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Reviewed: 02/23/00 | Updated: 02/23/00

They call THIS a "game"?

What was once a great anime, has now been degraded into a shame of all programmers everywhere. So what's the game like? Well, your guy can punch and kick, jump really high and that's about it. By punching enemies, you cause them to explode into bits, and that's just about the only redeeming thing in this sad, sad excuse of a game.

Graphics 2/10
Oh my god, how can my eyes possibly hope to catch all this magnificent animation, one palette-swapped enemy and a background with 5 colors? An Atari 2600 could've produced better graphics.

Sound 1/10
This game has about 4 kinds of sounds: a bleep, another type of bleep, a swishing sound that is supposed to be the sound of a kick and a pause bleep. The so-called ''music'' consists of a crappy 10 second tune that plays itself over and over and over and over...

Gameplay -100000000000000000000/10
This game is BORING. You fight the same palette-swaped, weird pink thing throwing enemy over and over again. If it weren't bad enough already, the stage never ends and you can't even die. Yes, that's right. Sure, you have an energy meter, but it serves no purpose, since when you're supposed to die, the energy meter refills itself to full again. And the final nail in the coffin is the fact that the game scrolls from right to left. (I bet Arabs would like it if this game wasn't so downright crappy)

Challenge ?/10
I can't give this game a challenge rating, since you can't die and the stage never ends.

Overall 1/10
This game is downright horrible waste of plastic and circutry and anyone who mistakingly bought this game (does such a person exist? I seriously doubt it), should have a legal right to a double refund.

P.S. If you want a similliar but much more enjoyable experience than playing this game, play the Minus World in SMB1 with infinite time and invincibility.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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