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FAQ/Walkthrough by Clovershroom

Updated: 06/05/02

FAQ #9 

     ########    #####            #     #####     ######
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   #               #              #    #     #    #
   #     #####     #        #     #    #     #    ######
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    #        #     #        #     #    #     #    #
     ########  # ##### #     #####      #####     ###### 
                     A REAL AMERICAN HERO

                      The Walkthrough!
                  Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda
            E-mail Address: Cedric60914@yahoo.com

Yes, soldier, you are reading the only guide (For now, anyway) for G.I.JOE.  
Nautrally, it'll help you just like every other guide on here.  The only sad 
thing is, No one (If possible) will be reading this.  So what?  I filled the 
gap for no guides to one!

Update History

The guide's first release.

Table of Contents

1. Controls
2. Characters
3. Power-ups and vechiles
4. Walkthrough
5. Checkmark Locations
6. Passwords
7. Credits 
8. Disclaimer

1. Controls 

Control Pad left or right- Move

Control Pad Down- Crouch, enter vehicle

Control Pad Up- Look up
A- Jump

B- Attack 

Start- Pause

Select- Select if you wish to fight unarmed, or arm yourself with your weapon.

Up & B: Attack upwards.  If you're in close combat, you'll use bombs, and 
with your weapon, you'll fire upwards.  

Down and A: Drop through platforms.

2. Characters

Along with their statistics, every character will get a ranking in terms of 


Stamina 13 (2nd)
Jump 23 (3rd)
Punch 15 (4th)
Weapon 17 (4th)

A well-rounded character, mainly because he has good stamina, and while his 
weapon is the 4th strongest, it has potential to wipe out some bosses in a 
few seconds because of how it spreads when at full power.  He jumps pretty 
good, too.


Stamina 12 (3rd)
Jump 18 (5th)
Punch 11 (6th)
Weapon 13 (5th)

He's more harm than good.  His daggers in close combat can take care of the 
weaker enemies, but his weapon does not spread out like the others, it fires 
in a wavy rectangular blast instead when fully leveled up.  And that makes 
his weapon weak.  I'd avoid picking him as a team member.  

Snake Eyes

Stamina 10 (5th)
Jump 28 (2nd)
Punch 17 (3rd)
Weapon 11 (6th)

If you don't count General Hawk, he has the highest jump in the game.  His 
sword makes up for his VERY WEAK weapon, which is fired ALMOST the same way 
like Blizzard's, but in a V-shape when fully powered up.

Captain Grid Iron

Stamina 11 (4th)
Jump 20 (4th)
Punch 19 (2nd)
Weapon 19 (3rd)

A strong person in some areas.  He's evenly balanced out like Duke.  He hits 
pretty hard in close combat, as well as the weapon he carries.  

Rock and Roll

Stamina 9 (6th)
Jump 16 (6th)
Punch 13 (5th)
Weapon 24 (1st)

Not as poor as Blizzard.  He wields the strongest weapon in the game, which 
has an INSANE spread (Four shots go high, and four shots go low).  But he's 
weak in almost every other area, so make sure you make use of his gun.

General Hawk

Stamina 14 (1st)
Jump 99 (1st)
Punch 21 (1st)
Weapon 20 (2nd)

He's only playable on the final stage.  He uses a jetpack, which explains 
the reason of the insanely high rating.  This also explains why I said he 
doesn't count.  He's powerful in every area, and his weapon is the second 

Note: To activate the jetpack, hit the jump button, and hold it so he flies.  
Release to turn off.

3. Power ups and vehicles

(NOTE: I don't know their actual names.)

Power ups

Gun- Levels up your weapon.  Collect four of these to make your gun go up 
a level.

Regular recovery item- these are seen as a "K".  This recovers two untis of 
health. (One in the third quest)

Flashing recovery item- Same as above, but recovers every single unit.

Bullet- adds ten bullets to your weapon. (Five in the third quest.)

Flashing bullet- Same, but adds 30 bullets.  

Life up- Seen as two arrows pointing down, like a medal of sorts.  Adds two 
units to your health.  They don't recover, however, and a certain Joe soldier 
can pick up about three of these until maxed out on health.

Invincibilty vest- Slap this on you to stay invincible for 20 seconds. 


To enter a vehicle, press down.  All vehicles in this game have infinite ammo, 
so fire to your heart's consent.

Note: I got Cobra Buzz Boar right, but the other two I'm taking a guess at.

Cobra Chopper- Several enemies will fly this throughout the game.  Hold jump 
to fly and attack to fire bullets that fire in a wavy pattern.

Cobra Buzz Boar- You'll fight this piece of junk as a boss later on.  It clings 
to walls and ceilings.  Controls can take a while to get used to, however.  
It jumps up really high (I'm surprised) and can fire bullets that spiral 

Cobra Mech- It jumps really high and fires 9 bullets that spread out (3 going 
to the left, 3 going to the right, and 3 going upwards).  

5. Walkthrough

Okay, first, how the game is layed out:

Here, a person will be assigned to take out one of Cobra's bases, each one 
taking a different theme.  This person is the Team leader.  Then you get to 
take 2 more people with you.  They are your team members.  Natuarally, the 
game ends when you lose all three members.

Each mission is split into 3 parts.  Part 1 is an assault on the base.  Part 
two is inside the base, where you have to set bombs on checkmarks.  The later 
levels will increase in checkmark loactions and have hidden passages, etc.  
And part 3 is escaping the base, taking out the base leader at the end.  This 
applies to all but the final base (Mission 6), which is like part 2 of the 
mission, but you fight Cobra Commander at the end.

After beating the game, you'll face a harder quest where the checkmarks are 
at different areas (Though some stay in the same spots), and you can only 
take one team member with you at a time.  

If you survive that, you'll face the final quest which is the same as quest 
2, but you take double the damage!  Adding insult to injury, enemies take 
more damage and you get less from regular bullets and recovery items!  Yikes!  
So G.I. Joe truly isn't beaten until you've beaten the third quest!

Also, you start with 150 bullets.  If you complete a stage, and you're lower 
than that limit, you're bumped back up to that amount.  If it's higher than 
150, you keep that amount.  Same applies to the time limit.  And during part 
two of your missions, refer to Misc. Notes first before you read the 

I'll tell you which Joe soldiers to take with you, also.  Because quests 2 
and 3 only have one team member to take with you, the second team member 
MUST PICK FOR QUESTS 2 & 3!  That being said, this covers everything.  

Boss difficulty is on a scale of None to 5, 5 being...well, you 

Mission 1: Jungle base
Location: Amazon Jungle
Number of bombs to set in base: 2
Team Leader: Duke
Team Member #1: Snake Eyes
Team member #2: It doesn't matter, though I usually take Blizzard.

Part 1   

Here, it's linear, you get to go forward along the way, shooting Cobra 
soldiers and boars.  I'd level up Duke, in fact, I always level up the base 
leader first, so this way, he'll be maxed and you don't have to worry about 
collecting powerups in another level.  

Boars are better off taken care of with punches, they hit harder.  There is 
a level up icon only Snake Eyes can reach, but here's a trick:  Switch to 
Snake Eyes and jump toward the icon.  Before you touch it, quickly switch 
to Duke.  He'll grab the powerup.

Somewhere at the point where soldiers hide in grass, level-up icons are hidden 
among the trees.  If you're following my advice and are leveling up Duke, 
he'll be at level two around this point.  Afterwards, you'll face your first 

Boss: Cobra Condor ZX5

Difficulty: None (Yay!) 
This shouldn't be THAT hard.  Here, stay on the right side of the screen and 
shoot at it. Jump to avoid the missiles.  After it's destroyed, the bottom 
part of the plane will fly around the area.  Jump to avoid and keep shooting 
until it goes down.  Man, that was easy.

Part 2

First quest walkthrough: Immediately when you start, go down.  You'll se your 
first checkmark here.  Walk up to it to set a bomb (I'll no longer mention 
this).  Continue downward to find the exit, and next to it is a checkmark.  
I'd explore the rest of the area for power ups first.

Second quest walkthrough: Stay along the top, and blast through the breakable 
rocks.  Go down, then go up and to the left.  The checkmark will be there.  
Then drop down and go to the left.  Your second checkwark will be located 

Third quest walkthrough: Same route as before in the second quest, but 
checkmark #1 is found as you fall down after breaking through the rocks, and 
checkmark #2 is in the same area, but higher.  You'll need to use the rocks 
to reach it.

Exit: See where checkmark #2 is in the first quest. 

Misc. notes: 

Secret Stash: At the area where you find the first checkmark in the second 
quest, you'll see some rocks.  Use Snake Eyes and his fireball move to break 
through the rocks while jumping upwards.  Your prize?  A few level powerups 
for your gun.  This can also be reached by searching for a hidden floor under 
the water at the top of the stage.  Sure it's nothing compared to the vehicles 
you'll pilot later on, but I'm seeing if you've bothered to even find it.
Boss: Raptor

Difficulty: 1 

Here's how he attacks: He always flies to the left first, and sends his bird 
out toward you.  Then he flies to the right and repeats the process.  
Afterwards, he flies off screen and dives at you.  In the process, he destroys 
one of the rocks.  Look up while firing your gun at him to kill him quickly.  
The reason he gets a difficulty is because that if you take too long to kill 
him, you'll have little room to dodge his attacks.  Get someone who's leveled 
up his gun to prevent this.

Part 3

Duke should most definitely have maxed out the spread of his weapon at this 
point, so take the other one with you through this linear route, collecting 

Boss: Range Viper

Difficulty: None (HA!)

Don't be fooled by what he says, he IS easy.  Switch to Duke and go to the 
left of the screen to start the battle.  He'll jump from the tree.  With Duke 
and his gun, he'll be finished off in under 10 seconds.  There's not much 
to say on him, other than he just walks around and occasionally fires a missile 
at you that explodes on contact with the ground.  What a wimp.

                        MISSION COMPLETE!

Mission 2: Missile Base 
Location: Antartica
Number of bombs to set in base: 3
Team leader: Blizzard
Team Member #1: Duke
Team Member #2: It doesn't matter 

Part 1

Chaos enuses as you walk through the snowy field with pits abound and Cobra 
soldiers on hoverbikes.  Here, Duke's weapon, which should still be leveled 
up, can give you the firepower you need to keep moving.  Do it a lot too, 
because misslies are being fired in the background, and they will drop to 
a spot on the screen, exploding.  

If you're wondering how to get to the powerups under the surface, walk all 
the way to the end of the current piece of land you're on until you reach 
the lower part, then go into it from the left.  It's like a secret cavern 
of sorts.  The boss will be easier compared to what you had to go through, 
be thankful!   

Cobra Sea Ray

Difficulty: None 
Here's another easy one for you:  Look upward while firing at the missiles 
mounter on the ship to destroy.  It moves back and forth a little and fires 
small missiles going left to right in a pattern.  The missiles can be destroyed 
with your weapon.  I'd still use Duke's weapon, as it'll deal better damage 
than Blizzard's.

For a safer strategy, Destroy all the missiles on on side.  Now go all the 
way to the edge of the screen and fire at the other missiles on the other 
side.  HA!

Part 2

Side Note: You can now ride vehicles for the first time in here.  Refer to 
miscellaneous notes for info on how to access them.  I'll no longer mention 
this from here on out.

First quest walkthrough:

For all quests, beware of guards who teleport here.  Work your way up to the 
top, go to the left, and drop down for the first checkmark.  Shoot the blocks 
below you (You can fire downward in midair, silly)to continue.  Now go up 
and to the right.  Near the exit, there is a floor below you you can walk 
under.  At the end is the second one.  Go below, walking through the conveyor 
belts, shooting at Cobra Choppers, or by a shortcut I found (See misc. notes 
for more).  There, you set bomb #3.  

Second Quest walkthrough

The first place to set a bomb is at the the same area as checkmark #1, but 
lower.  At the top of the area with the conveyor belts (It's below the exit 
on the right), you'll see the next checkmark to set a bomb there.  Get one 
of the Cobra choppers (I prefer the one in the enclosed area), and fly up 
and to the right, but not near the conveyor belt area.  Go down where you 
see all of these platforms and look down for the final checkmark.  

Third Quest walkthrough:

Get a Cobra Chopper and fly up to the very top in the center.  At the very 
top, you should see powerups in celiing.  Use the wavy fire of the Chopper 
to get you up there to checkmark #1.  IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO REACH IT!  Afterwards, 
go to the conveyor belt area on the right.  Find the shortcut and jump through 
some floors for the second checkmark.  Go the the other conveyor belt area 
on the left and jump through some platforms for the final one.

Exit: At the upper right area of the stage.

Misc. Notes 

Cobra Chopper #1: At the very beginning, drop down through some floors to 
reach it.

Cobra Chopper #2: Not too far from here, you'll find one in an enclosed area.  
Shoot the blocks below you, and it's yours.
Shortcut: Near the area where you find Cobra Chopper #2, go to the top and 
move forward a little more.  Jump and hug the wall on the right.  Now you 
can drop through the floors or jump up through them.  It's easier with the 
chopper, however.  It can also be reached by jumping up through the ceiling 
at the top of the conveyor belt area on the right side of the stage.  

Cobra Buzz Boar

Difficulty: 2

A little tricky, you get three of these to deal with.  They usually change 
direction either one one bumps into another or without warning.  Eventually 
they'll fire a shot at you, but it's easy to avoid (To me at least.).  Time 
your jumps to avoid taking major damage.  When there's only one left, it'll 
speed up.  Be very careful.  

To even the odds for a while, shoot at the yellow hatch next to the word DANGER.  
Eventually, you'll get a Cobra Buzz Boar of your own to toy with.  It takes 
a while to get used to, though, and it's shots are slow, so don't expect to 
finish the boss quickly with this.

Part 3

The idiotic way to the boss is simply to go across the conveyor belts over 
a HUGE gap, with the pilots in the Cobra choppers taking every chance they 
get to knock you off.  So skip this frustration by hopping going to the left 
of the screen and get in the Cobra Buzz Boar, then go all the way to the end 
by sticking it to the ceiling.  Stop when you see a Cobra chopper appear, 
fire your shots, and continue.  Don't mess with any power-ups, either. 

Boss: Metal-Head
Difficulty: 3

If you don't watch what you're doing, he'll cream you.  He bursts from the 
wall on the right.  He jumps around and fires missiles.  Don't worry about 
the rocks that blast from the walls, they can easily be shot.  It's touching 
him that makes him dish out the most damage.  Take the soldier with the weakest 
weapon and keep at him until he starts to get low on health.  Once he's near 
death, switch.  You'll have an easier time beating him that way. 

If he dies, you'll have to fight him all over again with your other Joe.  
Remember that.

                          MISSION COMPLETE!

Mission 3: Super Computer Base
Location: New York
Bombs to set in base: 5
Team Leader: Snake Eyes (Cool!)
Team Member #1: Duke 
Team Member #2: It doesn't matter

Part 1 
I'm not explaining this part.  You just go down the elevator, killing people 
along the way.  It's anyone's guess how many power-ups you'll get for your 
gun, but the most I got was 6.  You can easily kill everyone down the elevator 
with Snake Eyes's sword before they can react, so don't use your weapon.

Cobra Fang II 

Difficulty: None

As if the trip wasn't easy enough, try seeing if this sorry vehicle will hit 
you.  I bet you it won't!  It moves back and forth at different speeds, then 
fires a missile on the left followed by one on the right.  Just look up and 
fire your weapon.  

Part 2 

Side note: You are now introduced to climbing up walls.  Simply jump up to 
a wall with a rough surface and you'll hang on.  Jump off and go towards the 
wall again to go up some more.  It's kind of like that in Megaman X and Ninja 
Gaiden, but done with less style in this game.  Get used to it, you'll be 
doing it a lot.

Also, the area will be more complex in level design than the other two, SO 
First quest walkthrough:

Okay, starting right now, things will be complex from here on out.  Drop down 
and go to the left (You start on the right side of the level this time for 
the record).  Climb up the walls and you'll find the first one in plain sight 
after you're done.  It's a dead end, so you'll have to go back up.  Once you're 
back to where you started, go to the left through the middle floor (Don't 
take the top route yet), then go down again and go all the way to the left 
again for the second checkmark.  As before, it's another dead-end.

Afterwards, continue back to where you started after going back up (Once 
again), but go up this time to where the red soldier throws his blade boomerang 
at you.  As before, go all the way to the left, and then go down, then all 
the way to the left and climb up the wall for checkmark #3. (Told you you'd 
be this a lot!).  Go up once more and scale the wall, then jump up to the 
platform above you.  Be careful, though, someone's hanging on the ceiling 
above you, and unless you are temporary invincible or riding in one of the 
Cobra Buzz Boars, chances are you'll get knocked off.  Once you get up, 
checkmark #4 is just ahead.

Now go to the floor below you (You should be in on middle floor now), and 
walk all the way to the right for the final checkmark!

Second Quest Walkthrough:

Get a Cobra Buzz Boar (See Misc. Notes, plus, I'd take the one at the start 
of the level) And go to the top at the very beginning and to the left for 
Checkmark #1.  Go back to where you started, and go through the middle instead 
of going up (Walking to the left of course.).  Instead of going down like 
in quest #1, you'll find your second checkmark straight ahead.  A dead end, 
as always.  Now go up, and to the left again, and go up instead of staying 
on the middle floor.  At a dead end past some turrets and some blade throwers,  
the 3rd checkmark is over here!  

Remember the spot where you found checkmark #3 in the first quest?  It's still 
there in the second quest!  That should be your fourth one.  And guess what?  
The spot where checkmark #4 was in the first quest is still there, too!  Go 
over there right now!  I guess Taxan wanted to be lazy on the last two 
locations...ah well.  That should be all of them. 

Third Quest Walkthrough: 

Time to go down again, folks.  After falling down and climbing the walls, 
it'll be behind a turret that fires rocket's at you (The wall behind it is 
fake.).  Go up and hop in one of the two Cobra Buzz Boars (I prefer the one 
in the beginning of the level), then work your way to the spot where you found 
checkmark #1 in the second quest.  It's still there, just moved over to the 
right a little.  Hop out and continue.

Go through the middle floor again, to the spot where you found checkmark #2 
in the second quest.  Like #1 in this quest here, it's behind a turret (Which 
behind it, of course, is a fake wall.).  Then, go to the left through the 
middle floor and go down...now I know what you're thinking.  That same spot 
we found Checkmark number 3...it's still there, right?  Half yes.  But below 
it this time.  It's in an area with several powerups.  Jump through the fake 
ceiling to reach it.

Now for the end...in the area climb up the walls and watch out for that guy 
who rops down the ceiling to ambush you.  After you get to where he is, turn 
around facing to the left and jump, behind a fake wall is the final checkmark.

Exit: At the far left side of the stage.  At the very end, go through the 
middle, then up, then to the left.  

Misc. Notes:

Cobra Buzz Boar #1: At the very beginning, go up to the right, then jump so 
that you go through the fake wall.  It's tricky to reach, as you have to time 
your jump you can fit in.  If you're still having trouble, use another Cobra 
Buzz Boar. 
Cobra Buzz Boar #2: At the very end, below the area where you find checkmark 
#5 in the third quest, jump through the fake wall to left.  The person who 
clings to the wall may accidently knock you in there.  

Hidden powerups: At the area where you find checkmarks #1 and #3 on the third 
quest, blast through the wall to uncover a small area with a few powerups.

AI Comp

Difficulty: 1

Go all the way to the far left of the screen, so its shots won't knock into 
the pits below.  Just keep firing at the eye and jump when it fires it's claw.  
If it grabs you, you'll be thrown.  It'll also get really close and take up 
almost the entire screen, so take the opportunity to fire some shots upwards 
at it.  

Part 3

Here's another linear area...go forward, killing the birds (Did they play 
Ninja Gaiden?) that fly toward you.  Some powerups in the wall at the beginning 
can be gotten by jumping through the fake ceiling.  Before you climb up the 
wall ahead, however, fire upwards.  If done correctly, two blocks will be 
blown away if you stand in a certain spot.  Jump through and climb up the 
wall on the right side, then when you reach the top, go to the left to find 
the Cobra Mech!  To get back down, drop through the platform you're on, but 
don't fall into any of the pits below.

Once that's done, go forward, then hug the walls as you fall to land to the 
platforms.  Repeat this about three more times to reach the exit, keeping 
in mind that if you have the Cobra Mech, you'll be able to reach the power-ups 
above you.  If you don't have it, you'll have to climb the walls instead.

The Overlord
Difficulty: 2

He has a pattern, but it's often hard to avoid getting hit by it.  First off, 
he'll fire two missiles from his tank.  Jump over the first one, the then 
under the second one.  Afterwards, the top part of the tank (The one he's 
riding) Will split from the bottom.  Once he's lined up with you, it'll come 
toward you, jump (Or duck if he's lined up with you in mid-air), then the 
bottom will drive toward.  Jump to the left, because the top part will 
re-attach.  Just don't stay on the left side of the screen, though, or you 
won't have time to react. 
Of other note, he can only be hit when both parts of the tank are together.  
Once they're apart, lay off on the firepower until they come together again.

                         MISSION COMPLETE! 

Mission 4: Mountain Base
Location: Black Hills, South Dakota
Number of Bombs to set in base: 6
Team Leader: Capt. Grid Iron
Team Member #1: Duke
Team Member #2: It doesn't matter

Part 1: 
Time to do some mountain climbing.  At the beginning, it'll be the usual jump 
from one platform to the another while collecting powerups and killing bad 
guys, but later on, it'll start to get tricky, by climbing up walls to reach 
platforms!  There is hope, though...halfway through, you'll see a Cobra mech 
inside the left side of the wall.  Go through it, the drop down through the 
floor and enter.  The only hard part getting to the top with it.  Regardless, 
you'll face the next boss...


Difficulty: 1

If you managed to get there with the mech, say goodbye to this boss.  If not, 
it'll still be easy.  It always starts in the center of the screen, fires 
a missile, then warps somewhere else at random.  With the Cobra Mech, it'll 
be totalled in 15 seconds.  If you don't have it, and you're playing the second 
or third quest, use Duke.  His weapon isn't as powerful as Capt. Grid Iron's, 
but it has a better spread (Capt. Grid Iron isn't fully leveled up yet), so 
you won't die.

Part 2

First Quest Walkthrough:

Immdiately jump up to the platform above you and climb up the wall on the 
left side.  Go to the left for checkmark #1.  Now go down and go to the left 
until you see another climbable surface on both sides.  Climb it up on the 
left side and go up another climbable wall on the left side for the second 
checkmark.  Now drop down and go up the wall on the right side, and blast 
throgh the rocks while going up to the top for the third checkmark, which 
is on the upper-left corner of the stage.

Go all the way down on the left side.  You should be going down a path while 
avoiding  some flamethrowers mounted on the walls, obviously, they can only 
be passed when they stop for a moment.  Checkmark #4 can be found on the way 
down.  After working your way down, the fifth one is above you, jump to get 
it.  And last, but not least, go all the way up by climbing the wall, and 
when you reach the top of it, go to the left for the final checkmark!  

Second Quest Walkthrough: 
Some things never change...the first checkmark is in the same spot as before, 
so I don't need to tell you.  The second checkmark is at the same spot where 
checkmark #3 was in the first quest.  Go down the same path on the far left, 
avoiding flamethrowers.  But at the end, fall to the left and drop through 
the floors for the third checkmark.  Checkmark #4 can be found on the far 
right of the room, while climbing up the wall.  It's not hard to find.

After scaling the wall, go to the left again and checkmark #5 is there (It's 
the same spot where checkmark #2 is at in the first quest).  And the final 
one is above you on a platform.  

Third Quest Walkthrough:

Walk to the left a little, and drop through the platform to reack the first 
checkmark below you.  You'll take damage for touching the flamethrower, but 
it's worth it.  Try not to take too many careless hits, though.  Go up to 
the right and get the Cobra Buzz Boar, then go to the left, taking care to 
avoid the flamethrowers.  The second place to set a bomb is at the same place 
that checkmark #3 was in the first quest, but it's moved up a floor.  

At this point, I'd ditch it, you no longer need it.  Get back up and go to 
the left, the head to the upper left corner of the screen.  Yes, the third 
checkmark is there, in the same spot no less!  On your way down, look for 
a yellow and black floor and drop through it.  A checkmark is below you, that 
should be your fourth one.  The fifth one is in the same spot where the final 
checkmark was in the second quest, just moved into the wall a little.  The 
final checkmark is at the same spot where the first checkmark was in the first 
two quests, just while you're climbing the wall. 

Exit: At the upper right corner of the stage.

Misc. Notes

Cobra Buzz Boar location: There is only one of these, and it's at the bottom 
right corner of the stage.  After climbing stairs, drop through a floor and 
go to the left to reach it.


Difficulty: 4

You will be taking damage, so listen up.  Go up to the very top by jumping 
on the conveyor belts.  Get to the top left and start blasting him from there.  
He'll throw a rock you, then leave to get another one.  Send out the weaker 
person first, then the strong one once your other commando is about to die.  
And if you fall, you'll have to get back up unfortunately, and the falling 
rocks make it an even bigger problem.  Remember to jump to the left if you're 
about to slip too, since you're on a conveyor belt yourself.

Part 3

Okey dokey, fire upwards at the missile turrets, then jump into the wall on 
the right where the first one from the bottom was.  Go forward and drop down 
through the floors for the Cobra Chopper!  Unless you like climbing walls 
and constantly getting shot, I recommend that you take this at once.  Just 
fly to the top as quick as you can.  Don't worry about enemies or powerups, 
get there QUICK!!!


Difficulty: 4

Oh, boy...okay, here's how to defeat him.  First off, he walks back and forth 
firing shots at you, but they can be ducked under.  He can also jump and drop 
between platforms.  Watch out for his bird flying at the top, and keep youtr 
eyes peeled for a laser firing out either of the walls every few seconds.  
They're easy to spot, and you'll know one is about to fire when it turns white.

Apart from easily ducking under his shots, allowing you to pick him off safely, 
there's another weakness he has.  He never changes direction until he hits 
a wall (Although he may do it if he jumps or drops between platforms), so 
you can shoot him from behind.  Just watch for the lasers, and you'll survive.

                        MISSION COMPLETE!

Mission 5: Desert Base
Location: Sahara Desert
Bombs to set in base: 7
Team Leader: Rock and Roll
Team Member #1: Capt. Grid Iron
Team Member #2: Duke

Part 1

General Hawk's captured, so you'll have to not surprizingly rescue him.  Here, 
it's basically working your way through the desert sands to reach the base.  
Look in the sand dunes for powerups.  During the beginning, a chopper will 
fire down at you, and while you can't destroy it (DARN IT!), shooting the 
turrets will make it go away.  It won't be long until you reach the boss.

Cobra Bugg

Difficulty: None

The screen will scroll real fast here.  The three parts you destroy go in 
this order:  The turret on the top, the Compartment that sends out soldiers, 
and the driver.  Once each part of the vehicle is destroyed it'll scroll 
farther so you can see what's up next.  Nevermind how you can keep up with 
the vehicle, also.

Part 2

Now everything's very confusing, with fake walls and celings everywhere.

First Quest Walkthrough

Go right.  The wall ahead is fake, and so is the next one afterwards.  you 
can walk through.  The first checkmark is below you.  Go down and jump across 
to the left to get it.  Go up to the top afterwards at the very top floor.  
After a fake wall checkmark #2 is there.  Go down and to the right, past another 
fake wall (Be sure to jump), and when you get to an area with a Cobra Buzz 
Boar enclosed in a wall, climb up the walls for checkmark #3.

Work your way back to the beginning.  If you can remember which walls are 
real, and which are fake, it's easy.  Just go up and to the left below the 
floor with checkmark #2.  Continue left and you'll eventually drop down a 
shaft of sorts.  After you fall, you should've seen a checkmark on the way 
down to the left of it.  Climb up the walls to put your bomb there.  That 
should now be four, and by dropping all the way down and going to the left, 
the fifth checkmark is there.

Now go to the right, going through more fake walls, checkmark #6 isn't far 
from here.  Then go back to where you see two Cobra soldiers and someone with 
a flamethrower.  Go up a high as you can from there, and go to the left.  Here, 
the final place to set a bomb can be found at this spot!  Be sure to shoot 
the missile turrets while going for it, though.

Second Quest Walkthrough  

Start by going to the right again, then go up one floor, then to the left.  
Checkmark #1 is there (Same spot where #2 was in the first quest for reference).  
Now go down, and to the right, as usual  You should see the second checkmark 
below you, but how do you get it?  Go to where you see the Cobra Buzz Boar, 
then go to the left.  Keep going until you reach a dead end, then jump through 
the fake wall at the top for it.

No go up a floor and to the right, you should pass through a fake wall.  Go 
up some more and to the left, you'll find the third checkmark.  Go back to 
the beginning.  As before, you should know which walls are fake and which 
are real, so I'm not explaining.  Once you get back to the start, drop down 
through the shaft.  At the bottom to your left you'll find the checkmark #4 
in the same spot where #5 was in the first quest.  Climb up on the left side 
of the shaft (ON THE OUTSIDE, not the inside of it) to reach checkmark #5.

Drop down.  Don't worry, Checkmark #6 is in the same spot where you find 
Checkmark #7.  The final one, though, go to the bottom floor, and pass through 
the fake wall.  Go up and to the left, but don't jump to the next floor, stay 
on the one you're on.  Eventually, you'll find the last checkmark.

Third Quest Walkthrough

Go to the right again, here, the first checkmark is STILL in the same spot 
as as before, but it's behind the blocks this time.  Afterwards, go down and 
to the right through the fake wall.  When you see a spot where a level-up 
and a full health power-up, enter it from the right.  BINGO!  The second 
checkmark is there.  Checkmark #3 is in the same spot as Checkmark #2 in the 
second quest.

Drop through the hole again after working your way to the start.  Checkmark 
#4 in at the spot where checkmark #5 was in the second quest.  And the fifth 
one is found at the spot where you found checkmark #1 in the first quest.  
Remember to shoot the missiles first!  Now go all the way down and to the 
right, the go up.  If you see three missile turrets facing to the right, you're 
there.  Blast them and pass through the fake wall for the sixth checkmark.  
The final one is done by going up and to the right.  It's a dead end, but 
guess what?  The final one is there!  Hooray!

Exit: Drop down the hole and hug the wall to the right. (You know, the one 
with the long drop) and you'll find it.  Remember that you climb up the inside 
of it!

Misc. Notes

Cobra Buzz Boar: Near the spot where the second checkmark is in the second 
quest, climb up and drop through the yellow/black section of the floor to 
get it.  I generally avoid this, as all the checkmarks can be grabbed without 

Cobra Chopper: After falling down the shaft, climb up the nearby wall on the 
left, and BAM!  I also avoid using this.


Difficulty: 1

He's not that hard, the tough part is getting there.  Here, you must blast 
upward through the blocks.  A la the Kirby games, not keeping up with the 
screen results in you "Dying".  Get someone who jumps good, and save some 
blocks so you can use them as platforms to get up.  When you reach him, the 
screen stops. 
Now get to the left or right side (Usually the left) and pump bullet after 
bullet into his body.  HA!

Part 3

Now that General Hwk is rescued, it's time to escape.  It's a linear maze 
like area that isn't real hard to pass.  It's either the top or the bottom 
at certain times, and if you reach a dead end, you'll know where to go now.  
Just take it slow and blast anything in your way.  And don't get hit by the 
Cobra soldier on a jetpack on the way out, or you'll take HUGE damage.

Difficulty: 5

Yep.  He's the hardest boss out IN THE ENITRE GAME!  Listen up:  After hopping 
into his flying vehicle, he'll fire a spread of projectils from time to time.  
He'll also have it come on top of you.  Don't worry about the projectiles, 
touching it is what you can't do. 

Now, for the second phase (The only boss to have this).  The screen will scroll 
fast, and you'll have to jump across the platoforms while dodging the 
projectiles fired from his sword.  You want to get close enough to dodge his 
projectiles (If you're on the far left side on the screen, you'll get hit, 
and it'll knock you out of your jump and down to your doom.), and prepare 
yourself for the jumps ahead.  Remember that you can jump forward while the 
screen scrolls fast.  Once you find it, it's a matter of staying alive until 
he goes down.  Good Luck...

                           MISSION COMPLETE!   

Mission 6: Cobra Main Base
Location: An island on the Pacific (According to G.I. Joe 2)
Bombs to set in Base: 8
Team Leader: General Hawk (YES!)
Team Member #1: It doesn't matter
Team Member #2: It doesn't matter

Yep.  Picking your Joe is all up to you now.  But if you still need help, 
take one of these three: 
Capt. Grid Iron
Rock n' Roll

Also, the main idea is to keep General Hawk alive through this stage.  Apart 
from finding the bombs better, he'll easily help you defeat Cobra Commander 
(Although he's too easy anyway.).

First Quest Walkthrough

Immediately go the right, and shoot the floor below you.  Drop down through 
the platform and you'll see a checkmark in an enclosed area.  To get it, blast 
through the wall on the left side. Go all the up to the top with General Hawk's 
Jetpack.  Blast through the rocks and go to the left and jump above the wall, 
and when you see those sodliers with swords, you're there.  Kill them, then 
go a little to the left for the second checkmark.  Go back to the opposite 
side of wall on the floor you're currently on, and drop down through the floor.  
You should now be at an area with conveyor belts.

Of other note, that same area can be reached by going to the second to last 
floor on the left side and blasting the blocks.

Regardless, go left, then all they way down shortly after the conveyor belts.  
Go all the way to the left, then fly or climb up to the top for the third 
checkmark.  Fall all the way down,  blast through the walls and fly up over 
the area where the soldier hangs from a wire.  Go all the way to the right, 
blasting through the walls, and go down, then to the left.  You should be 
in the area where the wire-hanging soldier is.  Checkmark #4 can be found 
here, as well.

Now go back until you get to the area where you see two soldiers throwing 
grenades at you.  Go to the right and up for checkmark #5.  Drop down and 
blast through the wall ahead.  Fly up and go to the right at the very first 
floor.  Go to the right and you'll eventually go down, then to the left, where 
you'll encounter those soldiersthat throw blades at you.  Boom.  The sixth 
checkmark is dead ahead.  Fly up and go to the left to where you see a 
flamethrower soldier on the left side, the seventh checkmark is there.  Then 
go to the floor below it, and go left until you reach a wall.  Drop down next 
to it, and blast the wall next to the final checkmark!  It's now yours!

Second Quest Walkthough

Checkmark #1 is in the same spot, so don't worry.  Same for checkmark #2.  
The third one is reached by falling shortly after the conveyor belts, then 
going to the left.  You should see it above you, guarded by a flamethrower 
soldier.  For the fourth one, don't fall all the way down just yet.  Go back 
to the previous floor you were on and go down.  You should be blasting through 
more blocks while going to the right if you did what I said.  Go the left 
after going down a floor, and go left, killing those soldiers that throw 
grenades at you.  You'll come across it in no time.

The fifth one can be found by going to the right where the other grenade 
throwing soldier is (It's on the same floor you're currently on), then fly 
up to the left where you'll see another grenadier.  Kill and go the left, 
and you'll eventually go down a floor, then to the right.  Just blast through 
the blocks and there you go!  Checkmark #5!  The sixth checkmark is in the 
same spot, so no worry there.

Go back to the spot where checkmark #3 is, then drop down.  Go up a floor, 
then to the left blasting through the blocks, and you should see the seventh 
checkmark!  The final one is at the same spot where Checkmark #4 is!  Hooray!!

Third Quest Walkthrough  

Fly all the way to the top and get go to the right for the first checkmark.  
Go to the right, and see the alcove with the two powerups?  The where the 
second checkmark is.  Blast through the blocks and jump up into it from the 
left side.  Checkmark #3 is in the same spot as Checkmark #4 is in the first 
quest, but it's inside a hidden alcove.  Enter it from the left side.  Go 
to the left and up a floor to where the the soldier takes cover behind a gun 
turret, and go up the where the grenade-throwing soldier on the right is.  
Go forward, blasting through the blocks, fly all the way up to the top and 
and you'll find the fourth checkmark.

Go left and blast through the blocks, and go down for the fifth checkmark.  
Not too far from here will be the sixth one, which is found by going to the 
right and shooting the blocks.  Go to where the you find the Cobra Mech, and 
see that alcove with the two powerups?  That's where you find the seventh 
one!  Now go to the exit.  I'm not kidding, go to the exit.  Here, the last 
one will be above it!  On to Cobra!

Exit: The upper-left corner.  To get there, go to where checkmark #2 is in 
the first quest, then go to the left, and up a floor.  Go up right, and go 
up another floor, then go to the left.  You're there.

Misc. Notes 

Cobra Buzz Boar: Below the exit under one floor.  This is where all these 
guys take cover behind turrets and fire at you.  Enter it from the right side.  
I don't recommend it, however.  

Cobra Mech: Below the area where checkmark #3 is in the second quest, blast 
the floor below and drop down.  I also don't recommend it.

Cobra Commander

Difficulty: None

Folks, he's not even hard.  He just sits in his chair and throws a grenade 
at you.  He also fires a ring lazer which turns you into a lizard for about 
5 seconds.  It don't kill you instantly, and you can jump, but you can't attack, 
and you're still open to his attacks.  Also, a floor moves below you, there 
are divided into three sections-normal floor, the only one you can safely 
step on, an electric floor (Obviously do not touch) and a pit (Take a guess 
and see what happens if you fall in one.).

With General Hawk, he's easy.  Just fires at him while he moves up and down 
in his chair.  His attacks are easy to avoid, just watch for the ring lazer 
and you'll be ok.  He not hard with any other Joe, either, though the ones 
I suggested gives you the best results, as well.  

Eventually, you beat the game!  Watch the ending, and enjoy those plastic 
toy soldiers (At least that's what I think they are)posing at the end!  

5. Passwords

Need to skip ahead?  No problem.  Just take these passwords I obtained 
throughout the game. 

Mission 1, Quest 1 - None
Mission 1, Quest 2 - ZND39N5XF
Mission 1, Quest 3 - 3R69N5XGG
Mission 2, Quest 1 - PSNNDX2Z4 
Mission 2, Quest 2 - BVHJ5VD8H
Mission 2, Quest 3 - BHOJ5VD8C
Mission 3, Quest 1 - NSNRHV2ZD
Mission 3, Quest 2 - JVHR5HD8C
Mission 3, Quest 3 - 3G9ZSN5X1
Mission 4, Quest 1 - 0RJ5BJZ83
Mission 4, Quest 2 - N5R39RXGG
Mission 4, Quest 3 - 0HHRJVD83
Mission 5, Quest 1 - VRJ5BOV8H
Mission 5, Quest 2 - NNGZ335X1
Mission 5, Quest 3 - NGGZ335X5
Mission 6, Quest 1 - GS5RG5X28
Mission 6, Quest 2 - 5NGZ39ZX9
Mission 6, Quest 3 - GDDSN5SZ4

6. Credits

Taxan: They made this game...

Nintendo: This console that it is for

Myself: Writing it, and 

CJayC: Webmaster of www.gamefaqs.com

7. Disclaimer


This guide is copyrighted by Cedric Cooks/Oda (Cedoda).  I have nothing to 
do with Nintendo, Taxan, or any other parties involved in the making of this 
game.  It can be printed out, but not for money.  Also, make sure you give 
me credit if you wish to put this one your site.  If you say this is yours 
you will be in serious trouble (Not to mention the CJayC (Gamefaqs webmaster) 
will send out powerful lawyers afterwards.  The latest verison of the guide 
is always at www.gamefaqs.com, and I'd appreciate it if you update it when 
I update it, unless you like the previous one better.

FOR THE COMMONFOLK (Normal people) 
So you want to print this guide out?  Well, first you need my permission, 
and you must promise not to sell it.  You will the guide as the thing it's 
intended to be-a guide>  Either that, or out of entertainment (Reading it 
just for fun).  If you must send me E-mail, send me informative E-mail, which 
includes hints, secrets, and thank oyu's for the guide.  Don't send me idiotic 
E-mail, which includes job applications for the site, complaints, insults, 
stuff already mentioned in the guide, etc.  Trust me, it won't make it. 
Both of you people must follow these rules.  Failure to do this will result 
in you not using the guide altogether.
Until the next guide, everyone...

Copyright 2002 by Cedric Cooks/Oda
All rights reserved

               -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-   

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