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FAQ/Walkthrough by Clovershroom

Updated: 06/05/02

FAQ #10

     ########    #####            #     #####     ######     ###
    #        #     #              #    #     #    #         #   #
   #               #              #    #     #    #             #
   #     #####     #        #     #    #     #    ######       #
   #         #     #        #     #    #     #    #           #  
    #        #     #        #     #    #     #    #          #
     ########  # ##### #     #####      #####     ######    #####

                         THE ATLANTIS FACTOR

This is the guide to G.I. Joe 2, here, you'll find out the usual, which, as 
with the first one, is the only one on the internet.  I personally enjoy this 
better than #1, but that's just me.  However, the password feature is too 
big, and it'll take forever to write, so no password section this time.

Table of Contents
1. Controls
2. Team Members
3. Items and Powerups
4. Weapons
5. Route Walkthroughs
6. Area Walkthroughs
7. Credits
8. Disclaimer


Guide's first release

1. Controls

A- Jump
B- Attack
Start- Pause
Select- Switch Weapons
Down A- Drop through platform
Up & Select- Switch between radios and mine shield
Down and Select- Use radio/mine sheilds

2. Team members

For the playable charaters, I explain what the character can do, as well as 
the stamina (health) they start with, where they can be found, and how high 
they jump.  For the ones who aren't playable, I just list how they can help 
you out.

Playable characters

General Hawk

He looks a lot more better than in G.I. Joe 1 IMO.  While he no longer has 
that awesome jetpack in the prequel, he looks slightly better with a nice 
set of sunglasses.  Here he's the normal character, one which you'll want 
to take with you on almost the entire island in case you lose someone.  He 
has no special abilites. 
Stamina: 7 bars
Jumping: Normal
Found: You have him from the start.

Wet Suit

The first soldier you find on the island is this guy.  He can dive underwater 
in certain areas.  To do this, go into the water and press Down and A, the 
same way you'd drop through a platform.  There are underwater enemies, though, 
so stay alert.  You can also switch joes while underwater, as well.  Keep 
in mind, though, that unlike Wet Suit they don't have time to slap on a scuba 
outfit, so for every 5 seconds you're underwater with anyone other than Wet 
Suit, you lose a bar of health.

Stamina: 4 bars
Jumping: Low 
Found: After completing Route 1.

Storm Shadow

Shouldn't he be on Cobra's side?  Anyway, he has a sword, allowing him to 
fight differently(See Weapons for more info) from the other Joes.  No other 
info, I'm afraid.

Stamina: 3 bars
Jumping: High
Found: After completing Area B.

Road Block

He can crawl underground through narrow passageways.  Press Down, the press 
left or right and he'll do it.  But keep in mind that he must not have a weapon 
equipped at the time.  If so, change so that he doesn't have a gun in hand.  
To stand up, hit Up on the control pad.

Stamina: 6 bars
Jumping: Low
Found: After completing Area C.


Another returning soldier from the prequel, he can fire in four directions 
(As you've noticed, you can no longer do that.).  However, they've changed 
the way the machine gun is handled when firing up or down.  

Stamina: 4 bars
Jumping: Medium
Found: After completing route 12.

Snake Eyes 
Our personal favorite has also returned as well, fighting similar to Storm 
Shadow.  Not much else to say here.

Stamina: 2 bars
Jumping: High
Found After completing Area E.


Your informant who has to say on what you're up against, and has the nice 
little task of leveling the island with an ion cannon after you beat the game.  
He can't be contacted by radio, he just tells you info throughout the game 
before each each and (Usually) after you beat an area.

Big Bear

He bring back a wounded Joe back into battle through means of healing (I don't 
know how, though).  You must have a team of 2 or 3 though.  You can use him 
after you clear area A.


Uses spritual powers to heal any joe that hasn't been wounded (Out of battle).  
Can be found after you beat either route 6 or route 7.

Gung-Ho (I think it's Gun-Ho however)

He can give you 100 rounds of ammo if you're running low.  Found after you 
beat either route 7, route 9, or route 12.

3. Items and Powerups

Pow Icon- Same as before, but it levels up the weapons you currently have 
equipped.  You can level up unarmed, as well.

Recovery item- Seen as a K like in the first, they recover two bars of health.

Bullet- Adds 10 bullets to your ammo.

Life up- Just like in the prequel, it adds two bars for more life.  It recovers 
your entire health also!

Mine Shield- I think you can have a maximum of 4, but who cares?  Hit up and 
Select to use it, and a mine will surround you, hitting anything it touches.  
It'll go away after a few hits.

Radio- when you got either Big Bear, Spirit, or Gung Ho, you can contact them 
at any time with this.

There's also an icon with a letter B on it, but I have no idea what it does, 
other than to ad points.

4. Weapons 

What's a good game without weapons?  G.I. Joe had every character use a 
different weapon, but here, you have more than a machine gun and unarmed 
combat.  All joes have the same weapons and they all do the same damage.

Punches- With the execption of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, everyone attacks 
like this.  They are the following: 

Level 1: A few punches.
Level 2: Same as before, but an uppercut follows.
Level 3: Jump Kick (Jump, then hit B in midair) and a Front Kick (left or 
right and B, can jump while doing it).
Level 4: Uh...

Sword Attacks- The move list for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are as follows: 

Level 1: Some sword swings.
Level 2: Fires a projectile from your sword, a la Zelda.
Level 3: Slide attack (Press left or right twice), hit B during slide to swing 
sowrd wildly.  You're invincible until you stop.
Level 4: Downward sword thrust (Down and B in midair)

Machine Gun- You have this from the start.  When fully leveled up, it fires 
a huge spread of bullets.  It does moderate damage.  It takes one bullet per 

Pulse Rifle- You get it after completing Area B. This weapon stinks.  Even 
when maxed out at full power, (Which makes it bigger by the way) it's damage 
doesn't do this weapon justice, that's for sure.  Especially since bosses 
can stand up to it's power.  I can assure you that this weapon is a waste 
of time.  Use this on the weakilings only.  It takes two bullets per shot. 

Lazer Rifle- You get this after completing Area A. Heck yeah!  This is my 
favorite weapon, and by far the most useful and helpful you'll ever find.  
When maxed out at full power (Two lasers, but they're very dangerous and they 
go quickly), it does insane damage.  A must one for bosses.  It takes three 
bullets per shot.

Rocket Launcher- You get this after completing Area D. As with the Pulse Rifle, 
it doesn't do much damage on the bosses, but it is nice to see some nasty 
enemies literally blown away by it.  When maxed out, it fires four rockets 
instead of one.  If it hits a wall, it'll create a shockwave (You can get 
hit by though).  It takes four bullets per shot.

5. Route Walkthroughs

Because I refuse to put these two together, they get their own seperate 
walkthroughs.  First off, there are 16 routes and 6 areas.  Routes go by a 
number, the Areas by a letter.  It is not nesscessary to go around the entire 
island, you just need to get to Cobra's Base.  The only reason you would want 
to do that is to "fully" complete the game.  

As for picking joes, they'll be listed in certain areas due to their abilites.  
To choose between them, hit "A" where the cursor is over SELECT.  To choose, 
pick DECIDE.  Hit CANCEL to change your mind.  Remember, only three soldiers 
can go at either an Area or a Route.

Keep in mind that once an Area or route is completed, it's like that for good.  
You can travel back and forth through the routes and areas, also.  Last, when 
listing how the routes/areas are connected, I assume you go from left to right.  
Okay?  Let's go.

But first, an ASCII Map for navagation:

           NOTE:   Map is not drawn to Scale!
Map Legend: 
S = Start Area
Number = Route 
Letter = Area
X = Connection
. = Normal Path
# = Special Path

             .....8......X....12...   ...16.....F
             .           .        .   .         
             C           9        E#14#X..13...  
             .           .                    .  
             ...4...     B...                 .  
                   .     .  .            ......  
                   .     .  .            .      
                   .     .  .            .      
             1.....X..3...  ...7...X.11..D.......
             .     .               .     .      . 
             .     .        ...6....     .      .
             .     .        .           10     15
             .     .  2.....A#####5####X..      .
             .     .  .                         .
             S     ....                         X

A little crunched up, but it'll do.  At the end of each route is a radio.  
Pick it up to finish the stage.

Route 1

Goes to: Routes 2, 3, and 4

From: Starting point

Team members: General Hawk 


Go to your left.  Three powerups should be there.  Give these to your gun.  
Then go forward, blasting anything in sight.  Once your gun is at level 3, 
go to unarmed combat until you reach the mini-boss.  Here, he'll hit you with 
his hammer and kick you.  Stand up and fire your gun.  Duck when he uses it, 
and jump when he kicks.  I prefer to duck when he tries to hit you with his 
hammer and stand back up when he tries to do it again.  You can do this without 
getting hit!  Keep going, and you'll get to your first radio. 

Reward: You can now use Wet Suit. 

Route 2

Goes to: Area A

From: Route 1

Team Members: General Hawk (And/Or Storm Shadow if you have him) 

This is easy and linear.  With the exception of the mini-boss (Who carries 
a whip this time, but acts like the boss with the hammer) everyone can be 
taken care of with a few punches.  It's a nice place to level up your hand 
to hand combat skills.  If you got Storm Shadow from Area B, now would be 
a perfect time to level him up.  Get General Hawk to cover him just in case, 
because he doesn't have much health. 

Rewards: None

Route 3 

Goes to: Area B

From: Route 1

Team Members: Wet suit

Wet Suit can take care of everyone on the surface with punches, and the guys 
in scuba suits aren't even hard at all.  Along the way, you'll find a life-up 
icon.  Down below, there isn't many powerups, but has a good portion of bullets.  
Watch it, though, men in scuba suits, spikes (Probably sea urchins clinging 
to the surface), and underwater mines can make this trip a tad tricky.  No 

Rewards: None

Route 4

Goes to: Area C

From: Route 1

Team Members: Wet Suit, General Hawk

It's an excellent place for Wet Suit to stock up on powerups underwater while 
General Hawk (Or any other Joe) can get the rest of the ones on the surface.  
On top though, men behind turrets take refuge on some of the platforms, so 
blast first before you jump.  Underwater items can be found by breaking the 
treasure chests.  Not too bad, eh?  No mini-boss.

Rewards: None

Route 5 

Goes to: Route 10

From: Area A

Team Members: Anyone you please

A special route that is accessed after you've talked to spirit.  From his 
info, he'll have told you that there are two statues, one of which he 
successfully found.  This and Route 14 are like a maze of sorts, you have 
to find the power source before getting the radio.  You not only have to find 
the radio, but the statue to the power source as well.  For finding the statue 
on this particular route, Go up at the beginning, then go all the way down.  
If you see a huge statue, that's the one.  If not, keep going.  Touch it and 
all of the weapons will be fully maxed out.  Give this to someone who you're 
too lazy to level up with, but keep in mind this is only done ONCE.  After 
that, find the radio.  No mini-boss.

Also, I'd save this (And route 14) Until you've got all the weapons.

Rewards: None

Route 6

Goes to: Route 11

From: Area A

Team Members: General Hawk and anyone you want to level up (Snake Eyes/Storm 
Shadow are good choices)

A uphill battle on a snowy mountain...how nice.  It's basically just jumping 
up through the snow while killing soldiers along the way.  Snake Eyes and 
Storm Shadow are good choices because they can help you conserve ammo 
especially since they'll learn to fire energy blasts from their swords at 
Level 2.  Make sure someone covers them, though.  No mini-boss.

Rewards: Spirit's help through radio contact

Route 7

Goes to: Route 11

From: Area B

Team Members: See route 6. 
Same thing, but shorter. Both routes house a good number of powerups and 
bullets.  On both routes, a life up can be found halfway through the climb.  
No mini-boss.

Rewards: See route 6.

Route 8

Goes to: routes 9 and 12

From: Area C

General Hawk, Road Block, Storm Shadow (If you have him)

Insanity comes in this route, with a chopper flying over your head and firing 
two missiles at you.  And it keeps going and going like the energizer bunny.  
Not only that, but you must take cover in alcoves (Though it can't save you 
from the missiles) and jump over acid pools (They don't kill instantly, just 
plain damage you.).  Also, in this stage, the clock is messed up.  Your main 
concern is trying to get to the end alive.  At the beginning, punch the block 
below and switch to Road Block.  He'll crawl under and get a life-up!  Also, 
you'll sometimes walk across a long platform, drop through where the 3rd crack 
(Line) is and you'll get several powerups (The ones with a B, I don't know 
what they do, however.).

Rewards: Gung-Ho's help through radio contact.

Route 9

Goes to: Routes 8 and 12.  

From: Area B.

Team members: See route 8.

Same as Route 8, but shorter.  Don't worry, the clock works fine now, it's 
only like that in Route 8.  Remember to make good use of Road Block's crawling 
abilites!  You've started to notice that some courses look the same, but with 
a different change in the background.  No mini-boss.

Rewards: See route 9.

Route 10

Goes to: Route 5.

From: Area D

Team Members: Wet suit 

Same as route 3, but a little longer, and a nice sunset sky.  A lot of bullets, 
but no powerups.  No mini-boss.

Duke is a playable character now.

Route 11: 

Goes to: Area D

From: Route 6 or 7
Team Members: Wet suit and anyone you please.

Just like route 4...yawn...but longer...sigh...be sure to look out for the 
soldiers on hoverbikes also when on the surface.  No mini-boss.

Route 12 
Goes to: Area E

From: Routes 8 or 9

Team Members: General Hawk and Storm Shadow

Yeah, it's about time we got something different!  We're sneaking through 
the woods at night!  Gung-ho told that Cobra soldiers get stonger when shot, 
and suggests you use your bare hands.  I'm not sure if this is the stage, 
but all that does matter is fending yourself as quickly as possible.  Lots 
of soldiers come out of nowhere here.  Also, you have to go through some tricky 
jumping parts with turrets and Cobra Buzz Boars firing at you!  Use Storm 
Shadow's high jumping to get you through this.  No mini-boss.

Route 13 
Goes to: Routes 16 and 14

From: Area D  

Team Members: Doesn't matter

Same thing as Route 12, minus the tricky jumping parts (Something I'm at least 
thankful for!).  No mini-boss.

Route 14

Goes to: Routes 13 and 16

From: Area E

Team members: Doesn't matter

Same as Route 5.  Stay on the bottom half, as before.  The statue is found 
halfway through the stage.  The radio is at the very end.

Route 15

Goes to: A Dead End.  Go back.

From: Area D

Team Members: Doesn't matter

Same as Route 2, but you fight about two or three mini-bosses along the way 
and you'll have to go down some of the time.  Use the platforms to help get 
back up.  Nice music, though...

Route 16

Goes to: Area F

From: Route 13

Team Members: General Hawk and anyone else who's leveled up real good!

Same as Route 1, but very linear.  No mini-bosses, but you'll be hit a lot 
by oncoming enemies in hoverbikes and turrets. For fun, statues can be blown 
up by your shots. Get Spirit in case you're low on health.

6. Area Walkthroughs

Area A

NOTE: Because I'm basically lazy on this guide, picking team members is up 
to you.  Pick the ones that you're leveling up or are already leveled up, 
and you're ready to go.

Objective: Save the hostages at the base they are building.
# of Hostages: 8

Notes: Powerups can be found by breaking the boxes.  Search everywhere!

Start off by going forward.  You'll eventually see some saying help.  That's 
a hostage right there.  Take the elevator up, and jump to the right for the 
second hostage.  Go left until you reach the mini-boss. 
This one is weird.  It walks for a few seconds, then fires in a crouched 
position.  Keep hitting it until it goes down, and jump over him to get behind 
him when he fires.  This can be kept going until you beat him, but use unarmed 
combat and save your ammo for the boss. 
A better way to do this punch him 5 or 6 times, then get behind him.  Notice 
your punches knock him back, allowing you to get in some good hits.

Afterwards, go to the left, another hostage is there. Take the elevator up, 
along the way, you'll find hostage #4.  Go up, and to the right, you'll see 
another hostage near the next elevator going down.  That should be 5 now.  
Go right and up again, near the next elevator is (Surprize surprize!) Another 
hostage.  That makes six so far... 
Fall down, the the seventh hostage is to your left.  Don't go up the elevator 
leading to the exit yet...go right and you'll find the last one!

Boss: Overkill

All the bosses are too easy.  He stops and fires a shot twice, then jumps 
real high in the air and fires small energy blasts from his hands.  Jump to 
avoid the shots, and get him to a wall when he starts to jump; you can do 
some damage to him that way.

Rewards: Big Bear's help by radio and the Lazer Rifle.

Area B: 

Objective: Storm Shadow has marked areas to stop the missile base attacking 
Joe H.Q. Set the bombs on the marks.

# of Checkmarks: 8

Kill the soldiers, then the hammer mini-boss (The same one back in route 1).  
With the lazer rifle at level 4, he's a goner.  The first X is found above 
a platform moving back and forth.  Wipe out the mines following you before 
you go for it.  At the end, you'll see another one on a missile in the 
background...no, wait, two to be precise.  One in the middle of the missile, 
and another at the top.  That's three total so far.  

Go to the next missile, and search for any checkmarks on it.  There should 
be one in the middle and and one at the top of the it, like the one before.  
Then for the next one, it should be in the middle.  The final missile has 
a checkmark below it.  That should be seven so far.  

On the farthest missie to the left (The one with the checkmark below it), 
go all the way up and hop on the platform, then go down where you see several 
powerups.  Make sure you have 7 out of 8 bombs planted, because there's no 
way to return!

Aftetwards, go to the right, and you'll see the last checkmark eventually.  
After killing the mini-boss, use the elevator to get up to the top.  Destroy 
the floating mines on the way up with your gun.


He jumps toward you, throws a grenade at you, and shoots at you three times.  
Before each attack, he'll warp to where you are.  Move out of the way.  He's 
easy enough with the gun, easier with the lazer rifle.

Rewards: Storm Shadow is a playable character and the useless Pulse Rifle 
is yours.

Area C 
Objectives: Help Road Block sabotage the shuttle that's bringing raw 
materials from the moon and developing a space station.

Too linear, but a pain without the lazer rifle.  Blast through the blocks 
and you'll eventually kill an enemy in a white color; that has the keycard 
to get onto the shuttle. 
This mini boss has a shield which blocks your shots.  Jump to get behind him 
when he fires and fire at him with the lazer rifle.  Then go up the elevators 
to get inside the shuttle.


He fires an energy blast, dives at you, and fires his pulse rifle.  He's easy 
if you have the lazer cannon.  The best time to shoot him is when he's charging 
his energy blast.

Rewards: Road Block is a playable character.

Area D

Infiltrate Cobra's Warehouse and kill Destro.  It's a maze, so don't get lost! 
Every room has you going through a hallway filled with enemies, a majority 
being those pesky mines.  If you've saved up your ammo, use your machine gun.  
Eventually, you'll get to three doors, which are numbered for you.

                                  1         2


I'll tell you which doors to enter.  

Room 1: 3
Room 2: 1
Room 3: 2
Room 4: 1

If you don't enter any of the above doors, you'll either be sent back to the 
previous room or to the beginning!

Destro: He fires his gun, the turns into a sphere and bounces everywhere 
around the room.  The sphere splits into four, then reassembles.  The only 
time he can be shot is when he fires his gun.  Again, the Lazer rifle is a 
perfect choice.   

Rewards: Rocket Launcher (oooh..)

Area E

Objective: Save the scientist and Snake Eyes from the Boss.

Like in the Rolling Thunder series, you can hide behind doors, but all except 
for one doesn't hold anything special.  To save time (Like always), work your 
way to the elevator shaft and go all the way down.  Go all the way to the 
right and enter the door (Press up) on the bottom.  Inside should be the 
captured scientist who'll give you some mind-reviving medicine for Snake 

Work up back to the middle floor (The one you started on) via the elevator 
shaft and go all the way to the right.  With Road Block, you can crawl under 
some small floors for power-ups, mainly bullets.  

Major Bludd

He mostly crawls along the floor and throws a grenade every once in a while.  
The lazer rifle will kill him before him you can say hi.

Rewards: Snake Eyes is a playable character.

Area F

Objective: Stop Cobra Commander again.

I'm not explaining this...it's too easy to get through.  You bascially work 
your way through a linear path to Cobra Commander, with the occasional 
mini-boss to fight (about 4 or 5), but they're easy now.  Gung-Ho and Spirit 
can be brought here, especially since you'll need lots of ammo and health 
for Cobra Commander (Although he's just as easy as in the prequel).

Cobra Commander

He sits there firing projectiles.  Stand on the left or right platform to 
blast him from there, he'll easily die (With the lazer Rifle of course!)

Rewards: G.I. Joe 2 is beaten!  

6. Credits

Myself: I typed up the guide...

CJayC: GameFAQ's webmaster...

Capcom: They made it...


This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to 
do with Nintendo, Capcom, or any other parties involved in the making of this 
game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make sure you give 
me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say this is yours 
you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster) 
will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest verison of the guide 
is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it if you update it when 
I update it, unless you like the previous one better.

FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people) 
So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission, 
and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's 
intended to be-a guide>  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it 
just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which 
includes hints, secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic 
E-mail, which includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults, 
stuff already mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it. 
Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will result 
in you not using the guide altogether.

Until the next guide, everyone...


Copyright 2002 Cedric Cooks/Oda 
All rights reserved

              -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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