and open a door and a chest first, although you'll get a key in the
    process. There's one in the left chest surrounded by stun panels near the
    first key also.

    You'll probably use a potion or two to pass the acid puddles. Use keys 
    wisely or you might have to reset. It is possible to get most of the
    useful things on this level if you plan ahead and know which chests only
    contain enemies or traps.

    Finally, the left exit leads to 39 (and an extra speed potion there),
    while the one on the right leads to level 40.

39: This is a maze. A maze packed with food. Don't be afraid to hit stun traps
    since you can use the pause trick to get away. You can kill the Death at
    the bottom by teleporting on top of him. Then you can get an extra speed
    potion. Continue to the exit or keep exploring. There are four treasure
    chests that you can't reach as far as I know, so don't sweat it.

40: The locked chest at the beginning contains Death. Super and reflective
    shots are at the bottom. The left wall of the room containing the monster
    generator that you can't shoot diagonally has a key. The upper-right
    locked chest has a potion.

41: Treasure room. See description for level 24.

My route to here: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-21-22-$24-25
                  -?26-27-28-$29-30-31-35-34-$36-37-38-39-40-$41. (36 total)

* World 3 *

Three treasure rooms ($49, 55, 62), two clue rooms (?46, 54)
Shortest route: 42-43-?46-47-48-$49-50-51-53-?54-$55-56-57-(58-61)/(60-59)
My route: 42-43-?46-47-48-$49-50-51-53-?54-$55-56-57-58-61-$62.
Shortest without clues: 42-45-44-$49-50-51-52-$55-56-57-60-$62.
Shortest is sixteen rooms, mine is sixteen rooms, shortest without clues is
twelve rooms.

I choose 58-61 because you can stock up on keys and bombs, but if you're hurt
and have one or two keys you might go the other way, maybe passing through 59
if you don't want to hack through 60. 61 also has magic power if needed. Look
at you and your partner's status to decide. With two players you should
usually go to stock up on other items, not to get the magic power.

The hard part about this world for first-time players is that it's hard to
know which path to take even with the in-game map. You have to take a certain
two-level path to reach the clue rooms.

         |     \     |
059-060-057     052-051
   \ |   |           |
    $62-058         050-$49-048
       \ |               |   |
        061         045-044 047
                     |   |   |

42: At the first intersection, go left to reach 45 or right to reach 43 (and
    the clue). This level is quite straightforward but packed with enemies.
    Work fast so that more don't spawn. There's a hidden key near the six
    chests, and near the exit to 43 is a chest with extra fight power.

43: And yet another annoying teleport level. Teleport to the either of the two
    rooms below that have a Death inside and hit a flashing panel, then
    teleport to the halls. From the halls, find an open room and teleport from
    there to the exit to level 46.

    OR, teleport to a room with a Death, run to the teleport on the other
    side, and hope you go to the exit. If you fail, you have to take an outer
    exit, and you'll miss the clue, unless you hit a flashing panel first.

44: The flashing panels release enemies. You can avoid the first set by
    shooting a nearby wall. Also hidden in this level is a food at the corner
    near the right end of the zigzagging blocks. There's a Death in the wall
    that's the left tip of those blocks, so watch where you aim. After the
    second group of flashing panels you can shoot through the upper wall to
    avoid confrontation. Most of the locked chests contain food; one contains
    a key and another a bomb.

45: Avoid the flashing panels unless you like dealing with four Deaths. Clean
    out the enemies to the left first, picking up a repulsion item. Then hit
    them, and run away quickly. Other than that work your way to the exit to 
    level 44.

46: This is pretty easy except for the enemies, which I usually run by using
    the repulsiveness at the start. Go to the tail of the arrow in the center,
    shoot out the wall, and open the locked chest for the clue. Then hit the
    flashing panel, leave the arrow, and go left to the exit.

47: Go right and hit the flashing panel. Then go left, opening the door, to
    exit. There's a potion in the lower-right, and keys in the top middle
    after hitting flashing panels in the bottom middle.

48: From the start go left for food and a locked chest with a bomb. The locked
    chest by the movable walls also contains a potion. All the exits lead to
    level 49.

49: Treasure room. Work your way outside. Sometimes the exit blocks the way to
    getting more treasure. If you're the warrior and don't have extra speed
    you have no time to lose unless you're lucky and the exit is in your face.

50: Work your way up to the exit using the teleporters. You can get some bombs
    here, and sometimes you don't have to teleport up if you want to get more
    stuff. The first locked chest has food. Hang around after you hit the
    flashing panels near the exit; the left room opened by the left panel has
    extra magic power hidden in one of the eyes of the happy face there. The
    right room has three Deaths in the mouth, though. Both rooms have super
    shots in the corners.

51: Some panels open the way to Death, some open the way to food in opposite
    corners, and one I don't know the purpose of. Run to the exits. Left exit
    goes to level 52, right exit goes to level 53 and towards the clue room.

52: Easy level if you don't open any doors. Instead head down, then towards
    either upper corner. Then head to the opposite upper corner to exit.
    Nothing of note at all except the four keys at the start.

53: The locked chest to the right of the exit contains extra fight power.
    Otherwise, run to the exit. In particular leave the center room as fast as
    possible to avoid getting swarmed.

54: You need one key at the start to exit and get the clue. If you have it,
    then grab the keys and head for the upper-right room, then the upper-left
    one. Then head to the lower-right room to exit. Super shots work well here

55: Treasure room. See description for level 49.

56: You cannot reach the treasure room near the start. Work your way down with
    help of cracked walls and flashing panels, then return to the center for
    the exit. Locked chest contains invunerability.

57: There is an exit immediately accessible near the bottom to level 58.
    Hitting the flashing panel opens the exit to level 60. Locked chests at
    the top and bottom contain a treasure box and a food, respectively.

58: Only one exit leads to level 61. Other exits lead back to 57. The pair of
    levels is worth repeating if you are low on items since there's food,
    keys, and bombs. You can reach level 62 from here also. At the start, be
    careful not to shoot out the last wall below you, as it contains Death.
    There's super shots in the upper-left. In general I never exit near the
    bottom of the level.

59: To exit quickly enter the teleporter and hold down-left on the controller.
    Continue in that direction. If you have no keys, failing this and ending
    up at the lower-right can make this level into a forced reset/death. Only
    go there if you want to enter the big treasure room on the far right.

60: Three exits here. You can reach the one on the right immediately by
    opening the locked chest and hitting the flashing panel that appears.
    Otherwise, get ready to battle a bunch of enemies and find a bunch of fake
    walls. From left to right, the exits lead to levels 57, 62, and 59. If you
    choose to go through the long way, the hidden paths follow a zigzag taking
    you through every large room.

61: All four exits lead to level 62, but they are opened by panels on the
    opposite side from them. There is extra magic power in the locked chest
    near the top exit. If you grabbed super shots in level 58 you can open
    many doors here.

62: Treasure room. See description of level 49.

My route to here: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-21-22-$24-25
                  -48-$49-50-51-53-?54-$55-56-57-58-61-$62. (52 total)

* World 4 *

Three treasure rooms ($67, 71, 78), two clue rooms (?66, 70)
Shortest route: 63-64-65-?66-68-69-?70-$71-72-75-$78.
My route: 63-64-65-?66-$67-68-69-?70-$71-72-75-$78.
Shortest without clues: 63-64-65-$67-68-69-?70-$71-72-75-$78.
Shortest is eleven rooms, mine is twelve rooms, shortest without clues is
eleven rooms.

Shortening the path you take becomes a greater priority now, as you take much
more damage per room. Make the call on whether to restock keys and potions at
the cost of health. Hopefully you already have most of the stat potions.

               / |
    $78-077 ?66-$67
     |   |     \ |
074-075-076     068
 |   |           |

63: Invisible walls! Almost as annoying as teleporters. Just feel around to
    find treasure, food, Death, a bomb, and the exit. There might be something
    in the walls, but I've never tried. Shooting can help you find a path.

64: Invisible walls again. This level is easier. Go left to the flashing
    panel, hit it, and go down to fight the ghosts, then left, down, and right
    to fight the grunts and collect food, then down and right to reach more
    ghosts. Go up and left from near the left side of the line of treasure to
    leave for level 65. Again, there might be something hidden, but I've never
    tried to find it. There's only more treasure around the level.

65: The invisible walls are diagonal this time. Head for the upper-left, then
    try to reach the lower exit to the clue room. Explore if you want.

66: Another easy clue room. The clue is in plain sight at the beginning. Enter
    the room with the clue, then use a bomb if you have ten. Go around to the
    exits. The one further away leads to the treasure room if you want to go
    there. You'll have to shoot an invisible wall near the bottom. Be sure to
    grab the fight power if neccessary.

67: Treasure room. And an incredibly frustrating one. You might never find the
    exit. Concentrate on doing it, though. Just make a beeline for the next
    teleport pad. This is where luck comes in. . .

68: Well, at least you can see the walls again. At the opening, start shooting
    as three grunts immediately attack. There are monsters on all four sides
    but luckily few generators on this level. You can also use stun panels for
    cover, and remember that lobbers can't go hand-to-hand; just run them down
    like a crazy truck driver. This place is divided into four corners. The
    upper-left locked chest has an enemy. The upper-right has two keys. The
    lower-left locked chest has a bomb. The lower-left chests contain a Death
    and an exit. Try to save your bomb by luring the Death out and then
    running around it. Running out of keys might force you to restart.

69: Go down and grab the food, but no further as a Death awaits you. Use the
    upper teleport until it dumps you on the right wall. Hit the flashing
    panel, then go aound and use the teleporter to the left of the one you
    first took until you emerge near the upper-left flashing panel. Go right
    for food or go left for the exit from there. Take your time and remember
    the tricks of following your shots and pausing on super sorcerer shots.

70: The first clue room you have no excuse for missing. This room is pretty
    difficult, luckily the next room is a treasure room. So don't worry too
    much about conserving life. (On the other hand, this world's treasure
    rooms are hard to exit.) Every room except the exit rooms has food, but
    it's located in an inconvenient, easily-shot place. To make matters worse,
    the exit location changes each game. Here are the directions you can go,
    clockwise from the top:

    An exit, four demons, initially blocked off.
    A food, two skeletons, and a hidden flashing panel in the lower-right that
      you must shoot. This panel opens the lower exit.
    Four acid puddles, a food, and a flashing panel that opens the path to the
      key at upper-left.
    THE CLUE is hidden in the upper-right corner here; shoot it to reveal it.
      Also two skeletons and a food.
    The other exit and four demons, initally blocked off.
    Two skeletons, a food, and the same flashing panel as the one by the acid.
    Two deaths, a locked chest with flashing tile that opens the top
      exit, a food.
    Two skeletons, a food, and a key, initially blocked off.

    Just run from room to room as fast as possible. Obviously go to the upper-
    right first. Then get the key if you think you have enough health and
    time, then open the bottom exit hoping to save the key. Finally open the
    top exit if you must. Time can be a problem here.

71: Treasure room. See description for level 67.

72: Avoid all the doors. Run and grab the key, then follow the narrow, door-
    lined path to the flashing panel (open that door) and then to the exit to
    level 75. Or, continue to the bottom wall and follow it to the exit to
    level 73.

73: It looks familiar, like level 64. But this time go left after killing the
    grunts to reach the line of treasure chests and then fight the line of
    skeletons to exit.

74: Another familiar level, like 39. The path's different with less/different
    treasures. You'll have to use a bomb to go past the damn puddles.
75: Finally, a different level. Try not to release Death unless you have to. 
    At least kill them both using one bomb. Only release Death if you want an
    extra speed potion. Otherwise go all the way right to go to 76 or all the
    way left through the teleporters to go to 78.

76: Back to the familiar levels. Head to the lower right corner to exit.
    Plenty of food here. Where the key was hidden last time (top-middle room
    with generator, left wall against border) is a potion.

77: You can run right on to the exit by following the path with Death
    (bottom). Teleporting right first gets you a lot of food and treasure.

78. Treasure room. See description for level 67.

My route to here: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-19-20-21-22-$24-25
                  -69-?70-$71-72-75-$78. (64 total)

* World 5 *

Three treasure rooms ($83, 88, 92), two clue rooms (?81, 90).
Shortest route: 79-82-?81-82-79-$83-84-86-87-$88-89-?90-91-$92-93-94-99-100
My route: 79-82-?81-82-79-$83-84-85-84-86-87-$88-89-?90-91-$92-93-94-99-100
Shortest without clues: 79-$83-84-86-87-$88-91-$92-93-94-99-100
Shortest is eighteen rooms, mine is twenty rooms, shortest without clues is
twelve rooms.

             | /         |
        088-089     095-094-097
         |           |   |   |
085 086-087         096 099 098
 | /                     |
084 082-?81             100
 |   |   |

This is 18 rooms if you want the clues. Ouch. This assumes you don't take
any wrong turns ever and that you don't want the extra armor potion. However,
if you know the combination already this becomes a bit easier.

The most devious world yet. Many places where taking the wrong exit makes you
repeat levels. Lots of them. And you will repeat level 79 at least once, and
either 80 or 82 once also, if you want the first clue here. At least the
treasure rooms improve a bit, because keeping health up is a HUGE problem.
Even one crappy-ass but persistent grunt can wipe away 100-200 HP in less than
five seconds.
79: Hope you have some super shots left over from 77 or 75. Use and follow
    them to reach the exits with minimal damage and using fewer keys. The
    upper-right exit leads to 80, upper-left leads to 82, and lower hidden
    exit leads to 83. Don't forget the key near the start.

    If you don't have super shots, you're out of luck. Take your time and inch
    forward as your shots leave the screen to take cheap shots. If you're
    headed to the treasure room 83 you could try running for it near the end.

80: Every time I'm here, the exits change on me. Try the upper locked chest
    for a different exit. So the first time, dash over to a visible exit. If
    it doesn't take you to the place you're going try the other set when you
    return. The exits are consistent from visit to visit as long as you
    haven't powered off the console, reset or died. Good luck, you might be
    playing this level and 79 over and over again. That's what the password is
    for, so I hope you found the exit in 78 (all a matter of luck for the last
    three!) One exit returns you to the title screen. (Or is it a bug?)

81: Once you pass this level then all you need is a password, which is easier
    to get in this world (one good thing). You need to open all four chests
    for the clue and three flashing panels. There's food here, but the grunts
    are VERY dangerous. Move fast so they don't have a chance to generate.
    Since I was dashing through 79 and 80 I still had a couple of super shots.
    I also had them one time from going through level 82 instead of level 80.
    If you do also, use them but be careful not to break the locked chests.

    After hitting the panels go to the right side and break the innermost wall
    where the walls disappeared to reveal Death and the path to the exit to
    80. Do the same on the left to go to 82. You need to return to 79 now, so
    use the appropriate exit in whichever level you go to.

82: This level is probably easier than 80 since there are fewer exits and more
    items. Especially try to get the extra super shots and save them, and try
    not to kill Death with a bomb. There's also four foods in the bottom tri-
    angular room.

    A second exit is in the fat wall in the top of the room with a lone tele-
    porter. Carve a path through the wall to reach it.

83: Finally, a treasure room. The real exit is randomly placed, but at least
    there are no teleporters. Again, the first priority is exiting so you can
    refill your life. With the elf you have no excuse for not exiting in time.
    With the warrior, I'm surprised you're here if playing alone.

84: A million fake exits. All but one goes to 84. The right one is in the top
    left but you have to pass most of the level (ugh, sorcerers) to get to it.
    Remember, try to save bombs. But there is an easily collected one in the
    bottom left, and you can play 84-85 repeatedly with a bit of skill to save
    a few up. Just circle the wrong exits to shake Death off at the end.

85: A rare armor potion is here. In plain sight. DON'T SHOOT IT. Then follow
    the top path to the exit. To deal with the four deaths, try a bomb. Or
    lure the top one out since the others will be stuck behind a stun panel,
    and leave him in the room with six treasure chests, then return and
    approach the exit from the right and watch as the other three get stuck
    also. Obviously you have to be quick.

86: Straightforward but tough. Use hit-and-run tactics mixed in with some
    shot-following. Again, save your bombs unless you're totally screwed.
    Don't use one on the puddles, be patient. You'll have to rush in to grab
    treasures that protect the generators. Kill the demons using the pause
    trick; they cannot regenerate. The grunts surrounding the exit cannot
    either. Even with all these tricks it's easy to lose 400-500 HP here.
    Finally, keep moving so the lobbers miss.

87: If you can pass the middle without using a bomb then you are a freakin'
    god at this game, or you're using a patch code. Use the bomb from the
    twisty corridors for maximum effect. It helps a lot here to be the elf or
    wizard. Otherwise, save your health--you're almost to the treasure room!
    Use the same tactics as in 86, and go DOWN from the start to skip the
    dead end.

88: Treasure room. See description for level 83. If you fail to refill here
    you are probably screwed, sorry.

89: From where you start, go left a bit (after killing the opening rush of
    grunts) and you'll see a locked chest. Open that chest for 90. There are
    three keys visible from the same vantage point that you should also get.
    Use the diagonal shooting trick while you're there to free the keys, too.
    Otherwise, same old killing strategy: hit-and-run, follow, conserve.
    Other exits lead to 91, avoid them; we'll be there soon enough.

90: Last clue room! I recommend getting the bomb from the upper-left chest in
    the spiral, and grabbing the key there also. Then rush to the upper-right
    and take the hairpin up to the locked chest with the clue. Finally, follow
    the border then go up until you're to the left of the exit. Shoot the
    walls to reveal Death, whip out a bomb, and dive for the exit.

    Don't worry about keys unless you plan on going back to grab missed clues,
    there are almost no doors from here on out (except two in the final
    level). There are a lot of enemies here so stagger while shooting or use
    your fight power. Try not to get hurt too much as there's one more level
    until the last treasure room.

91: Grab the power-up boxes, then when the upper-left wall is destroyed by the
    suddenly-appearing ring of lobbers, run to the corners in search of the
    exits. I had 900 health as the elf and I had to run to all four corners,
    and I still made it with 400 left. Only run enough to see if the exit is
    actually there. Then run for the exit if it is.

92: The final treasure room. See description for level 83. You'd better not
    fail to leave on time.

93: Use the ghost/shot trick right off the bat (see Enemies), then search for
    the flashing panels behind the teleporters. Hit them to open the exits, 
    one of which is completely fake, the other going to level 94. Use the same
    tactics as before. I usually get by with 400 damage.

94: Lower-right exit goes to 98. Lower-left exit goes to 95. The good exit is
    in the middle left but you have to go ALL the way around to reach it. Try
    to save bombs, again, but you might have to use one or two anyway. Shoot
    the wall by the demon generator to open the good exit. Try running by 
    some of the enemies at the end before they spawn.

95: Plays exactly like a level from long ago. Even the enemies are easier.
    Quick recap: teleport right. Hit flashing panel. Teleport left. Hit panel.
    Bottom left corner has exit.

96: A hard battle. And then I can't find an exit. I shot every single wall,
    I swear. Sorry, but I think it's game over here. I even shot a bunch of
    air in case it was like level 70 when the stuff appeared out of thin air.
    Maybe the walls shaped like arrows mean something?

97: Too many exits to shake a stick at. The right one goes to 98.

98: This time, too many locked chests to shake a stick at. When I played the
    one furthest below the start contained an exit to level 32 (!). All the
    others contained grunt generators.

99: This is what I've been telling you to save bombs for. Bomb your way out of
    the middle. Turn left at the immense line of generators and go to the top,
    then spiral out to the exit in the lower-left. Bomb when neccessary. Once
    you pass the line you shouldn't need as many bombs. The theme here is HP
    conservation. If you start with five bombs you should be fine as the elf
    or wizard. One or two more for the other classes. Remember, you can just
    run by once the monsters are dead. Try to save one or two bombs and about
    500 HP for the last battle.

100: The final battle. Before you enter you have to enter the combination. Any
     mistake and the room appears but you immediately die.

     Otherwise the room appears. Turn left and attack the green things. Then
     inch over and take on the others one at a time. Again, saving health is
     the main concern; the dragon (Guardian) appears in this level. I can
     usually reach the dragon losing less than 150 HP if I use my bombs early
     to clear out the Sacred Orb and at the same time protect myself.

     There's one food and one potion here. Save the bomb for the end, because
     there are a lot of little guys left too. Any leftover bombs from 99 are
     quite helpful also.

     After you kill the dragon (see Enemies section), hit the flashing panels
     and explore until you can retrieve the sacred orb. Don't leave without it
     unless you want to lose!

* The Ending *

It's not much of a spoiler to post it here.

It plays some dumb music, says:


then scrolls the following:


These messages repeat.

When the music stops you see a dumb fireworks effect which is just the sky
changing colors quickly.

Meanwhile your character(s) stands (stand) there next to the Sacred Orb.

THE END! Now beat it all over again and waste another day.


To enter a password follow the directions on the screen where you select the
number of players (hold A, press Start).

According to Dragooneth's FAQ passwords don't work if you collect too much
treasure. This has never happened to me; I collect fewer than 1800 treasures
if I stay around to get the 1600 treasure HP bonus on level 57. However, I
have had passwords not work at all where I can't figure out why. It's surely
not because of the treasure, because I had a password for level 5 that failed.

The last password for each character has all the clues. I don't know if the
combination is generated for each full game or with each clue room completion,
so the combination might be the same for the level 20 password as for the
later ones. That means you could use an earlier password and skip all of the
clues! I'll try to check this out.

Passwords save only the combination, level, score, maximum HP, keys, potions,
and permanent power-ups. When starting a game with a password a player has
full health.

It's possible to start after any treasure room except for those in world 5.
That means the latest level you could restart from is level 79.

For two players the highest level password determines the level you begin on.
The other password doesn't have to be for the same level as the first one.
This is good for "boosting" a password by bringing a lagging player closer to
later treasure rooms.

I'm not sure which vault combination is required for a two player game since I
can't reach level 100 with both players still alive. It might be that you have
to enter two combinations. Hopefully I can partner up with a good player and
get there together.

Power-up legend:
A - Armor
F - Fight
M - Magic
S - Speed
H - Shot

* Warrior *           Combination for all passwords: A5FHMLBK
Password    Combination Level Power-ups  HP  Keys Bombs Score
PHO-PHM-MP9 --------      5    -----    1060   1    1      76
PPH-OMH-MMM --------      9    -----    1140   5    3     144
POY-EHH-MM4 --------     14    ----H    1220  10   10     245
POZ-PSP-ZPM A-------     20    A-M-H    1220   8   10     337
POY-H6Z-W4M A-------     25    AFM-H    1300  10   10     435
PEZ-ESZ-z94 A5------     30    AFM-H    1300   8   10     510
PO6-OY9-4C4 A5------     37    AFM-H    1300  10   10     580
PE9-Z9Y-494 A5------     42    AFMSH    1300  10   10     685
PEY-ZZY-4WM A5F-----     50    AFMSH    1300  10   10     762
PO9-6C6-WCM A5FH----     56    AFMSH    1380  10   10     833
POY-YZ6-4WC A5FH----     63    AFMSH    1460  10   10    1651
PE9-46S-4HC A5FHM---     68    AFMSH    1460   9   10    1672
PE6-Z6Y-4WW A5FHML--     72    AFMSH    1460  10   10    1710
PE9-6YY-4CC A5FHMLBK     79    AFMSH    1460  10   10    1737 

* Valkyrie *          Combination for all passwords: MSPNABLC
Password    Combination Level Power-ups  HP  Keys Bombs Score
FFR-FNA-A1F --------      5    -----    1000   1    1      82
FFF-RAN-ADA --------      9    -----    1100   5    3     160
FR1-GFF-KUT --------     14    ----H    1200  10   10     270
FG7-K8A-21A M-------     20    A-M-H    1200   9   10     370
FG1-N87-2DT M-------     25    AFM-H    1300  10   10     485
FGX-G5X-X8T MS------     30    AFM-H    1300   8   10     582
FG8-G17-T5T MS------     37    AFM-H    1300  10   10     663
FRX-XX1-25T MS------     42    AFMSH    1300  10   10     782
FG1-771-2LT MSP-----     50    AFMSH    1400  10   10     869
FG7-8X8-2LT MSPN----     56    AFMSH    1400  10   10     949
FR8-871-TLK MSPN----     63    AFMSH    1500  10   10    1657
FGX-T15-T82 MSPNA---     68    AFMSH    1500   9   10    1671
FG1-718-TLK MSPNAB--     72    AFMSH    1500  10   10    1697
FG7-818-T5K MSPNABLC     79    AFMSH    1500  10   10    1714

* Wizard *            Combination for all passwords: SMY154T3
Password    Combination Level Power-ups  HP  Keys Bombs Score
81X-815-5R7 --------      5    -----     900   1    1      90
818-X51-552 --------      9    -----    1000   5    3     169
8XF-788-UL2 --------     14    ----H    1100  10   10     283
87R-5NU-D82 S-------     20    A-M-H    1100   9   10     384
9XN-1FG-DLX S-------     25    AFM-H    1200  10   10     494
87R-7AR-R12 SM------     30    AFM-H    1200   8   10     577
87F-7NG-LU2 SM------     37    AFM-H    1200  10   10     657
8XR-RRN-DU2 SM------     42    AFMSH    1200  10   10     776
87F-GGN-DUK SMY-----     50    AFMSH    1300  10   10     885
87R-KGA-DGK SMY1----     56    AFMSH    1300   9   10     967
8XN-NRF-LUT SMY1----     63    AFMSH    1400  10   10    1672
87R-DNA-LGA SMY15---     68    AFMSH    1400   9   10    1702
8XN-RFF-LUT SMY154--     72    AFMSH    1400  10   10    1736
8XR-NFF-LDA SMY154T3     79    AFMSH    1400  10   10    1742

* Elf *               Combination for all passwords: 8F53YX91
Password    Combination Level Power-ups  HP  Keys Bombs Score
SSW-33Y-YCW --------      5    -----     940   1    1      99
S33-4Y3-YHH --------      9    -----    1060   5    3     191
S4M-4SS-6ZH --------     14    ----H    1180  10   10     317
SWI-6C6-OCZ 8-------     20    A-M-H    1300   9   10     434
SWM-3CB-E9Z 8-------     25    AFM-H    1300  10   10     560
SWI-WCO-EMC 8F------     30    AFM-H    1300   6   10     662
S4M-ZMI-B4H 8F------     37    AFM-H    1300   8    9     732
SWB-IIC-O9H 8F------     42    AFMSH    1420  10   10     869
S4M-IBM-OPZ 8F5-----     50    AFMSH    1420  10   10     955
SWI-CBC-EZP 8F53----     56    AFMSH    1420  10   10    1044
SWC-CBM-E9P 8F53----     63    AFMSH    1540  10   10    1669
SWB-OCP-E49 8F53Y---     68    AFMSH    1540   9   10    1696
SWC-BMM-E9P 8F53YX--     72    AFMSH    1540  10   10    1732
S4B-CMM-EP9 8F53YX91     79    AFMSH    1540  10   10    1738

Stuff for later (or never)

More hidden item (especially power-up potion) locations, if there are still
any. Basically this just requires someone to waste their life shooting walls
after clearing out each level. I did this for a while but it was much more
difficult in the later levels, and I'm pretty sure I still missed stuff.

Whether or not two separate combinations are needed to enter level 100 in a
two-player game. This will require a second obsessive player to beat the game
with me or a pair of obsessive players to find out for me.

Whether or not there is another HP bonus when score reaches 3200. This is
another tedious thing to discover; it can be done by repeating levels 57 and
58 to get about 25 treasures per run.

Whether or not passwords stop working at a certain score.

Whether or not the exits in some levels are random or not (level 80, for

Whether or not there even is an exit in level 96. I personally don't think
there is, this game has some pretty dirty tricks most of the time.

Patch/Game Genie codes.

Password system crack.


Me - for playing this insanely hard game OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Dragooneth - for his decent if incomplete FAQ. The world maps are adapted from
  his well-presented maps.
You - for taking the time to read this.

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