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FAQ/Walkthrough by Frankie_Spankie

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/07

                 The Flinstones : The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy
This FAQ was made for the NES FAQ Completion Project. You could contribute to  
this yourself! Just check out Devin Morgan's web site about it:                
Table of Contents
1. - Controls
2. - Walkthrough
3. - Power-Ups
4. - Disclaimer
1. - Controls
D-Pad  - Move
A      - Jump
B      - Attack
Start  - Pause
Select - Switch Weapons
Up+B   - Use special item
There is also a basketball mini game in the world map that you could play after 
each stage. Here are the controls:
D-Pad  - Move
A      - 
  With Ball    - Jump
  Without Ball - Jump
B      - 
  With Ball    - Shoot
  Without Ball - Attack
Start  - Pause
Select - No Use
2. - Walkthrough
Start off by moving to the right and jumping over the gap. You will approach 
two enemies. The enemy on the roof will drop down at the ground when you get 
close to it so be careful. Kill those two enemies by wacking them with you 
club. After that, continue to the right. Climb onto the roof of the building. 
This will become a vital skill to use in the game so learn it now. All you do 
is jump next to a ledge, the "B" button and while holding it, you press up. You 
will eventually climb it. Practice it by climbing the roof of this building and 
then onto the highest platform. 
At the edge to the right on this platform, you will see what appears to be a 
dinosaur sitting on a log. Stand on its tail and hit its head with your club. 
It will act as a catapult and shoot you into the air. Up there and to the left 
is an extra life so grab that while you can. Now fall down the platform and 
continue to the right across the large skeleton. Be quick because these parts 
of the spine that don't have ribs, or support beams, below them will drop if 
you're on them for too long. At the same time, after the first few gaps, a bird 
will fly overhead so be very careful around here.
Keep moving to the right over the next gap and kill the monster that is in your 
path. You will come across a large spinning wheel with small platforms. You 
need to jump and climb onto one of those platforms and use it to get to the 
higher platform to the right. Keep climbing and move to the right. Kill the 
monsters here and fall down to the lower paltform as you approach it. Jump on 
the platform the bird is holding for a nice ride to the other side.
Kill the two dive bombing birds that drop down from the roof and slide down the 
hill. At the bottom, you need to jump onto another platform so be very very 
careful. Kill these two monsters that block your path and use the catapult up 
ahead to get onto the higher platform. Fall down a platform to hit the barrel 
in the middle for the thrown hammers. Now fall back down and catapult to the 
top again and fall down the platform to the right. Keep moving to the right for 
a boss fight.
This boss fight can be difficult if you don't have the thrown hammers. If you 
do, wait for it to attack and get as close to the flame without being burned. 
Now whenever he leans forward to attack, throw a hammer and hit him to hurt 
him. Just hit him a few times for him to be knocked out so you may safely exit 
this stage. Now if you don't have the thrown hammer power-up, it gets a bit 
tricky. You need to remain close to the fire and learn the timing. Jump over 
the flames just before he pulls his head up so you will come close to the 
ground when he stops attacking. Hit him in the head once with your club and run 
back and jump to avoid the flame. 
After each stage you will have a map showing you different paths you can take. 
The village is the level to the north of the stage you just finished. Move to 
the left one and up one to enter the village. Climb to the top of the building 
you start in front of and hit the barrel. Now fall back down and jump over the 
gap to the right. Attack the robber but be careful, these enemies take two hits 
to kill. You could also hold the attack button for a stronger attack that could 
take them out in one hit.
Climb the building you're in front and hit the barrels for some nice items to 
boost your power and a thrown weapon. Jump to the next platform and just jump 
on the roof to avoid the robber with the gun. Climb to the very top for a 
power-up and fall down to the right. Break the barrel under the house and jump 
over the gap to the right to continue. You will reach another building. Jump 
onto the roof and kill the motorcycle monster. 
There will be a shade over a window on the top right of this building. On it, 
you will bounce continuously. If you hit the jump button right before you 
bounce up, you will get launched high into the sky. Use it and move to the 
right to land on one of the branches. Now you could climb and jump across the 
branches for quite a bit while moving to the right. Do that and kill the birds 
that cross your path. Jump at the end and you should land on a house. 
Break the barrel for a power-up and avoid the robber below you. Continue to the 
right jumping up the path while killing the birds in your way. Be quick here 
because some of the bricks will fall if you stay on them too long. Move to the 
right and kill the three jumping enemies. Fall down the hole at the end and you 
will land on a boat. Try to remain on the platforms as you move to the right 
and only jump on the boat when you have to, there are a lot of power-ups on the 
platforms. Continue this path until the boat reaches a wall. Jump to the top of 
the platforms and you will come out on the screen above this area.
Move to the right and jump onto the ribs of the skeleton. You could jump across 
these to avoid the spikes. Kill the birds along the way and jump onto the 
skeleton's head to reach the higher path. Talk to Wilma for some free throwing 
axes. Move to the right on the lower platform and just keep throwing axes at 
him until he dies. This is a really simple boss. Just don't let him get too 
Ice Village
This level is to the north of the village you just finished. Be careful here 
since you will slide on the ice. Start moving to the right and jump onto the 
houses. Break the barrel and jump over the gap. Kill the enemy there and jump 
onto the ledge of the next platform to climb up it. Kill the next enemy and 
slide down the hill. Hop across the platforms and up the ledge. Talk to Betty 
and continue to the right by jumping the gap.
Hit the next enemy and keep moving past it quickly because it will come back to 
life. Jump across the platforms and get onto the large spinning wheel. Kill the 
cloud monster and fall down the steps. Be careful around the spinning platforms 
because there are spikes along the ceiling that will hurt you along the way. 
Make it across the three moving platforms and kill the monsters on the next 
platform. Slide and hang on the ledge of the next platform to avoid the spikes 
on the ceiling.
Fall down the platform at the end and you will see a small gap to the right. 
Run at it at full speed and duck before it. Make sure to hold the down button 
all the way through so you won't get hurt along the way. Jump onto the next 
platform and keep moving. This boss is pretty tough. To get around him you have 
to jump over him. You need to get a running start and jump over him at the 
perfect time. Each time he stops at the end, he turns around and shoots two 
shots. Just try to kill it with the slingshot and if you still need to then go 
with the club. Be very careful though because he's always moving or attacking 
and the ice might mess you up.
This is the obviously wooded area in the southwest corner. Move to the right 
and kill the two monsters. Jump up the the next ledge and kill that monster. 
Climb the ledges above the cave to get on top of the mountain. Jump across the 
logs, but you won't quite reach the last one. Grab onto it and let it drop so 
you can get a slingshot. Now fall to the right. Jump across the logs to get 
over the water fall and continue to the right. 
Climb the belly of the large dinosaur to the right and watch for the logs 
coming down the waterfall. Jump across them to make it to the other side. Fall 
to the right and kill the venus fly trap. Jump up to the higher platform and 
move further to the right. Move to the right and kill the snake wrapped around 
the tree. Be careful around it since it will jump at you. Right after that will 
be a jumping tiger so be careful killing them too. 
Keep going until you reach Barney. Talk to him and continue to the right. Climb 
up the next platform and you will see swinging platforms over large gaps. You 
need to use all of those. Roll down the horn to make it over the large gap. 
Climb the logs to the top of the waterfall and continue to the right when you 
reach the top. Jump onto the logs that are shooting up for an easy boss fight. 
Hit the coconuts that fall at the boss and go under him when he gets close. If 
you want, you could just hold a powerful swing and hit him a few times. You 
really shouldn't have a problem with this fight.
This level is in the northwest corner. Kill the bats and jump over the gap to 
the right. Keep moving to the right and you will see some stones on some 
chains. Just run under them and don't stop or they will hurt you. Climb up two 
platforms and start moving to the left. Climb up two more platforms and go to 
the right. Jump to the platform at the end. Keep moving past those falling 
stones. Keep moving to the right and enter the door for an extra life. Get out 
of that room and continue to the right. 
You will see two skeletons, make them chase you and kill both of them before 
you do anything else. After they're dead, go back to where they were. Jump onto 
the lever as if you wanted to climb a ledge and it will open the door. Quickly 
run to the right to get past the door before it closes again. This part is very 
tricky so do as I say exactly and quickly. The lava will rise quickly in this 
room. Quickly jump across to the platform on the right. Quickly press start and 
you will have the option to fly.
Fly up to the platform above and to the left of you. Land and quickly do it 
again to get to the platform above and to the right. Now you could jump up to 
the platform that is above and to the left of you. Quickly jump up and climb up 
the right side of the next hole and you will be safe. Now you may enter the 
door to the left. Climb up the ledges and move to the left at the top. Fall 
down to the second platform on the left side and continue to the left. Keep 
running to the left and killing monsters in your path, go through the door at 
the end.
Quickly enter the next set of stairs that is immediately to your left. Move to 
the right and fly up to the higher platform when you reach the edge. Climb to 
the top and continue to the right. Kill the miniboss here with simple attacks. 
Fall down a few ledges on the left side for the next set of stairs. This boss 
fight is simple. Just attack the bats that he shoots at you and attack him 
every chance you get. 
These monsters here will swim up above you and then drop down and dart across 
the screen. Move to the edge of this next ledge and kill the monster when it 
attacks you. After you kill it, jump the ledge. Since you're underwater you can 
jump higher and farther so you could make this jump. Climb the next ledge and 
kill the monsters here. Jump the next few gaps while killing monsters. You will 
reach a larger gap where you won't see the other side. Stop and wait for the 
monster to float by and then jump the gap.
Continue to the right and you will reach another large gap. You will notice a 
few bubbles floating up, you will need to jump across them. Climb up the next 
tall ledge and jump down to the right when you reach the hole. Land on the 
ledges on the left side here. You will notice some bubbles floating to the 
left, you need to jump across them to the right. You will reach a platform and 
you will see a gap followed by a tall ledge. Jump up and right before you start 
falling again, press pause. Enter the "Dive" mode and swim to the top of the 
platform. Jump the next gap and do the same thing to get to the high platform. 
Climb up there to finish this simple stage.
Jungle Village
Jump onto the hut you start under. Use it to get to the higher platform to the 
right. Kill the enemy to the right and fall off the platform. Kill this enemy 
and keep moving  to the right, jump the gap and climb the ledge at the next 
platform. Climb the roof of this hut and move across the rooftops to make it to 
the right. Slide down the slope and cross the bridges. Jump the next few gaps 
to avoid the spikes at the bottom while killing the monsters in the way. Climb 
the house at the end of the path.
Climb the next hut to take the high paths. Kill the man carrying the rickshaw. 
Now jump onto the rickshaw and it will roll over a large jump, you will land on 
a boat. Kill the monster here and continue to the right. At the end of the 
boat, you need to jump to the floating platforms. Hop across these until you 
reach the boss. All this boss will do is move side to side and shoot fireballs. 
You could duck below the fireballs and climb the platform above you to get 
around him. Keep attacking him and get around him if need be until he dies. 
Start off by moving to the right and jumping over the gaps. You will eventually 
reach George Jetson for some reason. Talk to him and go up the elevator. Avoid 
the crushers and jump over the flames to make it up the next elevator. Move  to 
the left and use the fly command in the pause menu to make it up to the 
conveyor belts. Stick to the high paths here. Move to the right and avoid the 
crushers again. Fly to the first conveyor belt and jump across the rest. At the 
two where there's one on top of the other, you will need to fly. 
Go up the elevator and grab onto the hook to swing across the flames. Kill the 
robot to the left and go up the elevator. Kill the robots to the right and go 
up the next elevator when you reach it. Jump across the platforms and take the 
lower path. Go up the elevator at the end of this path. You will now face the 
final boss. He's got multiple forms to fight. First form is just walking side 
to side and shooting rockets. You could duck under them and jump over him. 
This next form will jump around. You could run and duck to get under him. Every 
so often he will stop and punch with a large boxing glove. This is a perfect 
oppurtunity for you to attack if you're behind him. Afterwards he will enter a 
large robot tank. Jump onto the tread and attack the glass. Every so often he 
will shoot a slw moving laser beam from the top cannon. Avoid that whenever he 
shoots. Just keep attacking the glass until it break, then you just need to hit 
him once for him to die and finish the game!
3. - Power-Ups
Thrown Axe    - This power will throw axes by holding up and pressing the 
                attack button. This is a useful power-up for ranged attacks.
Hamburger     - The hamburger will increase your maximum power. It is a passive
                power-up so you don't have to do anything special to activate 
Steak         - I'm not sure if this is a steak or not but that's what I'll 
                call it, they are a passive power-up that will increase your
                maximum health.
Slingshot     - This is similar to the thrown hammer. The difference is that 
                instead of an arcing attack, you will have a straight shot. 
Egg Bomb      - You will drop a bomb when you activate this power-up. It will
                eventually blow up inflicting damage to every monster on the
4. - Disclaimer
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyrighted © 2007 to Frank Grochowski. International  
Copyright laws protect this FAQ/Walkthrough. You cannot sell this              
FAQ/Walkthrough for a profit of any kind. You cannot reproduce this            
FAQ/Walkthrough in any way with out my written consent. You are however allowed
to download this FAQ/Walkthrough for personal use. You can also post it on your
web site as long as you give me full credit, don't change it in any way, and it
is free. The latest version will always be found at:                           

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